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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Zack Linton - Lights Down On Denver     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric, Ambience 10/07/2018
Singer - Songwriter - Guitarist from Perth, WA. Zack is a self-produced, independent artist inspired by a wide range of music from modern Blues to classic R&B.
NEW! Self produced single titled 'Lights Down On Denver'. Vocals/guitar/keys, Zack Linton. Bass, Charles Berthoud. Drums, Brian Petry. Words and music, Zack Linton.

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Other tracks by Zack Linton:  West Coast Highway
Zachary Leo - Lay You Down     Pop, Blues, Funk, Rock 16/01/2019
Zachary Leo brings to us Funky Riffs, Soulful Melodies and honest Lyrics in a combination of ways spanning from Funk to Rock, Soul to Acoustic.
'Lay You Down' is a funky summer song about young love and the excitement and fear that comes with love. 'Lay You Down' is the debut single from Zachary Leo and gives us a small glimpse of what to expect from the Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne.

Zacharria - YOU     Pop, Dance, Soul 20/11/2019
Zacharria combines his natural vocal ability of over 4 octaves with a sophisticated combination of pop, soul and electronic vibes and songwriting.
Zacharria’s emotive lyrics against his smooth vocals, catchy melodies and a blissful, tropical beat.

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Zac Slater - Magic     Pop, Hip Hop 11/04/2019
There are few musicians as versatile as Zac Slater. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Tasmania fuses elements of reggae and hip-hop with soulful vocals and upbeat acoustic guitar.
Everyone has dreams that they put energy into and it’s around this time of year that all the hype dies down. We are prone to being disheartened if we are not seeing the results we want, but Zac is here to remind you that ‘you’ll be amazed by the things you can do, so go on and grab it’.

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Zac Saber - Soak Up The Sun     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 11/02/2016
With a style that lends from somewhere in between folk and blues, Melbourne based singer-songwriter Zac Saber is quickly making a name for himself within the Melbourne music scene.
Soak Up The Sun is the opening track from Zac Saber's debut EP "Clearer".
Wonderful in it's simplicity, it tugs at the heart strings and builds you up with soaring harmonica and lapsteel instrumentation.

Other tracks by Zac Saber:  Another Time  -  Clearer
Yves Klein Blue - Getting Wise     Pop 19/01/2010
Yves Klein Blue have been drawing attention to themselves for the past year. Having kicked off their career by winning a major national competition back in 2007.
On ‘Getting Wise’ Michael Tomlinson’s lyrical witticism with classic intonation voices a generation’s indecision, set to a danceable indie beat. “Ragged & Ecstatic” was recorded in LA with producer Kevin Augunas (Cold War Kids) at the helm.

Other tracks by Yves Klein Blue:  Make Up Your Mind  -  About The Future
YUPPY - Top Down     Pop 17/05/2019
Yuppy is a fun lil bedroom-pop act from Adelaide (a bit cute, like your favourite tea mug, but covered in glitter and fluro) - Angy + Stef <3
Top Down is the debut single from YUPPY :)

Yunyu - Scheherazade     Pop, Rock, World, Soundtrack (Film Related) 17/06/2016
Yunyu's music sounds like the musical extract of Kate Bush, Isaac Asimov and Edgar Allan Poe -- if they plonked their DNA in a particle accelerator and everything bonded subatomically
Based on Scheherazade from the 1001 Arabian Nights. Originally Scheherazade has to tell a story nightly to the king so she can live another day. In this reimagining, Scheherazade is a tribe of storytellers who rescue one of their own, now a dementia sufferer by remembering her fading stories.

Other tracks by Yunyu:  Red  -  Wanted - Storyteller
Yunyu - Bluebeard     Rock, Experimental 14/06/2012
Yunyu, a triple j Unearthed winner teams up with New York Times #1 Bestseller Manga Artist Queenie Chan, leading animators the Commonist and Lucid Edge to produce a multi-media experience.
Yunyu’s version of this tale is a dark and chilling rendition of the exploits of real life Bluebeards who use religion to justify their sexual abuse of women and children. Bluebeard is post-modern rock meeting with Kate Bush-esque vocals, and reaches a violent crescendo of electrifying guitar.

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Other tracks by Yunyu:  Dorothy
Yuma X - You Said     Electronic, RnB, Chill 12/03/2016
Yuma X (Jake and Lucy) are a duo making electronic music from Sydney's North Shore. They are touring with Odesza next month.
'You Said' is the last instalment of the 'Home Recordings' EP.

Yuko Nishiyama - Heart Of Daisies     Pop 30/04/2014
Japanese-born turned Melbourne-native Yuko Nishiyama's debut single Heart Of Daisies combines lashes of strings & driving rhythms; hypnotic layers of instrumentation and harmony - strong new voice for Australian indie-pop.
With vocals that have been described as "beautiful" by Gotye's Wally De Backer, Yuko’s debut single 'Heart of Daisies' is her response to a close friend’s struggle to find love – and Yuko captures the subject’s transformative moments with subtle grace.

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Youthfire - Save Yourself     Electronic 18/12/2014
Starting from humble beginnings as a DIY bedroom music project, Youthfire is the solo project of 23 year old, Stephen Carmichael.
A song about accepting things as they are, about moving on from a past relationship.

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Other tracks by Youthfire:  Leave  -  Love Moving
Youthfire - Hallucinate     Electronic, Pop 02/11/2016
Youthfire is the moniker of singer-songwriter and producer, Stephen Carmichael, who shares stories about his personal life through compositions that have a warped sense of New Wave, 80’s nostalgia.
Youthfire's music is really personal and is often written from quite a vulnerable place, 'Hallucinate' is a song that reflects on Youthfire's own personal experiences of coming out, whilst exploring themes around transition and evolution, and the importance of being true to yourself.

Youthfire - Emerging     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 19/11/2018
Melbourne based singer and producer, Stephen Carmichael aka Youthfire, shares stories about their personal life through compositions influenced by futuristic perceptions of New Wave and 1980’s pop music.
‘Emerging’ was inspired by the documentary ‘Chris and Don,’ which depicts the lifelong relationship between author Christopher Isherwood and his much younger lover, artist Don Bachardy. Featuring Melbourne rapper, Diemne plus backing vocals from Abraham Tilbury and Mo•Louie, 'Emerging' is the first release that shares Youthfire’s collaborative adventures with friends.

Youth Allowance - Running     Pop 19/09/2015
Forming in late 2013 Youth Allowance are an indie rock band from Brisbane. With a musical direction similar to Jungle Giants, Circa Waves and Two door Cinema Club.
The first single taken from Youth Allowance's forthcoming self titled E.P

Youth Allowance - Games     Pop 01/11/2014
Youth Allowance are an indie rock band with a musical direction similar to Jungle Giants & Circa Waves they've come to find their sound in captivating melodies and iconic riffs
Both songs try and create a high energy, indie rock vibe which we achieved while recording with Yanto Browning at Airlock studios.

Other tracks by Youth Allowance:  Morning Light
Yours Truly - Shining Light     Folk, Pop, Punk 05/03/2014
Together and apart, Ken and David have appeared on 30+ albums, played hundreds of gigs, and have never been afraid to show their support for worthy causes.
A pithy observation of society's modern obsession with social networking. Is it something useful? Or are we in danger of losing the humanity of our interactions?

Other tracks by Yours Truly:  Love Makes Children  -  Say Goodbye
Yours Truly - Circles     Pop, Punk 16/04/2019
Often likened to such to such luminaries as Paramore and Tonight Alive, Yours Truly offer an infectious brand of clever, passionate pop-punk that has garnered massive critical and fan praise.
Front woman Mikaila Delgado describes 'Circles' as being an open letter to men who don't treat women as equal or hold themselves superior. The track is an empowering anthem for women and anyone who has felt discriminated against for who they are.

Other tracks by Yours Truly:  I Can't Feel  -  High Hopes
Your Girl Pho - Manipulate (feat. Chiseko)     Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, RnB 06/02/2019
Your Girl Pho, the sassy and fun stage persona of Phoebe Gunson that Perth has become to know brings sweet jazz pop vibes
Manipulate is a reimagining of a song Your Girl Pho wrote with collaborator JCAL during her time in their project together Phocal.

Your Girl Pho - Don't Wanna     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul 16/10/2019
Elasticated neo-soul, electro-pop artist Your Girl Pho is announcing a string of shows to accompany her freshest single ‘Don’t Wanna’, set for release October 16th.
‘Don’t Wanna’ brings you electronic, moody, jazz-pop flavours and sees Pho entering with a dry voice, telling the listener how it is, as she sees it. The single plays on the concept of answering and worshiping no-one but yourself, “see me at the top – don’t tell me what’s up”.