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Mucho Bravado

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Glitoris - Spit Hood     Rock, Punk 31/07/2018
Glitoris are four fearless musicians who roar through uncompromising, unapologetic and unforgettable punk rock shows. This August, Glitoris head on an Australia-wide tour in August 2018 as Regurgitator’s special guests.
The first taste of Glitoris' long-awaited debut album, ‘Spit Hood’ is a fast, fierce and frenetic two minute track; a confrontational blast of pure punk rock fury. A damning critique on police brutality and failures in the criminal justice system, ‘Spit Hood’ projects the outrage of injustice through the band’s powerful musicianship.

Darling James - Glass Canoe     Pop, Pop 03/08/2018
Melbourne Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter returns with sophomore EP MOOD EYES.
Crunchy synth and cascading keys build to a stinging guitar riff

Darling James - You're The Only One That I Need Now     Pop 03/08/2018
Melbourne multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter returns with sophomore EP MOOD EYES.
You're The Only One That I Need Now sparkles with O'Brien's unmistakable pop focus and head-bopping production.

Other tracks by Darling James:  Never Let Me Go  -  Interlude (Present Sentimental)
Meres - Feardom     Rock, Pop, Punk 03/08/2018
Conceived in the perfect echo chambers of Canada’s cheap motel bathrooms, Meres came into its own in northern Tasmania. The glittering brand of dreamy, fuzzed out punk explores "the dissident and the mundane".
Written through the atonal gauze of a unique and abstract feedback loop, 'Feardom' is awash with reverberant vocal delay, menacing dissonance and tumbling beats. 

VOIID - Twin     Rock, Punk 03/08/2018
Coming together to annoy the fuck out of the neighbours with thrashed garage punk noise; they are guaranteed to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry.
‘Twin is a forceful display of how VOIID have grown musically and lyrically since their debut EP. The song is about societies expectations of how we should look, dress, feel and sound and that the only person who should dictate these things for you is you. We feel that abiding by someone else's standards won't get you anywhere.

Paradise Club - Heart Of Gold     Rock, Pop 17/08/2018
Paradise Club embrace the washed-out haze of dream pop’s golden age and entwine sonic hints of their youth spent cutting their teeth in the moshpits of Adelaide's hardcore scene.
Heart Of Gold’ sees the band move in a decidedly more pop-influenced direction, while still staying true to the dream-emo groundwork. Sun drenched, jangly guitars decorate the track and catapult Paradise Club to new, euphoric heights. Going deep, they explore the emotional chasm and chaotic nature of romance; the hesitation, optimism, yearning, anxiety and melancholy of human relationships.

Asha Jefferies - Everybody Talks     Pop, Rock 18/08/2018
Asha Jefferies is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane who writes confessional indie-pop.
'Everybody Talks' sees Jefferies pairing her characteristically warm, poised vocals with delicate guitar work, building incrementally to a crescendo of crashing symbols, layered vocals and dueling guitars, seemingly foreshadowing the catalyst of a simmering argument. The single exemplifies the duality of Jefferies as a musician; vulnerable as a songwriter and possessing the emotional fortitude of woman mature beyond her years.

Horror My Friend - Wedding     Rock, Punk 24/08/2018
Horror My Friend summon the spirit of alternative rock and shoe gaze through the great majority of their music. while maintaining a wave of fuzz and reverb.
The single embodies waves straight out of the 90's with strong post-punk alternative rock ques. Their noise guitar riffs and thrashing percussion are paired harmoniously with punchy lyricism drive home the message of feeling lost while also gaining confidence and ground through an understanding of not caring. The track drags an underlying reverb attitude which is re-occurring theme.

RAT!hammock - June     Rock 24/08/2018
More than just the cutest Google Image search on the Internet. RAT!hammock are an indie-rock four piece from Melbourne.
RAT!hammock return with new single 'June', which sees the band stay tapped into their contagious jangle pop influences, employ cascading acoustic guitars, earnest, stream of consciousness lyrics and propulsive percussive elements throughout

Thando - Happy     Funk/Soul, RnB 25/08/2018
Melbourne based soul singer Thando returns with biting new single 'Happy'
With sleek production care of Tentendo, Thando's new single 'Happy', sees the songstress adeptly meld soul and hip-hop elements, smoothing the biting message of her new song with her quintessential, honied vocals.

San Mei - Heaven     Rock, Pop 25/09/2018
San Mei is a multi-instrumentalist from the Gold Coast who produces guitar driven dream pop. Her new single 'Heaven' is lifted from her forthcoming EP of the same name.
'Heaven' is the second track pulled from the upcoming EP of the same name, and sees San Mei contrast duelling guitars with lush, cascading vocals to deliver a cut plucked straight from dream pop heaven.

Donatachi - Precious Meatal feat. Rromarin     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 28/09/2018
Donatachi has a tight grip on all things bright, bubbly hyper-colour pop and is shaping the genreless music utopia and glistening bubble-gum bops.
'Precious Metal' explores the delicate side of being vulnerable in keeping something close to your heart. The short yet specific lyrics from pop wonder Rromarin sit beautifully on top of the spacey, bubble gum production. Being a fully independent artist, this track shows his unrelenting, full range of bursting hypercolour sound design and optimistic flair and unironic love for the genre.

Fragile Animals - Landing     Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Sunshine Coast three-piece Fragile Animals make sweetly melancholic indie rock with catchy-but-sombre melodies that move with an effortless glide.
An upliftingly, airy offering from their forthcoming sophomore EP, 'Landing' is part indie-pop, part shoegaze paragon. Luscious layering of slow burning choruses and intricate guitar melodies, 'Landing' draws inspiration from the difficulty of letting go.

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Horror My Friend - Ultraviolet     Rock, Garage, Punk, Ska 06/10/2018
Adelaide’s trio Horror My Friend's barely controlled noise and fuzz, summons the spirit of alternative rock and shoe gaze, breaking new ground and embedding themselves firmly in the present.
'Ultraviolet' is the second track on Horror My friend's second LP, Home Life.
Drawing inspiration from their hectic IRLives as touring musicians, the new LP sees Horror My Friend examine the push and pull of maintaining relationships, jobs and ultimately normality.

Other tracks by Horror My Friend:  Admit None  -  Heavy Eyelids
IV League - Lose Me     Rock 01/11/2018
Melbourne rockers IV League kneel at the feet of the 90's heroes while keeping their unique sound strong and vibrant.
"A self-reflection of sorts, assessing my feelings at a pretty dark and confusing time in my life in which I was feeling really scared and anxious about the transition from adolescence into early adulthood", IV League's Bella Venutti

San Mei - Shadows     Rock, Pop 02/11/2018
San Mei is a multi instrumentalist and producer from the Gold Coast. Her new 4-track EP Heaven is her sophomore release.
Shadows is a guitar driven indie pop song in which San Mei showcases her impressive vocal range

Other tracks by San Mei:  Two Planets
Pines - Speak     Electronic 09/11/2018
PINES is Adam Dormand and James Kenneally, an Adelaide-based electronic duo. PINES’ sound blends electronic, hip hop and indie music, with organic and synthesised sounds with big beats.
‘Speak’, the latest single from PINES sees the duo shift up a gear with an irrefutable dance track that is both soulful and club-ready. Expanding the sonic universe of PINES, ‘Speak’ combines atmospheric synths, glitchy melodies and mesmerising vocals. A driving four to the floor beat and dark, bassy undertones provide the foundation for this hypnotic gem.

Vic Park - Don't Let Me Fall     Pop, Acoustic 17/11/2018
Vic Park is the new moniker of Jack Poulson FKA JP Klipspringer
An upbeat, spring time love song

Asha Jefferies - If You Were My Hero     Pop, Rock 01/02/2019
Brisbane emergent Asha Jefferies is thrilled to share new single 'If You Were My Hero'. The track follows successful previous single 'Everybody Talks' and coincides with her debut 'Hold Yourself Together' EP and tour.
Produced with Miro Mackie (St. Vincent, Dirty Projectors, Bishop Briggs), Asha says of the track: "'If You Were My Hero' is the happiest song I've ever written. I wrote it about dating someone because a psychic told me i should. After a short lived love affair and an inevitable break up, I realised I'd never been happier to be happy on my own."

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Other tracks by Asha Jefferies:  Absence & Copyright  -  How Do You Build An Ocean
Hobson's Bay Coast Guard - Junkie     Rock, Garage 01/02/2019
Following the success of hyped previous singles, the rulers of Melbourne's surf-psyche stack - Hobson's Bay Coast Guard - have unveiled new single 'Junkie', another swag-laden gem from their forthcoming debut album.
A classic take on the slacker-surf-psyche vibes sitting somewhere between Tame Impala, Parquet Courts and King Gizzard, but with skittish Beach Boys harmonies and with a sound that is entirely their own.