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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Metal & Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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Split Feed - Homesick     Metal/Punk, Rock, Garage 15/10/2018
Split Feed are a four-piece punk band hailing from Newcastle. Drawing on the stylings of 90’s and early 00’s punk, Split Feed have delved into a heavier, more mature sound
With 90s and early 00s punk rock firmly in their foundations, the anthemic new single is demonstrates how the four-piece have masterfully expanded to new heights, developing into a more raw, mature and modern sound. Brash, bold, and caked in addictive melodies and riffs, 'Homesick' is undoubtedly a Newy chant, one that is an ode to broken friendships and relationships.

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23/19 - Thousand Eyes (Restrict)     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 11/10/2018
23/19 are a heavy hardcore band hailing from Adelaide. Having tested the world with their Demo EP in 2016 they are now on the rise with their new single.
Vocalist for 23/19, Nathan Stuckey, said that "Thousand Eyes (Restrict) is about online bullying and how its effects can affect people’s actions in their everyday life." The track is a heavy awakening to what it is to come from 23/19

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AFFINITY MINUS PERFECTION - Intention Subversion     Metal/Punk 09/10/2018
Having released their self produced debut EP "Interpret As You Will" July of 2016, the band toured extensively, making it as far south as Coffs Harbour in NSW.
Intention Subversion is about "Hel", a being from Norse mythology. The lore changes slightly from source to source, but essentially the story goes that the gods deemed not brave enough upon death were sent to her realm and suffered for eternity. Lyrically and musically the song was a very different approach to what the band would usually lean towards.

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Greyjacks - Hot Cop     Metal/Punk, Punk, Ska 08/10/2018
Greyjacks are four dudes who play hard punk and ska, as they try to form a new wave of angry Jamaican music across Melbourne.
Bad Cops would make good dominatrixes.

Other tracks by Greyjacks:  Jeremy, Welcome to the Real World
Lifeblood - Oscillate     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 06/10/2018
Formed in 2015 through a shared love for bands such as The Chariot and Every Time I Die, the band quickly recorded and released their demo 'Send Me Far Away'
Clark says this new single Oscillate "is about remaining calm and collected while the world becomes more and more insane as the years go by. In 2018 it can be quite hard to switch off from world events and clickbait articles but life will always be better when you focus on you and your passions over the gossip and trash."

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Testa Di Cazzo - Good Clean Living     Metal/Punk, Punk 06/10/2018
Testa Di Cazzo are four dickheads from Melbourne's North who strive to impress small crowds in even worse venues.
The first time i smoked a bong was in 1992, age 12.
Punched, it tore through my lungs but had little or no effect on my brain.
l was not high (although I acted like I was)
We dismembered the bong then swung on the swings for a solid two hours.
lt’s good clean living.

Other tracks by Testa Di Cazzo:  l Used To Live In This Room  -  She
Southeast Desert Metal - Rainmaker     Metal/Punk 03/10/2018
Influenced by heavy metal greats such as Iron Maiden, the band have created their own signature sound. The huge riffs and thumping grooves are delivered with passion and precision
Their home is the home of the Arrernte people. Hunters, warriors, and healers. They've survived here through droughts, floods and an ice age. The Eastern Arrernte band are hardened from many years of playing across the rigid Australian landscape. They've developed a sound that reflects their surroundings: dangerous and distinct.

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Seddon - Before The Storm     Metal/Punk, Metal 28/09/2018
Seddon are an up and coming metal band from Melbourne, bringing the old school sound of classic heavy metal with a modern edge!
Loud and in your face, Devil Inside is a fan favourite at the live shows for getting the crowds moving. With riffs and hooks strong enough to rival the great metal acts of the 2000's, you'll have a hard time not headbanging and singing along to Devil Inside.

Other tracks by Seddon:  Supremacy  -  To You
Ten Storey Building - Individual One     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 27/09/2018
Ten Storey Building are a post-punk band with a DIY ethos, poignant dark lyrics, catchy hooks and in your face guitar riffs.
“Individual One” is an up-tempo post-punk song that depicts the detachment of becoming one’s self uniquely - and the fabulous world of fashion of course!

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Other tracks by Ten Storey Building:  Belong To Me  -  Come Back And See Me
BLKLST - Hypocrite     Metal/Punk 26/09/2018
BLKLST was founded by drummer Drue Herring and guitarist James Gracie in 2015 with the later additions of Joshua Westwick and James McClurg in 2016, and Evan Lee in 2017.
Vocalist for the band, Joshua Westwick, states that "Hypocrite creates the feeling that you are being cheated or lied to. With the chorus hook of "stay tonight" it tries to give a feeling of a twisted dependence on being involved with a hypocrite. It even suggests we are all hypocrites and perception is everything.

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London - Sunlight     Metal/Punk, Rock, Pop 26/09/2018
LONDON is the creation of siren London Gabraelle and legendary Australian heavy music producer & songwriter dw Norton. London shines as a bright new talent in Australian heavy music.
Think Lacuna Coil meets Kate Bush & Parkway Drive... yeah it’s heavy, it’s Epic... it’s Pop! It’s massive hooks and even bigger riffs! London Gabraelle’s sweet but heart-wrenching vocal delivery blended with Norton’s crushing guitar style makes for an infectious and original concoction of life and death proportions.

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Seraphic - The Monster Within     Metal/Punk 26/09/2018
Seraphic came into existence in 2015 and 2017 saw Seraphic release their debut album "Journey to Illumination" to rave reviews,
Vocialist Sam Wolstenholme said "The lyrical content deals with some very heavy and explicit themes of addiction, which I have used as a kind of analogy to represent the internal battle with our demons that we all face at some point in our lives, and the intent is that at least on that level, it's relatable and cathartic for listeners!"

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As I Destruct - A Question of Faith     Metal/Punk, Metal 24/09/2018
As I Destruct continue Adelaide's legacy for producing world class heavy music. Stepping out of the shadows, the five-piece have produced a near-flawless debut in From Fear To Oblivion.
Technical yet catchy, focused yet relentless, A Question of Faith is executed with consummate precision. From its infectious opening riff to its pummelling finale, it is the perfect summary of From Fear To Oblivion – and a definitive introduction to As I Destruct.

Being Jane Lane - Next Step     Metal/Punk, Punk, Gay Alligned 24/09/2018
Being Jane Lane is a 5 piece all female punk band from Brisbane.
Being Jane Lane are taking the next step with the first single from their debut album ‘Next Step’ hitting the airwaves on Sept 28th. The song is all about knowing when it’s time to take that Next Step in a relationship… yes we’re talking about sex ;)

He Danced Ivy - Spitting On Infinity     Metal/Punk, Punk, Garage, Metal 22/09/2018
He Danced Ivy are handsomely loud; delivering zeitgeist slamming anthems that blend, defy and flip expectations, genres and planes of existence.
Everybody has a wild side, something sinister just under the surface.

Leave it to He Danced Ivy to draw out that madness in their wild new single Spitting On Infinity; a thrashing ruckus full of distorted guitars and inexplicable yelps that will have you feeling wilder than the house party it was recorded during.

BB & the Blips - Materialist Girl     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock, Garage 20/09/2018
Sydney band burning down the dangerhouse with (ob)noxious propellant that's four parts murder punk, one part pogo soprano. Featuring members of Nasho, Good Throb, Housewives and Basic Human.
A love song for feminist and social activist Selma James about the occupation of the Church of the Holy Cross in London by sex workers in 1982.

Other tracks by BB & the Blips:  Shame Job  -  Bitcoin Baby
Luke Seymoup - Burnett Street, Part 1 - First Blood     Metal/Punk, Ska, Punk, Rock 20/09/2018
Luke Seymoup is a cool guy. You might like him. You also might not but that's no reflection on the music that he makes.
"Burnett Street, Part 1 - First Blood" was written in 2008 after a run-in with some local toughs at Haliday Park in Mitcham. It presents a biased and slightly sensationalised account of the events that took place on that fateful day.

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Other tracks by Luke Seymoup:  Burnett Street, Part 2 - Retaliation  -  Burnett Street, Part 5 - Fin
Uncle Ben's Last Words - Everything Sucks     Metal/Punk, Punk, Folk 20/09/2018
Just three emos and some musical educational content about breaking up with dealers, self-discovery, and netflix originals. Lots of dreams - Nothing but memes.
A short banger that may or may not be about self-discovery through a Netflix original.

samarobryn - Truth And Consequences     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Instrumental 18/09/2018
samarobryn - aka Cissi Tsang - is the sound of what happens when nature and performance collide. Featuring a mix of layered and manipulated field recordings and heavy guitar.
Soundscape featuring guitar and field recordings from Windy Harbour and Meckering, Western Australia.

Other tracks by samarobryn:  Rising From The Depths  -  The Dream Is Over
Clowns - I Shaved My Legs For You     Metal/Punk, Rock, Punk, Garage 13/09/2018
Clowns have built a career spanning 8 years and 3 critically acclaimed albums. A punk band not bound by genre, Clowns blend punk with all flavours between psychedelia/garage/hardcore and power-pop.
Clowns new single ‘I Shaved My Legs For You’ sits on the heavier side of Clowns repertoire but according to lead vocalist Stephen Williams its “a love song. It is a song about forbidden love, akin to a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.. (if they were into leather).