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Cactus Galactic - The Kraken (Fight The Monster)     Metal, Instrumental, Rock 14/11/2019
...omnipresent consciousness... In Doom \m/
Below the thunders of the upper deep,
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth.

Wildheart - Rising Tide     Metal, Alternative, Rock 13/11/2019
Wildheart are a Brisbane melodic hardcore five-piece
"Rising Tide" is about the invasion of the Indigenous people of Australia. The single talks about those that have had their homes, children and rights taken away, the continuous mistreatment by government and law, the growing number of incarcerations and Aboriginal deaths, and the ongoing racist rhetoric that has plagued the first nations people.

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Summit - The Good Life     Metal, Rock 08/11/2019
Summit hail from Darwin, NT and are a metalcore five-piece,
"The Good Life" sees Summit return with a progressed sound and a hunger like never before. Vocalist Matt highlights "The Good Life is our best work yet ... As you can see from the title we are just having the best time together. Everyone is focused and committed and we all just want to create something we are proud of."

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Tatius Wolff - The Tormentor     Metal 08/11/2019
Tatius Wolff is the 90's inspired alternative metal solo project of Stephan ‘Wolff’ Borg from the Blue Mountains, inspired by Type O Negative, Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Deftones.
The background to these lyrics were originally written about bullying, from both perspectives of the bully-er and bully-ee, and the connection between this and being bullied by a sickness.

This concept album is the story of being suddenly stuck by a debilitating illness, and the journey through the trials, tribulations, hope and despair.

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Other tracks by Tatius Wolff:  False Hope  -  The Shock
Traces - Can't Stop Me     Metal, Alternative, Rock 08/11/2019
Traces is a trio from Tamworth who create an amalgamation of colossal rock anthems, cinematic sound-scapes and electronic inspired heavy metal.
"Can’t Stop Me" is about overcoming self doubt and facing and accepting the negative side of who you are, your personality and what you put into the world. "Can't Stop Me" is entirely DIY, from the engineering, mixing and mastering by vocalist Jack Pallett all the way to the video clip

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My Inner Hyde - Outbreak     Metal, Rock 07/11/2019
My Inner Hyde combines "studio band" ethos with an aim to revel in the sonic characteristics of Alternative Metal, Hard Rock and Post-Grunge.
“Outbreak” by My Inner Hyde will likely appeal to fans of bands such as Metallica, Machine Head and/or Godsmack.

Ocean Sleeper - Killing Me     Metal, Indie 06/11/2019
Metalcore upstarts Ocean Sleeper are no strangers to redefining convention. From humble beginnings in regional Victoria, to sold out shows across the country.
From vocalist Karl Spiessl’s signature screams to the repetition of clean vocalist and guitarist Ionei Heckenberg’s soaring chorus- “it seems like everything is burning around me”- ‘Killing Me’ is a track loaded with intensity and genuine emotion.

The Last Martyr - Like A Ghost     Metal, Rock, Alternative 06/11/2019
The Last Martyr is a Melbourne-based melodic metal four-piece.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker), 'Like A Ghost' is a hard-hitting tune with a heavy, haunting undertone that compliments the theme of the track. Vocalist Monica's impressive vocals are flaunted with soaring highs and harsh screams that are utilised in a chorus that'll get you humming along by the second half!

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Ocean Grove - Junkie$     Metal, Punk, Rock 30/10/2019
Ocean Grove are a four-piece nu-metal band from Melbourne.
'Junkie$" is Ocean Grove at their frenetic, unapologetic best.

Elision - Human Vessel     Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal 24/10/2019
Formed in 2018, Elision burst onto the Sydney scene with the release of their debut single ‘Distorted’.
Elision’s latest contribution turns their gaze both inward and out as it ponders reality’s true form and grapples with the deceitful illusion, taking cue’s from Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave, it finds philosophical depth alongside the sonic.

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Thornhill - In My Skin     Metal, Alternative 24/10/2019
Thornhill are a five-piece metalcore outfit from Melbourne. They've toured with Northlane, Architects, Parkway Drive and Polaris and will release their debut album 'The Dark Pool' on 25/10 via UNFD.
'In My Skin' discusses issue of body image and self-acceptance, wrapped around Thornhill's signature brand of alternative metalcore.

Earth Caller - Spit     Metal, Hip Hop 23/10/2019
Melbourne's Earth Caller are known for their savage breakdowns, emotion evoking melodies and a distinctly hip-hop feel to their hard-hitting lyrics.
Spit still has all the hallmarks of the Earth Caller sound but is woven together in a new and fresh way and is fused with gritty street elements comparable to Hip-Hop acts such as ONEFOUR & Huskii and bands like Bodycount, Rage Against The Machine & Limp Bizkit.

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Diploid - Homicidal Art     Metal, Punk 10/10/2019
Taking influence from the likes of The Body, Suffer, Iron Lung and Merzbow, Diploid present an intense blend of grind, hardcore and noise to their listeners.
Glorify’s first single, Homicidal Art, burns with an element of slow heave. The drumming hits with a force that could crush bone, the subtle noise scrapes at the edge of hearing like distant television static and the shredded guitar pierces through the air like ten-thousand fiery needles.

From The Valley - Bury Me     Metal, Alternative, Rock 09/10/2019
From The Valley are a 4 piece progressive rock/metal band from Adelaide.
Bury me is From The Valley's debut single, full of melodic verses and punchy choruses, Bury Me touches on themes of isolation and day to day life.

Devonian - Collateral Damage     Metal, Rock, Alternative 05/10/2019
Devonian is a unique, female-fronted metal band from Brisbane, serving up a blend of complex riffs, tasty choruses, and punchy breakdowns.
Collateral Damage is the second single from Brisbane melodic metal band Devonian, released in October 2019.

Featuring heavy guitar riffs, harsh and clean vocals and melodic choruses.

Ocean Sleeper - Light In My Dark     Metal 04/10/2019
Ocean Sleeper have gone from humble beginnings in regional Victoria, to sold out shows across the country, sharing stages with the best in the heavy music and chart smashing singles.
“‘Light In My Dark’ is about losing someone you love, watching them adventure and explore the world while you’re stuck at home, hating life & dreaming of times past by,” reflects the band’s clean vocalist and guitarist Ionei Heckenberg. “Being in a place that reminds you daily of your short comings & how you messed up."

Eviscerate The Crown - Unearthed     Metal 03/10/2019
Eviscerate The Crown are a five-piece metalcore outfit from Sydney, Australia.
The brand new single "Unearthed" is about being reborn and pushing through the darkness that life can throw at you. Vocalist Liam Carroll explains that "you can either lay down and accept your fate, allowing it to swallow you whole or you can stand up and fight, keeping the darkness at bay."

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To The Grave - Ecocide     Metal 03/10/2019
To The Grave are a deathcore band from Sydney, Australia.
'Ecocide', which is the very first, very brutal taste of their new album 'Global Warning'. This new album 'Global Warning' is a bleak product of fear and frustration, an honest and unsettling exposition into the real-life horror that our species is capable of and inflicts in the darkest corners of the globe.

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Black Rheno - Collision     Metal 02/10/2019
Sydney's Black Rheno are genre bending heavy groove exponents. The three-piece powerhouse translate their blend of stoner, sludge, punk, grind, groove metal into a wild and rollicking good time.
"Collision” is a hefty beast of a song, draped in a thick layer of sludge and more grooves than Mars. It also serves as a soundtrack for all those lonely nights when you’re curled up in bed with nothing but your phone. A top-shelf, smack in the face from Sydney's premier heavy groove exponents.

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Only Ghosts Remain - Broken     Metal, Alternative, Rock 24/09/2019
All original, female fronted, alt metal, heavy rock band based in Cairns, Queensland.
Broken - the heartbreak of early relationships

Other tracks by Only Ghosts Remain:  Black Dog