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Mucho Bravado

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Meredith - How Could You Believe That     Electronic, Downbeat, Folk 18/03/2016
Brisbane artist Meredith creates music that is effortless and free flowing and as utterly enthralling as the singer’s warm aura.
The single is a twinkling yet unsettling exploration of how a toxic relationship can affect not only the sufferer themselves, but also those closest to them.

Maya Payne - Something We Once Knew     Electronic 10/08/2017
Having topped the iTunes electronic charts and Spotify viral charts with her track “If Only”,Maya Payne's career highlights include supporting Charlie XCX and gaining over 5 million Spotify streams.
Thumping and melodic, "Something We Once Knew" is a track about longing for a disintegrated relationship. Dynamic and heavy hitting choruses are contrasted by simmering slow burn verses. The track soars in the choruses and leaves the listener with feelings of elation and sorrow.

Maya Payne - Something We Once Knew (PatrickReza Remix)     Electronic, Dance 20/10/2017
Electro songstress Maya Payne has already created waves at the tender age of 20 - releasing her debut EP, supporting Charlie XCX and clocking up 5 million Spotify streams.
Maya Payne's 'Something We Once Knew' has been re-imagined into a whole new beast. Remixed by PatrickReza, get ready to drop it low to Maya's angelic voice is backed by filthy, electronic beats

Mary Handsome - No Hot No More     Rock 01/06/2016
Forming in the early months of 2014 from a mutual love of thrashing guitars around and just being general nuisances.
A lead line driven banger from the Mary Handsome lads

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Maples - Stars     Pop, Electronic 12/12/2014
After several years of quiet and careful craft, Sydney-based songstress Gabby Huber is stepping into the world as Maples, occupying the sonic world where acoustic instruments and electronics meet.
There's no other status or emotion that throws an artist into a mode of creation like heartache and 'Stars' is the product of just that; culminating a sound ambient yet pop-driven, it's a song about suppression and the yearning to overcome, break free, and finally soar.

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Machine Age - Don't Look     Electronic, Soundscapes, Industrial, Folk 09/03/2016
Releasing single ‘Chivalry’ in 2015, 'Don't Look' is the second single from the Brisbane based one man music machine that is Machine Age.
Machine Age is firing the pistons and cogs into gear for 2016 with brand new single 'Don't Look'. Our advice? Do the opposite. Do look. Look and listen intently to this confidence inducer. Don't Look combines rich layers of delicate guitars, intriguing drum loops and industrial glitches.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Machine Age - Chivalry     Electronic, Rock 24/04/2015
Cairns-via-Brisbane producer-performer Adrian Mauro has helped his friends record and perform their tunes, but now, he's making his own foray into the spotlight as Machine Age with debut single 'Chivalry'.
"Does chivalry still exist in this age of stalk book and booty call dating apps?" Well, Machine Age would like to think so. His debut single 'Chivalry' is the product of his very own musical and sexual revolution, indulging a production palette of organic instruments, programmed beats and effected guitars.

Lurch & Chief - We Are The Same     Rock, Garage 01/06/2013
Lurch & Chief have developed an intricate sound of their own, blending styles from 60s garage-surf to psychedelic jams and indie dancefloor fillers seamlessly together by shared lead boy/girl vocals.
Their hooky new single “We Are The Same” continues the band’s relationship with renowned producer Lindsay Gravina and highlights the unique blend of catchy yet emotive male/female vocals. “We Are The Same” is the second single to from the band’s forthcoming EP, “Wiped Out”, due for release on August 12.

Lurch & Chief - Mother/Father     Rock, Pop 19/02/2014
Lurch & Chief are an indie rock sextet based in Melbourne, Australia.
Featuring the sextet's penchant for penning sinfully-infectious and soaring rock anthems, 'M / F' doesn't pull any punches in the lyrical department, once again boasting the dual vocal powerhouse of Hayden Somerville and Lili Hall.

Lupa J - Put Me Back Together     Electronic 14/03/2017
18 year old classically trained violinist turned indie electronic song maker.
Driven by bold, electronically inspired beats with Lupa-J’s angelic vocals ‘Put Me Back Together’ invites the listener into an emancipating groove. Exploring relationship dynamics, and emotional expression, the track fights the idea that girls should live up to the ideal that a women should be soft, pretty and easily digestible.

Luke Fox - Fly in the Champagne     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 01/05/2017
A professional firefighter with a creative and intrepid spirit from small town South West Aus. Mellow vocals, sentimental and relatable songwriting.
Fly in the Champagne is a reflection on the moments that make a friendship eternal. When your mate is having a difficult time and is open and vulnerable you need to connect with it all to help remove the burden off his shoulders and let the troubles drift away.

Low Dive - Common People     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 10/06/2017
Brand new Brisbane duo, Low Dive share their unique brand of transcendent dream-pop, delivering dark and lush landscapes with their debut single, 'Common People'.
‘Common People’ is the first single from Low Dive’s upcoming EP, set for release later this year. The single was recorded, mixed and mastered in February with local producer Rose Parker and the accompanying video was produced and directed by Steefan Van Jaarsveld over a weekend in April this year.

Louis Spoils - Bugsy Moore     Pop, Rock 06/08/2013
Jake Rush is not a new name in Australian Music. With help from some well known musician friends, Louis Spoils self titled EP is the first of many for Jake.
This song is a tribute to an old friend Jake worked with. With help from Sam Cromac (Ball Park Music) on vocal Harmonies and Wally De Becker (Gotye) on Drums this soulful track is the first on Louis Spoils EP. This song is influenced by the Fleet Foxes and Outkast.

Other tracks by Louis Spoils:  The Fixx  -  Sleep at Night
Lola Scott - Heaven Knows     Pop, Electronic 02/08/2019
“Synth-heavy indie pop floating in melancholic drama" - it’s a perfect description from Lola Scott herself of her multi-faceted musical stylings.
It’s about how when you feel yourself falling out of love you start to imagine what it could be like being with someone else. Living in that lie until you feel like it’s too late to say how you really feel, not to say it was all a lie; it just grew into a different type of love.

Little Odessa - My Girl     Rock, Pop 04/05/2013
Gelling energetic 50s swagger with 60s/70s pop, their somewhat unique 'throw back' sound maintains a relevant aesthetic for modern consumption.
Their debut single "My Girl" gels energetic 50s swagger with 60s/70s pop to create a somewhat unique “throw back” sound. With an ever-growing fan base, it’s rare to find a single soul in the crowd not dancing and singing along at one of Little Odessa’s performances.

Little Odessa - It's About Time     Rock, Pop 04/04/2014
Little Odessa are a 4 piece rock & roll band based in Brisbane, Australia.
'It's About Time' is the brand new single from rapidly emerging Brisbane band Little Odessa and the follow-up to their Summer-saturing banger 'All Night'. This new single will undoubtedly help cement the lads' reputation as the consumate party starters, with an ear for an infectious hook and second-to-none musicianship.

Little Odessa - All Night     Rock, Retro 15/11/2013
Starting off as a cover band in a small bar in Brisbane, Little Odessa created a following due to their amazing talents and stage performance.
A snappy two-and-a-half minutes of blistering rock’n’roll that displays everything that Little Odessa are about - a lot of personality and swagger, a keen eye for sharp songwriting and something that will blow your socks off live.

Little Fox - Edits     Pop 17/07/2015
Little Fox has been generating a passionate and loyal network of fans. ‘Edits’ is the first in a string of singles set for release this year.
Instantly captivating with a glitchy, eerie intro, ‘Edits’ moves away from Little Fox’s more earthy fuzzy tones with a cleaner sound. Still revealing her subtle darker side, this is a soundtrack to a very obvious breakdown, highlighting the destruction of other people’s opinions and commentary about a person’s life.

Lisa Mitchell - Wah Ha     Pop, Folk 04/10/2014
Just 24 and a time in her life when most are graduating university or finding 'real jobs', Lisa Mitchell finds herself in a unique situation, with a third album bubbling.
“When I play Wah Ha to people, I notice a certain kind of lightness fills the room. The lyric takes some weight off my shoulders. Releasing 'Wah Ha' makes me feel a bit like ET reaching his finger out into the abyss, hoping to find another…”

Lisa Crawley - You Got Me     Pop, Folk 27/04/2018
Melbourne-via-New Zealand singer songwriter Lisa Crawley returns with dreamy chamber-pop single 'You Got Me'
Introspective lyrics dancing in between plucky guitar and lifting woodwind.