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Personal Best Records

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Coastal Elite - Let 'Em In     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 21/02/2020
Coastal Elite is a Sydney based collective exploring the sounds of Yacht Rock, Disco and Synth Funk.
The song features a posthumous vocal from Australian music icon Paul Gray, lead singer with 80’s synthfunk legends Wa Wa Nee, one of the most successful Australian acts of the late 80’s.

Let 'Em In was written by Paul McCartney and originally recorded by Wings on the 1976 album Wings At The Speed Of Sound.

Coastal Elite - Headline News feat. Professor Groove     R&B, Soul, Indie 08/11/2019
Coastal Elite is a Sydney-based project featuring artists from the Personal Best musical family, influenced by West Coast Yacht Rock and 80's disco funk and boogie.
Headline News is a smooooth West Coast style funk soul track replete with sensual summer saxophone and the dulcet soulful vocals of ex-SWOOP vocalist Roland Kapferer aka Professor Groove. Featuring bass by Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive) and drums by Terepai Richmond (John Butler, Whitlams), it's the musical distillation of a languorous rhythmic summer day.

Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers     Pop, Dance, Indie 04/10/2019
Holiday Sidewinder is in control. A prime example of a uniquely feminine, multitiered power, Holiday is the real deal. Pure pop, smart, catchy and sexy AF.
Whispers is a song about wayward love and wanting your partner back when they’re gone. “I’m asking for the river to set me free” is her plea.

"Whispers" sounds a bit 80's, a bit future synth. and a bit 60's, with lyrical content straight out of the Bangles' songbook it's ultimately just classic pop.

Other tracks by Holiday Sidewinder:  Holiday Inn
Holiday Sidewinder - Baby Oil     Pop 03/05/2019
Holiday Sidewinder is hailed as a “a global pop sensation” (Paper Mag) “a shining light in the darkness” (LA Record) and “a cut above everyone else in her realm”
"Baby-Oil" is the latest salacious single from pop provocateur Holiday Sidewinder - a sexy parting gift to her ex, reminiscing on a lusty weekend in São Paolo. "Baby-Oil" drips with post-modern and sometimes sardonic flavour! Sidewinder tells us that even something as seemingly harmless as Baby-Oil is made up of petrochemicals, a metaphor for this intoxicating but oh-so toxic love.

Florian - Through The Night     Pop, Dance, Soul 19/10/2018
Florian is a femme-machine with an Australian accent, pink hair, dance moves for days and a potty mouth. Unapologetically pop with soaring vocals, evocative melodies infused with vibe.
"Through the Night" is an uplifting 80s power ballad with a driving bass line and a tender, heartfelt vocal delivery. Soaked in glittery 80's inspired production, 'Through the Night' will satisfy all the passionate 80's love song feels you didn't know you had.

Florian - Sweet Devotion     Pop, Dance 10/08/2018
Reborn from the ashes of a lost musician, Florian is an unapologetically pop femme-machine with an Australian accent, pink hair, dance moves for days and a potty mouth.
Sweet Devotion is a bittersweet love song about Sydney, Florian wrote the track from her apartment in Newtown, looking at an amazing Sydney sunset with the disappointment that there was nothing to do once the sun went down. Conflicted about the attraction as an artist to move overseas, this tune is a plea for Sydney to get it’s sh*t together.

Physique - Same Mistakes     Electronic, Dance, Funk 29/05/2015
PhysiQue, is a new group hailing from Sydney, Australia.Same Mistakes is the first single from their debut EP "Music For Muscles".
Same Mistakes is a new-school meets old-school, disco jam from Australian group, Physique! The track delves deep into the quintessential sounds of the 70s, bringing back those vintage funky synths, genuine acoustic drums, and lush vocals. Grab this one for the collection! It’s a beauty - french shuffle

Tear Council - My Car     Electronic, Dance 28/05/2015
Headed by none other than Matt Van Schie (Van She/Du Tonc), Tear Council is not just an advisory body on tear control, but a full body performance authority.
With “My Car”, Sydney music troupers Tear Council are bringing their finest 80s A-game on this hypnotic and melodic throwback track with collaborator Michael Di Francesco (aka Touch Sensitive) working his magic on the synths and Van Schie perfectly complementing him with his delicate and ethereal vocals.

Tear Council - Anywhere     Electronic, Dance 24/02/2015
Tear Council is a project headed by Matt Van Schie.
'Anywhere' is a solid preview of what is yet to come from Sydney’s Tear Council. Featuring guest vocals from Bridezilla’s Holiday Sidewinder, “Anywhere” takes you back to the rhythm of the 80s and “Drive”-esque memories from summer days past, an experience that is guaranteed to get you on your feet.

MLHLND - Clothes Off     Electronic, Pop 06/12/2014
MLHLND moves seamlessly between pop, subdued electronica and chilled-out, futuristic soul to create a sound that drags the golden age of R&B into the dreamy, ethereal sound of 2015.
On his debut single “Clothes Off”, MLHLND moves seamlessly between pure pop, subtle and futuristic beats to produce an ethereal track reminiscent of early French electronica, complete with a finely tuned saxophone solo.
"Clothes Off" was produced by Joel Ford (Autre Ne Vuet, Com Truise, Ford & Lopatin)

Holiday Sidewinder & PBO - Born On The Wind     Electronic, Pop 15/08/2014
PBO are the in house production team for Personal Best Records and for their first release they have enlisted the vocals of Holiday Sidewinder.
"Born On The Wind" is an airy, ethereal track that straddles indie-pop, dance and neo-boogie, with hints of Kate Bush wafting through its production, which filters and juggles Fairlight and vocal samples with skittering guitars and a prominent rolling synth bass line.