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Leng Hock - Discreet     Hip Hop, RnB, Electronic 03/11/2016
"Occasionally, an artist enters the scene that causes us to pay attention....Could this be the future of Australian R&B? We’re excited." - Acclaim
Leng Hock views the track as a very real reflection of his downtrodden psychological state at the time of a breakup - and one of his most introspective, emotionally honest works to date.

St. South - Lover     Electronic, RnB, Folk, Pop 03/11/2016
The West Australian singer-songwriter already has millions of plays on Spotify, has featured on The Vampire Diaries, and does a damn fine Drake cover.
"This is my independence song. I hope it makes you feel as kick-ass as I felt when I wrote it." - St. South

Willow Beats - Dvaraka Pt. II     Pop, Electronic, House, World 30/09/2016
“I’m glad to say Willow Beats are back. They’re so distinct, (Kalyani) has such a distinct take on melodic structure and the new track is really terrific.” - Richard Kingsmill
Vocalist/Writer Kalyani suggests that “Dvaraka is a bit angry, and also sad, but will get you dancing and feeling contemplative.”

St. South - Got Me     Pop, Chill 02/09/2016
"Got excited when I saw she had a new track. And she didn't disappoint. Simple stuff but it works." - Richard Kingsmill, Triple J
“Music to cry to” St. South makes beautifully layered productions and teams them with her stirring, warm soulful voice to create intimate, honest songs that will appeal to fans of artists such as Shura, Tei Shi, and Vera Blue, and this is every bit evident on 'Got Me'.

Hideous Sun Demon - Bad Girl     Rock, Punk, Garage, Psychedelic 23/08/2016
Hideous Sun Demon are a four piece alternative/garage/punk act from Fremantle, WA
“Bad Girl is a lo-fi, scuzzy and raucous delight… sleazy vocals and unhinged chorus….bat-shit crazy.” –

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Leng Hock - Same     Hip Hop, RnB, RnB, Electronic 15/07/2016
With a production style and sound that’s equal parts Kanye West, Shlohmo and The Weekend, a silky-smooth, distinctive voice that effortlessly lends itself to low-key R & B grooves.
"Same" comes accompanied by a bold, provocative, video clip, shot in Brisbane’s Chinatown. It depicts a forbidden, late-night world, of scantily-clad girls and shadows, where danger and pleasure rule.

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Leon Osborn - Circle Limit     Electronic, Dance 16/06/2016
Leon Osborn is the artist's artist. No phone, no instagram - He is the creative recluse.
Circle Limit is a jangly, half-time tune that progresses into a squelchy, acid-inspired dance track. It borrows its name from a painting by MC Escher. Much like the Escher’s cryptic, maze-like artwork, the track is characterized by bold, distinct movements, but movements that continue to develop and change.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Time Pilot - Zulu     Electronic, Dance 29/01/2016
Basstronauts from the West Coast of Australia.
Zulu feels like the Lion King at 3am on steroids - Tribal chanting and percussion elements soar in the build up to what can only be described as a drop of gargantuan proportions. Menacing lead synths punch you in the face and sonically dynamic drums rumble deep in your chest.