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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Jonah Myers - Song in the Night     Pop, Soul 10/04/2019
Prolific multi-instrumentalist making quirky, heartfelt songs in a kajillion genres.
A love song full of key changes and lush vocal harmonies.

Other tracks by Jonah Myers:  If I  -  Everything Looks Perfect
JULIAN WA - Follow Me     Pop, Folk, Psychedelic, Rock 10/04/2019
A wildly oscillating blend of psychedelia, folk and pop
A floating, atmospheric folk-pop song with both acoustic and electronic elements

Other tracks by JULIAN WA:  Bloom
Kyle Taylor - The Creatures     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening, Roots 10/04/2019
Kyle Taylor, straight forward, musical, dazzled by life and located on the fringe of Melbourne.
The Creature is a little upbeat tune for people to enjoy.

MDWS - Wasted     Pop, Electronic 10/04/2019
Callum Meadows pairs sultry and haunting vocals with lush soundscapes to create hypnotic and soulful electronica as MDWS (pronounced “Meadows”).
Wasted is a mixture of pop/electronic and dark undertones. The song is about a party culture gone astray for young people.

Naked Strangers - Honey Roast     Pop, Rock 10/04/2019
Naked Strangers are one of the few-and-far-between treasures of post-lockout Sydney. From bedrooms to balconies to warehouses, Naked Strangers have been seducing audiences with their irresistible style of pop-melancholia.
Honey Roast is a playful, jangly, free-spirited tune about running from the inevitable void that swallows you whole after a break up. The bright, driven, screw-you-I'm-alive-and-feeling-something pop-anthem that is Honey Roast somehow makes it as relatable as the pretend smile you wear while dancing drunk and aimlessly into your unknowable future.

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Oatis - Long Lost Winter     Pop, Blues, Country, Experimental 10/04/2019
"Long Lost Winter" one of two Twin tracks taken from Oatis's upcoming Second Album "Running Through Waves" April 2019
A Lyrical and Musical adventure into the imagination. From "Oatis's Second Album "Running Through Waves" Release Date April 2019

Oliver Downes - Borderline     Pop 10/04/2019
Melbourne based Alternative Pop artist Oliver Downes effortlessly blends percussive piano with infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.
Borderline opens with a beautifully progressive piano score that is accompanied by soulful saxophone. Oliver Downes has an incredible knack for complex arrangement and entrancing melodies. Borderline is absolutely no exception. Press play, sit back, pour yourself a glass of whiskey and let Oliver take you on an incredible aural journey.

Other tracks by Oliver Downes:  Cellophane  -  Scraps And Rainbows
Rinehearts - You Don't Have To Lie     Pop, Garage 10/04/2019
Rinehearts are a garage, reverb soaked, power pop machine from Perth
About the song, Rinehearts bass played Mitch says ‘I can’t really take the shadows and the shame’ reflects on ‘Hiding someone you are or being something, you aren’t. You Don’t Have To Lie is reminiscent of the heartbreak that comes from juvenile love.’

Zsuzsika - Storm     Pop, Soul 10/04/2019
Zsuzsika’s style is a combination of pop and soul music. She writes about life experiences and what she went through growing up with anxiety and a difficult life.
Storm represents standing up for yourself, self-belief and speaking up about mental illness and any personal problems you may be suffering. Mental illness has such a negative stigma attached to it and with this Zsuzsika wants to help take the stigma away and turn it into a positive outlook for people who may be struggling.

Aimee Francis - Big Cliche     Pop, Rock, Acoustic 09/04/2019
Big Cliché will be the first single from Aimee's new EP dropping later this year. See her on tour in Australia throughout April and May
Big Cliche was recorded with Rian Ball in Nashville, Tennessee.
It has pop-rock-country flavours and was definitely a first step into the country-stylings of the upcoming EP.

Benfield - Morbid In the Morning     Pop, Rock 09/04/2019
Benfield makes a breath-taking return with latest track, Morbid in the Morning. The new single from Benfield continues to showcase his beautiful take on dreamy indie-pop-rock.
Benfield says of the track “I was trying to capture the conflict between the face we show to the world, and what we actually feel. The tug of war between the very real feeling of living with a deep sense of sadness, and the need to appear happy and together. It’s the struggle between authenticity and civility”.

Clarissa Mei - Confidence     Pop, Soul, RnB, Electronic 09/04/2019
Clarissa Mei is a 21 year old songwriter and producer, born and raised in Western Sydney, Australia.
'Confidence' is a track based around Clarissa Mei's struggle with her self esteem and lack of confidence.

Other tracks by Clarissa Mei:  Can't Breathe  -  Worthy
Doolie - 2:20 feat. Charlie Threads     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Chill 09/04/2019
Queensland singer/songwriter Doolie shares a silky blend of pop, R&B and electronica. Doolie is riding high after featuring on releases from Paces & POOLCLVB and performing live around the country.
2:20 tells the story of late night texts, rendezvous and the vulnerability of relationships early stages, with Doolie’s vocal sliding over brooding beats. Music to DM to, this track is an anthem for anyone up at 2:20 in the morning with someone on your mind. Joining Doolie for 2;20 is producer GXNXVS and Melbourne rapper Charlie Threads.

E for Echo - Oh Boy     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic, Rock 09/04/2019
E for Echo’s sound is awash with dream-pop soundscapes & dark intensity, reminiscent of Warpaint & First-Aid Kit. They are currently recording their self-produced 2019 second EP ‘How To Win’.
Oh Boy starts out as the perfect soundtrack for skipping down sunny streets, filled with hooky bright guitar and riffing 90's synths. The final stages of the song take a darker turn as their signature layered vocals lead into a beautiful intensity. This shift of gears mirrors the song's message: big loud opinions about other peoples pain can be harmful.

ELKI - Nightmare     Pop, Folk 09/04/2019
ELKI is dragged kicking and screaming into the land of social media, having previously enjoyed life living in a cave, tending bees.
Acclaimed Sydney songwriter ELKI is back for 2019 announcing today her new single 'Nightmare'. 'Nightmare' is another standout from the eclectic artist, combining her quirky songwriting with intoxicating production, the single is anything but. Recorded with John Castle (Dean Lewis, Vance Joy, Hatchie), 'Nightmare' is a playful song of underwater romantic disaster that came to Elki one night in her sleep.  

Joe Mungovan - Lost Myself     Pop, Folk, Roots, Rock 09/04/2019
With an indie/pop/folk style, Joe Mungovan shows attention to articulate lyrics, catchy melodies and rhythmic detail. These all blend together to create his unique style.
'Lost Myself' is a song full of different textures and emotions but somehow still remains upbeat with rhythmic detail and memorable melodies. Lyrically, Mungovan is talking about feelings of confusion and invites the listener into his shoes: ‘do you ever get that feeling? Do you ever know its coming on?’

Lupa J - The Crash     Pop, Electronic, Industrial, Experimental 09/04/2019
Hailed by FBi Music Director, Amelia Jenner as 'Artist to watch in 2019', writer/producer Lupa J has spent the last six months carefully unveiling pieces of her upcoming debut album, Swallow Me Whole.
Delicate and vulnerable yet driven with intention in her delivery, 'The Crash' offers listeners a glance into the internal conflict experienced by the artist as she attempts to break out of her former circumstances and explore her innate desires.

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Maari - That Summer     Pop 09/04/2019
Sydney based duo Maari have returned with their indie pop hit ‘That Summer’ available March 29th.
'That Summer' is a twisted love story of passion, love and loss with lyrics crafted to give empowerment to our pain. “That Summer’ explores our deepest need for love, affection and validation whilst tackling the guilt and pain of a dying love.” - Maari

Sahara Beck - I Haven't Done A Thing Today     Pop 09/04/2019
After taking off with her soaring single 'Here We Go Again', Brisbane bombshell Sahara Beck is back and set to shine even brighter with her new intoxicating release.
Written on a lazy day with her brother in their family home, the song reveals a dizzying stream-of-consciousness that flits between wry observations and random thoughts about partying too much, unjudged sexuality, making mistakes and more. And yet at the song’s core lies a bright beating heart and a joyous tribute to love

Soft Touch - Empty     Pop, Goth, RnB, Electronic 09/04/2019
Soft Touch is the latest side project from Grace Stevenson; known for her music as Rebel Yell, and previously in 100%.
Keeping it’s distance from the industrial techno sounds of Rebel Yell, Empty has a much softer, dream like feel with mellow, resonant synths and ghostly vocals. Reminiscent of artists like Pillow Pro and Chromatics, Soft Touch has been described as dark pop and gothic RnB, perhaps even a slow groove to grind to.

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