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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Elaska - Outside In     Pop, Electronic, Dance 20/04/2018
24 y/o gal from Sydney. Interests include winding down with a cold glass of savvyb, wearing more denim than Justin and Brit, and having a gentle boog to Cher.
Outside In is about feeling content with being alone, despite the pressures a young woman can feel to find a partner.

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Georgi Kay - Lone Wolf     Pop 20/04/2018
Georgi Kay returns with her strongest track to date 'Lone Wolf'.
"Accepting the fact that no matter how many good people you have in your life, they will never truly know and understand you as deeply and as intimately as you know yourself. What’s so funny and oddly comforting about this truth, is that we have all felt this way."

Muki - Gold Oxygen     Pop, Electronic, Dance 20/04/2018
An explosion of pastel pink bubblegum, MUKI’s sound is the sonic version of a bath in cream soda pop while cotton candy bubbles detonate on your face.
Gold Oxygen is an anthem for 'blocking the haters’. It is about believing in yourself and drowning out other people’s negativity by being your own supporter. It is about having the attitude that if people don’t accept you or support you then they aren’t worth your energy.

KEZRA - Better Place     Pop, Folk 19/04/2018
KEZRA’s vocals are an immediate stand out on the track; breathy and hypnotic, the way this vocalist makes her presence known on record is truly beautiful.
KEZRA’s vocals are an immediate stand out on the track; breathy and hypnotic, the way this vocalist makes her presence known on record is truly beautiful. Matched up with great production from Melbourne’s Mark Zito (FRACTURES), ‘Better Place’ could not have been in better hands.

'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) - Scared of America     Pop, Pop 18/04/2018
'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) are ex-Londoners singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actor Paul Odiase and song lyricist Paul Robert Thomas
'Scared of America' is the title track from 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) new album 'Scared of America Volume One' and tips its hat to the late great David Bowie's 'I'm Afraid of Americans'.

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Other tracks by 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's):  Another Nashville Morning  -  Whiskey & Stitches
Anthony Priwer - Nothing Left To Do But Cry     Pop, Country, Easy Listening 18/04/2018
Hailing from Adelaide, Anthony writes new songs in a classic style. With warm and heartfelt vocals, he accompanies himself on ukulele.
Nothing Left To Do But Cry is a mournful ballad about the regret in knowing how to love someone only after it's too late.

Other tracks by Anthony Priwer:  Good As New (Tout Comme Neuf)  -  Save Me From A Sad Song
Matilda Abraham - Own Worst Enemy     Pop, Ambience, Electronic, Experimental 18/04/2018
Matilda Abraham is a vocalist and producer. Her sound combines a long-held fascination with songwriting with etherial vocals, warm synths and delay affected drum machine.
Own Worst Enemy is a track from Matilda Abraham’s second EP Away (Feb 2018). Etherial and cathartic, the song features Abraham’s melancholic vocals set against a backdrop of softly arpeggiating piano, warm synths and delay affected drum machine.

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Other tracks by Matilda Abraham:  Our Love Is Strong  -  Away
Melinda Schneider - My Voice     Pop, Country 18/04/2018
For over two decades now Melinda Schneider has been a leading light of the ‘new-breed’ of Australian Singer/Songwriters both in Australia and the US.
Truly an anthem of our time, MY VOICE is a cathartic, healing experience for people who've long felt isolated or silenced. Embraced by women’s advocate Tracey Spicer, Schneider's released the powerful song in time for the launch of NOW AUSTRALIA, Spicer’s not-for-profit initiative to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

No Mono - Frostbitten     Pop, Soul 17/04/2018
A collaboration between two of the country's most revered artists Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek, debut album Islands (Part 1) out May 4.
“Frostbitten is about things ending”, shares Tom Snowdon. Born out of fiddling on the piano and making sounds to express the gravity of a difficult chapter in life, the track stands as the most personal and literal song written by the songwriter.

Merpire - Invitation     Pop, Electronic 16/04/2018
Merpire fashions soundscapes of macabre dream-pop that explore the fluidity of life, death, relationships and the human condition.
Invitation is about a time I was really fighting the need to be on my own. I struggled to be the one to provide the love I needed. It's about the confusion and the clarity, the frustration and the freedom, the loneliness and the longing that came along with that.

Royce - Cold Air     Pop 16/04/2018
I like to tell stories and my piano does too. My music is pop with an R&B, electronic, sometimes country bent.
Underneath Its upbeat, 'sing along in the car' vibe, Cold Air tells a poignant story of a love that has run its course. It has an infectious beat and features Royce's smooth vocals.

Other tracks by Royce:  Vegas  -  Down
Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks - Warrior Princess     Pop, Psychedelic, Dance 16/04/2018
Bringing together forces of dark-and-light, space-explorers, Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks launch into a mixed-salad of psychedelic-pop, enter time-warps of soft-lullabies and blast into the future with classic disco-tunes.
Written as a celebration of women’s-strength, Warrior-Princess acts as a message to Fox-herself. A message that implores her to become the very best-version of herself that she can possibly be. After one listen to the new, totally confident disco-direction, it seems as though Fox may have already taken it onboard.

Alexander Bridge - Bother Me     Pop, Punk 14/04/2018
A 4 piece post punk/pop punk/alternative band from Perth, WA. Alexander Bridge have been described as sounding like Jimmy Eat World only heavier.
A classic sounding pop punk song, speaking out against gender roles/forced expectations and growing up.

Anca - Alcohol     Pop 13/04/2018
Anca is a Sydney based singer-songwriter sharing her unfiltered feelings and experiences through her raw and often gritty piano ballads. Sounds like: Missy Higgins, Delta Gooddrum
The composition, produced and mixed by Gemma Lipman utilised softer, organic sounds creating a sombre
mood allowing the listener to absorb Anca’s powerful, mellifluous vocals. Created as a by-product of
cathartic writing the track delves deeper than the classic tale of love and loss.

Hobart Curtis - Model     Pop, Electronic 13/04/2018
Hobart Curtis is a solo artist/producer from Brisbane, who creates catchy, melancholic indie-synth pop that features interesting and honest lyrical content.
"Model" is a yearning Indie cut, featuring emotive 80s synths and decadent atmospheric guitar layering. The young Brisbane artist dips into his already expansive musical pallet, by trading the more driving percussion of previous tracks, and presenting a more smooth range for Curtis' raw and honest lyrical content.

Le Pie - I Saw You Walking In The Street     Pop 13/04/2018
Le Pie has seen success across FBi, Triple J, Triple J Unearthed and more. Her signature sound is dark, dreamy, indie rock and she pushes strong feminist values.
“I’m pretty excited about this release, not only is it my first vinyl, it's also the first time in this project I have worked with someone else - my brother - it's nice to be back collaborating with the person that shaped the early years of my music journey”

Other tracks by Le Pie:  Put Me Down
Seeder - Testimony     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk, Country 13/04/2018
A timely blending of musical gene pools, creating a punchy 3-piece outfit, fashioned around the song writing of vocalist Mic. Hardwick. Rock that Grooves With Grooves that Rock.
A love song was penned at the time of courtship with my now wife, De. Utterly personal, frank and uplifting. If one’s word is one's bond, then the testimony of one's heart is the measure of one’s soul. A new release of the acoustic version recorded 30 years back.

VAL FLYNN - Stuck On Repeat     Pop, Dance, RnB, Indigenous 13/04/2018
Butchulla artist VAL FLYNN weaves pop, dance, and RnB sensibilities together, recalling that turn-of-the-century golden age, but the emotion at the heart of his work is timeless.
Fit for a London day club, 'Stuck On Repeat' is an energetic dance number that knows the intrinsic value of pop: "[It] connects all of us. Regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or race. It’s a space where we can forget our days, blast some beats and enjoy the night," - VF

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VanderAa - Light Of Love     Pop, Funk, Dance, Retro 13/04/2018
VanderAa announce a European Tour in support of the release of their latest single Light of Love.

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Habits - Raw Shame     Pop, RnB, Electronic 11/04/2018
Described as “going to a yoga class on MDMA”, Habits are undisputably the most intimate, empowering and sweat-inducing live act in Australia.
A haunting piano rework of dark-club single ‘Shame/Desire’, this is an apology for ‘being a piece of human garbage that will never change’ soaked in melancholy. HABITS evoke vulnerability, ‘Raw Shame’ commits it to memory.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

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