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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Paul Conrad - Never Enough     Pop, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 26/01/2020
Paul Conrad is coined as Sydney's dark lord of pop
'Never Enough' is Paul Conrad's latest single and leading track for 2020 which will see the release of a three part album trilogy entitled 'Hotel 27'.

The song personifies precepts of addiction and explores the struggles people have in their relationships to things they grow dependent on, be it substances, people, or ideologies.

It is released through Reel Deep.

Alex Carpi - Big City     Pop, Rock, Alternative 24/01/2020
Listen to Alex Carpi once, and she'll be in your head all week. This pop/rock powerhouse is here to stay, with an electric live show and effervescent energy
Big City is a love letter to my home in Melbourne. How I feel when I'm driving into the city, and I see the skyline over the highway. Anticipating a Saturday night, and showing my friends all the good places to go. This city has shaped me, I've got the map on the back of my hand, come with me.

As We Are - Corner That You Cut     Pop, Alternative, Indie, Rock 24/01/2020
A rock band from Brisbane. These Aussies blend ballsy guitar riffs with subtle pop melodies to create catchy hook-laden gems.
"Corner That You Cut" is a story of desire - when one person longs for and desires another, only to never have the other person feel the same way, we will do anything for their attention and love, even if it goes against our morals & better nature.

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Brandon Duff - Medicinal Love     Pop, Rock, Indie 24/01/2020
Brandon Duff is a solo act from the Central Coast, bringing classic pop sounds to the new age with his unique edge.
“Medicinal Love” is a pop-rock ballad, featuring ambient harmonies and huge builds. It explores the idea of love as an addiction, and using it to medicate your problems. The lyrics, "Don’t trust your mind, you’re way too high", capture the essence of the song.

Daniel Hall - Christmas Love     Pop 24/01/2020
Daniel Hall has released 13 solo albums in the Electronic Synthpop genre. His music is a cross between Erasure and Depeche Mode with a touch of Gary Numan
Christmas Love is a mid-paced pop song that encourages people not to forget those less fortunate and living on the streets at the festive period. A message of love to all is strongly given by Daniel's beautiful lyrics and melody.

Ella Fence - Pink Mojitos     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/01/2020
Award winning songwriter & performer Ella Fence is a power-femme electro pop artist who has toured and performed in USA, Berlin, England, Canada, and Norway, as well nationally across Australia.
“Pink Mojitos” is the first track off the Mini EP: ALL I DO IS THINK. The song is a tip of the hat to excessive behaviour, to fun for fun's sake, partying and attention seeking. It’s a Summer tune, an anthem to indulgence.

Other tracks by Ella Fence:  She's Looking Pretty  -  Japan
Felicity Groom - Burj Khalifa     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 24/01/2020
With two albums under the belt and out in the world distributed through good friends at Spinning Top Music, Felicity Groom is already enjoying a brand new adventure.
Burj Khalifa was born after a family holiday to Dubai. The combination of learning that the Burj Khalifa moves in the wind and loving the title and tunes of Leon Vynehalls album of 2018, 'Nothing Is Still’ was enough of a meditation to begin this mantra like tune.

G-Nat!on - Lovin YaSelf     Pop, R&B 24/01/2020
G-NAT!ON, are a dynamic, all girl pop group from Adelaide. This six piece singing sensation are on a mission to impact the Australian scene. Described as a ‘powerhouse of harmonies’
Lovin Yaself is exactly as the title suggests. Don't worry about the material things in life and to be proud of what and who you are.

Grace Franklin - Missing You     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening 24/01/2020
Grace Franklin is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Brisbane. She fuses elements of pop and electronic music to tell her stories through song.
With a catchy beat that'll have you moving, "Missing You" is Grace's first single, released in March 2019, about the breakdown of a relationship.

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Grace Franklin - nEaR     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/01/2020
Grace Franklin is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Brisbane. She fuses elements of pop and electronic music to tell her stories through song.
With a driving beat and catchy hooks that'll stay in your head, "nEaR" is Grace Franklin's lead single from her debut EP "Different", all about making the first moves.

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JAMIE BVLLET - Drunk Kids x YVNGDA     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/01/2020
Gay pop/electronic artist from Perth, Western Australia.
Drunk Kids is a tale of growing up - about playing with fire and not really caring about the consequences. It’s a snapshot of life as you grow through your late teens/early 20s. We wrote most of it in a single session using the tiny studio setup in my room at my folk’s house

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Jarrod Jeremiah - Blood     Pop, R&B, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/01/2020
Seventeen year Jarrod Jeremiah old Australian Singer, songwriter and producer began music from a young age in the form of drums.
It was made in one 4hr session.
The guitar in the song was recorded and played by myself.
This is my first song without heavy EDM influence.
In The breakdown at the end of the song the liquid dripping sound is me pouring coffee at 2.30am.
This is my first song without Autotune

John Lingard - Howling     Pop, Indie 24/01/2020
Bringing together an exceptionally compelling voice, powerfully memorable melodies and a true knack for crafting contemporary pop music.
Howling is about desperation and frustration. The desperate efforts you go to in order to get back to a happy place that you used to be. About the town you grew up in that is now suffocating you. Trying to get a message across to someone you love but the message keeps falling short.

Lucalion - In the Moment (ft. Malina Claire)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Indie 24/01/2020
Sam Bradley, otherwise known as Lucalion, is on a mission to re-define traditional pop music with his unique, electronically-fuelled sound. His music is similar to Jai Wolf and Wave Racer.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself next time someone you’re really, really into. And I mean really into.You’re feeling good and you reaaaally want to take that next step and make that person your own. You’re feeling confident. Now, pop that feeling into a song and that’s exactly what ‘In The Moment’ feels like.

Lucy Korts - Not Your Type     Pop, Indie, Alternative, Folk 24/01/2020
Lucy Korts is an upcoming solo artist - focusing pop and folk. Her distinctive vocal style has taken her from singing in the bedroom to the festival stages of Austalia.
'Not Your Type' is a fresh take on pop sticking true to the folk roots it grew from.

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Mel Dobra - Just Breathe     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening, Folk 24/01/2020
Like the night sky, her new album Smoke & Flame finds radiant pinpoints to anchor the listener in an expansive ocean of sound.
Summer anthem, blending silky vocals, violin, guita, drums and electronic beats.

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Other tracks by Mel Dobra:  smoke and flame acoustic  -  knowing you
Melissa Rose' Sgambati - I'll See You Soon     Pop, Blues 24/01/2020
I'm a 19 year old singer songwriter and have been writing since I was 14 years old. I am very passionate about music and love all genres.
My current single "I'll See You Soon" was written about my parents miscarried baby in 1997. Growing up I've always had a connection with my miscarried sibling even though it happened before I was born and shares how all though we have never met, we have a loving and strong bond.

milo viti - The One, Version No.1     Pop, Indie, Alternative, Easy Listening 24/01/2020
m i l o v i t i are an Alt Pop band based in Sydney with tunes ranging from feel-good funks to moody dance beats
The song is about "the one" whether you perceive that as hope or doubt. The song can be perceived either way

PV - Start Over     Pop 24/01/2020
Singer, songwriter and producer from Adelaide
Mid-Tempo, pop song

THOMAS OLIVER - COFFEE     Pop, Roots, Soul 24/01/2020
Singer/songwriter with far-reaching accolades: winner of the APRA Silver Scroll award, finalist for Best Vocalist in the Drum & Bass Arena awards, & one of the world's leading Weissenborn players.
Co-written with Mitch James and produced and mixed by Thomas Oliver.

"The love of coffee is the perfect metaphor for the love for the right person; no matter how many mornings you drink coffee, you never stop wanting it. It is one of the few things you can do every day, and still look forward to, just like good love."

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