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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Various Artists - Tylah Winyard - Fix     Pop, Acoustic 11/07/2019
Growing the music careers of young regional women is the focus of creative mentoring program BIG SKY GIRLS, which is making its return in 2019.
Raw acoustic track featuring the huge vocals of this up and coming gold coast artist.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Ella Hartwig - Further Away  -  Maddie Thomas - They Said
Various Artists - The Dennis Sisters - SugarCoat It     Pop, Folk, Roots 11/07/2019
Growing the music careers of young regional women is the focus of creative mentoring program BIG SKY GIRLS, which is making its return in 2019.
Upbeat track from the Dennis Sisters featuring stunning harmonies from these sisters.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Amber Farnan - Rusty Caravan  -  Zoey Mills - You'll Never Know
Gazey - River     Pop, Electronic 11/07/2019
Progressive lofi art pop from Perth, Western Australia.
Building on their ambitious lofi bedroom production aesthetic. 'River' sees Gazey channeling the likes of New Order with a combination of electronic percussion, fuzz guitar, and a propulsive four to the floor drum beat. Analogue synths drive this Springsteen-esque song with anthemic inclinations. 'River' is the second single from Gazey's debut album Sole which releases in August, 2019.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - Come To Light     Pop, Electronic, RnB 11/07/2019
LUCIANBLOMKAMP is one of Australia's most unique and prolific artists. With influences stemming from an endless range of genres, he stands alone as an artist of true invention and creativity.
The first taste of new music since his Australian Music Prize nominated third album Sick of What I Don't Understand, LUCIANBLOMKAMP returns with his most potent work to date, the anthemic 'Come To Light'.

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San Mei - Something Good     Pop, Rock, Electronic 11/07/2019
San Mei is enamoured with the transportative nature of music, her guitar heavy, delay-ridden, dreamy pop explores the hyper-blaze of existence and the intricacies of the in between.
“I wrote Something Good when I had a revelation about a situation in my life where I was taking things for granted,” says San Mei. “It's about the beauty of hindsight and hoping that I'd woken up in time to rescue this thing and let it grow into something beautiful.”

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Stellie - Love Me First     Pop 11/07/2019
Having just supported Winston Surfshirt in her hometown of Adelaide and soon to make her industry debut at BIGSOUND, Stellie has shared her first official single titled 'Love Me First'
Inspired by strong female voices such as Lorde and Maggie Rogers, Stellie say “‘Love Me First’ is a classic example of one of the most cliché sayings - ‘love is blind’. It was one of those cases. Unwittingly, I was fooled into thinking I had been promised the world, only to have it completely disappear.”

Timomatic - Wait in Vain Ft. Temgazi     Pop, African, RnB 11/07/2019
Multi-platinum entertainer Tim “Timomatic” Omaji, has conquered many milestones through his multi-faceted career. From dancer to recording artist to being cast as multiple lead roles in Theatre and TV.
Timomatic’s latest music offering “Wait In Vain” is the story of a man at an emotional crossroads. Timomatic’s smooth R&B tone tells his side of the story over a hypnotic afro- fusion beat. Featuring a powerful verse from upcoming South-African lyricist Temgazi. “Wait In Vain” is set to be a game changer in the industry.

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IV Dante - Napping In Night Clubs     Pop, Rock 10/07/2019
IV Dante cultivates the perfect middle ground between youthfulness and an old soul – culminating in a banquet of everything from grandiose '80s pop to polished modern indie.
Beaming like incendiary light through the night sky, shimmering with delay-soaked guitars and ethereal, heartfelt vocals with pop-hooks galore, Napping In Night Clubs blends arpeggiated synths and toneful, overdriven guitars – giving two '80s staples a new lease on life.

Jade Not Jane - Nothing Like This Feeling     Pop 10/07/2019
Introducing Jade Not Jane, a Brisbane based songwriter who combines intimate story telling with unforgettable melodies and vocal.
As the first bar opens, an unassuming acoustic guitar wedges through deep drums and leads to a crescendo you don’t quite expect to whack you with so much gusto from the outset. Jade has the kind of triumphantly crystal clear voice that demands your attention, the perfect foil to her drop of the beat and gorgeous hand click reverb.

Peak Twins - KIN     Pop 10/07/2019
Peak Twins founding members Joel Carey and Liam Kenny formed Peak Twins in their share house in 2012, and have just announced their second album 'Beloved'.
This song is a nod to Ennio Morricone – it’s grand and it sets the scene. The call and response melodies really work in a different way to our other songs. It’s more of a composition than a song.

Other tracks by Peak Twins:  Like A Wave  -  Heaven Knows
Rebecca E White - Journey     Pop, World 10/07/2019
Rebecca loves to write music, sing, play piano, dance, travel, go for walks, meditate, feed cows, pick up sticks, study, analyse handwriting and teach. Her latest release is 'Her Way'.
I was inspired to write this song after reading a heartbreaking refugee's story about his journey from a life in Iran (and finally) to Australia. It is dedicated to all those who have faced similar hardships and have somehow made it through such traumatic experiences.

Other tracks by Rebecca E White:  Her Way  -  Reckless Lovers
Syrup - Collision Course     Pop, Britpop, Experimental, Psychedelic 10/07/2019
Syrup is a Brisbane duo comprising multi instrumentalist Harry Pratt and vocalist/guitarist Henry Anderson. Drawing from artists like The Cure and Talking Heads, Syrup's sound is both fresh and nostalgic.
Such is the perfect balance they strike that it’s also delightfully difficult to pigeonhole their sound. Harry Pratt’s warped out synths coupled with Harry Anderson’s vocals, which are reminiscent of Elbow’s Guy Garvey, lift Collisions Course straight into serious pop-hook territory.Anderson’s vocals ground Pratt’s synth mastery, deeply embedding the two in a luminescent melodic foundation.

The Attics - Instant Feed     Pop, Psychedelic 10/07/2019
Hailing from Colac, The Attics craft their own brand of high-contrast indie. Jangly guitars, ear worming bass hooks and percussive layers melt into a blend of dream-pop and psych-rock.
Drawing inspiration from society’s toxic relationship with social media, ‘Instant Feed’ explores the intent behind curating our lives for social media. A very topical concept in the modern age of technology with social media platforms on the rise. The Attics beautifully juxtapose the song’s sentiment with a warm fuzz sound mixed with jubilant vocals blending flawlessly together.

The Jungle Giants - Heavy Hearted     Pop, Rock, Dance 10/07/2019
Fresh off the back of sold out shows in the US, UK/Europe, Brisbane four-piece The Jungle Giants blast back into our ears with fresh new track 'Heavy Hearted'.
Written, produced, recorded and engineered by lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sam Hales, 'Heavy Hearted' melds the infectious energy The Jungle Giants are renowned for with driving beats and hypnotic accents.

Volcanic Lovers - Lose You     Pop, Roots 10/07/2019
Volcanic Lovers play the inner workings of songwriter Alisha Todd, whose lyrics celebrate the wanderlust and the beauty of life and connection of humans and nature alike.
'Lose You' introduces you to the wholesome sounds of Volcanic Lovers. Step into this rootsy, stepperz style track with swirling vocal harmonies and luscious delays. Drawing from influences in afro-latin styles, Volcanic Lovers lay down a foundation of infectious groove, built up with load bearing bass lines, windows of glossy ambience and layers of lofty guitar tones.

Adrian Dzvuke - Saturday     Pop, RnB, African, Hip Hop 09/07/2019
Adrian blends inspiration from R&B, Afrobeat and Hip Hop to hand deliver a genre-bending sound that you can't help but move to. Energetic, groovy and always a good time.
Co-produced by Dzvuke himself, Saturday is a vibrant, island-ready ode to the weekend. Featuring an afrobeat-heavy rhythm and a guest verse from Perth’s shooting star of rap Mali Jo$e, Saturday adds to Dzvuke’s growing catalogue of danceable hits.

Alex Cameron - Miami Memory     Pop 09/07/2019
Alex Cameron reveals a striking honesty about love and sex in a time where a fleetingness hangs over everything.
A love song to the city, 'Miami Memory' embraces the lustful air of Miami and explores both Alex’s personal relationship with both the city and his girlfriend. Throughout, Alex’s sultry and playful delivery embraces themes of sex positivity, love and reflection. “‘Miami Memory’s a story about how we audition in the present for our future selves to enjoy in retrospect."

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Other tracks by Alex Cameron:  Divorce
Amelia Freeman - Dark Wonders     Pop, Ambience 09/07/2019
Amelia Freeman is a talented and unique singer songwriter, whose songs strike the fine balance between pop sensibility and art. Beautiful vocal melodies sing tales of life.
Dark Wonders is the debut single from Australian singer/songwriter Amelia Freeman.

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Beachwood - Love Me or Leave Me Alone     Pop, Electronic 09/07/2019
Electronic newcomers Beachwood today unveil their sophomore single, the impassioned 'Love Me or Leave Me Alone'.
The follow up to debut single 'Miracle', LMOLMA employs whimsically sparse production giving the lyrics and meaning room to breath. Building towards the climatic, liberating ending, LMOLMA provides an outlet for those ambiguous relationships.

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Bermuda Bay - Moment In Time     Pop 09/07/2019
Bermuda Bay, a 5 piece indie pop outfit from Adelaide, have been playing and growing together since they were 14.
Bermuda Bay's 'Moment In Time', has seen the band mark a distinct shift in their sound and aesthetic. The pace is slowed, samples feature, and, for the first time, drum machines hold down the groove. And yet, awash with lush synths, sprawling bass lines, and crisp guitar leads, it’s a production that remains true to the Bermuda Bay sound.

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