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Mucho Bravado

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Lurch & Chief - Mother/Father     Rock, Pop 19/02/2014
Lurch & Chief are an indie rock sextet based in Melbourne, Australia.
Featuring the sextet's penchant for penning sinfully-infectious and soaring rock anthems, 'M / F' doesn't pull any punches in the lyrical department, once again boasting the dual vocal powerhouse of Hayden Somerville and Lili Hall.

Run To Damascus - Hide & Seek     Hip Hop, Dance 07/03/2014
Sydney friends Luke Girgis and Jon Reichardt have been working together for a while now, but never before under a capacity like this – Run To Damascus.
Executively-produced by Chance Waters himself, 'Hide & Seek' is the ambitious first single, utilizing a collective pool of their talents to produce a cracking debut single - Girgis writes the lyrics and raps the words while the multi instrumentalist Reichardt plays everything else.

Bec Laughton & YesYou - Gonna Love You (Remix)     Electronic, Pop 21/03/2014
Bec Laughton is a soul-pop artist from Brisbane. This version of her single 'Gonna Love You' was remixed by Brisbane electro duo YesYou.
After audiences were left captivated by Bec Laughton’s euphoric pairing of soulful vocals and a beat that would leave you dancing long into the night on ‘Gonna Love You’, she returns with a stunning remix of her new single courtesy of the rising stars of Australian dance YesYou.

Bec Laughton - Number One (Heartbreak)     Pop, Soul, RnB 28/03/2014
Brisbane indie soul songstress Bec Laughton is a tiny redhead with a giant voice, and has quite a knack for penning a killer pop hook.
Laughton's latest fuses infectious pop lyrics with her own brand of slick, soulful R&B production. A forward thinking artist who continues to release utterly enthralling pop, Bec Laughton is certainly an artist to watch in 2014.

The Phoncurves - Lover     Pop, Acoustic 02/04/2014
The Phoncurves are a Brisbane based alt-pop duo.
Brisbane duo The Phoncurves are back with new single ‘Lover’, a return to the signature, soulful foundations laid with their recent single ‘Heartstrings’. ‘Lover’ builds on all these growing band trademarks and showcases not only their stunning harmonies, but also a rolling groove, captivating lyrics and left of centre instrumentation.

Little Odessa - It's About Time     Rock, Pop 04/04/2014
Little Odessa are a 4 piece rock & roll band based in Brisbane, Australia.
'It's About Time' is the brand new single from rapidly emerging Brisbane band Little Odessa and the follow-up to their Summer-saturing banger 'All Night'. This new single will undoubtedly help cement the lads' reputation as the consumate party starters, with an ear for an infectious hook and second-to-none musicianship.

Calling All Cars - Good God!     Rock 08/04/2014
Calling All Cars are a Melbourne based rock trio who have just released their third album 'Raise The People' to critical acclaim.
Following on from 'Werewolves' and 'Standing In The Ocean' comes 'Good God!', a punchy, anthematic song mixed by Tchad Blake. Described by frontman as "a song about being cheated on", sonically the track focusses on a driving rhythm section and a "sticky sounding" bass tone that stitches the song together.

Billy Fox - Mystery     Electronic, RnB 08/05/2014
Billy Fox is a Sydney-based musician, producer, writer and experimental purveyor of thought-provoking electronica. Launched late-2013 with the soulful ‘Monuments’, the new project was born simply out of perfect timing.
Billy Fox's 'Mystery' delves into the experimental electronica and dream-pop, with a dash of RnB thrown in for good measure. It builds on the layered sounds and production elements introduced by first single 'Monuments' and shows off Fox's skills as a mulch-instrumentalist.

Skryptcha - What We Do It For     Hip Hop 08/05/2014
Skryptcha is a Sydney based hip hop artists and MC who has returned from a musical hiatus, coming back with fresh new material in single 'What We Do It For'.
Now comes the first track exhibiting Skryptcha’s new direction, ‘What We Do It For’. The content is brutally honest and has been paired with unique and modern production all melding together on a song that further cements Skryptcha as one of the most hardworking and innovative voices in Australian hip-hop.

The Sinking Teeth - You Can't Build A Bike Out Of Muffins     Rock, Punk 29/05/2014
The Sinking Teeth are a three piece post-punk outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
The Sinking Teeth are back with a new single titled 'You Can't Build A Bike Out Of Muffins'. Yep, you read that correctly. But don't be fooled by the name, this is another slice of angsty post-punk goodness people have come to love from The Sinking Teeth.

Tin Sparrow - Echoes In The Dark     Folk, Pop, Rap 30/05/2014
Tin Sparrow are a pop folk trio hailing from Sydney, Australia.
The track combines driving rhythms mixed with a jangling guitar hook and Amery’s soaring vocals. As the title suggests, “Echoes In The Dark” taps into the notion of memory, and the small pieces of someone that get left behind.

Zaped - Paradise feat. Georgia Potter     Electronic, Pop 13/06/2014
Zaped is the solo bedroom project of Brisbane based producer Jordan De Pas.
'Paradise' is another party starter by Zaped and displays his keen knack for pairing with the right collaborators. Georgia Potters vocals add an extra layer to an already solid electro-pop tune.

Them Bruins - Barrenlands     Rock 19/06/2014
All boys must grow up. Even if they don’t want to, so must Them Bruins. 2014 heralds the most surprising recasting of one of the country’s most promising rock bands.
The first taste of this Rubicon to musical manhood is ‘Barrenlands’ - a venomous scream-along of a tribute to all that slowly kills you. Depressed much? Not really. Not yet. Now shut up and sing it with me *Do-do, do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do-do*.

Jack Carty - The Joneses     Pop, Folk 20/06/2014
It's his dedication to narrative, lyrical turn of phrase and melody that gains the kind of widespread critical acclaim to make you believe in Jack Carty.
Upbeat and catchy, yet layered and considered, ‘The
Joneses’ is a meditation on the melancholy of
expectation, disguised as a precocious pop song. After
all, all you have to do to be free from expectations is to
let go of them, right?

Sleepy Tea - Hold On To Your Breath     Pop, Folk 20/06/2014
Originally an experimental project for Brisbane songwriter and musician Tom Wearne, Sleepy Tea is now a newly formed band that has swollen from the creative outlet of one to five.
The first single from the new release is the majestic 'Hold On To Your Breath' which instantly makes good on the Sleepy Tea promise as Wearne's vocal sweeps in, evoking wistful memories, lucid dream and days left behind.

Jack Carty feat. Katie Noonan - The Universe     Folk, Acoustic 01/08/2014
Following three solid years of travel, tours and no fixed address, Carty has finished a new album, grounded in ideas of process and time.
The collaborative nature of Jack Carty's new album is again on display, this time in the form of a smooth and soulful duet with Noonan, titled 'The Universe'. Carty's intricate guitar parts drive the song, but it's the pair's soaring vocals that are the real stars of 'The Universe'.

Babaganouj - Bluff     Rock, Pop 05/08/2014
Babaganouj are a indie rock band from Brisbane. Made up of the members from other notable local acts 'the band deliver power pop like no one else!
Taken from their forthcoming EP, Bluff is a shimmering indie gem with memorable pop lyrics and guitar riffs bound to make you want to dance.

Rainy Day Women - Mrs. Jones     Pop, Easy Listening 02/09/2014
Boogy boarding may have bonded the lads of Rainy Day Women, but a collection of sunny pop songs are what have made them a fixture on the Australian music map.
The tongue-in-cheek ‘Mrs. Jones’ is a nod to those classic songs about fantasying about an older woman. Beginning as a joking jingle between friends, the tune refused to disappear and so was morphed into a twist on classic 50s ‘doo wop’ songs. Mrs. Jones will definitely approve of the result.

Jack Carty - Be Like The Water     Folk, Easy Listening, Roots 03/09/2014
Time flies, and so does Jack Carty. Three years of travel have arrived at ‘Esk’, an album as dynamic as cohesive, as venturesome as reflective, and as playful as poetic.
‘Be Like The Water’ was finished upstairs at Bulli’s Heritage Hotel, a place of supposed superstition. Moving from a finger picked tune to a strummed burst of energy, the eerie vibe of Jack’s surroundings were channelled into a song of imagery and grit, showcasing Jack at his dynamic best.

The Church - Pride Before A Fall     Rock, Psychedelic 19/09/2014
The Church are an Australian rock band who have been making music since the early 80s.
The first taste of Further/Deeper comes in the form of the track 'Pride Before A Fall'. The ballad introduces us to the next step in the church's sound, and while embracing the signature psych leanings, this is proof that the band are making music that is both futuristic and relevant.