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I have been in the music industry for 41 years - as a performer then producer, mentor and manager. The last 20 of those years as a sustainable full time operator - splitting the business between producing and mentoring/management (as well as running a small niche market publishing company). On the mentoring/management side I work with artists as a mentor helping them with advice and planning about their business and future planning and manage areas to do with their sound recordings and releases. My network of industry contacts extends around the world and I keep up to date with trends and opportunities. So there is a level of experience and knowledge that clients find helpful. Additionally while part time music industry, along with business qualifications (Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Export Marketing, etc) I operated a management consultancy and financial planning practice (as well as general business experience) - -I bring all that general business principles and experience to my clients situations and planning. Finally I am a hands on person who likes to be involved with their best interests at heart and have a reputation for problem solving and finding solutions to situations for my clients.


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Ian Pav feat. Jacqui Baldwin - Lord Lift Me Up     Christian 13/12/2019
Ian Pav is a producer, composer and songwriter with over 42 years industry experience.
Lord Lift Me Up is a collaboration between Ian Pav (also producer) from Rosebud Victoria and Jacqui Baldwin (also lead singer) from Chicago USA.

It is a gospel song about reaching up and asking the Lord to lift you out f the circumstances finding too hard.

It is truly a binational collaboration with contributors coming from Australia and the USA

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Tiana V & Ian Pav - Coming Home for Christmas     Folk, Indie 06/11/2019
Ian Pav is a producer of 42 years industry experience and Tiana V is a singer/songwriter based on the Mornington Peninsula
A song about the best season of the year and the joy of coming home to family and friends over Christmas. Just a fun light ditty

Tiana V & Ian Pav - It's Our Time     Rock 06/11/2019
Ian Pav composer, producer with 42 years industry experience. Tiana V, singer/songwriter with a breadth of talent
Its our Time to lend a helping hand - stand up and be counted. Reach out and touch somebody cause its our time

Ian Pav - Rage Against the Storm (feat. Markia & Katarina)     Christian, Hip Hop 25/09/2019
Ian Pav is a producer with 42 years industry experience - now producing music for clients, and composing pieces to send a message or for film and TV
A message behind a desire to motivate the wider church to get out of the buildings, into the community and be helping others - Be His hands and His feet

Chaliah - Glass Shards and Jellyfish     Folk, Folk 22/08/2019
Chaliah is a 17 year old mature songwriter-singer with a real understanding of who she is and who she wants to be
This song was the inspiration for the EP. I wanted to capture the conflicting feelings of looking back on things that used to make you happy

Other tracks by Chaliah:  Cruel Nostalgia  -  New Things
Shinbone sTar - Deeper than the Blues     Blues/Roots, Blues 12/06/2019
Shinbone sTar is a Melbourne based blues band getting wide appeal with their first album and live performances around town
A good grooving blues song

Other tracks by Shinbone sTar:  Bad Bad World  -  Won't Cry For Love
Ian Pav ft Kim Krenik - Watching Over You     Pop, World 20/03/2019
Ian Pav composer combines with Kim Krenik in the US for this haunting indie pop piece
wherever you go, whatever you do, know that we will be watching over you

Ian Pav ft Nick Phelps - Can't Break Me     Hip Hop, Rap 20/03/2019
Co-write with Nick Phelps in the US, Ian Pav on sound - a hip hop rap
I may be on the streets and finding it tough - but you can't break me I am stronger than that

Gary B - Serendipity     World, Atmospheric, Chill, Electronic 20/03/2019
Gary B is a producer and DJ formerly with Cafe del Mar, now producing out of his own studio in Melbourne hinterland
World ethnic deep house, main instruments hang drum, Spanish balearic guitar, sample vocal

Other tracks by Gary B:  Passengers  -  Late Bloomer
Trent Schneider - Sweet Loving     Blues/Roots, Rock 25/11/2018
A songwriter from southeast of Melbourne. Iv been writing and performing music since I was 9 years of age
The temptation for another life with another person and how that may seems good, it isn’t.

Other tracks by Trent Schneider:  Moving Too Fast  -  Find Me a River
Zannah - Ashes     World, Pop 15/09/2018
Zannah is the pseudonym for the Brisbane-based contemporary world songstress, Susanna O’Leary. With an eclectic taste, Zannah’s music travels through the realms of pop, rock, latin, folk, jazz and between.
I wrote this song in the lead up and passing of best friend's mother. It was difficult to watch my friend lose such an important role model in her life and it was also hard to know how much her mother suffered as she struggled to prolong her life from her battle with motor neurons disease.

Other tracks by Zannah:  Exiled  -  Twisted and Wild
Michael Woodrow - Bad Bad World     Blues/Roots, Rock 28/03/2018
Michael DUK Woodrow is a seasoned musician/song writer with experience across a wide variety of genres. His current orientation is towards Blues, Blues/Rock
A story of homelessness and the human man spirit to survive under and circumstances... we do what we must in a Bad Bad World.

Other tracks by Michael Woodrow:  Tramp Stamp  -  Just 12 Hours