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Mucho Bravado

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Darling James - Glass Canoe     Pop, Pop 03/08/2018
Melbourne Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter returns with sophomore EP MOOD EYES.
Crunchy synth and cascading keys build to a stinging guitar riff

Darling James - You're The Only One That I Need Now     Pop 03/08/2018
Melbourne multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter returns with sophomore EP MOOD EYES.
You're The Only One That I Need Now sparkles with O'Brien's unmistakable pop focus and head-bopping production.

Other tracks by Darling James:  Never Let Me Go  -  Interlude (Present Sentimental)
Meres - Feardom     Rock, Pop, Punk 03/08/2018
Conceived in the perfect echo chambers of Canada’s cheap motel bathrooms, Meres came into its own in northern Tasmania. The glittering brand of dreamy, fuzzed out punk explores "the dissident and the mundane".
Written through the atonal gauze of a unique and abstract feedback loop, 'Feardom' is awash with reverberant vocal delay, menacing dissonance and tumbling beats. 

VOIID - Twin     Rock, Punk 03/08/2018
Coming together to annoy the fuck out of the neighbours with thrashed garage punk noise; they are guaranteed to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry.
‘Twin is a forceful display of how VOIID have grown musically and lyrically since their debut EP. The song is about societies expectations of how we should look, dress, feel and sound and that the only person who should dictate these things for you is you. We feel that abiding by someone else's standards won't get you anywhere.

Glitoris - Spit Hood     Rock, Punk 31/07/2018
Glitoris are four fearless musicians who roar through uncompromising, unapologetic and unforgettable punk rock shows. This August, Glitoris head on an Australia-wide tour in August 2018 as Regurgitator’s special guests.
The first taste of Glitoris' long-awaited debut album, ‘Spit Hood’ is a fast, fierce and frenetic two minute track; a confrontational blast of pure punk rock fury. A damning critique on police brutality and failures in the criminal justice system, ‘Spit Hood’ projects the outrage of injustice through the band’s powerful musicianship.

Trace Decay - How Did It Come To This?     Pop, Experimental, Chill, Live Performance 20/07/2018
Trace Decay explores a slightly darker side into alternate music through unique melodic undertones, haunting spaces and honest, brazen lyrical power that is very apparent through his music.
"How Did It Come To This?" sees the Brisbane based songwriter and producer create a distinctive soundscape tinged with elements of 1980s dark new wave and brooding yet uplifting melodies. Trace Decay's rich, warm vocals deliver an honest and often brazen message, prodding for an answer it's unclear warrants answering.

Wolf Wolf Wolf - Adam West     Rock, Punk 20/07/2018
The two piece are combating their demons with instruments in one hand and a vodka lime and soda in the other. 
Embodying the tenants of punk; shredding, drinking and sticking it to the man

Chakra Efendi - Grow Up     Rock, Garage, Grunge 03/07/2018
18-year-old Chakra Efendi’s output of sullen-yet uplifting soundscapes and heavy-lidded lyricism speak of a compelling musical project teetering on the precipice of catching fire.
'Grow Up' is the second studio-recorded single from prolific Brisbane-based, Sunshine Coast-raised artist Chakra Efendi. A driving, melancholic slow-burn, ruminating on impending adulthood, 'Grow Up' follows debut 'Waste of Space' and sees the artist wading back into the coming-of-age themes of its predecessor - the peculiarity but ultimate mundanity of being young.

Andy Ward - Deluded     Electronic, Pop 22/06/2018
Breaking free from major label shackles, Andy Ward returns with galvanising new single, 'Deluded'. The track sees the classically trained vocalist and producer come into his own, reinvigorated and unmasked.
Andy Ward’s new single ‘Deluded’ is a shout to the sky, a burning supernova of creativity, his celebration of individuality, independence and freedom. Layered choral vocals and heady percussive elements bloom and ultimately explode into a dynamic soundscape, heralding Andy Ward's return in multi-dimensional, unrestrained glory.

Darling James - Silver Bullet     Pop 22/06/2018
Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Darling James returns with first official single 'Silver Bullet' off forthcoming EP 'Mood Eyes'
'Silver Bullet' is the sophisticated second taste and first official single from Darling James' sophomore EP 'Mood Eyes'. With pop sensibilities firmly intact, frontman James O'Brien declares this track "the finest song I will have released" and it's hard to disagree.

BATZ - Save Us     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 26/05/2018
BATZ combine razor-sharp guitars with an unrelenting rhythm section and a woozy wash of psychedelia, with front-woman Christina directing the action with beguiling vocal performances famed for their virtuoso intensity.
A mix of razor wire guitar, propulsive percussion and glimmers of psychedelia, Chrissie Aubrey's vocals shine on BATZ' latest offering that will chew you up and spit you out in the nicest way possible. Glittering, infectious and unapologetic, 'Save Us' teeters on the precipice of wishful thinking meets transparent actuality

Slow Turismo - Adult Baby     Rock, Pop 26/05/2018
Slow Turismo are a four-piece indie rock outfit from Canberra.
Slow Turismo's new tune 'Adult Baby' treads the fine line between a retro, indie boogie and a nostalgic ballad. The single emotes feel-good vibes; sidestepping the millennial stereotype and addressing the old adage 'growing old, but not growing up'.

Darling James - Didn't Get It Right     Pop 25/05/2018
Darling James is the moniker of Melbourne-based songwriter James O'Brien. O'Brien quickly developed the idea into a full-time project complete with a blistering four-piece live band.
'Didn't Get It Right' paints a melancholy picture of regret and self-consciousness, accompanied by a hypnotic zither motif, trickling over an ominous synth bass. The polished production seamlessly wraps around old-world song structure, building to a triumphant guitar crescendo, each note deliberate and quietly calculated, in true Darling James style.

Leroy Francis - For What's to Come - Interlude     Rock, Garage, Grunge 19/05/2018
Sydney's Leroy Francis is shoulder charging into the hearts and minds of hopeless romantics and music lovers the nation over with blistering debut EP, S.O.R.E.
A dreamlike, jaunty interlude.

Other tracks by Leroy Francis:  Comatose  -  Sleeping Ain't Easy
San Mei - Wonder     Pop 01/05/2018
San Mei is a multi-instrumentalist from the Gold Coast who makes upbeat indie pop.
San Mei's new single 'Wonder' is her first offering since her debut EP Necessary was released in 2017. It's a cut driven by contrasting elements: gritty guitars complimented by airy synth, and lush vocals juxtaposed by propulsive percussive elements. It's a one-two punch of flirty lyrical frivolity and instrumental self-assurance.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Lisa Crawley - You Got Me     Pop, Folk 27/04/2018
Melbourne-via-New Zealand singer songwriter Lisa Crawley returns with dreamy chamber-pop single 'You Got Me'
Introspective lyrics dancing in between plucky guitar and lifting woodwind.

Iluka - Sympathy     Pop, Retro 06/04/2018
Sydney based free spirit and Motown revivalist Iluka returns with her second EP Ritual.
Reclaiming power and marching back onto the airwaves, ILUKA offers her new single ‘Sympathy’ off forthcoming EP Ritual. The single is an uplifting war cry using the rhythmic grooves of Motown to echo the voice of the people and highlight the need for radical change.

Watch video

Other tracks by Iluka:  Sleeping For 20 Years  -  Broken Hearted
IV League - Superstar     Rock, Garage, Pop 06/04/2018
Kneeling at the feet of 90’s-era heroes like Pixies and The Breeders, Melbourne-based rockers IV League make music that not only draws from their influences, but creates something refreshingly unique.
Superstar's slick contemporary sheen smooths IV League's bubble-grunge influence while retaining the quintessential ringing guitars tones and pop-infused fuzzed out vocals that have enamored fans since the band's inception. 

Chakra Efendi - Waste of Space     Rock, Garage, Grunge 22/03/2018
Having amassed a dedicated following in different corners of the globe/internet with a series of demos on SoundCloud, prolific 18yo wunderkind Chakra Efendi shares first official single, 'Waste of Space'.
'Waste of Space' is the first official release from Sunshine Coast via Brisbane artist, Chakra Efendi. Having amassed a dedicated following in different corners of the globe/internet with a series of demos on SoundCloud, the prolific 18yo wunderkind is sharing his first proper single release with 'Waste of Space'.

Iluka - Ritual     Pop, Retro 16/03/2018
Sydney's own Motown revivalist, Iluka puts a modern spin on her retro inspired pop music.
Following her true north toward feminism and individualism, the forthcoming four track EP finds Iluka at her most authentic; weaponising her retro-inspired doo-wop vocal styling, lifting brass and bodacious ringing guitar hooks throughout Ritual.