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Craig Morrison - Phone Call     Country, Pop 16/03/2016
Craig Morrison is an Australian singer living between Nashville and Australia with a string of Top 30 hits to his name.
“Phone Call” was written by Craig Morrison and DJ Gleason and produced by Dolly Pardon’s producer Kent Wells and Pat Lassiter.
“Phone Call” Is for anyone who has found it hard to pick up the phone to express their love to that one person that really matters.

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Justin Standley - Things I Should Be Doing     Country, Atmospheric 16/03/2016
Justin Standley is a constantly touring singer/song writer with many hits under his belt o the Australian Country Music charts. A dynamic performer/entertainer with a wicked sense of humour.
A haunting song from Justin Standley that takes you to the dusty plains of the outback and visions of Aboriginal life. A beautiful capture of emotion by producer Matt Fell.

Col Finley Band - Rich With Friends     Country, Alternative Country 03/02/2016
With a stack of Country Top 40 hits behind him, here's the latest from Col Finley's album "A Little Bit Outlaw".
“Rich With Friends” Touches on the Value of friendship. Col Praises his Family and Friends that help him survive and as he state in the song, “Money can buy you anything but it doesn’t make you Rich, Only True Friends can do that.

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James Stewart Keene - Ready To Please     Country, Alternative Country 03/02/2016
After a number of hits from his "Navigator" album, this is the second single from James' forthcoming album following on from "Coal Town".
Following on from his Australian Country Tracks Top 40 hit “Coal Town”, James Stewart Keene delivers another sneak peak of original material from his forthcoming album (due in late 2016).
Features outstanding production by Jonah's Road front-man Jay Collie and guitar work from Rodney Auld.

Kelly Cork - Boxes     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 03/02/2016
Formerly lead singer and song writer for The Rain, Kelly has now gone solo with his first solo album "One Of These Days".
The song Boxes is a fairly true view of life’s ups and downs. It stems from losing family members and more than a fair share of friends in recent times; it got me thinking that if filling boxes with past possessions becomes an Olympic sport I’lI will do very well!

Rhiannon Cooke - Kookaburra Song     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 03/02/2016
Rhiannon has released two previous singles that have made the top 40 charts,Swings & Roundabouts and Power of a Woman.
Written in memory of Rhiannon’s Grandfather. Rhiannon has fond memories of days spent with her grandfather by the water, and of the Kookaburra’s that visited his verandah every night. Rhiannon and Carl used the Kookaburra as a symbol for her grandfather, to remember the life lesson’s he always gave.

Ryan Daykin - Falling     Country, Electronic, Electronic 18/11/2015
Ryan has released his debut EP 'Dreams', which features numerous tracks co-written by some of Australia’s finest award winning songwriters including Drew McAlister, Karl Brodie & Tamara Stewart.
‘Falling’ appeals with its honesty, and its strong message surrounding the struggle that is mental illness, its effect on its sufferers, and the ones around them.

Other tracks by Ryan Daykin:  Tonight Only Happens Once
Brad Marks - With Respect     Country 18/11/2015
Brad Marks is a dynamic young talent who's a popular support choice for some of Country's biggest artists.
It's about young people of today not having any idea about the sacrifices that were made for our country and for our benefit by the soldiers who were around the same age at the time.
The song is about taking a minute to think about exactly that .

Burnt Earth - Woman     Rock, Country 28/07/2015
Burnt Earth coined the phrase "Pure Australian Bush Metal". Their sound is a mixture of Country influenced backing with vocals reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. They connect with both genres audiences.
Capturing the feelings and emotions of young love.
The transition period of a young man longing to hold the one he loves, through circumstances that have kept them apart.
A journey young lovers experience with pain, growth, heartbreak and despair for first love to live forever.

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Other tracks by Burnt Earth:  Bushfire
James Stewart Keene - Coal Town     Country 28/07/2015
James Stewart Keen in a Country Rock artist based in Wollongong NSW.This is James fifth single and the first from his forthcoming album to be released next year.
Coal Town is about the town James grew up in and how it turned from a personable place to live to a place where you don't even talk to your neighbours. It will resonate with many communities that have lost a major industry or are losing one.

Brad Marks - Take It or Leave it     Country 15/06/2015
Brad is 23 living in the southern highlands of New South Wales listing his main musical influences as Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, John Denver, Adam Brand and Chris Young.
TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT was co-written by Brad and Troy Kemp (McAlister Kemp).
The song is about being in a position in life where you feel like you have lost your true self so you realise you need to take control back.

Tori Darke - So Gone     Country, Pop 04/05/2015
Tori is one of Australia's most dynamic singer, songwriter performers.Her second album SILVER LINING shot straight to #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Chart.
So Gone is the 2nd single released off TORI DARKE’s "Silver Lining" with an amazing lineup of writers. PHIL BARTON, American Country Artist MALLARY HOPE and LO CASH member PRESTON BRUST. SO GONE tells the story of being caught out cheating when another women's lipstick is found on his color.

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Other tracks by Tori Darke:  Silver Lining
James Stewart Keene - Sauvignon Blanc     Country, Rock 26/02/2015
Sauvignon Blanc is a clever not so serious tune that tells about a beer drinking man after a chance encounter with a wine drinking beauty he gets an education!
JAMES STEWART KEENE delivers another catchy offering to radio.
Full of one-liners, funny situations and ironic themes, don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing and tapping your feet listening to this fantastic track! Sauvignon Blanc is a fun country rock song, so fill your glass and sing along!

Cameron Cusack - Endless Summer     Country, Easy Listening, Pop 14/01/2015
Cameron Cusack performs what he calls "Coastal Country". He has toured the East Coast of Australia consistently and performed with some of out top Country artists.
This song takes you to your favourite beach with your favourite lady enjoying all summer has to offer leaving the winter way behind. An uplifting joyous track.

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Shane Josephson - A Nation Was Born     Country 14/01/2015
Shane Josephson is the lead singer of Australian Bush Metal band BURNT EARTH. This is the first solo single from Shane.
“A Nation Was Born” is a tribute to Australia and the history of our Nation thanking, remembering and admiring the courage and sacrifice of servicemen past and present from all cultures who united for Australia to keep us safe and forever free.

Rhiannon Cooke - Swings & Roundabouts     Country, Easy Listening 10/11/2014
This is the first single for up and coming Country artist Rhiannon Cooke.Written by Tamara Stewart and Amber Lawrence, the song was produced by Brad Bergen.
"Swings & Roundabouts" is about the ups and downs all relationships go through but come out the other end smiling.

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The Quick and The Dead - War     Rock, Pop 01/07/2014
The Quick & The Dead are three brothers (two biological) from north-east Victoria who express their insides through audible art.
"War" is a track that makes you think about the images seen constantly on TV and newspapers. A soulful track with a simplistic approach.

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Burnt Earth - Stolen In Darkness     Country, Alternative Country 17/06/2014
Burnt Earth is an Australian Bush Metal band marrying traditional bush instrumentation with strong guitar and soaring vocals.
A song of loss and the difficulty of acceptance and moving on.
Heart felt vocals that carry the pain and loneliness of having lost your partner to the other side.

Kate Cook - Hit the Highway     Country 07/02/2014
Kate Cook reached number 3 on the Australian Tracks Top 30 with her first single "Give the Girl a Spanner". This is her second single, "Hit The Highway".
A fast, feel good, banjo driven song about getting away and leaving your troubles behind.