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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Cap Carter - Home     Pop, Chill 19/06/2019
Born in the Philippines and raised in Sydney’s west, Cap Carter is an emerging singer-songwriter making waves in the pop scene.
‘Home’ explores how the decision to leave an abusive relationship can be intricately tangled with the deeply human desire to belong (“Each bag I’ve packed only brought me be back here”).

It’s heartbreaking and sorrowful – and relies on only stripped-back acoustics and Cap’s soulful vocals.

City Calm Down - Stuck (On The Eastern)     Pop 19/06/2019
‘Stuck (On The Eastern)’ is the spirited new single from Melbourne’s City Calm Down, and the second song to be lifted from the band’s just announced third album – Television.
Fresh off the back of three killer sold-out headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne, City Calm Down deliver their most direct hit yet in ‘Stuck (On The Eastern)’, the latest single from the band’s focused, kinetic third album Television. City Calm Down strip away their sound to deliver an electric, exuberant song and chorus.

FETES - In The Middle     Pop, Psychedelic, Electronic, Britpop 19/06/2019
FETES is the new psych/pop/electronica project by Cristian Campano and Michael Hardy. FETES new single ‘In The Middle’ is a cathartic tale of heartbreak driven by psych pop melodies
FETES new single ‘In The Middle’ is a cathartic tale of heartbreak driven by psych pop melodies. Campano says ‘Sometimes you’re stuck in the middle of a conflict and you find yourself helpless to fix the situation.’ The single was co-produced by Michael Hardy and Kuren and mixed and mastered by Lachy West (Walk The Moon, The Griswolds)

Izellah - Where Nobody Knows Me     Pop 19/06/2019
One of Australia’s most promising musical exports Izellah has just released her latest track Where Nobody Knows Me.
Where Nobody Knows Me is at radio today and available to download in June.

Kissing The Flint - Unconditionality     Pop 19/06/2019
Slave to no particular genre, this Central Queensland duo perform an eclectic repertoire across roots, reggae, soul, funk, rock, pop and Celtic, powered by singer-songwriter Leah's versatile, characterful voice
All of our relationships, in life and within ourselves, should be without conditions and for who we are

Other tracks by Kissing The Flint:  Fare Thee Well Lament  -  I Just Want To
Little Green - Marshmallow     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Jazz 19/06/2019
19 year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, aiming to share a childlike appreciation of the world through music.
This acoustic, jazz-indie-pop track reminds us that everything is going to be okay... It is a good vibes song.

The minimalist production approach highlights the candid conversation between sax and vocals, which was inspired by Amy Winehouse's ‘Mr Magic’.

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Other tracks by Little Green:  Society  -  Mama Says
Monatomic - One More Chance     Pop 19/06/2019
Sydney-based electro-pop duo MONATOMIC have returned with bittersweet pop-banger ‘One More Chance’ – produced and recorded by the band at their home studio.
‘One More Chance’ showcases MONATOMIC at their power-pop best, mixing beautifully plucked acoustic guitars and swirling soundscape synths. This breaks into a vast upbeat chorus topped off by the heart-breaking angelic vocals from lead singer Steffan Lazar.

Shahrae - Outsider     Pop, Electronic 19/06/2019
Shah-Rae Weaver is the Adelaide resident and alt-pop angel behind Shahrae. Her signature lyricism is raw and honest, touching on topics of teenage parties and teenage ostracism.
“Outsider is about an experience I had at a party. Not feeling like I belong, seeing everyone having a great time and just not being a part of it. Looking back now, I find it’s okay to be an outsider. It’s a part of who I am and being yourself should be celebrated”.

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Talk Pretty - Meet Me on the Dancefloor     Pop, Dance 19/06/2019
Writing songs in Melbourne... pop, synths, drum machines.
A pop/dance track with hints of early 2000s indie/pop sounds. Uptempo. Synths, Drum Machines and funk guitars.

Other tracks by Talk Pretty:  Seesaw  -  Map It Out
C.J Mitchell - Stuck In Sleep     Pop, Funk, Rock 14/06/2019
Bold piano, alluring melodies and solid vocals with a diverse mix of genres, takes CJ Mitchell’s audiences on immersive journeys through the art of music.
Stuck In Sleep is a fast paced pop funk/rock track with subtle jazz undertones. A feature track on CJ's Forth studio album 'Tales From The Asylum' with the theme of mental illness & mental heath awareness. "Sometime the big mistake, is that we sleep for long we can't wake... Sometimes we've got to go insane."

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Other tracks by C.J Mitchell:  3rd Degree  -  59 Seconds (Stay)
Dale Randolph - Full Contact     Pop, Soul, Garage 14/06/2019
Dale Randolph is a Sydney based artist. He recorded his debut record in Paris, where he was working as a songwriter, but has returned home to launch his solo project.
Full Contact is a song about feeling pathetic after being used, but knowing that you're not strong enough to say no the next time.

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Other tracks by Dale Randolph:  Walk That Line  -  I Am Not Fine
Dom Italiano - Only You     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Rock 14/06/2019
Born in Wales, came to Australia at 9. Wanted a skateboard but got a guitar for 12th birthday... The rest is history!
A song about having memories of things you've never experienced and the hope that maybe one day you will :-)

Sometimes I remember things I have not done
Love I never shared with anyone
Sometimes I remember things I have not said
Dreams I never shared in any bed

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Frankie Crea - Say Enough (feat. Jack Spadez)     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric, Ambience 14/06/2019
Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Frankie dedicates his life to making music.
Fresh off the bat for 2019, Frankie Crea is back with a new lead single from his debut album "Warzone". "Say Enough" features fellow aussie artist Jack Spadez. The track has a more pop based vibe than Frankie's previous releases, the song is about living in the moment and finding ones goal but frustrated of repeating themselves to others.

GG - Luxury     Pop 14/06/2019
lyrics after midnight. music in the morning.
'Luxury' is a shimmering, expansive pop song which is complex yet also sweetly simple. Musically, it is spacious and driving. A clarinet fanfare spells out grandeur, yet the lyrics speak of struggling with day-to-day mundanity. Vocals, at times barely more than a whisper, invite the listener in. In later choruses, GG -almost yelling - cautions not to come too close.

Littlehawk - Dream     Pop 14/06/2019
Perth newcomer Littlehawk traverses pop, rock and folk in his debut album Chinchilla and follow up singles Dream and Say It Twice, described by Happy Mag as "incredibly infectious".
Dream is a synth pop tribute to Littlehawk's second daughter and tells of the joy and apprehension of bringing a new life into this world.

Liv Li - Told You     Pop 14/06/2019
Emerging from the Nation’s Capital is LIV LI . An electronic pop act with a devastatingly haunting vocal.
Told you is about being in a controlling relationship and finally taking a stand. Taking back that power.

It's an acknowledgement of her bravery in taking back that control and power in her life and having the courage to move on. And finally having that last damn word!

Pluto Jonze - I'll Try Anything     Pop 14/06/2019
One of Australia’s most endearing indie-pop artists, Pluto Jonze, has just returned with tour dates and new single ‘I’ll Try Anything’, accompanied by a daring live performance video.
The track itself is a striking melancholic ballad that combines themes of psychedelia, indie-rock and experimental-pop. The charming and airy vocals of Jonze float elegantly over raw piano, before exploding into its hazy synths, reverb-soaked guitars and steadfast drums.

Sandy Hsu - Angel Energy     Pop, Ambience, Atmospheric, Chill 14/06/2019
Sandy Hsu is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist. She creates a lyrical world that is articulate, brutally honest, and almost intrusive to listen to.
2nd single from Sandy's upcoming EP She Comes To Me In A Fever Dream out through Healthy Tapes

The Good Minus - Mechanical Shark     Pop, Folk, Rock 14/06/2019
The Good Minus are an all-singing, instrument-swapping power trio. Their songs feature intricate three-part harmonies with a style described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow.
Mechanical Shark is the first single lifted from The Good Minus’ upcoming album. It immediately grabs attention with lush Acapella harmonies, which are later juxtapositioned by a dissonant, distorted guitar solo. It is a song about the loss of value put on the arts and music, particularly in the education system.

The Lighthearts - Bleeding But Breathing     Pop 14/06/2019
Combining pop-folk fanfare with toe-tapping melodies, soaring harmonies and happy high hopes, Brisbane folk collective The Lighthearts set stages and ears ablaze with their radiant sonic stylings.
This deep and meaningful track poetically captures the dark realities of and emotions associated with mental health issues; possessing hard-hitting lyrics and gripping musical hooks. With the deliverance and combination of soaring vocal harmonies, driving rhythms and eloquent lyrics - Bleeding But Breathing is a captivating strand of pop music.