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Mucho Bravado

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Jack Bratt - Spades     Rock, Alternative, Pop 02/04/2020
Brisbane's Jack Bratt has been making music since he joined his father's band at 14. Since then he's been in/fronted many a rock band and experienced it all.
I’m a classic over thinker and ‘Spades’ is a bit of a snapshot of me being over-analysing everything. It’s a lot about comparing where I’m at in my life to my friends and family, thinking about If I’m where I should be compared to say when my parents were at the same age.

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prettything - One More July     Pop, Indie 14/03/2020
prettything is the solo moniker of Bella Venutti, lead singer of Melbourne indie-darlings IV League. It's a different sound and a different point of view for the young creative.
Dream pop for fans of Beach House, Clairo, Chromatics and Broadcast

"The song reflects on the way that memories and regrets can be drummed up by the arrival of a season or time in the year. Like a lot of my writing, I wanted to evoke a wistful sense of nostalgia. It’s quite a bittersweet little tune."

Oh My My - Sipping The Bottle     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative, Indie 13/03/2020
Initially the project of one bedroom producer, Sydney's Oh My My are now an electronic duo following in the footsteps of Flume, The Presets and Billie Eilish at once.
a ferocious slice of electronic horrorpop that's every part of the vivid vision producer Sam Thomlinson had from the moment the song first began to take shape in his head.

"It's about drinking wine in the middle of a cricket pitch under a sleeping bag, at 3am, with your ex."

Edward Guglielmino - Sorry     Alternative, Punk, Experimental 25/02/2020
In a career drenched in accolades as an outspoken individual with immense cultural capital, Guglielmino has certainly racked up the unique accolades.
It's about the nature of human interactions and the inability to explain oneself further due to the context of perception. The turbulence between two conscious beings caused by the ontological fields that are generated over a lifetime of perceptions only ever informed by one's own egoic perceptions of events. The inevitability of human nature and its limits.

Haters - Feel Better     Punk, Rock, Alternative 22/11/2019
Brand new punk rock band from Brisbane, comprising of local troublemaker Jai Sparks (guitar/vocals) and Jimmy Priest (drums). So why 'Haters'? "Lovers was taken!"
Brutally frank lyrics adorn Haters' lyrics and simply are about the struggles of having a brain. 'Feel Better' is one such anecdote, a reflection of a time when poor mental health was rife and the realisation that comes with rock bottom and a need to improve drastically.

Oh My My - Help     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 19/09/2019
Oh My My expertly weave lush and soaring vocal melodies with slick production and punchy guitar riffs to create the kind of dance music that takes you beyond the beat.
I’ve struggled with my mental health since I was a kid. Essentially, this song came out of one of my lowest points. I realised I wasn’t going to be able to do this on my own, so I got help. A couple of weeks passed and I sat down at my old beat up Roland and this just came out.

prettything - Endless Blue     Alternative, Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/09/2019
prettything is a new dream-pop project and the new solo moniker given to Bella Venutti, the creative front for Melbourne indie-rock band IV League.
"It's inspired by the past and present equally. It's definitely influenced by 90s dream-pop and shoegaze, but my taste is very broad and I’d like to think that my sound is a pastiche of little bits and pieces of whatever inspires me, regardless of genre - literally everything from Nirvana to Disney Channel, original movie soundtracks to an unfortunate emo phase."

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Briskey - Nothing To Lose     Electronic, Pop, Dance 15/08/2019
Introducing Briskey. He praises individual elements of master-pop icons such as Calvin Harris and Troye Sivan, and the funk-prowess of the more alt-leaning Jungle and Parcels.
Silky smooth vocals and sparkling pop sensibilities. “It’s about my personal relationship with loneliness and directed at the girl I’ll eventually meet and fall for. I don’t particularly see it as a love song for a person that doesn’t exist. It’s more of a therapeutic way of expressing myself. It’s me being optimistic about the future of my love life."

Lola Scott - Heaven Knows     Pop, Electronic 02/08/2019
“Synth-heavy indie pop floating in melancholic drama" - it’s a perfect description from Lola Scott herself of her multi-faceted musical stylings.
It’s about how when you feel yourself falling out of love you start to imagine what it could be like being with someone else. Living in that lie until you feel like it’s too late to say how you really feel, not to say it was all a lie; it just grew into a different type of love.

Leopard Lake - Slow Motion     Pop, RnB, Electronic 31/07/2019
Indie-pop duo Leopard Lake is producer Sam Ford and singer Storm Wyness coming together for a forward-thinking fusion of electronic studio wizardry, raw melodic vocals and top shelf tunes
'Slow Motion' shifts the sonic pace towards an infectious R&B groove that directly contrasts the lyrics and its themes exploring the mental anguish attached to being let down by the person you love.

PINES - What You Need (featuring Tailor)     Electronic, Dance 09/07/2019
Adelaide electronic/dance duo PINES combine atmospheric synths, glitchy melodies and soulful vocals to create late night vibes. Driving four-to-the-floor beat and dark, bassy undertones provide the foundation for their tracks.
Latest single 'What You Need' ups things a notch for PINES with an undeniable, moody dance track that's simultaneously infectious and uplifting. Collaborating with Birmingham songwriter and vocalist Tailor, the duo's signature production wizardry retains the spotlight is just an initial hint of what's to come from them in the remaining half of 2019.

Jairay - Crash Land     Folk, Punk 28/06/2019
Raw, honest, visceral, romantic and real, Jairay is more than you expect from one man and his guitar.
Written after a stranger literally died in his arms, 'Crash Land' is about just deciding to let go of the life Jairay was living, grow his hair, quit his job and just drive away and be someone new and someone he liked a lot more.

The Spring Peaks - Are You Strong Enough?     Rock, Pop, Garage 19/06/2019
The Spring Peaks sound is fun, feel-good, sunshine-pop which channels nostalgic Australiana vibes. With songwriting that shadows greats like Springsteen and Dylan it has developed into their own signature sound.
Produced once again with Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May), the track packs a punch from the get-go, wearing everything that is great and quickly becoming signature for the Western Australian outfit loudly on their sleeve - hooky, honest and clever songwriting, solid lead guitar, a warm rhythm section and a bold Australian twang in the vocals.

IV League - Cola Tooth World     Rock, Punk 12/04/2019
Kneeling at the feet of 90’s-era heroes like Pixies and The Breeders, Melbourne's V League manage to make music that draws from their influences, and creates something that's refreshingly unique.
'Cola Tooth World' signifies yet another interesting dimension to the musical cannon of IV League. This time around, there's a distinct punk ferocity with lead singer Bella Venutti's lyrical attitude.

Other tracks by IV League:  Echo  -  Comedown Sensation
Chris George Bancroft - Hold On (featuring Asha Jefferies)     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 10/04/2019
Chris George Bancroft typically avoids the direct spotlight, often happier supporting his friends and collaborators and opting for the role of guitarist to many.
Lyrically, 'Hold On' is about holding on to very specific detailed memories and situations and realising how that has a potentially damaging effect on how you currently do things day to day. It's guitar-centric pop/rock heavily influenced by similar acts from the 80’s eg Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bryan Adams, various great Australian indie bands from the 80’s etc

VOIID - Vile     Rock, Punk 10/04/2019
Formed in their bedrooms, resonating with each other’s mutual interest of all that is female and screaming profanity lead to the fourpiece of hellish girl-shriek that they now call VOIID.
‘Vile’ is a song written about a personal experience that caused a lot of hardship and pain. While the lyrics convey negative connotations, they are relatable to a lot of situations people in their late teens can go through."

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Oh My My - Leave You at the Bottom     Electronic, Pop 09/04/2019
Oh My My is the intricate musical world of Sydney-based producer and musician Sam Thomlinson. Starting as a bedroom project, it has quickly elevated into a league of its own.
Leave You at the Bottom’ is about being caught between nostalgia and reality, misremembering the past and realising that some things aren’t meant to be forever.

The Spring Peaks - Coming Of Age     Rock, Rock 22/03/2019
The Spring Peaks sound is fun, feel-good, sunshine-pop which channels nostalgic Australiana vibes. With songwriting that shadows greats like Springsteen and Dylan it has developed into their own signature sound.
Produced once again with Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May), the track packs a punch from the get-go, wearing everything that is great and quickly becoming signature for the Western Australian outfit loudly on their sleeve - hooky, honest and clever songwriting, solid lead guitar, a warm rhythm section and a bold Australian twang in the vocals.

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Fragile Animals - Come Down     Rock 20/03/2019
Fragile Animals are the emerging understated heroes of dreamy shoegaze rock in Australia. Luscious layering of guitars, subtle albeit hooky melodies quickly turn to earworms.
'Come Down' is a meticulously executed affair, as perfect in its understated nature as it is hooky and melodic. It's a luscious layering of shimmering guitars with Jenkins' subtle yet hooky melodies at the forefront - part indie pop, part shoegaze paragon.

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UNOMI - The Death of Fear     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 20/03/2019
Long-time frontman of Sydney's Slumberhaze - Sash Mishevski - offers up the masterful debut single from his new project UNOMI, the astonishing electronic and visual mini-masterpiece 'The Death of Fear'.
‘The Death of Fear’ is the first single to emerge and, while you might listen and marvel at its assurance and blatant cleverness, the song was no walk in the park for the sophisticated songwriter. It’s an electronic mini-masterpiece that channels the greats and features hefty lyrics of mortality.

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