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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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[Me] - Westward Backwards     Pop, Rock, Live Performance 07/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3SYN_SYN Approved Artist of the Month [Me] recorded live by 3SYN on the stations' music program "1700" in May 2009.
Some bands wait till their second or third record to "go orchestral". Me amply displays a musical knowledge not simply "born-of-the-garage", but of painstaking arangement and super talent.

If Rachmaninov were a rock god he would be fronting [Me]

zzzounds - Kev     Pop, Acoustic, Blues 08/01/2013
Miserable. Whether or not that is with good reason is up for debate.
While underground I still recall the sensation of the fall and in the dark I crane my neck to see the scars on my own back. And what I lack in what you want I'll make up.
Probably not.

Zvchvrivh - Think of Me     Pop, Electronic 22/11/2017
Zvchvrivh (pronounced Zachariah) is a Sydney based electronic pop project. Zvchvrivh is following up February’s ‘The Afterpvrty EP’ with a brand new heartfelt & honest ballad: ‘Think of Me’
This song was written in response to the announcement of the postal same sex marriage vote. It is a song about asking for acceptance from your close ones.

ZUMA - Flâneur     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 14/02/2019
A wobbly infusion of swirling shoegaze, kaleidoscpoic fuzz, energetic disco and soaring vocals, ZUMA has spent the last 3 years moulding their sound into colourful mixtures of psych tinged pop-rock.
Lyrically the song is about being a little bit lost, but also celebrating being introverted and not always being sure about what will happen next. Instrumentally we set out to have a vast dreamy, mysterious vibe in the verse going into a chorus that feels like a plane was taking off and you were standing right behind the turbo engine.

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ZUMA - Deep Ride     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 09/04/2019
ZUMA are a wobbly infusion of loose psych-rock and lush disco sounds. ZUMA emanates vast dance vibes that transport the listener to anywhere that is not here.
We wanted a strong groove to be the feature of the verses, which then builds into a heavy fuzzed out chorus. There's a double-time section in the solo which we added to give the song spontaneity which really capped the track off for us. Lyrically the song is about trusting your instincts.

Zsuzsika Lencses - Storm     Pop, Dance 24/04/2019
Zsuzsika is a singer and songwriter based in Melbourne. Her mission is to help people who suffer hardship or mental illness through her music.
Storm is about empowering people to stand up for themselves and what they believe. Having a voice and speaking their mind no matter what they are going through. Being true to yourself and who you are even people suffering a mental illness. I sing this song as my personal experience to help others.

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Zsuzsika - Storm     Pop, Soul 10/04/2019
Zsuzsika’s style is a combination of pop and soul music. She writes about life experiences and what she went through growing up with anxiety and a difficult life.
Storm represents standing up for yourself, self-belief and speaking up about mental illness and any personal problems you may be suffering. Mental illness has such a negative stigma attached to it and with this Zsuzsika wants to help take the stigma away and turn it into a positive outlook for people who may be struggling.

Zsuzsika - Start Again     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Soul 21/09/2018
Zsuzsika is an Australian born singer/songwriter with a family background of Hungarian/Polish descent.
Start Again is a very personal song, representing love, appreciation and regret for my Father who passed away. I took him for granted as it wasn’t an easy life, with many harsh moments. At the end of the day, no matter how it was translated at the time, I know he wanted the best for me in the end.

Other tracks by Zsuzsika:  Godsend
Zone Out - So Bright     Pop, Electronic 25/11/2015
Melbourne dream-pop duo featuring members of Totally Mild, Sui Zhen and Scotdrakula.
B-side single from Zone Out's recent 7" release 'Inside / So Bright'.

Other tracks by Zone Out:  Inside
Zone Out - Breakdown     Pop, Electronic, Experimental, Ambience 20/04/2016
Melbourne dream-pop duo featuring members of Totally Mild, Sui Zhen and Scotdrakula.
Second single taken from Zone Out's debut LP 'Transience'.

Zoe Zac - Honeybee     Rock, Pop 28/08/2015
"Tasmanian she-devil and grunge-inspired girl rocker "- Tasmanian Times
First self-titled track off the ep talks of love, life and loss.

Other tracks by Zoe Zac:  As The Smog Rolls In From China  -  Little Birds
Zoe Zac - Heartbreak & Scopolamine     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Grunge 01/09/2016
Singer, songwriter from Hobart. Think PJ Harvey meets Courtney Barnett. Songs always seem to be about love loss and regret -- as all great songs should
Where grunge meets pop - we reckon Daniel Johnson would love this.

Zoe Louisa - Silhouette     Country, Pop 20/07/2012
Zoe Louisa is a Country Pop singer and songwriter who is inspiring young fans all around the world to follow there dreams with her motto 'Aspire, Astonish, Astound'
Silhouette was written by Zoe Louisa after an event she performed at where she saw someone in the crowd who caught her eye. She never got to meet him but maybe he will hear the song one day!

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Other tracks by Zoe Louisa:  Tangled
Zoe A'Dore - Galaxy     Pop, Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
Melbourne artist Zoe A’dore begun her musical journey in classical violin. After some time Zoe went on to learn the electric drums and recognised a penchant for songwriting.
When you find someone and everything seems to make sense. It’s the profound feeling that you can be completely yourself and there’s no limitations with them. You’re now part of this whole new world and it’s a safe space. It’s not that you can’t obtain that happiness as an individual, but more so there’s another person enhancing your amazing qualities.

Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion - Your Patchwork Heart     Pop, Folk 29/04/2014
Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion play catchy, hook-driven indie-folk-pop. Their performances are marked by their eclectic instrumentation, their dandy attire, and the powerful emotion & storytelling behind all songs.
We need to spend time on this heart, it needs mending.

Other tracks by Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion:  Ready When You Are  -  The Reasons You Needed
Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks - Warrior Princess     Pop, Psychedelic, Dance 16/04/2018
Bringing together forces of dark-and-light, space-explorers, Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks launch into a mixed-salad of psychedelic-pop, enter time-warps of soft-lullabies and blast into the future with classic disco-tunes.
Written as a celebration of women’s-strength, Warrior-Princess acts as a message to Fox-herself. A message that implores her to become the very best-version of herself that she can possibly be. After one listen to the new, totally confident disco-direction, it seems as though Fox may have already taken it onboard.

Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks - Fists     Pop, Psychedelic, Garage, Rock 12/10/2017
Bringing together forces of dark-and-light, space-explorers, Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks launch into a mixed-salad of psychedelic-pop, enter time-warps of soft-lullabies and blast into the future with classic disco-tunes.
On new single, Fists, Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks deliver smart, memorable, pop songwriting. Led by Fox’s unforgettable vocal tone and ‘tongue-in-cheek’ lyrics, the track swirls all around you one moment and cuts right through you the next. Old-world sounds delivered with a modern-twist. Engaging, emotional and always fun.

Zillanova - The Glasgow Coma Scale     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 20/01/2017
A charismatic mixed bag of Alabama Shakes, Donny Hathaway and a bit of Leon Bridges, Zillanova, now with Joshua Tavares in the lead, is the new hot soul act.
'The Glasgow Coma Scale' is a bouncy piece of guitar driven melodic soul with a strong Gospel influence.

Other tracks by Zillanova:  The Fader  -  Let's Break Up Again
Zigzag and the Astronauts - Go Out and Play     Pop, Rock 06/12/2018
Zigzag and the Astronauts are a band of fun loving animals, travelling through space playing rock music for kids!
Wake up, have breakfast, and then go out and play!

Other tracks by Zigzag and the Astronauts:  Silly Things  -  Dad's Cooking Dinner Tonight
Ziggy Ramo - YKWD (You Know We're Done)     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 13/10/2017
Tipped by many as an exciting new player on the Australian hip hop scene, 22-year-old Ziggy Ramo continues to impress with his scything flow and politically-charged, insightful focus.
Ziggy Ramo aims to shift the dialogue with his new new single ‘YKWD’. Following suit from previously released singles ‘Black Thoughts’ and ‘Same Script’, ‘YKWD’ (‘You Know We’re Done’) is powerful, arresting and thought provoking.