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Normal Place.

This is a normal place full of normal people and normal things. A new record label
for cult iconoclasts, fringe festival idiots and stubbornly DIY legends. program where
nothing concerning is happening. The usual kinds of records. All very, very normal,
we assure you.

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Normal Place.

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Tomás Ford remodels Alex Elbery and The Strangers - Wake In Fright I: Kangaroo     Electronic, House, Chill, Downbeat 29/11/2018
Perth's electronic iconoclast Tomás Ford radically remodels the folk-pop of Alex Elbery and The Strangers to tell the true story of crashing his hatchback into a kangaroo on the nullabor.
An eight minute journey into the dark heart of Australia. We start with the plaintive strains of Melbourne folk-pop troubador Alex Elbery and The Strangers before plunging into a slow-motion house beat and resolving in a super-atmospheric puddle full of feelings.

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