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Music Talks. XYZ

Music Talks is an independent music site based in Sydney, run solely by artist/entrepreneur Tracey Arbon.
Featured artists in the ‘Spotlight’ get to tell their stories.
Trying to bridge the gap, Music Talks aims to help indie artists with promoting and marketing their music and share their inspirational stories unique to Music Talks.

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Music Talks. XYZ

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Simon Irvine - Make It So (An Ode To Picard)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/09/2019
Ritual Music by Simon Irvine is a modern underground masterpiece. Simon has been releasing music with a prolific SoundCloud profile, since 2017 creating Electronica/synth pop hybrid with a dark edge.
Make It So (An Ode To Picard) is inspired by a love of Star Trek.

Captain Picard speaks to the nobility in each of us. Capturing the nobility, along with the wonder of space in the instrumentation and feel of the track. My hope is that it captures the feel of “boldly going where no one has gone before”

Other tracks by Simon Irvine:  Incantation  -  Watching
Anieszka - When Will This Begin     Pop, Dance 27/05/2019
Anieszka is a 25 year old Australian/Mauritian alt-R&B/soul/indie pop singer. Born in Papua New Guinea, Anieszka grew up surrounded by a mix of cultures, sounds and melodies.
‘When Will This Begin’ is a spice blend of Afrohouse/R&B with Sultry vocals that it makes people feel like anything’s possible. If Dat Gruvee & Anieszka are able to make people feel that way, they've already reached success. 'When Will This Begin' is an Afrohouse/R&B track from an alt-r&b/soul artist allowing Anieszka's voice as an instrument flow through the music;