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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Alex Carpi - Big City     Pop, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/04/2020
Pop-rock powerhouse Alex Carpi has been musically inclined her entire life. Kick-starting her career at the start of 2019, Alex is planning the release of her debut EP, Superfamous.
Big City is a love letter to my home in Melbourne, Australia. How I feel when I'm driving back into the city, and I see the skyline over the highway. The anticipation of being where the action is. This city has shaped me, it's fun, it's happy, it's exciting.

Other tracks by Alex Carpi:  Hurricane Heart
Damian Nasello - Walk Away ft. Mara Duke     Pop, Dance 06/04/2020
With memorable lyrics, alluring vocals and captivating tunes, Damian Nasello is an artist you don’t want to miss.
Walk Away is about the constant rollercoaster of convoluted feelings within relationships. The single conveys the challenges of relationships and showcases how they are all about understanding one another. It shows how relations are a test of the mind and how they can be a constant battle of contradictions.

Sammi Constantine - See What You See     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening 06/04/2020
Singer/Songwriter and recording artist Sammi Constantine hailing from NSW, is an edgy pop force who is making her own waves in the Aussie pop scene.
Usually electric, edgy and high energy, the second single from Sammi Constantine in 2020 sees a different side to her – possibly the most raw and most vulnerable she has been musically, lyrically and emotionally. Following up from recently released single 'Mannequin', 'See What You See' is a haunting, emotional track.

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Andre Cordova - I Have This Fantasy     Pop, Alternative 03/04/2020
Australia’s musical underdog, Andre Cordova, exposes his dark side with his brand-new album ‘Psychotic’. The story arc of personal experiences that could have led to a much darker path taken.
Have you ever loathed someone so much, been wronged badly enough, that you've fantasized about their death? That's what this particular song is about.

Other tracks by Andre Cordova:  Bruised & Broken  -  I Hate Cancer
Annie Joelle - I Remember     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Alternative 03/04/2020
Annie Joelle is an Brisbane based emerging artist. Annie has created a sound utilising acoustic and electronic instrumentation, alongside her raw vocals lure listeners into the world of Annie Joelle.
Annie’s new single ‘I Remember’ shows a different side to Annie then previously seen in her debut Electronic single ‘Have You Had Enough?’. ‘I Remember’ lays out a more vulnerable side to Annie’s song writing with acoustic instrumentation before the acoustic elements intertwine with the electronic production, bringing with it the iconic Annie Joelle drama.

Monarchy - Just Give me Your Love     Pop, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 03/04/2020
Australian synth pop duo Monarchy are Ra Black & Andrew Armstrong. They have become one of pop music’s most exciting duos with their own unique brand of euphoric synth-pop.
Following the release of ‘Glow Vision’ Monarchy return with the equally groove-evoking, ‘Just Give Me Your Love’.

Fusing jealousy and illogical resentment, ‘JGMYL’ is a vivid account of misplaced romantic heartache. Written during an anxiety-ridden night. Directing his inner torment towards sparkling staccato guitar lines and synth, JGMYL’ escapes tired melancholy through well positioned buoyancy and rhythm.

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BOI - Fairytale     Pop 03/04/2020
BOI has been consistently ticking off personal milestones over the past 12 months – winning the Triple J Unearthed competition for This That festival and earning incredible support from DSP’s
“a slightly dark & twisted interpretation of happily ever-afters and in some ways became an anthem to all the not so happily ever-afters we have all experienced in love. When I was writing this, I really wanted to take on a universal concept and pull it apart and as I grew up watching a lot of Disney-musicals and reading fairytales."

MARSHES - C.B.F     Pop, Dance 03/04/2020
2019 was an eventful year for MARSHES. She’s was working as a nationally touring DJ almost every weekend at Music Festivals such as: Groovin’ The Moo, Field Day and Spring-Racing-Carnivals
MARSHES says about her new single, “Can’t be f****d is about wasting time with people you actually don’t really care about, but you keep doing it anyway because there’s no one else.”

Max Lawrence - Gasoline     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/04/2020
Max Lawrence is a 23-year old progressive pop artist exploring his place in the world as a queer artist via sublime electro pop punctuated by sublime falsetto and plaintive songwriting
“Gasoline” flows forth propelled by a spare rhythm as the young singer narrates the passing world around him. Shifting into bloom, a tender hook line reveals the sublime falsetto Lawrence carries ably in his vocal arsenal. The chorus refrain embraces the receiver, planting melodic seeds that continue to sprout tendrils long after the 3.5 minutes on offer here have subsided.

Sparrows - Hide & Seek     Pop 03/04/2020
Last month, Sparrows along with partner Sydney artist Fluir (aka Siobhan Krelle) launched their new record label Rola Door Records with an exclusive distribution through Ditto Music.
“Eating my lunch in the backyard turned into sampling the boy next door counting aloud, playing Hide & Seek. This then inspired me to write about a relationship that was following the narrative of a game of Hide & Seek. Thanks little boy! I have never gone this far down the Pop route, but so glad I have!"

LIV LI - I Don't Believe You     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 03/04/2020
The voice is as stunning as ever, just wrapped in a new sound. Canberra singer Amber Nichols is enjoying her new incarnation as electro-pop artist LIV LI.
I Don't Believe You explores the mine-field of being an artist, calling out the hype and the broken promises of a fast paced industry, that excites quickly but moves on just as fast to the next shiny thing. Promises that have left her empty handed and back at square one, fighting for her freedom and the chance to be heard.

Iain T. McKelvey - Skyline     Pop, Folk, Indie, Rock 03/04/2020
A Sydney singer/songwriter blending elements of folk, blues, country and a penchant for over-thinking in to sounds that will hopefully soften the blow of the existential horror of existence.
Skyline's a classic heartbreak song. I was going through a really tough time and I couldn't really make sense of a lot of things. Essentially its about naming and owning the space you're in and your part in the breakdown. That can be hard when you still see so much beauty there. Writing this helped me timestamp and move on

Jess Chalker - Secrets     Pop, Alternative, Rock, Dance 03/04/2020
Jess Chalker is a grammy-winning Australian songwriter, artist and musician from Sydney, Australia.
Grammy-winning Australian singer-songwriter/producer Jess Chalker follows up her HypeM charting single, Dance in the Rain with the sparkling, ’80s-influenced 'Secrets'. Secrets was produced by Chalker and frequent collaborator, Ox Why; the pair playing all instruments. Musically, the track evokes artists like Haim, Blondie, Chairlift, and Fleetwood Mac, with Chalker’s vocals swooping above glossy synths, bold guitar lines and memorable hooks.

Karamilk - Friends     Pop, Indie 03/04/2020
Karamilk is 22-year-old songwriter from the Gold Coast.Karamilk's songs represent her take on social exclusion, eating, body image, self confidence, anxiety and confusing relationships. Its sparkly and very relevant.
I write songs about topics that affect me and my peers and this one is right up there. Imagine moving cities and moving schools and after one year still not having any close Friends.

This is about not being able to make and keep friends. Its about schoolyard b*tchiness. Its about real world problems faced by teenagers and young adults.

LABLD - Colours     Pop, Dance 03/04/2020
LABLD (pronounced 'Labelled') are a Melbourne based DJing and music producing duo consisting of Caleb Lefebvre and Jake Rositani
Colours is about 2 strangers meeting in Gold Coast. Australia. They realise that they are perfect for one another and bring Colour to each others lives, but are so use to feeling empty or faded.

MADI LEEDS - Spinelli     Pop, Alternative 03/04/2020
From regularly playing across Melbourne to playing interstate, indie-pop artist ‘Madi Leeds’ showcases a wide array of original material, from folk-pop work from her EP ‘Spinning’ to new ‘synth-pop’ releases.
‘Spinelli’ was written about a crazy Halloween party in which Leeds’ was dressed as ‘Spinelli’ (character from Disney show ‘Recess!’). The upbeat/synth-driven track explores themes such as feeling isolation in social situations and how the mind can spiral out of control whilst struggling with your own inner-monologue.

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Mimi Bailey - Last December (feat. Nicky Muir)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Country 03/04/2020
Mimi Bailey is a 20 year old country-pop singer/songwriter from the Gold Coast, Queensland.
Last December is a fresh, upbeat pop track driven by punchy beats, powerful vocals, and reminiscent catchy hook lines.

Valentina Brave - This Place Your Soul     Pop, Alternative, Rock, Indie 03/04/2020
Brave's music is pure cathartic release, a soulful cinematic portrayal of what happens when you let your wounds speak, of what grows from human condition.
“This song, was written in honour and celebration of the intrinsic interconnectedness that does still exist today and needs to be acknowledged, profoundly respected and fiercely protected.”

René Le Feuvre - Close to Me     Pop, Indie, Folk 03/04/2020
René Le Feuvre is a singer/songwriter from Giru near Townsville who moved to the Gold Coast to pursue AFL, but found his passion for music through busking at markets!
A simple yet melodic track written about missing a person's presence and longing for a connection with someone, particularly after a breakup. An acoustic track inspired by Ben Howards style.

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Amela - I'm Alright     Pop, Indie, Alternative 03/04/2020
Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela has built on her new soaring pop sound, following up from first single "Blame" with "I'm Alright".
"I’m Alright went through two different versions: a folk/indie and then the electronic-pop version but I feel that the second version is more true to what i'd like to include on the album. The recording process was quite smooth - we ended up keeping the demo vocals in there."