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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Young Men Dead - Courageous     Electronic, Rock 10/09/2012
Young Men Dead are alive and kicking, serving up infectious sounds that blend a distinctive mix of tribal drums, shimmering synths and narrative vocals.
Described by critics as “impressionistic avant-pop greatness”, Young Men Dead's distinguished sound has now culminated in ‘Courageous’ - their strongest musical statement yet. A perfectly crafted showcase of the band’s hook-laden songwriting abilities and thunderous rhythmic motives, the single is a first taste of their forthcoming debut EP.

Young Hysteria - This Is Not A Love Song     Pop 09/12/2013
Young Hysteria is the new dreampop project of Jimmy Hawk and Thomas Van Der Vliet. Think anthemic jams of Tears for fears coupled with the sublime croon of Chris Isaak.
Young Hysteria’s debut single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, is a soul-sonic pocket symphony, as much cinematic in its scope as it is a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of indie, electronica and lo-fi.

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Young Hysteria - One Young Lover     Pop, Electronic 28/01/2015
With their fleeting sounds, laconic vocals and instantly memorable melodies, Young Hysteria conjures a world lost in translation, yet ultimately romantic and blissful.
'One Young Lover' is a pulsing r'n'b infused jam that is equally as dreamy as it is intricate and introspective.

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Young Hysteria - Never Gonna Learn     Pop, Soul 03/11/2016
Musically diverse and otherworldly, Young Hysteria produces music that's cinematic — a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of dream pop, electronica and lo-fi.
“Never Gonna Learn” is that rare song that relaxes you, causes you to lose your breath momentarily, and transports you to another place. Beautiful and brilliant." — The Revue.

Other tracks by Young Hysteria:  No Time
Young Hysteria - Dancing On The Sheets     Pop, RnB, Psychedelic 29/07/2016
Young Hysteria delivers a strangely infectious record, where orchestrated ’60s psych-pop and 80’s synth-pop melds into a kaleidoscopic canvas akin to McCartney II, Tears for Fears and Marvin Gaye.
‘Dancing On The Sheets,’ explores themes of boredom, sex and love as an explanation for human weirdness and patterns we can all relate to (or at least understand), all under the guise experimental pop. At the root of it, this character of obsession—or idiosyncrasy.

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Young Franco - Take Flight (Uhh)     Electronic, Dance, Pop 24/01/2014
19-year-old producer Young Franco is Brisbane’s newest wunderkind. His debut EP 'Futurefunk' has been described as funky beats meets old disco records meets 90’s hip hop with a ‘gameboy’ twist.
Take Flight is a killer dose of disco and electro synths. A great track for people wanting to dance or just kick back with a summer drink. Good vibes all around.

Other tracks by Young Franco:  Fat  -  Dream
Young & Free - Alive     Pop, Christian 04/10/2013
The songs from Young & Free come from a desire by the young people of this movement to share their passion & freedom in life with their generation through music.
A fun, inspiring and uplifting song that has a contagious melody.

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Other tracks by Young & Free:  Back to Life
You Beauty - Scent Of My Youth     Rock, Pop 09/08/2014
Carried by a punchy back-line and lean, side-stepping guitar melodies, You Beauty’s pop opus follows two album singles in 2013, including Ann-Maree, which made Hand Games' top ten 2013.
A recollection of times past. A moody, edgy track that brings feelings of 90's nostalgia.

You Beauty - Same Damn Thing     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 11/12/2015
Sydney's post-punk / pub rock outfit You Beauty follow last year's highly acclaimed Jersey Flegg album with another serious ear-tickler: 'Illywhacka', from their upcoming LP of the same name.
Same Damn Thing sounds like the first sunny day after a week-long spring time drenching; it’s like getting 20 bucks out of that scratchy your nan sent on your b’day; it’s simple, affordable pleasure contained in three and a half minutes of walking-pace, shimmering pop music.

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Other tracks by You Beauty:  Illywhacka  -  Everywhere I Wanna Go
Yothu Yindi - Treaty (Duncan Gray radio edit)     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Dance, House 17/11/2016
Yothyu Yindi's 25th anniversary the hit song 'Treaty' originated when the Australian government promised a treaty back in 1980's. This is the new remix by Duncan Gray and Filthy Lucre.
The 25th anniversay remix of the Yothu Yindi hit song 'Treaty' by Duncan Gray is specifically tempered for today's radio play, charting in the ARIA Club charts, more importantly, getting airplay on community radio stations throughout Australia is a reminder that the Australian government is yet to sign a 'Treaty'.

Other tracks by Yothu Yindi:  Treaty (The Journey Remix)  -  Treaty (Filthy Lucre Remix Remastered)
Yoseph H. Bekele ft. Jackson Jackson - New Directions     Pop 25/10/2013
Yoseph H. Bekele ft. Jackson Jackson's 'New Directions' on Visible Volume 8. The Visible compilation series is an initiative of Multicultural Arts Victoria.
Sometimes in life, everything changes, and you have to learn how to go walking in new directions

The track was recorded as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Visible Mentoring Program with Yoseph H. Bekele’s mentor Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire) and producer Jan Skubiszewski (Jackson Jackson)

Yorke - Wake The City     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Easy Listening 14/03/2019
Yorke is the latest sonic exploration into the world of indie pop by Byron Bay’s 20-year-old Grace Hughes.
Being widely touted as ‘one to watch for 2019’ from the likes of YouTube, Cool Accidents and Pilerats, Yorke has dropped her second single 'Wake The City'.

Co-written and produced by Andy Mak, the track is about disempowerment in a relationship and how often that begs the question of whether to sacrifice who you are or to appease your partner.

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Yorke - First Light     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill, Pop 24/10/2018
Grace Hughes began 2018 by adopting a new moniker, Yorke. A name chosen simply due to her love of New York City, a city which constantly inspires her.
'First Light' is driven by punchy percussion, with lingering piano keys and featherweight vocals giving the track a nostalgic aura, or as Yorke herself describes, "it's the kind of song you’d imagine blasting in your car late at night." An anthem of love and self-care, Yorke's gentle vocal tends to the bittersweet subject matter with alluring results.

Yon Yonson - This Evening     Electronic, Pop 02/02/2017
Yon Yonson are a Sydney trio making electronic music fused with pop melodies. They have a strong focus on lyricism and writing from an Australian perspective.
'This Evening', verges on ballad territory, with a spacious soundscape and some gorgeous airy keywork, allowing Andrew Kuo to wax lyrical with a classic Australian vernacular. The song cleverly takes on everything and everyone from Sydney's gentrification to David Koch, whilst also dealing with some darker themes.

Yon Yonson - Call It Something I Ate     Electronic, Pop 21/12/2016
Sydney based electronic trio who have been writing, recording, mixing and releasing their own music and making their own videos from their bedroom since 2010.
CISIA combes infectious pop melodies with cynical lyrics and a melodic edge to the song that doesn't feel altogether comfortable. The central element of the song is singer Andrew Kuo's floating vocals, gliding in drug addled haze, over the tingling of synthesized bell sounds.

Yon Yonson - Berlin     Electronic, Hip Hop 08/07/2016
Sydney based electronic trio who have been writing, recording, mixing and releasing their own music and making their own videos from their bedroom since 2010.
‘Berlin’ is Yon Yonson’s debut single through TEEF and is a sample driven record that marries clever electronic production, beautiful piano lines and Yon Yonson’s signature vocal in a way that makes something unique and captivating. It's a song about relative experience, cynicism and housing affordability.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP - From Me To You     Electronic 10/02/2016
If summer could be songified this would be it. Already big in the hands of a select few we are pretty confident this one won't do less than it's predecessors.
YBC & DCUP are back starting the year right with From me To You. If summer could be songified, this would be it. Already big in the hands of a select few, we are pretty confident this one is not going to do less than it's predecessors.

Yianna Nicholas - Life's a Ride     Pop, Rock 06/07/2018
19 year old Yianna evokes passion, imagination and inspiration with her debut release "LIFE’S A RIDE", featuring Jackie Barnes on Drums and a spine tingling production by Sammy Kannis.
Life's a Ride isn't it? We wake up and find ourselves on the borderline of calling in sick or avoiding all chores and people. Waking up to another cloudy day, looking outside your window, nothing's changed. This song lifts you above the bitterness. Surround yourself with music and good people. Let the music take you on that happy ride.

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Yev Kassem - When It's Pretend     Pop, Garage, Folk 10/05/2019
I'm Yev Kassem. I play in a band called 'dave.' but this is my solo thing. It's raw and honest. I record by myself in my kitchen.
A song about the idealistic way we imagine relationships when they aren't real and how we can pretend they are everything that we want.

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Other tracks by Yev Kassem:  Star  -  Smoke Alarm
YesYou - Through Your Eyes feat. La Mar     Electronic 29/10/2015
Brisbane duo YesYou surprised everyone with self-produced debut single ‘Half Of It’, now they're back with newie 'Through Your Eyes'. The first cut from a forthcoming album.
Haunted by the soft-spoken vocal styling of La Mar’s Dylan Wright, the moody downtempo production of their latest, ‘Through Your Eyes’, is driven by an off-kilter bassline, thumping kick and a signature synth riff that tickles the ear.