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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Swaré - Conversations     Pop, Dance, House 07/11/2019
Swaré is a producer and performer hailing from Sydney's Inner West. Inspired by electronic music and pop greats, Swaré shares his life through pop music.
Inspired by a love turned sour, 'Conversations' is Swaré's most sophisticated release to date. A stripped back, mellow pop tune, recorded in a bedroom studio in Bondi and produced by Themba Thompson.

Sydnee Carter - Plans     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening, Alternative 07/11/2019
WAM award winning singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter is progressing in leaps and bounds thanks to her chameleonic abilities. Working with Slumberjack, 360 and more, Sydnee is again releasing superb solo material.
Plans conveys the story of how quickly promises can be broken and plans can be changed as people start to grow.

Writing from an outsiders perspective, Plans begs to question "where did it all go wrong?", allowing listeners to question times in their lives when their own plans have changed.

Warmer - Get So High I Can’t Get Down     Pop, Alternative, Indie 07/11/2019
Warmer is the singer-songwriter project of John Encarnacao and this EP is a taster from the Wooden Box With Strings LP, released by Half a Cow in March 2020
“Get So High” is the first single from the Warmer album Wooden Box With Strings. Recorded in Hobart with David Carter, it rides a wave of acoustic guitar, gradually picking up backing vocals, vibraphone, Casio, and percussion. It’s a song of sun, of jumping up and down, catchy as hell if not entirely predictable (like all the best pop songs).

Other tracks by Warmer:  Sore Knowledge  -  Cold Diamond Armchair” (4-track demo)
Ani Lou - Bad Body     Pop, Easy Listening 06/11/2019
'Ani Lou' is a dream-pop artist currently residing on the Central Coast, NSW.
Studded with affecting vocals, 70’s inspired synth lines, ambient guitar layering and striking meaning ‘Bad Body’ is an assured blow to the heart.

“’Bad Body’ is a song for those who have felt out of control in relation to themselves and their surroundings. It explores the lack of self-trust I have experienced within my physical body throughout a chronic illness.”

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ARCVDIA - Like You Did     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Alternative 06/11/2019
Brisbane based producer and musician Madeleine Thompson introduces her newest musical project ARCVDIA (pronounced ar-cay-dea).
“Like You Did is about the feeling of unrequited love – losing someone, but still loving them,” said Madeleine Thompson, aka ARCVDIA. “And no matter how much that person hurt you, you’d take them back in a heartbeat. The song also explores the breakdown of a relationship and how one person always ends up getting hurt more than the other.”

Bed by Six - REACH (feat. Emrys Ari Inigo)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, R&B 06/11/2019
Inspired by the sound of 80s Pop, UK Garage and Left-Field Hip Hop, Newcastle-based producer, Bed by Six, makes atmospheric electronica/pop music.
REACH is a portrait of the contradictions we find ourselves in within relationships. It depicts a person standing at yet another crossroads, seeing the futility of continuing along the same road, but finding themselves unable to leave.

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Other tracks by Bed by Six:  DARK  -  REFLECTION (feat. Sarah Michelle
Bobby Maguire - Moving to the City     Pop, Rock, Indie, Folk 06/11/2019
Queensland independent artist Bobby Maguire showcases his infectious brand of rock with a sound evocative of Thirsty Merc and Bernard Fanning.
Moving to the City is a poppy, chirpy track, and it’s pretty hard not to smile as the honest, uplifting lyrics play out. It’s refreshing to allow this acoustic guitar-driven song to wash over and perhaps reminisce about moving from a childhood home to a college dorm or first sharehouse. It’s sentimental, but fun, and exudes enthusiasm and anticipation.

Chela - Delivery     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 06/11/2019
Originally from Western Australia, Chela is an Australian/Filipino artist who has demonstrated a keen taste for 80s electro-pop that digs into a rainbow hook, but hits the earth hard.
The optimistic title-track and opening of Chela's new EP 'Delivery' serves as a love letter to an imaginary future lover.

Other tracks by Chela:  Spirit Rich
daste. - What If?     Pop, Soul, Indie, Easy Listening 06/11/2019
daste. are a trio from Gold Coast Australia who make smooth alt-pop/funk music that has been likened to a mix between Tora, Parcels and Toro Y Moi.
Off the back of their recently released, and already widely successful debut ep “Palette”, Australian trio daste give us a peek at some new music they’ve been working on with new single ‘What if?’.

Elizabeth - here     Pop 06/11/2019
Elizabeth’s solo music is a full floral bloom of heartache and personal reaffirmation. Her voice shimmers, remaining light to the touch as it conveys a multitude of emotions.
'here' is about hoping you are not the bad guy but suspecting you might be. It’s looking around at all the chaos you have caused and genuinely not understanding how it happened. It’s a pop anthem about being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Other tracks by Elizabeth:  don't let my love (bring you down)  -  death toll
FeelsClub - Forbidden Fruit     Pop, Dance, Indie 06/11/2019
Tucked away in the suburban bustle of Brisbane, heartthrobs FeelsClub spend their time inventing an infectious brand of “trash pop” which generates an uncontrollable desire to dance.
Forbidden Fruit is about being who you want to be, and not denying yourself the truth of who you are inside.

Other tracks by FeelsClub:  Magic  -  Excuses
Karamilk - On My Way     Pop, Indie 06/11/2019
Karamilk is a 22-year-old indie pop artist from the Gold Coast.
On My Way, new release from indie pop artist Karamilk. This is a favorite to play live.

Keezz - He Lives in You     Pop, Indie, Alternative, Instrumental 06/11/2019
Keezz is an up and coming Australian singer-songwriter from Geelong, Australia. Inspired by artists Allday, Mallrat, Clairo and Juice WRLD. His music is another form of Pop, Hip-Hop and Rap.
I love the Lion King movies and He Lives In You is my favorite all-time Disney song. It is one of my favourite songs I have ever recorded, the song means so much to me. I know a few people would love the song as the original itself is amazing.

MARSHES - M.I.A.     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
In the past year alone, MARSHES has DJ’d at, Groovin The Moo, Field Day, Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, and BIG SOUND.MARSHES is thrilled to unleash her debut-single “M.I.A.”.
Speaking about the inspiration for “M.I.A.”, MARSHES says, “I wrote MIA at a time when my friends were calling me a lot, but I wouldn’t answer, it was disappointing to them cus I needed time to myself, but I never communicated that to them. I just disappeared.”

Reija Lee - Love Nobody     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 06/11/2019
A musical chameleon with one foot planted in synth pop and the other in drum n bass. Reija Lee's vocal melodies will have you swooning, no matter the genre.
Love Nobody is a shimmering slice of nostalgic retro-pop, but its complemented by Lee‘s clear knack of knowing how to make it modern and forward-thinking as well.

With huge electronic drums, arpeggiated synths and 80s-esque atmospherics, Lee‘s voice honestly sounds as fantastic as ever on ‘Love Nobody’, singing her emotive lyrics perfectly above the crashes, swirls and synths below her.

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WINIFRED - Chain     Pop 06/11/2019
Melbourne-based newcomer WINIFRED is delighted to share her debut single 'Chain' today. Written and recorded in London alongside producer Tim Gordine, the track was mixed by Jono Steer in Castlemaine.
WINIFRED sings about the nostalgia associated with lost relationships on her brooding debut release. She says: “'Chain' is about thatfeeling like you’re bound by memories, haunted by someone as if they were a physical chain around your neck. But it's also about piercing through that veil, that distorts your vision and plays tricks on your mind."

Franky & Wendy - Dream On Me     Pop, Easy Listening, Psych, Folk 03/11/2019
Franky & Wendy are a popular Sydney based Duo featuring the talents of multitalented and award winning artist Franky Valentyn, together and his amazing and lovely vocal partner Wendy Angel!
A simple storyline song about falling in love, going on a crazy love sick adventure theme with; "Dream on me and I'll show you a world, you've never seen before!" (hmmm?)

In fact, it's such an upbeat, happy, tap your feet, schmaltzy sing along type of song, that it just may qualify as Franky & Wendys first 'unofficial' Eurovision entry!

GOLDS - Imprints     Pop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 01/11/2019
Sydney-based singer/songwriter/actress GOLDS has emerged onto the scene in 2019 with impressive melting pot of influences, soulful vocals and an electronic, pop and R&B dynamic.
Building on intricate beats and reverberating harmonies, GOLDS further solidifies her strength in lyrical transparency, balancing moments of delicacy with darkness in "Imprints". Co-written and produced by Beau Golden, “Imprints” is another impressive melting pot of influences, combining soulful vocals with electronic, pop and R&B dynamics, that have come to define the vocalist’s signature sound.

Melanie Valentine - VHS Tape     Pop, Dance 01/11/2019
Nostalgically driven pop with just the right hint of bubblegum punch.
VHS Tape will have you doing the time warp, with it's mix of video game synth sounds blended with 80s style drum fills , and bursting with danceable energy.VHS Tape is about feeling stuck in a relationship that's hit a rough patch, and being the one brave enough to address the elephant in the room and seek some clarity.

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Royal East - Get With Me     Pop, Rock 01/11/2019
Melbourne-based indie-pop four-piece Royal East have today revealed their new single ‘Get With Me’, produced and mixed by two-time ARIA Award winner Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe).
Taking cues from the likes of The Wombats, Local Natives and The Kooks, the track opens with sparkling guitar arpeggios and lead singer Pat O’Bryan’s warm vocals. The choruses break into bombastic gang vocals, offbeat guitar chords and sharp bass lines to provide a truly unique listening experience.