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Nick Batterham - Medals

Nick Batterham - Medals
At first you might think the big hooks, jangling guitars and layers of harmonies on ʻNothing lastsʼ donʼt fit with the rest of the albumʼs generally sparse and subtle landscape. In fact, ʻNothing lastsʼ, which is as accomplished a pop song as anything Batterham wrote for The Earthmen, fits the mood of this album to a tee.

Batterhamʼs previous record, Self Inflicted, No Sympathy (2015), was his darkest album by far. It was 3am set to music, with no hint the night would ever end. Golden Boy wears the scars,but it is not bleak or sunk in self-loathing. The darkness is still there,but it is starting to be shot through with the golden light of approaching dawn.

Golden Boy is a superbly recorded album. Every element has room to breathe and Batterhamʼs voice has never sounded more intimate.

Several songs are achingly short, leaving the listener wanting more and contributing to the overwhelming impression that everything is finite, but while we live, we must love. Nothing lasts. Accepting that is part of being human. Golden Boy is the sound of a man who has picked himself up off the canvas and is staring the future straight in the eye.

About this track...

Describes the confusion of a flirty friendship and sadness in looking back at mistakes made in the search for love.

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Number Of People In Act Solo
State/Territory Artist Is Based In VIC
City/Town/Region Artist Is Based In Melbourne
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Copyright Holder's Name Nick Batterham
Media Servicing Date 2018-03-19
Main Genre Pop
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
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