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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Almond Soy - Apartment     Pop 26/04/2019
Almond Soy are new school indie trailblazers to watch! They've been a band for under two years, but, they have become a force to be reckoned with.
'Apartment', a sun-drenched indie tune, is produced by Sam Ford (POND) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Tame Impala). Vocalist Brandon Stockbridge reflects on the song, saying "The song is a mid-tempo groove based song about reflecting and moving passed on from negative relationships in your life."

Bec Sandridge - Eyes Wide     Pop, Rock 26/04/2019
A nomadic pop/punk logomaniac, Bec Sandridge has a guitar swagger reminiscent of Prince, and the delivery of new wave icons like David Byrne.
Co-produced by Oscar Dawson and Gab Strum (Japanese Wallpaper), EYES WIDE sonically nods to Sandridge’s favourite bands from the late 70’s-80’s and now (Sousiex + The Banshees, Fleetwood Mac + Robyn), with her trademark one-note angular guitar lines, hard-hitting high hats on loop and ethereal new-wave chimes.

Ben Joyce - Glance     Pop 26/04/2019
Singer Songwriter Ben Joyce uses music as a way of expressing emotion. He specializes in singing and writing songs especially in the pop genre.
Written by Ben Joyce
Produced by Glass Shadow

Glance is a song about someone who wants one more chance with their ex and they're looking for any sign they can find.

Bertie Anderson - Toxic     Pop, RnB 26/04/2019
Bertie Anderson is Singer-Songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. His production and vocal style is derived from the genres of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Trap Soul and Rap.
Toxic is an upbeat pop track that presents the perspective of an individual wanting to leave a tumultuous relationship. It conveys an emotional statement but at the same time delivers harmonic vocals accompanied by live and electronic sounds.\u2028

Frame - I Do     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Electronic 26/04/2019
23yo Melbourne based rapper/songwriter Frame takes you along on his journey of learning self love and how that translates to how you love others with his latest single ‘I Do'
‘I Do’ the new single by Melbourne artist Frame, is a smooth, pop-rnb slow jam about realising you can get over that person you once held onto. Featuring the beautiful production from fellow Melbourne artist Illstrtd, ‘I Do’ demonstrates perfectly how it feels when you realise, you might actually get over that person. :)

Maya Rose - See You Again     Pop, RnB 26/04/2019
Dripping with melody and classic 90’s R&B vibe, Maya Rose’s sound is instantly welcoming; inviting the listener to lose themselves in each beat and vocal sway.
With her debut single, ‘See You Again’, the vocalist brings depth in tone and range to the table, resulting in a striking offering. In her vocals, there is a sultry honey-rich tone, yet the lyricism points towards much more depth in Maya Rose’s writing.

Ministry of Mars - Recognise     Pop, Rock, Electronic, Funk 26/04/2019
Ministry of Mars is a indie-pop, electronic and synth-pop brother duo Alistair and Jon Marsden, from Brisbane Australia.
Recognise is about coming to the realisation about a battle in your own head caring for someone that doesn't appreciate what you're trying to do for them but ultimately needing/wanting them back in your life. People want to be in their own state of mind and being in that place emotionally or physically that they recognise.

Monnone Alone - Summer of the Mosquito     Pop, Rock, Garage 26/04/2019
Monnone Alone are a bona fide pop group based around the sagacious songwriting of Mark Monnone (ex-Lucksmiths) and features members Architecture in Helsinki, Mid-State Orange and Aleks & the Ramps.
‘Summer of the Mosquito’ is the titular opening track and latest single from the soon to be released LP. The band work up a vigorous power-pop lather, complete with jangling 12-string guitar and layered voices evoking a time long-gone but, as the song’s lyrics suggest, far from forgotten. Roll the windows down for this one, friend… “let’s do it again!”

Tuva Finserås - I Could Be Your Angel     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 26/04/2019
TUVA FINSERÅS is a Norwegianborn artist, who creates a never-ending and bewildering range of music all with a slightly off-kilter, intriguingly odd Scandinavian sensibility - a complete, 360-degree musician.
‘I Could Be Your Angel’ delves into a dreamy synth world surrounded by swirling electronic and acoustic instrumentals. With its cinematic quality, it draws you in through the rich, diverse colours and textures throughout the song, taking you on a entrancing journey.

Demagé - Realign     Pop, Folk, Country 25/04/2019
Demagé are a duo based in Western Sydney. Demagé are developing their new pop country sound through two new singles “I Don’t Mind” and “Realign” which portray thier signature sound.
The duo’s newest single ‘Realign’ (Jan 2019) was released 11th of January 2019. This single is a combination with heart-breaking lyrics contrasted through the melody of the song

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Rachel Maria Cox - Prosecco     Pop, Rock, Gay Alligned 25/04/2019
Named Artist to Watch with a sound “as though... Courtney Barnett and Carly Rae Jepsen had a baby" (Pilerats), Rachel Maria Cox's impending third record is supported by the AmericanExpressMusicBackersGrant.
Premiering via triple j's Home & Hosed, Prosecco dives deeper into Rachel Maria Cox's pop sensibilities, turning the classic love-drunk pop song on its head by telling it from the point of view of them being several years sober without losing its sparkle and sense of fun.

Amela - Slow Motion     Pop, World, Dance, Electronic 24/04/2019
Amela is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from the Gold Coast.
Slow Motion was written as part of world music compilation project Music Masala hosted by Radio 4EB. It is a vibrant and catchy tune which features a traditional Turkish Nay flute and Amela's soaring vocals. Joining Bosnian band 'Cardak' meant reconnecting with her Bosnian roots and influences such as Marija Serifovic as well as Sevdah singers such as Silvana Armenulic.

Beckon Fire - Tired Eyes     Pop, Rock, RnB, Electronic 24/04/2019
Sunshine Coast based Electronic Pop band Beckon Fire draw from a broad variety of influences to create their infectious sound.
Tired Eyes opens with a beautifully constructed soundscape featuring layered and delayed guitars. Beckon Fire perfectly blend elements of Pop, R n B and Electronic music to create their unique brand of Rock.

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Clio - Silly Girls     Pop, Pop 24/04/2019
Clio Renner is a Melbourne born pianist, vocalist and songwriter who has made her name as the go-to keyboardist and session player for a roll-call of Australian rock royalty.
Written in response to the common trivialization of women in the music industry and beyond, ‘Silly Girls’ is an ode to all women who have been made to feel undermined. An unfurling pop ballad that builds to great heights the single was first imagined as a form of self-help but quickly evolved to become a motivational mantra.

COLU - SLUMP     Pop, Hip Hop 24/04/2019
COLU is a dark pop project, originating from Brisbane. Formed by two friends James and Kieran, who met at age 16, influenced primarily by The Weeknd and Aus rapper Allday.
SLUMP shimmers in a beautiful oxymoron; painting James' melancholy vocal refrains upon a backdrop of Kieran's glistening, glitchy pop production. Unafraid to venture into new terrain, the sophomore single sees the boys exploring different sonic avenues, dabbling in something much brighter than the dark-pop of SCHOLAR. Make no mistake, though - COLU brings atmosphere and potency.

Famous Will - Sorry, Not Sorry     Pop, Folk, Rock 24/04/2019
Melbourne based Folk/Pop outfit Famous Will create a soulful and catchy brand of alternative music.
Sorry, Not Sorry is another absolute banger from Melbourne based Folk Pop band Famous Will. Catchy, fun and well produced - press play and getting swaying!

Hannah Rosa - Fire     Pop 24/04/2019
Soulful, dynamic and dreamy, Hannah Rosa is an artist who will capture your heart and command your attention.
“I wrote ‘Fire’ about that uncomfortable feeling you can get scrolling through social media. If you’re depressed or unconfident, it can be confronting and isolating to see people looking happy and living life to the fullest. For me, the track is an antidote to negative self-talk and is a personal reminder that it is always possible to ‘catch alight’ again."

Janey - L.A.     Pop, Electronic 24/04/2019
Sibling duo JANEY have entered the sonic realm with an electronic dream-pop sound sitting somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Haim. The Otto siblings give a high energy, eccentric live performance.
L.A. is a hook driven, synth-pop hit with pop-spiration from the Haim, Bruce Springsteen and the Killers.

The song represents the artists' struggle in the mesmerising city of Los Angeles; a melting pot of creativity where dreamers go to make dreams real. L.A. represents balancing between those two realities, where these dreams and harsh truths meet.

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Karamilk - Friends (Love Hertz mix)     Pop, Electronic 24/04/2019
Karamilk is 21-year-old singer/songwriter Erin Foster. Erin is a student spending her time on the Gold Coast while writing her feelings as a healthy alternative to eating them.
This song is called Friends. Its about all the people who have disappointed me

Lisa Crawley - Girl With No Name     Pop, Retro, Acoustic, Easy Listening 24/04/2019
Lisa Crawley is a Melbourne based indie pop artist/ multi-instrumentalist
Produced by ARIA award winning Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe, Meg Mac, Dan Sultan) in Melbourne, Australia, Girl With No Name is an empowering, catchy indie pop tune that Crawley describes is “for anyone that’s lost an important part of themselves, perhaps without even realising, reclaiming that and coming back smarter and stronger than ever”.

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