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Opia - One Minute Ago

Opia - One Minute Ago
It has been a long time since protest songs came wielding acoustic guitars and daisies. Instead, in this post-revolution world, the music reflects the sheer electrification and volume of modern technology; and the lyrics – while no longer concerned with a single shadowy figure or government – reflect a universal feeling of malaise that can either speak on behalf of one single man, or their entire planet.

A galaxy away from the menial concerns of the workaday life and the loves and hates it brings; OPIA are writing music to move mountains. Sonically and philosophically, there is a common fight in their music. A protest.

Led by the versatile singing of Michael Bok, whose own range perfectly glues the band’s softest tones to their heaviest, Opia are not a band that is ‘post’ or ‘pre’ anything... they are what is happening right now, in real time. In this, the most literal of senses, Opia’s music is progressive. It is moving forward and evolving even at this very second, as a complexity of genuine thoughts, propelled into the world by cyclonic walls of guitar and drums.

About this track...

Opia’s One Minute Ago is a stunningly balanced journey into music that can be as ethereal and light as it can be earthy and heavy. And while bands will often sacrifice their tone in pursuit of such heaviness, Opia’s tone is their heaviness.

Number Of People In Act 3 Piece
State/Territory Artist Is Based In WA
Taken From The Release Titled One Minute Ago
Copyright Holder's Name Control
Media Servicing Date 2014-04-02
Main Genre Rock
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
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Content Provider The A&R Department