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Mojo Bullet

Mojo Bullet

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boWsER - People In The TV     Rock, Alternative 18/11/2019
If you like your music loud, dynamic and inventive then the crunchy, volcanic, riff-driven rock of boWsER will scratch your itchy soul.
People in the TV is an exploration of paranoia and mental health in the digital age. A commentary about the influence of multi-media and those that would seek to control us. Poignant dialogue with the modern weaponisation of data. Released 29 November the track is single #1 from their forthcoming album, Whispers From The Wickerman.

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Other tracks by boWsER:  Roman  -  Renegade
Electrik Lemonade - Keep It Rocky     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 09/04/2019
Electrik Lemonade is a merry band of funklords that play a repertoire of funk, hip hop, blues, soul and dance music.
A smooth, funky track about a rocky relationship where love and war are closely linked. Features the vocal talents of guest vocalist Alisha Todd.

Other tracks by Electrik Lemonade:  The Suite  -  Squeezed Fresh
Black Rabbit George - Charles     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 01/03/2019
Black Rabbit George is the folk / roots project of Tijuana Cartel's front man Paul George. His treasure trove of songs, blend the guitar's delicate complexity with distinctive vocal tones.
Charles is a simple folk song featuring George's delicately, beautiful guitar work and his rich and compelling vocal delivery. It's completely raw and open, recorded using only a nylon string guitar and fairly dry vocals. The song tells the story of an interesting character George met on one of his travels through Far North Queensland.

Other tracks by Black Rabbit George:  Saline Drip  -  Diamond Valley Mushroom
Fat Picnic - Make Me Wait     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Roots, Funk 01/03/2019
Fat Picnic is a soul-ska, dub, funk explosion that preaches punchy horn lines & bangin' reggae beats culminating in an energetic and infectious live show.
An upbeat reggae track that showcases the fun-loving sound that Fat Picnic are known for, while reflecting on the awkwardness and vulnerability of being in a new relationship. It's a throwback to their earlier material, when vocals and catchy choruses were centre stage. Whilst maintaining their signature horn line hook, this one plays second fiddle to the vocals.

Salt and Steel - Violet Skies     Blues/Roots, Rock, Folk 12/02/2019
Salt & Steel are two fiery and passionate female performers whose earthy, rock and roots inspired sound has been garnishing a growing tribe of committed followers on an empowering journey.
Bohemian rockers Salt and Steel are dropping their new single Violet Skies on 8 February 2019, a powerful song inspired by the power of a storm and the significance of breath. Violet Skies is the first of four interlinked singles to be released throughout the year, following the themes of the elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Band of Frequencies - Sunray     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Funk 16/10/2018
The Sunshine Coast's award-winning Band of Frequencies are considered one of Australia's premier 'jam bands'. Combining funk, reggae, roots and psychedelic rock, no two shows are ever the same.
The latest single release by ‘Band of Frequencies’, Sunray, is an uplifting summery tune blending elements of reggae, funk, riff-ology and a dreamy psychedelic chorus. It was recorded at ‘Yama-Nui' recording studio on the Sunshine Coast by bassist OJ Newcomb and mixed in Melbourne by musician and well known live & studio engineer Damien Charles.

Taylor - Crush Me     Folk, Rock 12/10/2018
Masters of heavy folk, Taylor evoke the charming sort of hope that emerges from the dark corner of a room.
Passionate folk rock at its best. Contemplative musing about love and inescapable longing with underlying awareness that it's doomed. The lyrical ambiguity is what gives the song its strength. Words that remind you of something on the edge of memory, set against a determined rhythm. Haunting guitar riffs hover over vintage drum sounds. Melancholic with the slightest tinge of hope.

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Shanon Watkins - We Lived     Pop, Rock 02/10/2018
Brisbane based Shanon Watkins is a stocky, tattooed, red-haired, left-handed singer-songwriter. His infectious pop-rock songs along with his rich and gritty vocals always tell a compelling story.
We Lived is a passionate yet pensive new single from Shanon Watkins. His usual optimistic pop-rock deviates into a slightly more sombre sentiment, but in doing so guides us deeper into his world. ‘Everybody’s days are numbered’ his opening line is buoyed by a reassuring rhythm urging us to follow our hearts to the lives we want to live.

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Black Rabbit George - Japanese Vintage     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots, Rockabilly 26/06/2018
Black Rabbit George is the folk/roots project of Tijuana Cartel's front man Paul George. His treasure trove of songs blend the guitar's delicate complexity with his distinctive vocal tones.
Five-time finalist at the Gold Coast Music Awards, singer/songwriter Black Rabbit George is loved for his brilliant but somewhat melancholic songwriting style. But a recent experience of unrequited love has inspired an uncharacteristically upbeat, folk ballad that is at once reflective and joyful. Japanese Vintage is a standout track that is poised to be his most accessible work to date.