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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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ANI-K - Not The One     Pop, Dance, RnB 25/06/2018
ANI-K's previous releases 'Reckless' & 'The Truth' won nationwide success on Commercial, Alt and Community radio as well as features on KIIS & MIX FM as well as Channel 9.
"A lustrous & addictive piece of progressive pop."
ANI-K returns with her stylish follow-up single 'Not The One' due to drop this month.

Honky Cat - My Home     Pop, Alternative Country 25/06/2018
Anita Monk and Steve Hearn have been playing together in covers and tribute bands for near on 30 years. We've finally decided to write some killer songs together.
Our formative years are usually spent in a home that we never ever forget. That's where all our memories lie. But it's very sad when you go past the house and find it's either gone, or changed drastically. This is the story of My Home.

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Humblet - I Do Like My Troopy But I Sure Love You     Pop, Country, Blues, Punk 23/06/2018
After his stellar debut EP Titled ‘Smart Phones, Dumb People’ Humblet has countered-attacked with his 2nd punchy-pop Ep Titled ‘I Do Love My Troopy, But I Sure Love You’
This is the Australian dream. Good times on the beach and living life with all that a man needs, a Troopy and a lover, All the while this song is reassurance for your partner that you ‘like’ the Troopy but ‘love’ her to keep her happy content. Written in the sand dunes at Double Island.

Other tracks by Humblet:  Weed  -  Be In Love
KABLE - When We Were High     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Acoustic 23/06/2018
KABLE is a Singer-Songwriter combining lush acoustic melodies, with lyrics that remind people of a time when they stood atop the world and nothing was impossible.
When We Were High is about remembering the experiences you've had; and the desire in all of us to relive the moments that made you feel alive. Sometimes it's healthier to let go.

ALLIPHA - Minds on Fire     Pop, Soul, Rock 22/06/2018
Melbourne Soul Pop artist defined by her vocal driven songs with a 70s groove supported by her band.
Minds on Fire is the groovy, yet fiery debut by Melbourne alt pop artist, ALLIPHA.
With the instrumental drawing comparisons to The Avalanches, the vocal showcases the power of ALLIPHA’s range that has drawn comparisons to Joss Stone and Birdy.
Minds on Fire accidentally wrote itself when ALLIPHA was driving, and she instantly knew this song needed to be released.

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Aurelia - America     Pop, Atmospheric 22/06/2018
Scoring a Grammy nominations and U.S. Top 10 Billboard releases from her songwriting for other artists, it’s no mystery that her own work is quickly becoming required listening
This record is all heart, and no chains… With a gospel choir break down nod to Madonna that sings “Cherish Life”, and a Golden Era Hollywood string outro, ‘America’ is a 4 minute and 34-second hyper speed journey through a lifetime of wonder

Darling James - Silver Bullet     Pop 22/06/2018
Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Darling James returns with first official single 'Silver Bullet' off forthcoming EP 'Mood Eyes'
'Silver Bullet' is the sophisticated second taste and first official single from Darling James' sophomore EP 'Mood Eyes'. With pop sensibilities firmly intact, frontman James O'Brien declares this track "the finest song I will have released" and it's hard to disagree.

KLP - Amnesia     Pop, Electronic, Dance, House 22/06/2018
KLP, real name Kristy Lee Peters, is a talented force of the Australian music industry, with credentials that cement her reputation as a multi-faceted industry heavy weight.
KLP’s Amnesia is the dance floor track that entrances in the most unsuspecting, intoxicating way. In the moment of letting go, Amnesia was born: A heavy mix of bass-driven groove and anthemic pop, partnered with soaring backing vocals courtesy of Vincent Sole.

Tanaya Harper - The Well     Pop, Folk 22/06/2018
Tanaya Harper is a Perth-based artist and songwriter, often writing about their intimate experiences with depression, anxiety and living with bipolar disorder.
"It's about feeling really guilty. Guilty for feeling numb; guilty for feeling anxious about my steady and beautiful relationship with my partner; guilty that I couldn't even leave the house to go for a walk. Then I started talking to a few people about how I was thinking and feeling, and I realised that I wasn't the only one"

Other tracks by Tanaya Harper:  The Dark I Love
Anthony Kale - Without A Word     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Atmospheric 21/06/2018
Melboune based Anthony Kale recently reched number 1 on the U.K radio charts with Be Responsible. Currently in the studio, working on new music stay tuned...
A song about a women who leaves the relashionship and leaves him broken hearted

Saint Maussades Soul Cleaners - Jacaranda Moonlight     Pop, Jazz, Country, Soul 21/06/2018
St Maussades Soul Cleaners, a blend of musicians and singers, from blues to pop, soul to jazz. Like all good music we are Soul Cleaners. Take care of your soul.
A song about Australian summer, bushfire, Climate change, surf, ocean and the Jacaranda moonlight.

Other tracks by Saint Maussades Soul Cleaners:  What's New is Old Again  -  Orwellian Dream
Izack Hunt - Bad Love     Pop, RnB 20/06/2018
Izack Hunt is a storyteller, singing about the struggles of life and love. His music is a mixture of pop and soul, acoustic and electronic.
Dreamt, layered vocals combine with acoustic and electronic tension.

Kate Boy - Giants     Pop, Electronic 20/06/2018
Kate Boy consist of Australian Kate Akhurst and Swede Markus Dextegen.
Playing with the idea of power and establishment, Kate Boy want to cruise through the jungle with this anti-anthem, celebrating being the king of nowhere. The song is about owning your own space, whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, or hopefully - all three.

Other tracks by Kate Boy:  Dopamin  -  True Colours
Sannia - Go And Get Over     Pop 20/06/2018
Soulful Melbourne artist Sannia has today announced her debut single Go And Get Over, a strikingly vulnerable track that documents the trying and slow process of moving on.
Go And Get Over is resigned and raw – and it comes from that special place of unwavering sincerity; so intimate that the listener can instantly hear the reverberations of tumultuous pasts, just through her emotive vocals. The melody climbs and peaks in all the right spots, buoyed by gentle production that allows space for that distinctive voice to shine.

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Shag Rock - Double Life     Pop, Rock 20/06/2018
From a mutual love of procrastination and arvo beers to amassing over five million streams and sold-out cross-continent performances - Shag Rock are not your average sunset brew.
Upon first listen, 'Double Life' might seem like a song about a failed relationship. Instead singer and guitarist Alex Wilson says it's about, "the internal battle of writing songs that feel original or songs you think everyone will like… it's about fueling your ego or not."

Andy Michaels - Angel     Pop, Christian, Easy Listening, Ambience 19/06/2018
"Soul Inspiring music" (Q108 Radio - Canada) “A powerhouse Australian singer/songwriter bringing music that touches the Soul. An incredible album that has something for fans of every genre. 10/10" (OnRequestMag)
"Absolutely captivating and sincerely breathtaking!
The music is smooth, gentle, and sweet with piano, bass, strings and acoustic sounds floating dreamily through the mix before the inspired percussion beat joins in and Kerrie’s voice continues to rise in powerful notes along the way." (SBS, USA 2018)

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Other tracks by Andy Michaels:  Home  -  White Lies
Dave Graney - Gloria Grahame (F**k or Die)     Pop, Rock, Soundtrack (Film Related) 19/06/2018
Dave Graney and drummer Clare Moore played with the Moodists from 1978 to 1986. The White Buffaloes/Coral Snakes from 1987-199. Since 2009 its been dave graney and the mistLY
Dave Graney drops down to his mean pulp groundwater with a pulsing, keys-driven celebration of film noir icon Gloria Grahame, star of the Big Heat and In A Lonely Place recently the subject of the movie “Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool”.

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Emma Louise - Wish You Well     Pop 19/06/2018
Emma Louise came to Australia’s attention when her self-filmed acoustic guitar originals went viral in 2011 where she was also nominated for triple j’s Unearthed 'Artist of the Year'.
Unlike anything else that Emma Louise has produced before, the song is burning with raw honesty and inventive insight into Emma’s life.

Kayar - Long Way Home     Pop, RnB, Acoustic 19/06/2018
Guys do have PMS; I just happen to have a place to record as well.
Your new backseat anthem. An ode to adolescent love & lust.

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Other tracks by Kayar:  In Surrender  -  Bits of You
Michael Burrows - Please Don't Cry     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk, Rock 19/06/2018
Michael has recorded with Neil Finn, toured with Martha Wainwright and written with Grammy Award Winner Frank Myers in Nashville. Songs about love, loss, jealousy and trust.

Other tracks by Michael Burrows:  Turn This Love Around  -  Brightest Star