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No Safe Place

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Bushing - p e r s e p h o n e     Punk, Rock, Experimental, Alternative 24/10/2019
Aptly described as "doom pop", Bushing combines crisply saturated guitars with the power of sub-bass harmonics, and electronic percussion. Punk without the aesthetic. Rock without the wank.
in the ancient worlt initiates incubated to descend into the underworld, faced their hell, and returnt with gifts from the dead to furnish life.

now we incubate in the blood of long dead reptiles, and emerge as adults in our late twenties, under the hazy pathologies silicon valley elites shield their children from.

this song is dedicated to the zoomers.

Bushing - Vacillate     Rock, Garage, Folk, Atmospheric 18/07/2019
Music that is "sharpened to attack the unfruitful ideologies of the Atomic age." - Cameron Menegoni, 2SER 107.3FM SYDNEY
A grand-historical narrative connecting the destruction of the cave-meditating Pythagoreans to Plato, and the annihilation of heavenly otherness in Luther, to the economies of resentment conjured up by 2GB and its ilk.

Billy Burke & The Tears - The Word     Folk, Punk, Acoustic, Pop 24/08/2018
Folky project of Yes I'm Leaving's Billy Burke
Big & full chords with carnival organ. Bass following harmonica over some shambolic percussion. Dry & direct vocals to tie things in place.

Other tracks by Billy Burke & The Tears:  Home  -  Unseen
Beast & Flood - Total Truth     Rock, Grunge, Punk 16/09/2017
"Half-way between Animal Collective and something excruciatingly loud" - Chris Cobcroft, 4zzz
Take the leap from existentialism to Darwinism & listen to Professor Challenger. Death is the ultimate democratising agent and every breathe feeds all beings interlinked by planetary existence; star dust-cum-us.

Other tracks by Beast & Flood:  Independence Streak
Billy Burke & The Tears - Maisy     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Live Performance 04/07/2017
A less abrasive project from Billy Burke (Yes I'm Leaving), presenting the direct and evocative songwriter in an acoustic format. Featuring members of Beast & Flood and Draining Pool.
Tells the story of Maisy's disillusionment, all while sitting at cigarette burning speed.

Other tracks by Billy Burke & The Tears:  Said and Done
Beast & Flood - Withdraw     Rock, Industrial, Psychedelic, Pop 10/03/2017
Beast & Flood places a new dynamic on the loud-quiet-loud alt-rock trope. Key influences are: Adam Curtis, Modest Mouse, the mythos of Kurt Cobain & everything Kim Deal has touched.
The invisible hand vs. the invisible heart - taken from a book titled "Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner?", the song is a tract on free-market ideology - specifically the existence of unpaid labour for traditionally feminine work, but also of its emotionally perverted connection to suicide.

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Beast & Flood - Little Jesus Eskis     Rock, Punk, Psychedelic, Grunge 17/12/2016
Beast & Flood places a new dynamic on the loud-quiet-loud alt-rock trope. Key influences are: Adam Curtis, Modest Mouse, the mythos of Kurt Cobain & everything Kim Deal has touched.
What it feels like to see yourself in third person, amplified by a sub-heavy fuzzy bass and whirling guitars. Probably the closest we've come to a shoegaze-y thing yet.

Helena Massey - Neonhymenon     Pop, Experimental 03/12/2016
Debut experimental album Myths From Mercury, by Helena Massey who has been performing under the guise of Haloumi Girl around Sydney for the past two years.
The soft vocal melodies and keys weave through the deep bass driven groove, creating depth for an all round playful yet moody track.

Other tracks by Helena Massey:  The Fruit Song  -  West
Obscura Hail - Qualia     Folk, Experimental, Atmospheric, Pop 28/06/2016
A seasoned, honest and invocative songwriter, Obscura Hail is a unique voice amongst the new Folk scene, comparative sound-wise to Simon & Garfunkel, Jose Gonzales, Sun Kil Moon & Owen.
Inspired by the science around sensory deprivation and brain plasticity, Qualia is about the nature of ideas - their peculiar, decentralized nature, and how at one point in the future, a unique idea you refrained from looking deeper into will arise in another person.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Other tracks by Obscura Hail:  Little Web  -  Terminal
Obscura Hail - Little Web     Folk, Atmospheric, Pop 03/06/2016
A seasoned, honest and invocative songwriter, Obscura Hail is a unique voice amongst the new Folk scene, comparative sound-wise to Simon & Garfunkel, Jose Gonzales, Sun Kil Moon & Owen.
Little Web serves as an apt introduction to ‘Leaves, Earth’, with Obscura Hail in stripped-back form, ebbed on by airy synthesizers, gently building in clarity as it shifts un-repeatedly with the delicate vocals and intricate, rolling acoustic guitar.

Other tracks by Obscura Hail:  Qualia  -  Terminal
Milkk - ADSL Blues     Rock, Instrumental, Punk, Atmospheric 15/09/2015
Milkk occupy a sonic space similar to The Dirty Three, Dan Caballero & Queen. They have created a distinctly Australian aesthetic that embodies geographical isolation & city-scape competitiveness.
An atmospheric military marching band ballad.

Other tracks by Milkk:  Hear the Toad  -  dadadada
Solid Effort - Colour Shadow     Rock, Garage, Chill, Punk 14/09/2015
Hailing from the northern suburbs of Wollongong, Sydney-based 4-piece Solid Effort have crafted a unique brand of isolation-bred & automation-led leisure-punk.
A real representation of isolation and the link between aspirations, memory and the search for meaning.

Thomas Covenant - Mary     Rock, Pop, Soul, Pop 03/08/2015
4-piece post-pop-punk from Wollongong-cum-Sydney. Described as "a battleaxe into a sea of party balloons", Thomas Covenant has been [un] aptly related to Queen, Beach Boys, Dune Rats & Butthole Surfers.
A progressive, twisting and churning emotional unloading of an unknowable, unknowing and undesireable child emerging from a history of altruistic untruths.

Solid Effort - One Loose Wire     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 29/07/2015
4-piece surf-laden post-punk band, hailing from Bulli on the NSW South Coast.
One Loose Wire is summed up in the opening verse in "we slept through all of world war 3". It is an ode to automation, a theme that pops up often in the EP.

Beast & Flood - Gold Maids     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Experimental 18/06/2015
The culmination of a collective 70 years of existence, Beast & Flood's debut album 'Lanugo' will be the teething capstone on a slow moving, mild-hitting, emotionally challenging portion of life.
The opening track to Lanugo, Gold Maids is a tractate on the first universal condition of all life & its relevance to the questions of God & jurisprudence of systems & human mentality.


Obscura Hail - Shaky Execution     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Acoustic 27/05/2015
Obscura Hail is the project of Wollongong artist Sean Conran. Rich vocal harmonies are used through his work, with contrasting textures between lush guitar and the softly sung, near-whispered lyrics.
Deviating from the dark, sombre soundscapes of Obscura Hail's last work, Shaky Execution is a more optimistic and upbeat perspective from the songwriter. It's full of layered harmonious vocals and finger picking proficiency that links back to some earlier influences such as Simon & Garfunkel and The Ink Spots

Beast & Flood - Abie Poe     Rock, Experimental, Grunge, Psychedelic 20/05/2015
Beast & Flood began playing angular, semi-improvised pop music to people's ear holes in 2012. The youthful angst has aged & we've fallen out the creative schism hell-hole with 'Lanugo'.
A heavy hearted take on the virtues of the character of the same name in Nick Cave's "And The Ass Saw The Angel". Backed by floating chainsaw guitars & an rhythmically noodling bass; the song moves seemlessly without a single section being repeated.


Other tracks by Beast & Flood:  Look At The Fish Swimming