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Plus One Records

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Luke Daniel Peacock - Fruits of Our Labour     Blues/Roots, Australian Indigenous, Alternative Country 19/01/2016
Luke Daniel Peacock is a first nation artist living in BrisbaneYou may know him as Bird the keys player from acclaimed outfit Halfway and creator of The Painted Ladies
The second track to be taken off Luke's debut solo album We've Come A Long Way Darling sees the singer songwriter showing his sensitive side.

Other tracks by Luke Daniel Peacock:  Dreambox  -  My Sh*t
The Heartache State - No Good Alone     Rock 27/02/2015
The Heartache State is Nick Barker and Friend new project. Justin Garner and Nick Barker have been playing together on and off for 10 years - Nick producing Justin's band
No Good Alone is the first track taken off Australian Stalwart Nick Barkers new project The Heartache State first full length album release. 4 mates and 10 new tracks of great australian rock that you can smell the carpet.

Other tracks by The Heartache State:  Back In The Game  -  Clockstar
The Gin Club - Dancing With The Ghost     Rock, Folk, Roots, Alternative Country 22/11/2014
One of Australia most cherished acts The Gin Club return with "Dancing With The Ghost", the first single from their forthcoming fifth studio album Southern Lights.
Another epic tune from the pen of Adrian Stoyles, "Dancing With The Ghost" shows off all the elements the Club are renowned for - atmospheric pop/rock with flourishes of cello and keys, some killer harmonies, and a real antipodean character.


Giants Of Science - The Tower Of Toowong     Rock, Garage 15/11/2014
Giants Of Science are a rock with a reputation far greater than their bank accounts combined. rated by Tim Rogers as Australia's greatest hard rock band EVER
Taken from the bands latest EP WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU AND WHY?
get on board before everybody else rediscovers the band

Women In Docs - Wagon Wheel     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 15/11/2014
women in docs are an independent,folk pop act based in Brisbane, Australia They have been compared to the Indigo Girls, the Dixie Chicks and The Waifs (Australia)
Effervescent folk-pop honest emotions and tunes you can hum delivered with spirit and conviction with an earthy vibe and strong voices this new track Wagon Wheel deserve attention and is a sign of what is to come early 2015 from the ladies.

Other tracks by Women In Docs:  Tin Roof
Halfway - Dulcify     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 04/06/2014
Halfway were formed in Brisbane a decade agoThe band have built up loyal followings both locally and overseas on the back of three critically acclaimed albums and countless live shows
Brisbane rock band Halfway announce the launch of their new single ‘Dulcify’. The song takes it’s name from the champion racehorse which was euthanized after being injured in the 1979 Melbourne Cup. It is a song that touches on life’s highs, lows and in-betweens.

Other tracks by Halfway:  Honey I Like You  -  Dropout
Women In Docs - Carousel     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 15/11/2013
Women in docs are an independent,folk pop act based in Brisbane, Australia They have been compared to the Indigo Girls, the Dixie Chicks and The Waifs (Australia)
Effervescent folk-pop honest emotions and tunes you can hum delivered with spirit and conviction with an earthy vibe and strong voices this new track Carousel deserve attention and is a sign of what is to come early 2014 from the ladies.

We All Want To - Streets Of Your Town     Pop, Rock 21/09/2013
In April the band sold out the JWC with their stunning Take The Lead show and they closed the night with Streets Of Your Town It brought the house down
Boasting members from some of Brisbane’s best-­‐loved bands, We All Want To are essential on record and completely undeniable live. Their shows are a primal collision of poppy punk, sweet folk, gritty blues and grandiose soundscapes, swirled into singalong anthems and intimate whispers

Watch video

We All Want To - No Signs     Pop, Rock 01/03/2013
New single No Signs is a colossal pop song that is clever enough to appear dumb, riding in on a wave of “yeah yeah yeah yeahs”
No Signs is as clean-lined and immaculate as a well-cut suit It’s a colossal pop song that is clever enough to appear dumb riding in on a wave of “yeah yeah yeah yeahs” and yet containing the kind of truths that have to be sculpted from the hardest of experiences

We All Want To - You Used To Be Funny     Pop, Rock 22/03/2012
We All Want To spent weeks 2011 hunkered down over recording console with bouzoukis, tambourines, xylophones and omnichord, more importantly an army of electric guitars, loud amps and fuzz pedals.
First single You Used To Be Funny is a bratty blast of playground pop, a bittersweet duet done fast and loud.

silent feature era - The Horsebreaker     Rock, Pop 19/10/2011
In a quiet street, there was a quiet house. And in that quiet house there was a quiet den. And in that quiet den lived the Silent Feature Era.
A kaleidoscope of mariachi horns, sine wave synthesizers and crooked, cooked guitars – the shrill, righteous damnation of a fiddle and the half-arsed redemption of an asthmatic harmonium, these were singularly unique reckonings of song.
immovable, unshuffleable, preselected collection of songs.

Other tracks by silent feature era:  All The Kings Men  -  Then Again Maybe
The Blackwater Fever - Taking It's Toll     Blues/Roots, Blues, Garage 19/10/2011
A harrowing growl, a tortured electric guitar and the rhythmic stomp of an unrelenting kit. close your eyes you can smell the swamp and feel the moonlight on your face.
Man meets woman, man loves woman, man fights with woman and woman leaves man. All these moments in time slowly but surely are Taking It Toll on man and all around him, just depends on who your woman is.

Other tracks by The Blackwater Fever:  In Stereo  -  who's Been Talking
Rattlehand - The Ballad of Frederick Ward     Country, Alternative Country 19/10/2011
A blend of seasoned and classically trained musicians, Rattlehand are a delicious mixed bag of local talent boasting members from such indie stalwarts as The Black Arts, Grassroots Street Orchestra.
a mix between rock and country, a great track to get the party started with a bit of dirt on the dancefloor

Other tracks by Rattlehand:  Sonny and Rosita  -  Leavin
Intercooler - War And Peace     Pop 19/10/2011
what is going to be one of the most hotly anticipated independent releases this Summer, fave indie popsters Intercooler are proudly embracing their past and looking forward with new album.
War and Peace came about one day when new member Chrissie was playing her 1941 gene Autry guitar quietly in her bedroom. Slowly ideas formed as to how War & Peace could evolve into something bigger and, after time in the studio the song took on a new life.

Other tracks by Intercooler:  The Trumpet Song  -  Fly Me
Inland Sea - No Time     Folk, Pop 29/09/2011
Brisbane ten-piece, Inland Sea are bound together by a love of complex harmonies and song-writing. Since forming they have won hearts with their intricate five-part vocal harmonies, interwoven-instrumentation and lyrical-sincerity.
No Time focuses on the strange nature of nostalgia and how living in the moment leaves you with “no time to react”. The song builds from a reflective beginning to dramatic highs, utilising the full power, emotion and musicianship of all ten members.

Other tracks by Inland Sea:  Dead Man's Left  -  The Only One