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Paper Street Recordings

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Fingertips - A.D.D City     Electronic, Dance, Rap 23/06/2014
Aussie homegal Fingertips has been killing it as a DJ for a hot minute.
A.D.D City is a pumping anthem of a dance/rap track.

No Body Died - The Last Banquet     Electronic, Atmospheric, Rock 29/08/2014
No Body Died are an electronic duo conceived in London during the winter of 2010. Turning the tables on conventional dreampop & shoegaze their music is more looking-up than looking-down.
The Last Banquet is the story of an exiled soul, destined to live with the consequences of their own actions in solitude. Wandering without purpose over a desolate landscape.

Other tracks by No Body Died:  Soul Shield
Michelle Xen - Short Term Plan     Electronic, Pop, Dance 12/11/2014
Michelle Xen is an electronic music producer, vocalist and visual artist. Experiments, intuitions, dancefloor risks and visual indulgence are all welcome in her world.
“Short Term Plan” was mixed & produced with Scott Horscroft, Andy Mak, & Jackson Barclay at The Grove Studios, the source of recent hits from TKay Maidza and Alison Wonderland. It build’s on Xen’s trademark bass heavy sound, but takes a turn to face-smashing glitch-synthlines with breathy yet demanding vocals.

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Winterplan - Flight/Flight     Electronic, Dance, Pop 08/07/2015
Winterplan make synthpop music teethering on the progressive and nostalgic that sets them apart from many electronic acts in Australia. The Melbourne four-piece have released a debut album called Fight/Flight.
Fight/Flight is the most anthemic and stirring of Winterplan's songs. It is an unreleased track from their album which centres around the themes of isolation, struggle and undiminished hope.


Other tracks by Winterplan:  Palindroma  -  Taking the Sun