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Newmarket Music

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Nick Abbey - Song For The Days When     Jazz, Jazz 25/06/2019
Perth bassist/composer Nick Abbey (National Jazz Awards finalist / 3x WAM Jazz Song of the Year winner).
Song for The Days When (upcoming 2018/2019 WAM Jazz Song of the Year nominee!) is a moody building jazz song with a slow boil to a frantic mid section. Light and shade, moody and menacing build to energetic and tuneful passages. It's jazz man.

Other tracks by Nick Abbey:  Remnant  -  Cascade II
Christopher Young Trio - There Is Always A Way     Jazz 15/02/2018
Christopher Young’s latest album; Digital Analogue was recorded at RMIT studios by engineer Tony ‘Tok’ Norris with the synthesis of the digital analogue signal, hence the album name.
The tracks on this album are an eclectic mix of contemporary jazz allowing the listener to follow the band’s journey through the use of different styles and textures which will appeal to jazz lovers of all ages. Digital Analogue gives a nod to European jazz and contemporary music.

Other tracks by Christopher Young Trio:  Out Of Time
Shol - Don't Know     Jazz 29/10/2014
This uniquely Australian ensemble explores ranges of emotions and sounds, creating from the musicians' hearts and minds, melodic themes of free jazz to world music, soul funk and bold improvisations.
This piece was named Don't Know, as after it was written someone asked me what its name was and I replied "Don't Know". He replied, "That's a good name" so the name stuck. My homage to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. Up tempo modern jazz.

Other tracks by Shol:  Inner Sense of Beauty  -  A Journey Within
John Mills - More Joyful     World, Acoustic 01/09/2014
John Mills was born in Melbourne 1953. Growing up in a musical household, he was given an electric guitar at age ten and his love for the instrument was born.
This piece features guitar, kalimba and percussion...the kalimba given to me as a gift years ago. I was lucky to have a young Brazilian boy, Kai, play a clay pot drum on the track. The song is for my partner and describes her personality perfectly...'there is no one more joyful...'

Other tracks by John Mills:  After the Rain  -  Goodnight
Anita Harris - It's You or No One     Jazz, Instrumental, Jazz 14/03/2014
Melbourne based vocalist Anita Harris has been on the Australian Jazz Scene for more than two decades. One journalist highlighted her "incomparable velvet voice"; another, her styles as "delightfully creamy".
Written by Jule and Sammy Cahn, this track opens with something for which vocalist Anita Harris' fondness is well documented. Features Graeme Steel on trumpet, Ron Trigg on tenor sax and best described as one of those tunes which, as the UK Jazz Journal wrote, "Harris swings ably and effortlessly"

Other tracks by Anita Harris:  Green  -  Here's Looking At You
Sam Bates - Wolverine     Jazz, Instrumental 12/03/2014
Performing and recording with some of the country's leading improvisers and artist's including Scott Tinkler, Ollie Browne and Katie Noonan; has earned Sam Bates recognition within the Australian jazz scene.
Written during a trip to Canada – where these beasts still roam the hills, the sentiment is forceful with a hint of the solitary nature of the Wolverine. Again, I enjoy the challenge of building a performance within the cycle of a prescribed rhythmic structure.

Other tracks by Sam Bates:  Make It Stop  -  Rat Rescue
Elissa Goodrich - Prelude     Classical, Jazz, Instrumental 04/02/2014
Elissa Goodrich is a composer, percussionist and sound artist working in multi-artform projects and contemporary, improvised music.
Elissa Goodrich - marimba. Track 2 from Elissa Goodrich's Bach Conversation CD, a re-imagining of JS Bach's Cello Suite No.3 for solo marimba and duet improvisations featuring members of her acclaimed jazz quartet States of Play and sublime vocalist Ria Soemardjo. Recorded live at ABC studios, Sound engineer Russell Thomson.

Other tracks by Elissa Goodrich:  Conversation 4  -  Conversation 1
Allan Browne - Billy Goat Stomp     Jazz, Live Performance, Swing 29/10/2013
CW Volume 2 won the 2012 Jazz Bell Award. Allan has been inducted into Bell's Hall Of Fame, and won Don Banks Music Award for his contribution to Australian music.
A previously unreleased version of Red Onions performing Jelly Roll Morton's Dixieland classic Billy Goat Stomp, live on ABC in 1964.

Other tracks by Allan Browne:  Ford Dealer's Son From Deni  -  He's Not Much (But He's All He Thinks About)
Samantha Morley - The Nearness Of You     Jazz, Easy Listening 15/01/2013
Recorded at ABC Studios in Melbourne and launched to a full house at Paris Cat, 'The Nearness of You' is Samantha's debut, a combination of originals and exquisite arrangements.
A delicate number, Samantha's vocals float ethereally over pianist Rory Clarke's arrangement of Hoagy Carmichael's The Nearness Of You, made famous by Glenn Miller.

Other tracks by Samantha Morley:  Golden Brown  -  Me, Here, Now
Abbie Cardwell - Piñata Heart     Blues/Roots, Garage, Rockabilly, Roots 12/11/2012
Abbie Cardwell's music is Mexican ‘rocanrol’ inspired by vintage Mexican music of the 50's and 60's sung in Spanglish!
Piñata Heart is the first single from Abbie Cardwell's forthcoming Mexican rocanrol inspired album. A high energy track, featuring her Melbourne based 10-piece The Chicano Rockers. The band's Stax style rhythm, organ and brass compliment Abbie's witty lyrics and latino imagery.

Other tracks by Abbie Cardwell:  Dia De Muertos
Steve Sedergreen - Miss Happiness     Jazz, Instrumental 13/08/2012
Points In Time is a 12-song collection of original material, written at various points in Steve Sedergreen's stellar career, all reworked and re-imagined.
Hear this track at

Other tracks by Steve Sedergreen:  Unspoken Responses  -  Future Waltz
James Carter Quartet - Prone To Flights Of Whimsy     Jazz 09/08/2012
Christian Meyer (Adam Katz) guitar, Daniel Sheehan (Infinite Ape, Paul Williamson) piano, Ben Christensen (Chelsea Wilson, Frankie Wants Out) double bass and James Carter on alto saxophone.
Influenced by the melodic grace of European improvised music, this piece employs purposeful melodic contour over a whimsical harmonic structure. The quartet often play 4 independent lines, but manage to meld them together to create a deceptively simple sound.

Other tracks by James Carter Quartet:  Moments  -  After All
Daimon Brunton Quintet - Wah Sa     Jazz, Live Performance 28/06/2012
Wah Sa is the fourth album from Daimon Brunton and first to be recorded live. A popping, rhythm and beats propelled salute to the 70s recordings of Freddie Hubbard.
Wah Sa, recorded at Open Studio, November 28th, 2010. Bright, pulsing keyboard, tight trumpet throughout, precise, driving bass, and great solos from guitarist Stella Skinner, and later Adam Donaldson on drums.

Other tracks by Daimon Brunton Quintet:  Red Clay  -  A Happy Coincidence
Tim Willis & The End - Lying On Her Bed Listening To Steve Reich     Jazz, Rock, Chill, Atmospheric 01/06/2012
The End bring with them all the things that make jazz great, but a rock edge that speaks to those who grew up listening to and loving Radiohead and Soundgarden.
Lying On Her Bed Listenin’ To Steve Reich is a love song and homage to Tims partner’s favourite composer. Inspired by the rhythmic patterns and structure of drummer Steve Reich's work. In all a subtle, lingering piece.

Other tracks by Tim Willis & The End:  Keep Your Chin Up  -  The Rose