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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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LORENZO - Now and Forever     Pop 16/04/2019
Currently signed to a Worldwide distribution and publishing label in the States, I am keen to get my music on radio at home.
Now and Forever is about a couple who have been separated but want to be together.

Owl Eyes - You and I/Le Soleil     Pop, Dance 16/04/2019
Australian pop darling Owl Eyes twirls into the spotlight danceable disco stomper ‘You And I’ accompanied by B-Side ‘Le Soleil’ – two tracks entwined with the parallel intensity of love.
Beckoning to the disintegration of love, ‘You And I’ masks raw, honest lyrics with an alluring upbeat composition reminiscent of 70s era disco, featuring hazy bass, luscious synths, and a summoning call-to-action of lyrics which add a deeper context to the at-first breezy track. Written in Brussels, ‘You And I’ is naturally married to the love note ‘Le Soleil’.

ROMII - You Keep Running     Pop, RnB, Soul 16/04/2019
Australian artist ​ROMII​ has impressed us again with her powerful new single ‘​You Keep Running​’. After taking out the ​2017 Queensland Music Award for best Urban Song​ for ‘​Wild Heart​'.
“I wrote ‘You Keep Running’ about something I was experiencing at the time. My most treasured friendship I had began to take a turn for the worse. The title and lyrics ‘You Keep Running’ refers to an autopilot mentality, by closing off and pulling away from any person that gets in too close to them, in order to self-protect.” ​ROMII

Ryan Morgan - Never Be     Pop, RnB 16/04/2019
Sydney based singer, songwriter & producer Ryan Morgan shares sounds that'll satisfy your desire for the blues. His single ‘Never Be’ can be described as deeply expressive and depressingly emotive.
‘Never Be’ can be described as deeply expressive and depressingly emotive.

“It sadly depicts my experience with relationships quite accurately, when you’ve exhausted all possibilities of making it work and realise it’s just not meant to be” – Ryan Morgan

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Teagan - Feeling Good     Pop, RnB, Downbeat 16/04/2019
TEAGAN's back with new lo-fi pop single, Feeling Good. Having completed a run of shows across her hometown, TEAGAN is ready to release her new music to the world.
Feeling Good is the third single by TEAGAN. An upbeat, passionate commentary on the post-break-up period, Feeling Good will have you dancing before you realise just how broken you might still be.

Yours Truly - Circles     Pop, Punk 16/04/2019
Often likened to such to such luminaries as Paramore and Tonight Alive, Yours Truly offer an infectious brand of clever, passionate pop-punk that has garnered massive critical and fan praise.
Front woman Mikaila Delgado describes 'Circles' as being an open letter to men who don't treat women as equal or hold themselves superior. The track is an empowering anthem for women and anyone who has felt discriminated against for who they are.

Other tracks by Yours Truly:  I Can't Feel  -  High Hopes
Lucy Gallant - Wild And Free     Pop, RnB, Electronic 15/04/2019
Cleverly fusing acoustic, electronic, soul and reggae in her productions, Gallant’s voice soars with rhapsodic range, conveying a full spectrum of emotion in her inspiring and uplifting songs. 
With electronic, R&B and soul elements, this powerful ballad is sure to strike a chord with many. Not only showing off Gallant’s dynamic vocal range but telling a common story of losing oneself in a relationship, being unforgiving, finding one's power again and spreading one's wings to become truly wild and free.

Other tracks by Lucy Gallant:  Love
Annelise. - Lonely Lover     Pop, RnB 12/04/2019
Hailing from Western Sydney, Annelise. employs her influence of late 90’s/early 2000’s R&B and Hip-Hop to create her nostalgic but fresh and modern sound.
With Hip-Hop/R&B flavours from the new and old school, Annelise.’s Lonely Lover is unapologetic and bad-ass with oozing harmonies and punchy melodies. A big “f you” to any no-good man, Annelise. utilises the sweet sound of fresh new beats and smooth old school vocals.

Meg Mac - I’m Not Coming Back     Pop 12/04/2019
MEG MAC's debut album 'Low Blows' debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts whilst her sophomore single 'Roll Up Your Sleeves' has over 10 million Spotify streams.
Offering an insight into the song Meg says, “Everyone has a person in their life that’s only around when they need something. You only hear from them when they need you; they only call you when they’re down. So you pick them up and try to take a little pain away. But when you need them, they’re never around”.

RUBY - Two Lost Souls     Pop, Folk 12/04/2019
Bondi based singer-songwriter Ruby has a love for storytelling through music with honest lyrics and raw emotion.
Inspired by an encounter with a couple who seemed madly in love, Ruby was fascinated by the beauty that was amongst the mess. 'Two Lost Souls' is a song for everyone staggering through life. It's a song about wanting to save the ones you love that keep tripping in the dark. It's about saving yourself," Ruby explains.

Alex Smith - Slow Train     Pop, Acoustic, Blues, RnB 11/04/2019
Best known as the voice of Moving Pictures', Alex Smith has recently released a solo album, The Thread. Alex's vocals, songwriting and guitar playing weave a storybook of his life.
Slow Train is the first single released from The Thread.

A slow and infectious groove not dissimilar to that of the rhythm of a train on the track. A slow train. Going nowhere.

Listen and get the groove on.

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Beachwood - Miracle     Pop, Dance, Electronic 11/04/2019
Freshly formed duo Beachwood reveal their cinematic debut release ‘Miracle'.   Colliding together the beats of Jarrad – better known as producer MSTR Rogers – and folk-heavy song-writing of Angeline.
Freshly formed nascent duo Beachwood today reveal their cinematic debut release ‘Miracle’ from their forthcoming EP.

Dramatic and brooding with heavy, pounding drums, the sparse verses of their debut ‘Miracle’ suddenly twist with sharp piano stabs and shades of drum and bass. The pulsating, layered tapestry and driving production then climax into the drop, closely mimicking the lyrical content.

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Clayton Francis - Caught In Your Orbit     Pop, Rock, Retro, Christian 11/04/2019
Singer-Songwriter and Producer Clayton Francis.
I was inspired to write a fun, reflective song about the mystery surrounding love, connection and the bond it creates between two people. Love can be a very powerful force and is the reason our lives seem to gravitate around the people we love. Fate always draws us back to the people we love.

Corduroy Spaceship - About Everything     Pop, Chill, Psychedelic, Folk 11/04/2019
Solo psych pop outfit from SA - self produced from start to finish!
The most summery song ever written xo

Droves - Bloodline     Pop, Electronic 11/04/2019
DROVES are a five-piece from Wollongong NSW. Their futuristic look at new wave punk has drawn comparisons to early New Order, The Eurythmics and The Cure.
‘Bloodline’ is embedded with a dark dissonance that melts into weighless, glittering synth-pop melodies – a testament to their musical skill when it comes to carrying darkness with light.

Eilish Gilligan - Keep Up     Pop, Electronic 11/04/2019
Melbourne producer, singer-songwriter Eilish Gilligan has made a big mark in recent years, releasing incredible stand-alone singles that showcase the vulnerability of an innate songwriter coupled with powerful pop production
Keep Up is a return to Eilish's trademark huge-chorus emo-pop electronica. Wickedly smart co-production by Eilish herself and Japanese Wallpaper, mixed by Kon Kersting (Mallrat, Jungle Giants, Tia Gostelow). Musically it sits on the spectrum between her 2018 singles (SMFY and Patterns) and her recent single ’The Pull’ (a gorgeous piano-led ballad).

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Eloisa Cullington - Be Free     Pop, Reggae, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Electronic 11/04/2019
"Invoking nostalgia through her sound, Cullington‘s combining of jazz, pop and more comes as something that feels totally unchartered in popular music being made right now." - Purple Sneakers
Eloisa Cullington’s Be Free, released on Spotify on Friday 5th April 2019, brings in feels from dub-reggae, pop and electronic music, with pulsating synths, live instruments and a notably charismatic trumpet, played by Dane Laboyrie, thrown into the mix. Be Free invokes a nostalgic vibe and an appreciation for the last days of summer.

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Famous Will - Phillies     Pop, Folk, Rock 11/04/2019
Melbourne based Folk/Pop outfit Famous Will create a soulful and catchy brand of alternative music.
Phillies opens with cheerful Rock guitars and an upbeat rhythm section that will have your toes tapping immediately! Extremely catchy, fun-loving and soulful. Press play and get ready to dance!

Kids At Midnight - Open Sky     Pop, Electronic 11/04/2019
Kids At Midnight is Australian singer songwriter/producer Jane Elizabeth Hanley (that's me) I make all my 80s tinged romantic synth pop in my bedroom. :)
‘Open Sky’ is a bit a skin shedding diary entry in the form of melody driven indie synth pop. Sonically its a fresh and joyful electronibop, lyrically its about the strangle hold of f**king depression and trying to kick its ass.

Ladia - Leave Me Stranded     Pop, Electronic 11/04/2019
Australia’s Ladia is an introspective, soulful singer/songwriter known for her electronic pop sound. Ladia brims with quiet confidence to serve her own unique concoction; blending silky vocals with addictive melodies.
Ladia returns with her smooth new single, ‘Leave Me Stranded’, a fresh serving of grooving melancholy that perfectly infuses elements of RNB and up-beat pop. The song sees Ladia open up on a period where she felt “stranded”. Under its cool exterior the track explores the darkness of Ladia's past, feeling left behind by the one she loves most.