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Broken Earth - Dance In The Dark     Metal, Rock, Alternative 27/03/2020
Broken Earth are a four-piece metalcore band from Sydney
"Dance In The Dark" is produced, mixed and mastered by Christopher Vernon (Belle Haven) and engineered by Darcy Handley (Terra) with additional drum engineering by Declan White. The track is about the bands perception of the current state of the world, and their motivation to persevere through the darkest of times.

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Shatter Brain - Talk In Fear     Metal 27/03/2020
Shatter Brain is an Adelaide based metal band comprised of members of some of South Australia’s most successful heavy bands.
“Talk in Fear” is a commentary on speech control and political correctness in the current social climate, and condemns the tolerance of extreme and exaggerated emotional reactions to actions or comments that are taken out of context.

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Warrior Within - Rat Race     Metal 27/03/2020
Purveyors of good wholesome Metal.
Thrash/Crossover Metal style song about overpopulation.

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Make Them Suffer - Erase Me     Metal, Alternative 24/03/2020
Make Them Suffer are a heavy metalcore band hailing from Perth who deal in full throttle assault defined by keyboard melodies and male-female vocal interplay
“Erase Me” is a heavy metalcore masterstroke that has captured the band at their most creative and self-assured. A song about pushing people away and questioning if it comes from a place of selfishness, the chorus of “Erase Me” is both ethereal and anthemic as it builds into an unforgettable crescendo that’s poised to become the highlight of future setlists.

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Gunmen - Nero     Metal, Rock, Alternative 21/03/2020
Simple old school nineties groove metal
Great groove. Prescient lyrics for an unprecedented time.

Other tracks by Gunmen:  Sleepwalkers
TRACE - WHITE     Metal, Rock, Alternative 21/03/2020
TRACE is a heavy rock/grunge two-piece from Brisbane
Guitarist/Bassist/Vocalist, Chris Arthur, says "White describes the feelings and emotions you go through in the midst of depression and the addictive nature of such thoughts as suicide, fear and loneliness ... Then knowing that there is a light, and that light is within you. You’ve just got to reach out and find it."

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Mountain Wizard Death Cult - Putrid Light     Metal, Alternative, Psych, Punk 18/03/2020
Following up their debut, Mountain Wizard Death Cult return with “Thrones of Putrid Light”. A double single ride exploring dark, hypnotic atmosphere with sludgy groove and doom.
Putrid Light is the second track from "Thrones of Putrid Light". Atmospheric groove together with crushing guitars and other worldly vocals create a heavy hypnotising close as claustrophobic as it is spacious

Other tracks by Mountain Wizard Death Cult:  Thrones
SVCRED - What You've Sown     Metal, Rock, Punk 14/03/2020
Melancholic metal band from Melbourne's South East suburbs.
What You've Sown is a song about moving past your damage and its' source, whether that be external or self inflicted. It's a cry of contempt towards the destructive.

Dyssidia - Thrive     Metal, Rock, Alternative 11/03/2020
Dyssidia are one of Australia's foremost progressive heavy acts.
Dyssidia tech it up a bit on their new single Thrive - More elements of DEP and Meshuggah with some Textures thrown in!

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Devils Kiss - At Least You Tried, Kid!     Metal, Rock, Alternative, Punk 06/03/2020
“Devils Kiss produces a sound that can only be described as a melodic heavy metal concoction of anger and sex mixed with nostalgic grungy yet seductive icing on top"
Going straight for an artery instrumentally and lyrically, Devil's Kiss are an open book.

Describing the overall style as 'melodic hard rock, metal', Devil's Kiss intrepidly draw on metal, blues, punk and rock, their tracks tackling the inevitable conflicts between freedom and failure, integrity and chaos, hope and loss.

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Tinted Black - Driven By Demons     Metal, Rock 06/03/2020
Tinted Black put the R.O.C.K. back into HARD ROCK!!!
Voices in your head. Nothing going right. Idiots everywhere you look. Universal themes here in this drop. Not bad from a self-taught 15 year old drummer and a guitarist that lives and breathes guitar riffs and styles that peaked way before he was born.

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Wake The Blind - X2     Metal 28/02/2020
Wake The Blind is a Nu-Metalcore band from Melbourne. The band's music can be described as raw/intense, exploring confrontational ideas and motifs in each track, forcing the audience to reflect.
X2 questions the clutch of abusive relationships. Despite a connection being a two-way street, one side will always go with the other in fear of clashing leading into a toxic cycle of clinging until one lashes out. “I let your words poison me” is a representation of resentment in the aggressive stage of grief {the main concept of this track)

Inertia - Heavy Eyes     Metal, Alternative, Rock 27/02/2020
Inertia is a post-hardcore five-piece from Sydney, NSW
"Heavy Eyes" leads the music in a 'pop-metal' direction and as vocalist Julian Latouche explains: "This song tackles my perspective of watching someone I love and care about deal with the day to day struggles of mental illness. It’s all about that feeling of helplessness - but also having that drive to try and do whatever you can to help."

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To Octavia - They Tell Me They're With Me     Metal, Alternative, Rock 27/02/2020
To Octavia is a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Melbourne
They Tell Me They're With Me is produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker) and is heavy-hitting from the beginning with catchy hooks and a soaring chorus to create contrast between light and shade. The single is about struggling through the feeling of loneliness that comes with realising people closest to you might not know you at all.

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Plovers - Fell Asleep At The Phone     Metal, Punk, Alternative 25/02/2020
Hatched in Melbourne in 2017 under the influence of bands like Future of the Left, Cloud Nothings, and the Jesus Lizard, Plovers is post-something, and not afraid to yell it.
To write this, we mashed Powderfinger through a meat grinder. It's about the suffocating claustrophobia of being trapped in an anxious cycle of needlessly checking your phone, and how existential terror can build when a mundane routine becomes compulsive. It's a gutteral, noise rock thumbscrew of a song, which means that it's absolutely ideal for breakfast shows. Look out, commuters.

Other tracks by Plovers:  Monty Hall  -  Charcoal
The Motion Below - Dead Ends     Metal, Rock, Alternative 13/02/2020
The Motion Below are a post-hardcore band from Melbourne
"Dead Ends" was produced, mixed + mastered at The Loud Noise Estate and contrary to the content of the lyrics, the song is upbeat and combines a fragile tone that guides the track like a light in the dark. The band contrast soaring cleans with fearsome heavies and flaunt this style to the absolute best of the bands abilities.

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Bolt Gun - The Altar of Lies Will Not Be Destroyed     Metal 10/02/2020
Bolt Gun have had a busy schedule in the lead-up to Begotten’s release: Drummer Talya Valenti has earned a Western Australian Music (WAM) award for percussionist of the year.
The Altar of Lies Will Not Be Destroyed is almost orchestral in it’s delivery – driven by ascending strings and an undertow of growling, distant guitarwork and rhythmic drumming. On one level, it maintains the elegance of a film-score, setting a scene of distance and un-ease through sound alone.

Deathbeds - What's Yours Is Mine And What's Mine Is Mine     Metal 30/01/2020
Canberra-based six piece melodic metal outfit.
"What's Yours Is Mine And What's Mine Is Mine" narrates the theme of greed - mixed and mastered by Scottie Simpson and tracked at Colossal Tracks Studios. Beginning with an ear pricking melodic riff, leading way into the wall of sound that ensues. Deathbeds utilise Maddison Samin's soaring female vocals and keys to juxtapose against the driving chaos.

Starve - Shiver     Metal 30/01/2020
Chaotic metalcore four-piece from Melbourne
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scottie Simpson (Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Gravemind), "Shiver" demonstrates pure brutality and solidifies Starve as a band to watch in the new year. "Shiver" is about feeling disconnected from yourself, falling into toxic patterns and being unable to remove yourself from those unhealthy situations.

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Revoid - Tooth Avenue     Metal, Alternative 23/01/2020
Brisbane metalcore outfit Revoid offer a unique insight into growth derived from personal perspective and lived experience, expressed through their gritty tones, hard-hitting beats and evocative, passionate lyrics.
A continuation in the tale of development, Tooth Avenue illustrates the point after realisation, the conviction to move forward, despite the hardships and challenges. In conjunction to the grungy, ragged tones, the vocals and lyrics are a great deal more aggressive, pertaining to bitter and almost remorseful battle toward a better place.

Other tracks by Revoid:  Honesty's Policies