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Uomo - Work Things Out     Electronic, Atmospheric, Chill, Dance 27/05/2019
‘Uomo in Italian means ‘man’, which I chose to reflect the project. I was young and experimenting with crazy sounds in my bedroom, but I’m now cementing my songwriting style.
The first release under his fresh moniker, and his debut as vocalist, “Work Things Out” features the beatmaker’s signature shimmering synths and playful refrains in a cruisy dance track that leans more towards indie-pop rather than his previous future bass stylings.

Baltimöre Charlót - Serpents     Pop, RnB, Electronic 04/03/2019
Written in a bedroom in Tasmania’s remote Huon Valley, Baltimöre Charlót is baring fangs at f*ckbois and complicated relationships with the brooding alt-pop contained in her debut EP ‘Metamorphosis’.
Opening with a synthesiser that’s closer to a church organ in tone and booming percussion, “Serpents” immediate creates a sultry and danceable soundscape beneath Baltimöre Charlót’s feathery melodies. A jagged chorus adds weight to her wispy refrains - "I don’t want to be your secret girlfriend” - as the song builds around her rap-meets-RnB vocals and synthesised counter-melodies.

Other tracks by Baltimöre Charlót:  Eulogy  -  Like You
The Dollar Bill Murrays - The Shape You Take     Rock, Blues, Grunge 17/05/2018
Dance-rock purveyors and beer-barons-for-charity The Dollar Bill Murrays are once again making tail feathers shake with their latest groove-heavy earworm “The Shape You Take”.
Following on from their playful single “Dancing with Death”, The Dollar Bill Murrays are back with a bass-heavy number that’s packed to the brim with their signature jagged and overdriven guitars and layers upon layers of irresistible percussion.

Hey Baby - Kids     Rock, Punk, Grunge 13/03/2018
Brisbane quartet Hey Baby! are back with a fresh feel-good and mosh-ready guitar jam about embracing the best parts of imminent adulthood with their raucous sophomore single “Kids”.
With a similar sudden rush of euphoria as your first Wizz Fizz high, Hey Baby's new single “Kids” explodes out of the gates and just keeps on running with a boisterous mix of crashing drums, overdriven guitars, and a cheeky “YEEEEAAAH” from frontman Kacper Majchrowski’s charmingly raspy vocal pipes.

The Dollar Bill Murrays - Dancing with Death     Rock, Grunge, Punk 15/12/2017
Brisbane fuzz-rockers The Dollar Bill Murrays are following up their acclaimed sophomore EP 'Always On' with the playfully overdriven single “Dancing with Death” and a January 2018 East Coast tour.
The Dollar Bill Murrays are tapping into their more peculiar after-dark experiences for the new infectiously-groovy single “Dancing With Death”. There are touches of cowbell, cheeky counter licks, and more than enough crashing cymbals and furious strumming to have late-night revellers bouncing along to the after-dark rock gem.

SHVRDZ - Medicine (SHVRDZ remix)     Electronic, Dance, Dubstep, Grunge 17/11/2017
SHVRDZ, the moniker of Michael Holmes, has been crafting hard-hitting beats and unruly soundscapes since he was 13-years-old after being inspired by Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ EP.
Originally released in mid-2016, the fresh take on the hard-hittin’ rock track sees SHVRDZ (pronounced “shards”) interweave the irresistible grunge riffs and catchy chorus refrain with his signature thunderous beats, brooding synthesisers, and jagged glitchy drops.

Sophisticated Dingo - Money     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 01/11/2017
Melbourne garage-rock duo Sophisticated Dingo are escaping the captivity of suburbia and chasing dreams of rocking the Top 1% off their comfy perch with their latest trash-pop gem, "Money".
Propelled forward by the one-two punch of energetic overdriven guitar chords and irresistible drumming,
“Money” sees the pair of ‘soft dingers’ power through a short ‘n sweet punkish ode to how good life would
be on the other side of some fat stacks of Benjamin Franklins.

SHVRDZ - One Life (ft. Aerborn)     Electronic, Dance, Dubstep, Trance 12/09/2017
With thunderous beats, ominous soundscapes, and shimmering synthesisers, Brisbane producer SHVRDZ is set to turn plenty of heads with his latest Trap-infused single and catalogue of remixes.
SHVRDZ’ latest single “One Life” features the silky voice of Brisbane artist Aerborn, whose dreamy tone
adds a sense of fragility to the otherwise thumping soundscape. With thunderous beats, ominous soundscapes, and shimmering synthesisers, he's set to turn plenty of heads with his latest Trap-infused single and catalogue of remixes.

Sophisticated Dingo - Head Talk     Rock, Punk, Garage, Rockabilly 08/07/2017
Sophisticated Dingo are drummer James “Jimmy” Medley and frontman Lewis “Lew” Matte. The pair found each other through a shared love for energetic garage-rock and honest pop songwriting.
After being confined to a Melbourne loft and refining their melodies and frenzied arrangements for almost a year, garage-rock duo Sophisticated Dingo are escaping from the captivity of suburbia and confusing drunken conversations with their latest raucous-yet-catchy anthem “Head Talk”.

Hey Baby! - 1-800 Weed     Rock, Garage, Punk, Grunge 28/06/2017
Born from the bedroom demos of a Blue Mountains teenager, Brisbane ‘dirty indie-rock’ quartet Hey Baby! are a boisterous bunch of happy-go-lucky 20-somethings with a love for fast-paced garage rock.
Born from the bedroom demos of a Blue Mountains teenager, Brisbane ‘dirty indie-rock’ quartet Hey Baby! are adding their overdriven riffs and catchy melodies to the ‘legalise marijuana’ movement with their boisterous and euphoric debut single “1-800 Weed”.

Hier - Turn Around     Electronic, Dance, Pop, House 04/04/2017
Armed with familiar shimmering synthesisers and unique Future Bass flair, Brisbane producer Hier is set to turn plenty of heads and get shapes flyin’ with his new single and remixes.
Lyrically about being so intoxicated the world’s spinning but everything feels exaggerated and sounds accentuated, Turn Around is an instant floor-filler full of deep bass and tinkling synthesisers. It features the soaring and saccharine voice of French vocalist Wild Fox entwined in a playful and glossy soundscape.

The Dollar Bill Murrays - The More You Know     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Punk 04/04/2017
The Dollar Bill Murrays blend the best qualities of Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys to deliver a tasty and satisfying alt-rock soup.
The quartet deliver a brooding alt-rock soundscape coated in grungy bravado and fierce instrumentation. Singer Felix Lindgren’s melodies are both catchy and intimidating, guitarist Antii Kovacs tears up his fret board to unleash monstrous fuzzed-up riffs, while drummer Rachit Moti stokes the rock bonfire with pulsating fills and crashing cymbals.

Port Royal - Get Heavy     Rock, Blues, Garage, Rockabilly 17/03/2017
Almost three years after KISS’ Gene Simmons infamously declared, “Rock did not die of old age. It was murdered”, Brisbane quartet Port Royal are out to resurrect their beloved genre.
“Get Heavy” is a rollicking rock tune, driven by silky-smooth guitar phrasing, ridiculously upbeat rhythms, and irresistible call and response chorus vocals. Lead by charismatic frontman Lawson Doyle, Port Royal’s latest single is an injection of pure, high-octane classic rock straight to your ears.

The Dollar Bill Murrays - I Want Everything     Rock, Grunge, Blues 03/03/2017
The Dollar Bill Murrays blend the best qualities of Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys to deliver a tasty and satisfying alt-rock soup.
Opening with a tambourine and smooth bass melody, the song rolls along driven overdriven guitars and Felix's sombre ode to a now stranger. The catchy chorus “Now you’re changing the view, what am I supposed to do?" descends into an outro medley of fuzzed-up guitars and Felix’s final plea.