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Wildheart - Rising Tide     Metal, Alternative, Rock 13/11/2019
Wildheart are a Brisbane melodic hardcore five-piece
"Rising Tide" is about the invasion of the Indigenous people of Australia. The single talks about those that have had their homes, children and rights taken away, the continuous mistreatment by government and law, the growing number of incarcerations and Aboriginal deaths, and the ongoing racist rhetoric that has plagued the first nations people.

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Void Of Vision - If Only     Metal 10/09/2019
Void Of Vision are a four-piece metalcore act from Melbourne who emphasise the darker side of life through their music.
'If Only' is taken from Void Of Vision's record 'Hyperdaze', due September 13, 2019. Though musically 'If Only' marks one of the lighter moments on 'Hyperdaze', it hasn't been spared in the way of bleak themes and lyrics (see the lines like “don’t pity me, I’m dead already” and "this overwhelming misfortune, let it consume you, let this destroy you").

Void Of Vision - Babylon     Metal 03/09/2019
Void Of Vision are a four-piece metalcore act from Melbourne who emphasise the darker side of life through their music.
Soaking in bleak and blistering lines such as “there is no God, we were all born to rot, we all die the fucking same”, 'Babylon' is the ultimate parcel of rancour. A purposeful and direct anarchist anthem, it is a response to the state of society at present.

Vessel - Twenty Twenty     Metal, Rock 15/01/2020
A cosmic fusion of desert grooves and stoner blues.
This song is about the ignorance people feel towards the preservation of our planet. In Australia, we are dragging behind the western world in the fields of renewable energy, recycling infrastructure and climate policy. Musically, the song is a nod to desert rock bands like Kyuss and Truckfighters, fitting the theme of the post-apocalyptic future we may be facing.

Other tracks by Vessel:  Vagabond Blues  -  Dark in the Light
Traces - Can't Stop Me     Metal, Alternative, Rock 08/11/2019
Traces is a trio from Tamworth who create an amalgamation of colossal rock anthems, cinematic sound-scapes and electronic inspired heavy metal.
"Can’t Stop Me" is about overcoming self doubt and facing and accepting the negative side of who you are, your personality and what you put into the world. "Can't Stop Me" is entirely DIY, from the engineering, mixing and mastering by vocalist Jack Pallett all the way to the video clip

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To The Grave - Ecocide     Metal 03/10/2019
To The Grave are a deathcore band from Sydney, Australia.
'Ecocide', which is the very first, very brutal taste of their new album 'Global Warning'. This new album 'Global Warning' is a bleak product of fear and frustration, an honest and unsettling exposition into the real-life horror that our species is capable of and inflicts in the darkest corners of the globe.

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To Octavia - They Tell Me They're With Me     Metal, Alternative, Rock 27/02/2020
To Octavia is a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Melbourne
They Tell Me They're With Me is produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker) and is heavy-hitting from the beginning with catchy hooks and a soaring chorus to create contrast between light and shade. The single is about struggling through the feeling of loneliness that comes with realising people closest to you might not know you at all.

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Thornhill - Nurture     Metal 30/08/2019
Melbourne metalcore five-piece Thornhill are once of the country's most refreshing and unrelenting young heavy acts on the scene. 'The Dark Pool', due in October, marks their debut full-length release.
Built on unrelenting riffage and sweltering choruses, 'Nurture' is the ultimate showcase of everything Thornhill can do. Thematically, it is an exploration of what idolising someone/something and losing yourself in the middle of that can do.

Thornhill - In My Skin     Metal, Alternative 24/10/2019
Thornhill are a five-piece metalcore outfit from Melbourne. They've toured with Northlane, Architects, Parkway Drive and Polaris and will release their debut album 'The Dark Pool' on 25/10 via UNFD.
'In My Skin' discusses issue of body image and self-acceptance, wrapped around Thornhill's signature brand of alternative metalcore.

The Motion Below - Dead Ends     Metal, Rock, Alternative 13/02/2020
The Motion Below are a post-hardcore band from Melbourne
"Dead Ends" was produced, mixed + mastered at The Loud Noise Estate and contrary to the content of the lyrics, the song is upbeat and combines a fragile tone that guides the track like a light in the dark. The band contrast soaring cleans with fearsome heavies and flaunt this style to the absolute best of the bands abilities.

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The Last Martyr - Like A Ghost     Metal, Rock, Alternative 06/11/2019
The Last Martyr is a Melbourne-based melodic metal four-piece.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker), 'Like A Ghost' is a hard-hitting tune with a heavy, haunting undertone that compliments the theme of the track. Vocalist Monica's impressive vocals are flaunted with soaring highs and harsh screams that are utilised in a chorus that'll get you humming along by the second half!

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The Daily Chase - Freedom/Fiction     Metal, Rock 20/11/2019
The Daily Chase is a metalcore outfit from Adelaide
"Freedom/Fiction" portrays a message of false freedom. The single narrates the realisation that in a world dominated by technology able to deliver information straight to our fingertips whenever we want, we are never truly free. We live a false freedom controlled by those in charge behind the scenes.

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Tatius Wolff - The Tormentor     Metal 08/11/2019
Tatius Wolff is the 90's inspired alternative metal solo project of Stephan ‘Wolff’ Borg from the Blue Mountains, inspired by Type O Negative, Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Deftones.
The background to these lyrics were originally written about bullying, from both perspectives of the bully-er and bully-ee, and the connection between this and being bullied by a sickness.

This concept album is the story of being suddenly stuck by a debilitating illness, and the journey through the trials, tribulations, hope and despair.

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Other tracks by Tatius Wolff:  False Hope  -  The Shock
Summit - The Good Life     Metal, Rock 08/11/2019
Summit hail from Darwin, NT and are a metalcore five-piece,
"The Good Life" sees Summit return with a progressed sound and a hunger like never before. Vocalist Matt highlights "The Good Life is our best work yet ... As you can see from the title we are just having the best time together. Everyone is focused and committed and we all just want to create something we are proud of."

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Starve - Shiver     Metal 30/01/2020
Chaotic metalcore four-piece from Melbourne
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scottie Simpson (Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Gravemind), "Shiver" demonstrates pure brutality and solidifies Starve as a band to watch in the new year. "Shiver" is about feeling disconnected from yourself, falling into toxic patterns and being unable to remove yourself from those unhealthy situations.

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Spacegoat - The Push     Metal, Alternative 20/12/2019
Melodic, female fronted metal from Victoria. Once described as "if Faith No More, Tool and No Doubt had a baby". May or may not be actual goats from space.
The Push has a groovy, almost rap-metal feel about it. Lyrically it sounds like a revenge song, and was inspired when the singer witnessed first hand how nasty people can become to one another when grief takes hold.

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Other tracks by Spacegoat:  Doomsday Love Affair  -  The Crest
Revoid - Tooth Avenue     Metal, Alternative 23/01/2020
Brisbane metalcore outfit Revoid offer a unique insight into growth derived from personal perspective and lived experience, expressed through their gritty tones, hard-hitting beats and evocative, passionate lyrics.
A continuation in the tale of development, Tooth Avenue illustrates the point after realisation, the conviction to move forward, despite the hardships and challenges. In conjunction to the grungy, ragged tones, the vocals and lyrics are a great deal more aggressive, pertaining to bitter and almost remorseful battle toward a better place.

Other tracks by Revoid:  Honesty's Policies
Revoid - Running With Scissors     Metal, Rock 09/12/2019
Revoid makes modern metalcore, with deep, immersive tones and a big nod to classic metal flavours. Their high energy performances are matched by their commitment to versatility, relatability and entertainment.
Running with Scissors (Metalcore/Indie rock) – Another chapter in this story, as this track progresses it becomes a view in hindsight from the light at the end of the tunnel. The precarious balance on the knifes edge of relapse, and a desperation to keep the forward momentum and to avoid regression, no matter the cost.

Plovers - Fell Asleep At The Phone     Metal, Punk, Alternative 25/02/2020
Hatched in Melbourne in 2017 under the influence of bands like Future of the Left, Cloud Nothings, and the Jesus Lizard, Plovers is post-something, and not afraid to yell it.
To write this, we mashed Powderfinger through a meat grinder. It's about the suffocating claustrophobia of being trapped in an anxious cycle of needlessly checking your phone, and how existential terror can build when a mundane routine becomes compulsive. It's a gutteral, noise rock thumbscrew of a song, which means that it's absolutely ideal for breakfast shows. Look out, commuters.

Other tracks by Plovers:  Monty Hall  -  Charcoal
Only Ghosts Remain - Broken     Metal, Alternative, Rock 24/09/2019
All original, female fronted, alt metal, heavy rock band based in Cairns, Queensland.
Broken - the heartbreak of early relationships

Other tracks by Only Ghosts Remain:  Black Dog