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PARMA Recordings

PARMA is a full-service music production company that has spent over the past decade bringing innovative music to
life, blurring genres and paving a unique path forward. With over 30 team members in world-class facilities across
four countries, we work to bring all aspects of musical projects to their best. Works ranging from Billboard-topping
classical chamber albums to Cuban jazz and experimental electronic music are brought to listening ears through
release on a member of our family of labels, licensing in prominent media, and performances in the world’s most
legendary venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Große Musikvereinssaal. Together with our artists, we work to
build a world enlivened and challenged by music.

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PARMA Recordings

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Zephyr Quartet - Epilogue     Classical, Contemporary Classical, Instrumental 14/03/2020
ZEPHYR QUARTET are Australia’s leading genre-defying explorers of dynamic cross-artform, music-focused collaborations.
Composed by Belinda Gehlert

Inspired by "An Epitaph of Words' Tears" by Iraqi poet Yahia Al-Samawy

The layering of harmonies in this piece are inspired by the idea of dirt and soil being layered like sheets and blankets upon the departed while the sounds of bells tolling in the distance mark the leaving of a loved one.

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Mark John McEncroe - Introspective Moments     Classical, Contemporary Classical 27/09/2019
McEncroe, a retired chef and music executive, came to music later in life and began studying piano seriously at the age of 37
The original conception of both Volumes 1 & 2 that I wrote for piano was an expression of me looking reflectively and nostalgically back on my past life which has been a wonderful mixed bag. As such, these pieces can best be described as very personal.

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Other tracks by Mark John McEncroe:  A Fish With the Blues
Andrew Anderson - Piano Quartet No. 1 in C Minor: Movement I     Classical, Instrumental 01/08/2019
Anderson's works have been recorded by the Czech Philharmonic and the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and have been performed by The Consort of Melbourne, Omega Ensemble, and the Streeton Trio.
The first quartet is reminiscent of the virtuoso chamber works of Dussek and Hummel, with a dash of Dvořák. And yet, its sound is decidedly modern. Not only is the work stunningly well-proportioned, it effortlessly adheres to the classical sonata form – not in a rigid, miniaturized way of imitation, but completely naturally.

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Other tracks by Andrew Anderson:  PIANO QUARTET NO. 1 IN C MINOR movement III  -  PIANO QUARTET NO. 1 IN C MINOR Movement IV
Lachlan Skipworth - Clarinet Quintet     Classical, Instrumental 31/07/2019
Skipworth writes orchestral, chamber, vocal, and experimental music. His musical language is colored by years spent immersed in the study of the shakuhachi bamboo flute.
In the first moments of the Clarinet Quintet, listeners are drawn into his unique sound world with its cascade of angular string entries. Against this, the round cool tone of the main clarinet line articulates, expanding slowly from a single note into the beautiful and at times dramatic melodic line.

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Other tracks by Lachlan Skipworth:  The Night Sky Fall