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Intrøspect - Ad Astra     Metal, Alternative 13/09/2019
Progressive Metal from Sydney. Soaring vocal melodies, complex riffs, and heavy grooves.
Ad Astra is a celebration of the ambitious, pioneering spirit of youth.

It’s a salutation to those that strike out into the terrifying unknown, choosing the hard and lonely path of mastery and individuation, rather than treading known career paths and lifestyles.

Void Of Vision - If Only     Metal 10/09/2019
Void Of Vision are a four-piece metalcore act from Melbourne who emphasise the darker side of life through their music.
'If Only' is taken from Void Of Vision's record 'Hyperdaze', due September 13, 2019. Though musically 'If Only' marks one of the lighter moments on 'Hyperdaze', it hasn't been spared in the way of bleak themes and lyrics (see the lines like “don’t pity me, I’m dead already” and "this overwhelming misfortune, let it consume you, let this destroy you").

Void Of Vision - Babylon     Metal 03/09/2019
Void Of Vision are a four-piece metalcore act from Melbourne who emphasise the darker side of life through their music.
Soaking in bleak and blistering lines such as “there is no God, we were all born to rot, we all die the fucking same”, 'Babylon' is the ultimate parcel of rancour. A purposeful and direct anarchist anthem, it is a response to the state of society at present.

Halcyon Reign - The Voyage     Metal, Alternative, Rock 30/08/2019
Growling lyrics about the metaphorical beasts you’re hiding from, Halcyon Reign borrow from various genres but will always return to heaving grooves and proggy timings that leave the metalheads grinning.
This encompasses the change in musical direction we took and solidified the theme choice for rest of the album. We embraced all the 'what if we' moments that occur during the writing and recording phases as well as trying to interject the intensely aggressive passages with moments of blissful melody and subtlety (using emotive chord structure, technicality and odd time-signatures).

Other tracks by Halcyon Reign:  Beyond The Cape  -  The Kraken
Thornhill - Nurture     Metal 30/08/2019
Melbourne metalcore five-piece Thornhill are once of the country's most refreshing and unrelenting young heavy acts on the scene. 'The Dark Pool', due in October, marks their debut full-length release.
Built on unrelenting riffage and sweltering choruses, 'Nurture' is the ultimate showcase of everything Thornhill can do. Thematically, it is an exploration of what idolising someone/something and losing yourself in the middle of that can do.

Black Rheno - Human     Metal 27/08/2019
Sydney's Black Rheno are genre bending heavy groove exponents. The three-piece powerhouse translate their blend of stoner, sludge, punk, grind, groove metal into a wild and rollicking good time.
With big fat thunderous riffs and grinding blasts into thrashed out periods of intensity, Human is a bit beefy in subject matter as it grapples with loss, deep hurt and the intense suffering that gives life meaning.

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Jackson Marshall - Sinners Sanctuary     Metal, Alternative, Rock, Indie 27/08/2019
New single "Sinners Sanctuary" out August 28th 2019. New Metal EP "Psychotic Wisdom" out late 2019. Proudly endorsed by Soultone Cymbals & TTM Guitars.
Hi Guys
Here's my latest Goth Rock/Metal single "Sinners Sanctuary"
Written & Composed by - Jackson Marshall