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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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A.GIRL - Play     Pop, RnB 23/08/2019
Following on from her critically acclaimed debut single ‘2142’, Western Sydney-based RnB artist A.GIRL has returned with the striking follow up ‘Play’ - produced and mixed by Taka Perry.
“When writing ‘Play’ I brought out my inner goddess. Recording it felt so natural - I just tapped into my sensual side and let it flow. Offstage I’m kinda shy so I wanted to create a track that would allow my inhibitions to fall away. If it has that effect for others too, I’ll be so happy.”

Friends of Friends - Too Young     Pop, Rock 23/08/2019
With ambient soundscapes, off-centred riffs and brazen percussion, Friends of Friends is creating ambitious alt-pop that will have you dancing with your friends or comforting you when they aren’t around.
'Too Young' is an explosive, hook driven alt-pop track inspired by David Bowie and Talking Heads that touches on themes of suicide and depression - while being an absolute celebration of life, reminding the listener that they are too young to die.

Lucie Thorne - Catherine Christie     Pop, Roots 23/08/2019
Lauded for writing "some of the most simple and beautiful songs you will hear"(****The Age), Lucie Thorne has earned her place as one of Australia's most striking contemporary songsmiths.
Catherine Christie is the third single to be released from Lucie Thorne’s extraordinary new art/pop album Kitty & Frank. An enticing taste of what's to come, Catherine Christie’s irresistible groove is driven by Thorne's A-team collaborators; Hamish Stuart (drums), Chris Abrahams (synth) and Dave Symes (bass). Kitty & Frank is out 26/08/19

Ok Moon - Stones     Pop, Chill, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 23/08/2019
Ok Moon is the collaborative project between Dustin Tebbutt, LANKS, Hayden Calnin and Xavier Dunn which deals in raw and colourful stories of the heart woven through cinematic pop songs.
In their own words, Ok Moon, talk about this track.. "With “Stones” we wanted to write something that was more anthemic and we came up with this piano part that was a bit reminiscent of Jonsi/Sigur Ros. We wanted to create a bubbling contagious energy, and the percussion layers in this track were a big part of that.

Other tracks by Ok Moon:  Crater On The Moon  -  Burn Me Up
Pinkish Blu - Superstar     Pop, Electronic 23/08/2019
Formed in 2017, sad-pop group Pinkish Blu have been able to develop their sound by taking influence from Post-Punk, 80s New-Wave and Synth-Pop.
Musically, the song was inspired by a few different areas including overall genres like the 80s/90s ie. the snare and guitar tones, but also takes consideration from current pop music. The art of modern pop is an appeal none of us can oppose, but the art of combining period genres with modern pop is an exciting world to explore.

Polarize - Take a Step Back     Pop, Britpop, Rock, Psychedelic 23/08/2019
Polarize are an indie rock/heady pop band from Melbourne, Australia.
It's an upbeat fuzzy rocker, that revolves around this bass line we had kicking around for ages. We then found a chorus melody reminiscent of New Order that fit just perfectly. The lyrical theme is about trying not to over think your actions - to 'take a step back' in a metaphorical sense, from your own head.

Puretone feat. QuickBrownFox - Every Time You Swing By     Pop 23/08/2019
Puretone had a worldwide smash with 'Addicted to Bass', and have unearthed some exceptional pop/dance/alt songs from the archives, now being reproduced, remastered and released.
Every Time You Swing By is a stunning pop song from Puretone, the artist who gave us Addicted to Bass, although now with a new female vocalist - the anonymous QuickBrownFox

Seaside - Joyride     Pop, Rock 23/08/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
Upcoming single “Joyride” is the first from Seaside's highly-anticipated forthcoming debut album, slated for release in early 2020. Mixed by Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents, The Jungle Giants, WAAX) and mastered by George Georgiadis (Last Dinosaurs, Charlie Collins, Gang Of Youths), the song was recorded at Rocking Horse Studios with engineer Paul Pilseniks (Powderfinger, The Living End).

Web Rumors - IOUS     Pop, Chill 23/08/2019
Web Rumors is a new wave pop band from Perth combining filtered synths and 80s style electronic percussion with ambient sax and commanding vocals.
IOUS pays homage to Sade and 80s groove pop more generally with the use of electronic percussion (congas, chimes ), digital synths,and reverb laden saxophone. The song itself is a reflection on a significant relationship in song writer Em Burrows' life and a reflection on the exchange of giving and taking between two people.

Other tracks by Web Rumors:  Heavenly Bodies  -  Plasticine Houses
DVNA - Sushi In Tokyo     Pop, RnB, Soul, Electronic 22/08/2019
DVNA, a colourful, bold and intriguing project born out of a Gold Coast bedroom in 2017 creating a fusion between new age soul and electronica, referencing Anderson .Paak and Syd.
Sushi In Tokyo is a journey through female self-empowerment, sexuality and self-discovery. Set in Tokyo, Japan, the song touches on underground, unspoken taboo culture often only reached in fantasy. The song came together late 2018 after Mac Millers passing, DVNA found herself listening to his album Swimming. The track ‘What’s the Use’ inspired the first leg of production and chords.

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Eliott - Find A Way     Pop, Chill, Easy Listening, Pop 22/08/2019
Eliott: the 21-year old songwriter and singer whose gut-wrenching lyrics and arresting vocals will leave you enamored. Her music acutely captures feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.
Eliott describes her new single Find A Way’ as being about “losing all your insecurities and finally finding peace in who you are and where you are. Having trust in not only yourself but your surroundings, in a place where you’re intuition brings serenity and allows you to get your s**t together”

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Imogen Cygler - High Above     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Atmospheric 22/08/2019
Imogen Cygler is a singer-songwriter, performer and composer from Melbourne. She has a contemporary sound with a classic pedigree. Cygler completed Interactive Composition at the Victorian College of the Arts.
'High Above' is the moment after takeoff on a plane, when you break through the clouds and the world opens up in a whole new way. When flying, general life anxieties tend to dissipate causing a beautiful sense of helplessness and calmness. I hope that someone, somewhere discovers this song and shares this post take-off moment with me.

Imogen Cygler - Trivialise Me     Pop, Atmospheric, Chill, Electronic 22/08/2019
Imogen Cygler is a singer-songwriter, performer and composer from Melbourne. She has a contemporary sound with a classic pedigree. Cygler completed Interactive Composition at the Victorian College of the Arts.
Originally a score for an animation, 'Trivialise Me' is a contemporary art song written and performed by Imogen Cygler and produced by Robert Downie. It is a song full of hope and can be perfectly paired with a lovely sunset. It features vocals, piano, strings, synthesisers and is heavily inspired by Scandinavian artists and art songs.

Jofi - I Wish I Never Knew     Pop, RnB, Acappella, Electronic 22/08/2019
Alternative RnB with vocal magic. Songstress and producer Jofi's music combines lush vocal harmony and minimalist electronic beats while her lead vocal and sharp lyrics stab you in the heart.
Sydney-based songstress Jofi combines vocal magic, minimalist electronic beats and a string quartet in her latest hit ‘I Wish I Never Knew’. The song appears light-hearted on the surface, but the lyrics are like a stab in the heart. ‘Sometimes pain can be overwhelming to the point where we wish we could switch off emotion and feel nothing at all.’

Kymie - Can't Relate     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 22/08/2019
The R&B singer's show-stopping vocals channel the emotive spirit of soul, and when you combine that with heavier, club-catering production, it makes for a mesmerising concoction.
Unstoppable Sydney R&B powerhouse Kymie (pron. Kym-mie) today unveils new single and video, ‘Can’t Relate’. Powerfully woven, dynamic lyricism oozes from Kymie's latest offering, laced with trademark ambitious and assured flair. Produced by thatboykwame, 'Can't Relate' finds Kymie exploring the darker intricacies of her developed sonic stylings, with her commanding vocals at the forefront.

Louis Valentine & The Golden Age - Walking Backwards     Pop, Soul, Rock 22/08/2019
Drawing heavily on Motown and 60s rock 'n' roll, Louis Valentine & The Golden Age play soul-pop tunes sung by a "young Joe Cocker, without sideburns".
A groovy, BV heavy pop-soul tune about trying to keep up to date with contemporary music and culture, but failing dismally. The world moves so fast, sometimes it feels as though you're walking backwards. You've just got keep on moving.

Nathan MT - Friendly Fire     Pop, Acoustic 22/08/2019
Blending folk and indie pop sensibilities to create his own brand of singer-songwriter bliss is Nathan MT, a looping and percussive guitar playing multi-instrumentalist out of Brisbane.
Authentic and carefully crafted, the track encapsulates the feeling of falling in love with a friend and following your heart regardless of the consequences. "I wanted to write a song that meant “I love you” without saying it. 'Friendly Fire' is about falling in love with your best friend - asking them to let you in, regardless of the risks."​

Shadow Jenkins - Wild     Pop, RnB 22/08/2019
Shadow Jenkins is a sonic experiment that has grown into a musical offering that brings captivating melodies, dreamy-pop synths and moody beats to listeners ears.
Alternative pop at its finest, 'Wild' masterfully bonds vintage tones with futuristic percussions, an engrossing combination which is only added to with their illuminating hooks and energetic grooves. Sonically inspired by a picturesque hike through the Swedish archipelagos, lyrically the track treks through heartfelt themes of love and loss, capturing naivety and turmoil of first love.

The Million - Somebody Better     Pop, Funk, RnB 22/08/2019
Central Coast indie-pop trio The Million are a three-piece band that create infectious indie-pop tracks.
'Somebody Better’ is grounded in funk and R&B sensibilities, while remaining fundamentally pop. It is the ultimate example of making good-out-of-a-bad situation. After enduring mind games and an unhealthy dynamic with an ex-partner, the band's vocalist Jacob Thomas met his current girlfriend, herself coming out of a toxic-relationship and imagined what would happen if their respective exes got together.

Allola - Carry     Pop, Electronic 21/08/2019
Allola is the moniker for Melbourne based electronic pop singer, songwriter and producer, Alex Latham. She teams edgy vocals with ethereal sounds and 80s inspired synthtronica.
"Carry” is an observation on how different people tackle mental health and how it effects those around them. I think it’s important to continue to encourage your mates to talk, listen without judgement and give them a little love.