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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Essie Holt - Distant Places ft. LANKS     Pop, Acoustic 16/10/2018
Subtle yet devastating, Essie Holt reveals a different side to her songwriting on new single ‘Distant Places ft LANKS’.
Written in an hour the sombre tune is a dynamic shift featuring only vocals and piano but packs no less of a punch. Essie’s beautifully hopeless and melancholic voice quickly swells with LANKS’ rich tone, contrasting with the bright piano before returning to the dark stagnant notes it began with; the perfect heartbreak soundtrack

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Haiku Hands x True Vibenation - Squat     Pop, Dance, Hip Hop 16/10/2018
Based across Melbourne and Sydney, the core of Haiku Hands is Claire Nakazawa, Beatrice Lewis and Mie Nakazawa. Their influences range from hip hop, electronic to dance and everything beyond.
“Squat is an instruction manual for people who are too self-conscious, but hidden inside them is an ability to tear up the dancefloor.” Born from a Sydney warehouse party where True Vibenation's Vuli was DJing an early sketch of the track, Haiku saw the infectious potential of Squat, which explodes with a huge and undeniable dance rhythm.

Jessie Maz - Stronger     Pop, Blues, RnB, Soul 15/10/2018
This song is written about my own personal experiences, where I have needed to build courage and confidence within myself to overcome the negativity that was or is present in my life. Through this, it has nurtured my resilience and inner strength. Stronger identifies building strength and courage in our past, the present and the future; I'm gonna get stronger!

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The Violets - Missing     Pop 15/10/2018
Indie rock/pop
Slow groove/indie

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Karalee Alice - Passing Clouds     Pop, Acoustic 15/10/2018
Karalee Alice is a 17 year old singer/songwriter with a passion for singing and story telling. Her debut album "Queen of Hearts" is a soulful collection of emotional compositions.
With soaring vocals, lush harmonies and layers of instruments. This track depicts both sides of the story when it comes to the end of a relationship.

Other tracks by Karalee Alice:  Save Me  -  That Night
Cool Explosions - Runaway     Pop, Electronic, RnB, Soul 15/10/2018
Inter dimensional cyber-soul exponents Cool Explosions are a mesmerising new 3-piece to emerge from Melbourne’s burgeoning indie-electronic & future soul scenes.
Runaway is the most recent offering from the emerging powerhouse songwriting partnership Vehl/Young. Restless and unrelenting, ‘Runaway’ is both an impulsive cry for escape, & an uneasy acquiescence that such a solution is ultimately no solution at all. Elle Young’s effortlessly soulful vocal keens across a tumbling scroll of marbled FM samples, amidst a volatile barrage of dam-breach drumming by rising drum star Alex Roper.

IV DANTE - Be With Me     Pop, Rock 15/10/2018
Danté is a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist from Melbourne. He is mixing genres and taking influences from all styles of work, Known for his guitar playing ability described as “complex/tactical/powerful”
'Be With Me' is a song about not knowing if you can be without someone and if you will be the same person. The song is encompassed with a groove pulsing throughout surrounded by a layer of guitars and synths.

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Saba Brothers - Life's A Journey     Pop, Christian, Rock, Garage 15/10/2018
Sydney-based rock trio, the Saba Brothers, have just released their new single Life’s A Journey.
With this latest track, a self-reflective, raw and heartfelt meditation we can all relate to, we get a taste of the more eclectic side of the band. It’s subtle yet refreshingly powerful.

Siore - Change Your Mind     Pop, Soul, Electronic, Chill 15/10/2018
Melbourne duo SIORE, have released Change Your Mind, the second single from their forthcoming EP.
Change Your Mind draws attention to mental health in the music industry and hopes to shed light on the stigma surrounding it.

The Francos - Back To Basics     Pop, Rock, Electronic, Britpop 15/10/2018
The Francos are an Indie band from Wollongong. The sounds they deliver are a fresh mix of lush synths and glittering guitars all on a warm bed of groove.
Back To Basics is a song about waking up to reality, eliminating any ounce of naivety and accepting the need to change. The Francos’ latest single tells the story of a relationship, not between two people, but between one’s self and their aspirations.

Illstrtd - Ain't The One     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Dance 13/10/2018
Illstrtd is a producer that creates future beats inspired by electronic artists like Hudson Mohawke, Tokimonsta, Katranada and Cashmere Cat, while also taking influences from Hip Hop and R&B music
With writing contributions from good friends Maddy Rowe & Mark (New Haven) Illstrtd was able to bring his vision to life “The song was all written, recorded and produced in my studio in Melbourne. We started the whole thing from scratch with literally just some chords and melody ideas that Mark and Maddy were messing with.”

MANE - Save Yourself     Pop, Rock 13/10/2018
With a haunting and high energy live set, MANE’s explosive indie pop is something that has to be seen to be fully believed.
Written while witnessing someone make the same mistakes repeatedly, becoming really expectant of the people around them to pick up the mess. You don't want to enable them but you also don't want them to feel abandoned. When it becomes detrimental to your wellbeing the solution becomes pretty obvious though.

Anthony Kale - You're The One     Pop, Dance, Acoustic, Chill 12/10/2018
With a natural flair for catchy hooks and lyrical themes driven by positivity Melbournes Anthony Kale delivers a pop/dance sound with his own unique flavour.
A feel good track with a groove to the beat with a latin feel a song basically about finding the love of your life its the latest modern sound.
Produced by ex-Kylie Minogue producer Sam Panetta.

Ashley Iona - Leaving     Pop, Rock, Folk 12/10/2018
“Generally uplifting. In a radiohead meets David Bowie kind of way.” Ashley Iona is an American Aussie Britt Songwriter, making soulful gritty pop from Sydney’s beaches.
Leaving is the latest anthemic alt pop single from Ashley Iona. Written during Ashley’s time in LA, the track is about finding the strength the end what you know is bad for you and having the courage to keep walking away when it follows you around.

Azura - Yours     Pop, Electronic 12/10/2018
Azura is the rising musical alias of Brisbane's Lauren Coutts. Her music ties together dreamy, washed-out electronic production and delicate but powerful vocal lines.
Yours follows the emotional journey of falling in love, from first crush to the final moment of bravery where you tell the truth. Production-wise, Yours incorporates Bonobo-esque path with a percussive electronic soundscape deepening with added layers as the single continues.

"I hope Yours inspires someone to tell whoever they may love the same thing: let me be yours."

Denise le Menice - Heart     Pop, Rock 12/10/2018
As premiered on triple j's Good Nights, Denise le Menice releases her remarkable first single ‘Heart’, out now via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
Never has a break-up song sounded so sunny. Ali says “Heart is about being newly single after a long term relationship - the struggles and awkwardness of jumping back into the anxiety provoking dating game.”

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Meg Mac - Give Me My Name Back     Pop, Easy Listening, Rock 12/10/2018
MEG MAC's debut album 'Low Blows' debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts whilst her sophomore single 'Roll Up Your Sleeves' has over 10 million Spotify streams.
Meg says "I get so many messages from girls in response to my songs, who know exactly what I’m talking about and feel the same way – this is a song for everyone who has lost an important part of themselves, which they need to reclaim in order to move forward with their lives”.

My Elephant Ride - Papa Come Home     Pop, Acoustic 12/10/2018
This band writes songs about being high, sexual identity, love and dealing with strangers. My Elephant Ride are due to release their sophomore album 'Beyond the Skin' early 2019.
Lead singer Joe talks about new single: "It's about not knowing my Papa while I was growing up. I hit puberty early and I learnt how to shave from old movies. It can seem like a bleak subject but it's a reality for so many people all over the world."

Spacey Jane - Keep A Clean Nose     Pop, Garage, Rock 12/10/2018
Recently nominated for 3 WAM Awards and handpicked winner of Happy’s Needle In The Hay competition Fremantle four piece Spacey Jane create garage indie pop catchy-as-hell tunes.
The latest track from Freo four piece Spacey Jane, “Keep A Clean Nose” oozes springtime pop, the subject matter goes deeper.
Singer Caleb explains;
“The song is about never quite feeling good enough for the person you love. Always worrying about her finding someone better, that she might get up and leave at any minute".

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TH'FIKA - Peachy Rosie     Pop, Rock 12/10/2018
Like a quirky painting at your grandparent’s house, TH’FIKAs music is welcoming yet intriguing. Find yourself immersed in chronicles of TH’FIKA, colliding the worlds of Pop, Rock and ethereal elements.
The endless battle between following your heart and using logic. ‘Peachy Rosie’ is a vulnerable insight, a path lead by your heart can stockpile fruition but can also leave you confused and wounded. The comeback single for TH’FIKA is commanding, intense and enchanting.