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Mucho Bravado

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Self Talk - Clean Washing     Rock 18/06/2016
Self Talk write punchy pop-­‐rock songs, inspired by heartache and hindsight, nostalgia and new beginnings.
The second single off of Self Talk's debut EP

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Robbie Miller - Road     Folk, Electronic 29/06/2016
Robbie Miller is a male indigenous artist from Brisbane. He released single 'The Pain' and an EP in 2015. This is his first single for 2016 from a second EP
Devised as a collaboration with friend and bandmate Nathan Morrison, 'Road' brings more electronic elements to Robbie's folk sound than ever before. Pulsating synths swirl around his signature brooding vocals to create an emotionally powered three and a half minutes.

Gypsy & The Cat - Life     Pop, Electronic 01/07/2016
Gypsy & the Cat push forcefully into the synth-spangled future with their latest single 'Life', from their impending third album Virtual Islands, out Friday 5 August.
Gypsy & the Cat push forcefully into the synth-spangled future with their latest single 'Life', from their impending third album Virtual Islands, out Friday 5 August.

Old Sault - Sail Home     Folk 01/07/2016
Old Sault is a “bandless band”, the moniker for Gold Coast local Angie Farr.
Her second single, ‘Sail Home’, a song borne from Farr’s own existential crisis & subsequent self-empowered realization, is out now.

The Tambourine Girls - The Tambourine Girl     Rock, Blues 15/07/2016
The Tambourine Girls' frontman Simon Relf (Deep Sea Arcade) song writing spans folk, psychedelia, rock and Brit-pop. The project has blossomed from a solo venture into an established band.
Relf's ode to his muse is euphoric, with undertones of self-destruction.Twinged with Americana and psych-rock, 'The Tambourine Girl' is a beguiling throwback that wouldn't be out of place in a bygone underground music hall. It's designed to soundtrack a dance in a dark corner - away from prying eyes.

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Verge Collection - Postcodes     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Chill 29/07/2016
Hailing from the infamously fertile musical landscape of Perth, WA, Verge Collection expertly balance classic pop sensibilities and working class poetry to channel the collective conscious of suburban Australian millennials.
An alt country ballad that addresses the challenges working class millenials face in suburban Australia while looking for romance. Tongue in cheek & post-modern references to universal and uniquely Australian cultural icons.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Pop Act, Best EP - Open Plan Living, Best Single - Postcodes, Most Popular New Act


Other tracks by Verge Collection:  Class of '09
Born Joy Dead - Sourdough     Rock, Pop 10/08/2016
With the ability to write hard-driven, agile and refined rock, Brisbane’s Born Joy Dead are fast becoming an outfit to be reckoned with.
Leading up to the release of their sophomore EP comes ‘Sourdough’, a middle finger to the inescapable reality of working a job you hate to be able to do the things (and be with the ones) you love. 'Sourdough' is a delicious, chewy "f*ck you" to the daily grind.

Stillwater Giants - Mount Street     Rock, Pop 10/08/2016
For Stillwater Giants, brotherhood is gospel. They've come through a necessary hiatus that helped turn them from boys to men, both in songwriting and the mateship that hard times brings.
A middle aged 'cat-lady', walking around with her black cat on a leash. 'Bogan Santa’ with his loud squawking parrot perched on his shoulder. 'Hector the Cat’ with wacky haircuts and an unpredictable attitude. It takes all sorts on Mount Street.

WAAX - This Everything     Metal/Punk, Rock 10/08/2016
WAAX are back with a refined intensity and an explosive but focused and dynamic maturity. You’ll see.
“It’s a song about being overwhelmed by everything at once but not being able to move – or at the most - move backwards. I felt myself slipping into the dark places I had been in the past. I was isolating myself socially and felt like I didn’t belong anywhere"


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS), Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

NAATIONS - Kingdom     Electronic, Pop 12/08/2016
One part vocals + one part machines = NAATIONS. A strong nod to island grit and verses that explore the human condition, which sit atop danceable rhythms and catchy hooks.
'Kingdom' is NAATIONS first single, a deft slice of boom bap that’s light on its feet but heavy where it counts, a powerful statement of intent that outlines the duo’s realm.

Osaka - Weights     Rock, Britpop 25/08/2016
The twenty year olds Edvard Hakansson and Gilbert Hulme that formed Melbourne band Osaka, weren’t even born when the golden era of indie rock began… though they still miss it.
The hallmarks of 'Weights' are its chirpy guitars, Britpop-esque vocals and oscillating synths.
Edvard Hakansson explains: "It talks about carrying someone or something’s weight... And what would happen if you just allowed the weight to crush you? Or if you gave up on why you carried it."

AYLA - Like the Other Kids     Pop 01/09/2016
Australian singer/songwriter Ayla has achieved incredible things in her short time on the planet.
The song's chugging production is anchored by a pounding drum that takes it from stunning to anthemic, a catalyst for gentle steps forward despite its "dark imagery". Then there's that voice. The smooth, effortless gliding heights. The insouciant depths. 'Like the Other Kids' represents the dawning of a new age.


Chris Watts - Let Go     Pop, Folk 08/09/2016
Kicking off his career with the debut album ‘Back Down’, Chris Watts offers a set of irresistible folk/indie-pop tunes underpinned by catchy riffs that stay with you.
Delightfully chirpy guitars, sprightly synths and staccato vocals provide a playful lamentation for anyone who's been caught in romantic limbo. She complimented you yesterday, then ignored you today? Clap your hands to the beat. Unsure where it's going, but can't let go? Chuck on some Chris Watts. He gets it.

Osaka - Tease     Rock, Britpop 23/09/2016
Twenty year olds Edvard Hakansson and Gilbert Hulme that formed Melbourne band Osaka, weren’t even born when the golden era of indie rock began, but they're here to revive it.
Hakansson on 'Tease': "As your headspace might be filling up with the expectations you think you have to meet while at the same time being blanketed in a haze of anxiety, and feeling that expectation (self created or not), to be too heavy to handle."

Other tracks by Osaka:  Indian Summer  -  Clarity
Rolls Bayce - Inside Out     Pop, Psychedelic, Soul 24/09/2016
Brisbane’s Rolls Bayce are back with a brand new taste from their forthcoming album.
Searing, direct and impossibly tight, 'Inside Out' is a sonic melting pot. There's a familiarity that breaks to unexpected territory; this is a track that knows where it's come from, but is unashamedly explorative. Galactic synths undulate over stirring guitar jabs, signalling a new era of maturation from Rolls Bayce.

The Tambourine Girls - Cupo     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 24/09/2016
The Tambourine Girls is the creation of founding guitarist and frontman Simon Relf. Relf’s song writing spans an eclectic mix of country, psychedelia, rock and Brit-pop.
Cupo is a sun-drenched exercise in 70s psych, teeming with reverb and - you guessed it - an actual tambourine. Relf explains its inspiration as stemming from his own imaginings about "what it would be like to be a man my age who had grown up in Iraq".

Jacob Moore - Come On, Come On, Come On     Blues/Roots, Soul 14/10/2016
Hailing from Sydney Australia, songwriter/producer Jacob Moore, is finally ready to shine light on his first solo musical presentation in 2016.
Jacob Moore's brand new single off his debut EP All In Time.

Stonefox - Hands Of Gold     Pop, Electronic 14/10/2016
When audiences were first introduced to Stonefox, it was the lush and captivating sound reminiscent of The xx and Daughter that was early to entice lovers of the mellow-pop scene.
Ethereal and delicate, but nudged assuredly forward by a driving back-beat, 'Hands of Gold' is as ambrosial as its birthplace. Once nestled in the confines of a studio, the track finally blossomed into the anthem of heartbreak and hope that Stonefox had envisioned from the very start.

Darling James - God's Graffiti     Pop, Experimental 20/10/2016
Darling James is the moniker of Melbourne-based songwriter James O'Brien.
Opening with a series of blasting faux-cock-rock guitar jabs, 'God’s Graffiti' melts into a head-nodding beat while Darling James’ vocal offers us slices of panicked domestic imagery. Exotic instrumentation including a zither, marimba and minimalist-style piano join; a collage of sounds and textures few would think to combine.

Robbie Miller - Fire     Folk, Electronic 02/11/2016
Robbie Miller is an Indigenous electronic folk artist from Brisbane who has just released his second EP 'Closer to Home'
Playing with the notions of religion, love, lust and sin. ‘Fire’ is about bending your morals, breaking everything you believe in just to find happiness. Being willing to risk absolutely everything just to find a simple connection.