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Mucho Bravado

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Donatachi - In Rotation     Electronic 07/06/2017
Donatachi rose to prominence in 2016 after glittery single 'Bunny Island', his collaboration with fellow Sydney producer Oh Boy and Brisbane pop wunderkind Mallrat. It then scored a release through Diplo’s imprint label Good Enuff
'In Rotation', featuring the bouncy vocals of French singer Gustine. Displaying his infectious brand of pop-beats and sugary hooks, 'In Rotation' is the product of Donatachi's time spent in Yoyogi, Japan, and even features a sample of the Yoyogi train station jingle. 

Low Dive - Common People     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 10/06/2017
Brand new Brisbane duo, Low Dive share their unique brand of transcendent dream-pop, delivering dark and lush landscapes with their debut single, 'Common People'.
‘Common People’ is the first single from Low Dive’s upcoming EP, set for release later this year. The single was recorded, mixed and mastered in February with local producer Rose Parker and the accompanying video was produced and directed by Steefan Van Jaarsveld over a weekend in April this year.

Isadore - Lose Control     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 17/06/2017
Isadoré is the moniker of singer, songwriter and producer Isabelle Reynaud. A familiar face in Melbourne‟s live music scene, Isabelle decided to venture on an electronic singer-songwriter solo project; Isadoré.
Lose Control' is the thumping pop debut from Melbourne singer, songwriter Isadoré. A melting pot of flavours with flattering references to 90s icons such as Madison Avenue and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, 'Lose Control' embodies a fresh breath of understated pop. 

San Mei - Necessary     Pop 28/06/2017
San Mei is the moniker of Gold Coast-based, indie-pop artist Emily Hamilton, whose solo project began in 2013 as a self-produced bedroom pop project.
This track is about kindness. The lyric that really sums up the song for me is "we've all got nothing but trouble in our heads, and it's necessary to mend". Everyone has stuff going on, the song is about acknowledging that and just trying to be good to other people.

Wild Honey - Break Away     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 08/07/2017
Fiercely independent and poised for launch, Sydney's Wild Honey release the first glimpse of their debut full-length album with single 'Break Away'.
A call to arms for anyone who feels like their job couldn’t get any worse. ‘Break Away’, the first single from their upcoming debut album ‘In Your Head’. The band recorded the song with Jack Moffitt (The Preatures, Mosquito Coast).

Andy Ward - Gun Shy     Electronic 26/07/2017
Andy Ward is a Brisbane based singer/writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist. Defining his music as “rolling electronic ballads” and a new sound for a new generation, Ward is Brisbane’s elusive jack of all trades.
'Gun Shy' is a bold protest song wrapped in the allegory of an upbeat love song. A reaction to generational disconnect, the track speaks to being part of an age bracket that is constantly stereotyped as liberally minded lazy, smashed-avo eating lay-abouts who won’t do anything if it’s too challenging.

North Elements - Dark Light     Electronic 05/08/2017
Drawing inspiration from the vast array of natural grace found within his Australian landscape, North Elements aims to create the perfect aural compliment for the elements that surround him.
Dark Light is a track that resonates and uplifts from stat to finish. Featuring Melbourne vocalist Rromarin.

Maya Payne - Something We Once Knew     Electronic 10/08/2017
Having topped the iTunes electronic charts and Spotify viral charts with her track “If Only”,Maya Payne's career highlights include supporting Charlie XCX and gaining over 5 million Spotify streams.
Thumping and melodic, "Something We Once Knew" is a track about longing for a disintegrated relationship. Dynamic and heavy hitting choruses are contrasted by simmering slow burn verses. The track soars in the choruses and leaves the listener with feelings of elation and sorrow.

Saatsuma - Crescent     Electronic 15/08/2017
On stage SAATSUMA are a five-piece live act, fronted by Memphis Kelly. Danceable and dynamic, yet intimate and emotive, SAATSUMA’s live show is an unmissable and highly immersive sonic experience.
The undeniable energy of the moon and its effect on our emotions and behaviours. Our deep connection to the land that we’re often so unaware of…We’re often resistant to work on and better ourselves, that we ultimately miss out on exploring this deeper sense of belonging, wholeness and true self-awareness.

Halcyon Drive - The Birds     Rock, Electronic 25/08/2017
Based in Melbourne, Halcyon Drive are a duo who make electronic infused rock. Their new single The Birds is out now and is the first from their upcoming debut album.
With quirky electronic toy sounds almost mimicking that of real bird sounds, ‘The Birds’ flutters around the period of trepidation that comes with a new romance. In vocalist Michael Oechsle's own words, it's "where two people have to learn about each other, their routines, their ways of living life."


Wild Honey - Messed Up     Pop, Rock 01/09/2017
Wild Honey are a five piece indie-pop band out of Sydney just about to release their debut album and have released singles 'Break Away', 'Pull It Together' and 'Messed Up'
Front man Thom Moore says the track came about when he started to question his own routine of “putting up with whatever I had to do through the week, hanging out for the weekend when I could get loaded, but then too soon its Monday and I’d press repeat. ”.

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Zapéd - Push     Electronic, Pop 12/09/2017
Zapéd builds soundtracks to seasons. Evolving from the mind of Brisbane Producer Jordan De Pas, Zapéd is ambitious yet intimate storytelling anchored by a sonic honesty and atmospheric soul.
Zapéd's stunning new single, the first official release from him in two years sees the Brisbane producer hurtle into new sonic territory and debut his dreamy vocals on new single 'Push'. Zapéd delivers bubbling electronica smoothed at the edges by his signature style and one hell of a party starter.

Leroy Francis - Carry Me     Rock, Grunge, Garage 16/09/2017
With his smoky, haunting voice and foreboding presence, Francis epitomizes the reckless abandon of his debut single ‘Carry Me’, an effortless, yet unselfconscious two minute, eight second aural assault
With his smoky, haunting voice and foreboding presence, Francis epitomizes the reckless abandon of his debut single ‘Carry Me’, an effortless, yet unselfconscious two minute, eight second aural assault.

The Church - Undersea     Rock 05/10/2017
One of the most passionately admired rock bands of our time, the church unveil new single 'Undersea' in preparation for their latest sonic masterpiece, 'Man Woman Life Death Infinity'.
The deeply chiming second single from the album, ‘Undersea,' is the ominously descending result of Kilbey's suggestion that the band should pretend to be another one altogether, like Sgt. Pepper willfully choosing the brown acid.


Maya Payne - Something We Once Knew (PatrickReza Remix)     Electronic, Dance 20/10/2017
Electro songstress Maya Payne has already created waves at the tender age of 20 - releasing her debut EP, supporting Charlie XCX and clocking up 5 million Spotify streams.
Maya Payne's 'Something We Once Knew' has been re-imagined into a whole new beast. Remixed by PatrickReza, get ready to drop it low to Maya's angelic voice is backed by filthy, electronic beats

Ayla - Porcelain Doll     Pop 01/11/2017
Brisbane via The Sunshine Coast pop songstress Ayla has built her reputation on shimmering pop melodies and introspective lyricism.
Golden throated, heart string pulling, pop ballad penning Ayla returns with new single 'Porcelain Doll'. A song about insecurity and the fragility of new love.

OK Sure - Modern Devil     Electronic, Industrial, Techno, Experimental 01/11/2017
Anyone who has glimpsed OK Sure's distinctive imagery and unique downtempo, industrial, dark, melodic electronica will know she's not one to follow conventions.
OK Sure's hellish 'Modern Devil', fittingly due just in time for Halloween, blasts some seriously dark electro beats, crafting an explosive and at times unsettling sound. .

Verge Collection - So Vain     Rock, Alternative Country 24/11/2017
Hailing from the infamously fertile musical landscape of Perth, VERGE COLLECTION expertly balance classic pop sensibilities and working class poetry to channel the collective conscious of suburban Australian millennials.
So Vain a two minute banger that see's the Perth indie-pop natives flip the bird to judgmental folks.

JEFFE - WHOEVER YOU LOVE, i'm COOL     Pop, Electronic 06/12/2017
JEFFE’s debut arrives from the depths. “WHOEVER YOU LOVE, i’m COOL” tells a tale of emotional detachment - a small scene peppered with clues of a decaying domesticity.
JEFFE’s debut arrives from the depths. “WHOEVER YOU LOVE, i’m COOL” tells a tale of emotional detachment - a small scene peppered with clues of a decaying domesticity.

OK Sure - Sorry     Electronic, Industrial, Techno 01/02/2018
Downtempo electronic Australian DJ and producer Ok Sure's otherworldy soundscapes span territories of downtempo, industrial, dark melodic electronica and DJ sets pulsing with techno, deep house, electronica and…whatever.
OK Sure's melancholic 'Sorry' is yet another eerily beautiful example of the producer's truly unique brand downtempo, industrial, dark, melodic electronica.