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Mucho Bravado

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East of Here - Don't Need You     Electronic 22/10/2015
East of Here is the recent collaborative project of Joel Spiteri and Mike Holm.
'Don't Need You' follows on with a seamless mix of smooth guitar tones, soaring vocals and plenty of emotion. Produced by Phan Sjarif at Jungle Studios, Sydney.

YesYou - Through Your Eyes feat. La Mar     Electronic 29/10/2015
Brisbane duo YesYou surprised everyone with self-produced debut single ‘Half Of It’, now they're back with newie 'Through Your Eyes'. The first cut from a forthcoming album.
Haunted by the soft-spoken vocal styling of La Mar’s Dylan Wright, the moody downtempo production of their latest, ‘Through Your Eyes’, is driven by an off-kilter bassline, thumping kick and a signature synth riff that tickles the ear.

Ross Henry - The Forester's House     Electronic 09/11/2015
Ross Henry is a Producer/Artist who crafts warm organic electronic music out of the cracks in the floorboards.
Sparse yet intricate, Ross weaves together a pallet of sounds that create a slow, intimate listening experience. The poetic lyrics are inspired by the letters of WW1 poet Wilfred Owen, penned during his time at the front.

The Weather - Too Late     Electronic, Electronic 13/11/2015
After ten long years in the desert, Isaac James is back with his new electronic project "The Weather”.
Too Late” repeats the question “If today too early and tomorrow too late, then what am I supposed to do?” Referring to the idea of not being able to time something perfectly, or fit in with the deadlines set by the status quo.

Worse for Wear - New Nest     Rock, Punk, Pop 13/11/2015
Worse for Wear is the musical product of the prowess of brothers Zac and Curtis Heinz and energetic loud-mouth Clint Hillhouse.
New Nest is about moving away and leaving home. It's about taking on new challenges and taking risks, with love being the motivation.

Other tracks by Worse for Wear:  Falling Down  -  V.I.P
Worse for Wear - Headspin     Rock, Punk, Pop 17/11/2015
Worse for Wear is the musical product of the prowess of brothers Zac and Curtis Heinz and energetic loud-mouth Clint Hillhouse.
Headspin is about the struggle I have with my own anxieties and looking after someone else. In any relationship really there will come a time where you have to be the strong one

Other tracks by Worse for Wear:  Seasick
ROMY - Wild Heart     RnB 18/11/2015
Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/Actress and all round Artist ROMY, has been performing her whole life making her one of the most diverse and amazing acts to experience.
A trap infused, r&b/pop crossover jam carried by seductive vocals and a slick guitar infusion.


Lastlings - Chills     Electronic 19/11/2015
Lastlings is a brother-sister duo making their lush electronic tunes out of the sunny Gold Coast.
The feeling of being in love is a difficult experience to truly capture in song, but Lastlings have managed to with their latest single 'Chills'. Echoing, angelic vocals take centre stage, light as a feather and enchanting as a forest fairy. Swelling synths create a dreamscape of electronica.

Dividem - All In My Head     Electronic, Dance, House, Techno 03/12/2015
Melbourne duo Dividem are garnering attention from the electronic music community supporting the likes of Alison Wonderland, Golden Features and Peking Duk; their energetic, multi-instrumental live performance proving a hit.
‘All In My Head’ sees fearsome analogue synth stabs played off against female feature vocals courtesy of a rising star of local music (whose identity remains shrouded in mystery.)

Vinnie LaDuce - Girl     Electronic, Chill 03/12/2015
Vinnie LaDuce is class and enigma. There is no need for second-guessing. No concern for nostalgia. No calculations.
Angry, loping, distorted drums and huge crunchy synths form the hip hop bed for an eerie, half falsetto vocal that rises from the chaos. All this tension without losing the playful, cheeky, slow dance feel that is a familiar and gentle undercurrent in VL creations.

La Mar - Still Wild     Electronic, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 08/12/2015
La Mar is a dynamic light and shade between the soaring heights of vocalist Dylan Wright and the deep textured Prophet and Fender Rhodes tones of Andrew Grant’s keyboard layers.
La Mar return with 'Still Wild'; an ever so smooth, syncopated gem and the second single from their forthcoming EP of the same name. Soulful lyrics peak with the line 'everything I touch turns to gold'.

Dividem - My Master     Electronic, House 11/12/2015
Dividem are garnering attention from the electronic music community via a string of supports alongside Alison Wonderland, Golden Features & Peking Duk, their energetic, multi-instrumental live performance proving a hit.
The term "banger" gets thrown around so much these days it's almost lost all meaning; but how many other tracks have the power to instantly conjure up images of dark, steamy, smoky rooms filled with sweaty, writhing bodies - and to make you wish you were there?

WAAX - Holy Sick     Metal/Punk, Rock 11/01/2016
Rolling Stone described WAAX as "a short, sharp, sonic kick to the face that will leave you humming their melodies while picking your teeth off the floor."
A middle finger to disappointment.

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Other tracks by WAAX:  I For An Eye
Billy Fox - East Coast     Electronic, Electronic 14/01/2016
In 2015 Fox brought his new single, ‘Lights’ and to kick off 2016 he offers up yet another thought provoker in ‘East Coast’.
Billy Fox writes for anyone who's ever made an impromptu journey for a long-distance lover in 'East Coast'. More than that, it's a chilled out ode to homesickness of the best kind and all the nostalgic twangs that come with yearning for a coastline, a city and its people.

Tropical Zombie - Call The Police     Rock, Atmospheric 12/02/2016
Tropical Zombie's mission is to make you shake it. The Sydney sextet's music can get even the most planted wallflowers out of their pots and onto the D-floor.
'Call The Police' marries bittersweet lamentations with chiming guitars and one hell of a harmonica solo. These guys DGAF about playing by the rules, they just care about getting feet moving.

Gypsy & the Cat - Inside Your Mind     Electronic, Pop, Psychedelic 17/02/2016
Gypsy & The Cat are sleek, neon, fantastical, melodic. They'll make you dance with such abandon that you spill your drink and don’t care. Their new LP drops this year.
Roll call: punchy falsettos, walls of dreamy synths and a reason to dance? All present. ‘Inside Your Mind’ throws a retrograding acoustic guitar into the mix, orbiting in just the right places.

Eastward - Golden Morning ft. Emily Lubitz     Electronic, Soundscapes 04/03/2016
Eastward's an indie art pop electro producer shackled to a seaside studio in Melbourne. His love of analogue synths & collection of guitars build the foundations of his unique style.
'Golden Morning' builds on the foundations already laid by debut single ‘Old Green Thumb’, this time enlisting the vocal support of Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange).

Machine Age - Don't Look     Electronic, Soundscapes, Industrial, Folk 09/03/2016
Releasing single ‘Chivalry’ in 2015, 'Don't Look' is the second single from the Brisbane based one man music machine that is Machine Age.
Machine Age is firing the pistons and cogs into gear for 2016 with brand new single 'Don't Look'. Our advice? Do the opposite. Do look. Look and listen intently to this confidence inducer. Don't Look combines rich layers of delicate guitars, intriguing drum loops and industrial glitches.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Benji Lewis - Reach You Where You Are     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Chill 10/03/2016
Benji Lewis is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter working with Jan Skubiszewski (Owl Eyes,Daniel Merriweather, Illy), Michael Paynter & Michael Delorenzis of MSquared Productions on his debut EP Hearts & Halos
This song is about loving and missing someone, wanting to know if you can still reach them wherever they are & wanting to know that they are still around.

Produced & Mixed by Jan Skubiszewski
Mastered by Leon Zervos

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Other tracks by Benji Lewis:  Never Leave You Lonely  -  Why
Muddy Chanter - Polo Cholo     Rock 11/03/2016
The first offering arrives in ‘Polo Cholo’, a dance-floor-shaking single, combining high energy lead lines and vocal melodies with effortless-feel-good swagger and groove.
The first offering arrives in ‘Polo Cholo’, a dance-floor-shaking single, combining high energy lead lines and vocal melodies with effortless-feel-good swagger and groove.

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