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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Polarize - Future Blues     Pop, Rock, Britpop, Psychedelic 19/08/2018
Polarize are a new four piece band from Melbourne who play indie rock with a melodic dreamy twist. Led by Rudie Dodd who is the main songwriter.
Future Blues is a heady pop song designed for late night listening in the back of your friends old beat up van. It's gritty yet shimmering, with soaring falsetto melodies, coupled with distorted bass and a bluesy shuffle that'll make you want to dance your way into the future.

AIRPORTS - Single Together     Pop 18/08/2018
AIRPORTS has gone from performing alongside nationally recognised artists such as Allday, Thundamentals and Kuren - to adventuring beyond Aussie shores and even landing a single deal in Japan.
‘Single Together’ is a soundtrack for a night out featuring an up-tempo party jam, inspired by 2000’s R&B. Co-produced by Hamley (Allday, Illy, Drapht) ‘Single Together’ showcases a Drake meets ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It’ vibe, filled with memorable hooks, throwback sampling & feel good chords.

AREA13 - Time is Right     Pop, Gay Alligned, Pop, Rock 18/08/2018
AREA 13 are a rocking 5 piece rock band from Cairns established in May 2017. Paracutes for Puppets is their debut ablbum
Time is Right is a collaboration between guitarist / lead vocalist and bassist Paul Southwell, the track originally began with a country feel, but evolved into the reggae feel. This was enhanced in the studio by the addition of the timbales and other percussion.

Other tracks by AREA13:  You Won't Get Me  -  Gypsy Man
Asha Jefferies - Everybody Talks     Pop, Rock 18/08/2018
Asha Jefferies is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane who writes confessional indie-pop.
'Everybody Talks' sees Jefferies pairing her characteristically warm, poised vocals with delicate guitar work, building incrementally to a crescendo of crashing symbols, layered vocals and dueling guitars, seemingly foreshadowing the catalyst of a simmering argument. The single exemplifies the duality of Jefferies as a musician; vulnerable as a songwriter and possessing the emotional fortitude of woman mature beyond her years.

Edward R. - Paradise     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 18/08/2018
Edward R. is the chamber-pop project from Melbourne musician Geoffrey Roberts. His forthcoming material showcases intricate, immersive, psychedelic pop recalling Ariel Pink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and follows 2016’s 'Agrabah.
"Paradise, your own personal nirvana. Surprisingly, this song came from a dark time in my life. Sometimes, you’ve gotta force positivity and beauty as a mantra and sooner than later, you’ll see effects of that positivity. Can’t have the mountain tops without the valley’s. Ed"

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Germein - Knocking At My Door     Pop, Rock, Dance, Soundtrack (Film Related) 18/08/2018
After spending last month touring stadiums across the UK with Little Mix, Adelaide's Germein are back home with thousands of new global fans and brand-new song 'Knocking At My Door'.
After spending the last month touring stadiums across the UK with Little Mix, Adelaide's Germein are heading back home with thousands of new global fans and a brand-new song 'Knocking At My Door'.

JEFFE - Undecided     Pop, Electronic 18/08/2018
Having grown up playing piano, sax, guitar and singing, JEFFE has taken time fleshing out her artistic vision. In early 2017, JEFFE was born.
The second single from JEFFE doesn’t so much play as shudder. Where her dreamy debut ‘Whoever You Love’ ascended gently from the depths, ‘Undecided’ is its flickering, moody sister, caught between spilling onto the dancefloor and shutting away in a bedroom. “Where’s my heart at?” sings JEFFE, sounding caught in a the small, nervous and neon-tinged world.

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Justin Franks - Heart Wants     Pop, Rock, Acoustic 18/08/2018
As a full-time ferry master, he uses the solitude of the sea as inspiration for his music.
Heart Wants is a documentation of a young man running away to sea. It’s about having the courage to back your own instinct and is a plea for hope – hope that the universe will forgive.

Kast Away - By Your Side     Pop, Electronic, Christian 18/08/2018
The rapper, Kast Away has toured the world since releasing a remix video from his bedroom in 2016. His latest single 'By Your Side' was written on a tour bus.
The track 'By Your Side' was written about someone missing a loved one and longing to be by their side. It explains how the night sky ignites and all their worries fade away when they are together. It is a fun, flirty and upbeat track that puts anyone in a good mood.

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KRSTN - Second Chance     Pop, RnB 18/08/2018
KRSTN is a pop and RnB artist from Melbourne, Australia.
Second Chance gives the fun vibes of an upbeat early 00s RnB song, but with a strong underlying emotional meaning through the lyrics and melodies.

Leeroy - Burn to Ashes     Pop, Rock, RnB 18/08/2018
Perth based solo artist Leeroy brings a fresh sound to rock, reggae, blues and R&B.
Burn to Ashes, is a revenge song written after a bad relationship.

Other tracks by Leeroy:  The Roamer  -  Freedoms Prisoners
Louise Marshall - Ocean     Pop, Acoustic 18/08/2018
Louise Marshall is an alternative indie artist based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Ocean is about seeing the dark and bare parts of the mind and releasing the fear of it.

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Other tracks by Louise Marshall:  Blue  -  The Beast
Sahara Beck - Here We Go Again     Pop 18/08/2018
Following the announcement of her performance at BIGSOUND 2018 this September, Sahara Beck has unveiled an electrifying new direction on new single Here We Go Again.
Here We Go Again is an intoxicating blast of art pop that grabs you by the ear and doesn’t let go. Produced by ARIA Award-nominated Tony Buchen (Mansionair, Courtney Barnett, Montaigne), the single is a rousing declaration of independence.

Séb Mont - Battleground     Pop 18/08/2018
Removing the veil and entering the spotlight, songwriter, performer and vocalist Séb Mont returns in style with his new single ‘Battleground’ available August 10th.
‘Battleground’ is an up tempo melodic-pop-anthem, featuring electronic production cadences with vocal accents similar to Halsey. The drive and emotion of this track is as fierce and moving as the heavy percussion.

Soheyla - Hollywood     Pop 18/08/2018
Soheyla combines the saturated sweetness of pop music, the fierce edginess of surrealist iconography, with the theatrics and glamour of burlesque, and eccentric fashion of drag/club culture.
Soheyla seeks inspiration from pop culture icons in fashion, art and music. Despite the hooky pop sound of her songs, underneaths the synths and beats lays a deeper meaning and message. On the outside Hollywood is glam and glitter, on the inside it is sad and dark.

ALTA - Figured Out     Pop, Dance 17/08/2018
ALTA are Melbourne's finest purveyors of emotive club anthems.
ALTA circle back with another poignant, beautiful and candid jam in 'Figured Out' Fragile vocals play front and centre as the band twist and pull at the heart strings with the thunderous backdrop of a skewed house instrumental.

EROS - I'm Sorry     Pop, Easy Listening 17/08/2018
At 18 years of age Eros has already penned over 70 songs. Live on stage is where EROS shines and brings his songs to life.

Kelli Brogan - IF THIS IS ALL THERE IS     Pop, Easy Listening 17/08/2018
Kelli Brogan: A story-teller in song. The messages are emotive and compelling, able to connect with her audience. A talented singer with the ability to cover a range of genres.
The lyrics within this song will resonate with many. Its emotion will ‘speak’ to the audience; it has a truth to it that they will appreciate. The message will be clear to those who make the connection with their own lives or those who they love. Taking charge and making changes, never settling for second best. Such a powerful song.

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Mosquito Coast - Skipping Girl     Pop 17/08/2018
DreamPop duo Naomi Robinson & Conor Barton were discovered in school after winning triple j Unearthed-High 2015. They’ve since had 4 singles on rotation & released the Television Love EP.
With nods to Mosquito Coast's familiar breezy pop sensibilities, ‘Skipping Girl’ brings a new sense of maturity and confidence to their sound. Swirling guitar, sweet harmonies and lush synths provide the backdrop to a contagious melody – a testament to the pair’s songwriting prowess and commitment to developing their craft.

Seattic - Young     Pop, Electronic 17/08/2018
Seattic is a solo synth-pop project by Adrian Osman, a Melbourne based songwriter and former lead guitarist of Brisbane rock outfit Tourism.
'Young' is an upbeat synth-pop track about the struggle of continuing to date the same kind of person over and over, knowing they're never the right one but not changing a thing because of the young, fun and careless energy they give. Young will be the third single following on from 'Hey Girl' and 'Coming Back'.