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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Troye Sivan - Talk Me Down     Pop, Electronic 12/04/2016
You’ll need a Twitter ticker to keep up with the constantly expanding stats and factoids relating to Troye Sivan’s popularity and swelling international celebrity.
Produced by Emile Haynie (Lana Del Ray, Kayne West, Bruno Mars) and Bram Inscore (Little Boots, The Heir), ‘Talk Me Down’ is an all-consuming and emotive ode to the melancholy side of love.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Pop Act, Most Popular Act

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: International Live Achievement - Solo

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Other tracks by Troye Sivan:  YOUTH
Troye Sivan - My My My     Pop, Dance 17/05/2018
The Prince of Pop, Troye Sivan, is back bigger then ever, after appearing on the covers of Rolling Stone, Out & V Magazine.
'My My My!’ is a song of liberation, freedom, and love. Throw all inhibition to the wind, be present in your body, love wholeheartedly, move the way you’ve always wanted to, and dance the way you feel – hopefully even to this song!”

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best Male Artist, Best Pop Release

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Troye Sivan - Bloom     Pop, Dance 17/05/2018
The Prince of Pop, Troye Sivan, is back bigger then ever, after appearing on the covers of Rolling Stone, Out & V Magazine.
“I wrote it with Leland and we were dying laughing and just having the best time writing it,”
“Lyrically I think it’s the most subversively queer song on the album...I wanna play that song at every Pride,” - Troye Sivan talking about Bloom (single)

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Troy Barrett - Take You Home     Pop, Acoustic 04/04/2018
If you're into artists like One Republic, The Naked and Famous and Avicii and like catchy sing along pop anthems, Troy Barrett is the artist for you!
I wrote this song passionately about refugees and their plight of having to leave everything and find a new home.
The aim of this song was to get people to put themselves in the refugee's shoes for a moment and consider what you would do if in that situation.

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Other tracks by Troy Barrett:  On My Way
Tropical Zombie - Call The Police     Rock, Atmospheric 12/02/2016
Tropical Zombie's mission is to make you shake it. The Sydney sextet's music can get even the most planted wallflowers out of their pots and onto the D-floor.
'Call The Police' marries bittersweet lamentations with chiming guitars and one hell of a harmonica solo. These guys DGAF about playing by the rules, they just care about getting feet moving.

Tristan Stevenson - Hopes and Dreams Ft. Megan Longhurst     Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic 29/10/2018
Tristan Matthew Stevenson is a singer, songwriter and musician. He is a solo artist, a cofounding member of the band Rhythm and the Revolution and also records with other artists.
The music to this track was written with a feeling of needing to connect more deeply with people and the lyrics inspired by a tour of Northern Island where I was saddened by the remnants of oppression and then moreso thinking about the general dysfunction of human kind that opposes human nature.

Tristan Alaba - Cheers To Sydney     Pop, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 21/12/2016
Tristan's style is Aussa Nova (‘Australian Bossa Nova’). Chilled vibes, catchy tunes, inspired by indie pop, Brazilian music and surfy folk. A sweet, witty and unique new voice!
Cheerful, fun, catchy tune, with witty lyrics about life in Sydney for young people. Feels good!

Other tracks by Tristan Alaba:  Goodbye Barack Goodbye  -  Eugene
Trip Poppies - Vegan Baby     Pop, Rock 23/02/2010
Out of the Bundjalung Garden of Eden come the Trip Poppies, with a collusion of Rock & Pop Adult Contemporary music informed by alternative sensibilities and a consciousness of spirit.
This is a simple, sweet love song about opposites attracting. It is fast bossa meets rock meets pop - very post modern! Real flute and percussion give it that extra ear candy.

Other tracks by Trip Poppies:  King of Confidence  -  Everything's Beautiful
TRIKARMA - All In The Music     Pop, Dance, Funk, Electronic 24/05/2010
Trikarma are a Melbourne based 5 piece that serve up funky pop and dance tracks. The sound is slick and polished, the songs are catchy & the vibes are infectious...
ALL IN THE MUSIC is a catchy dance / pop track that gets your feet moving. It's radio friendly pop... without being sickly sweet. A rippin' bass line supports the dance groove... and high quality vocals put this song on the top shelf. Comparable with - Disco Montego

Other tracks by TRIKARMA:  Supervibe  -  Let's Dance
Trey Cooper - Howling     Pop 12/09/2018
Trey Cooper is a young Sunshine Coast singer songwriter, influenced by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, Nothing But Thieves and Xxxtentacion
‘Howling’ is a wholesome pop song with a dark heart.
Accompanied by a live video the song will be commercially available on September 14th

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Trey Cooper - Embrace     Pop, Soul 16/03/2018
18yr old singer/songwriter/guitarist Cooper has been honing his skills across South East Queensland for the past few years and is thrilled to be revealing his music to audiences across Australia.
This young singer/songwriter/guitarist is hesitant to commit to his eclectic sound to any particular genre; he says, "Embrace is a mix of old and nu soul'.

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Trevor Ludlow & The Hellraisers - Experts     Pop 02/02/2017
We are an indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Originally heralding from Brisbane, the laconic self-effacing atmosphere of the sub-tropics will probably always be a part of our DNA.
A mid-tempo love ballad featuring some nice xylophone and sweet harmonies. Perhaps touches of power pop.


Other tracks by Trevor Ludlow & The Hellraisers:  Spoiler Alert  -  Sleepwalk With Me
Trent Williams - Annie     Folk, Pop, Roots 18/02/2017
Sydney based folk/pop artist similar to Vance Joy or Passenger. Debut release Stories From Our Times out early 2017
'Annie' is an upbeat track driven by strong guitar and kick drum (Mumford and Sons). Crafty lyrics tell the story of Annie and Dylan - 2 lovers torn apart. The EP title Stories From Our Times is taken from the track 'Annie'.

Other tracks by Trent Williams:  What Do You Call a Man  -  Future Song
Tree & Ray - As It Is     Pop, Electronic, Folk, Experimental 21/09/2018
Local indie DIY lovable popsters, spreading happiness at the expense of their own.
'As It Is’ is an acoustic driven, upbeat electro single with an existential lyrical commentary on letting-go-of-control and finding peace. Which doesn’t mean inaction, just a different kind of action. From a place of surrender -experiencing life just 'as it is'

Travis King - Smile     Pop, Electronic, Dance 08/03/2014
Travis King is a fresh new artist & producer from Melbourne.
A funky dance track with catchy vocals and infectious melodies.

Other tracks by Travis King:  Won't Fall In Love (Ft Mel Jade)  -  Imaginary Lines
Travis Caudle - Live This Down     Pop, Rock 18/12/2009
WA-based Singer/songwriter and former frontman with The Woodenelves, Travis Caudle makes intelligent pop/rock that is instantly listenable.
Sad undertones masked by catchy toe tapping beats... this is pop for people with a brain.

Travis A. King - Claustrophobia     Pop, Electronic 06/07/2016
Travis A. King is an Artist and Producer from Melbourne with a unique style of catchy pop.
A sultry pop/electronic song featuring the Vocals of Jade Diary.

Other tracks by Travis A. King:  Breathe  -  Do You Feel This
Tram Cops - this is it     Pop, Folk, Jazz, Electronic 09/10/2018
Tram cops is a genre bending bedroom pop band from melbourne
‘this is it’ provides an excellent jumping off point into the world of Tram Cops, and is the embodiment of an album that combines bedroom pop, jazz, folk and psychedelic.

Other tracks by Tram Cops:  LA  -  bb jesus
Tralala Blip - Oceans Of Love     Electronic, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Pop 13/05/2016
Tralala Blip is a collective of differently abled artists who meet on a regular basis to create, produce and perform original electronic music.
A free-flowing electronic pop piece.

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Other tracks by Tralala Blip:  To The Moon  -  Wax Figurine
Train Robbers - Suns     Rock, Pop 08/10/2012
Train Robbers are story tellers. Colourful melodies, infectious rhythms and raw charm reminiscent of 60’s music & modern indie-rock form the basis of the Train Robbers style.
‘Suns’ is an upbeat and catchy single illustrating the ups and downs of summer romances - it describes the bliss of a hurried love. After all is said and done, the song celebrates a positive outlook on life and the real and human connections we have with one another.