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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Metal & Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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We Burn Bridges - Silhouette     Metal/Punk 18/04/2019
Five-piece post-hardcore band from Darwin.
Silhouette is about vocalist Jack Ryan's experiences with fake people and the persona's these people create in order to hide behind the mask they think others want to see. Ryan says... "growing up in a church environment you learn very quickly who is genuine and who's just there to tick boxes."

Illyria - Wilderness     Metal/Punk 17/04/2019
Illyria is a five-piece post-black metal band from Perth, Western Australia.
Wilderness is about the complications of love and lust and how it affects close relationships around us but also on a global spectrum. The lyrics utilise analogies such as political greed and war showcasing that even the most powerful figures in our society can be corrupted by worldly passions.

Catalyst Ct. - It's Like Fire     Metal/Punk, Pop, Rock 16/04/2019
Catalyst Ct. is a rock/punk rock/pop band which believes that music is an outburst of soul and without music, life would not be fair.
It's like fire is about the destruction of a relationship. It goes through the fighting, the anger, the sorrow and the aftermath of living apart.

Cursed Earth - Fear     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 16/04/2019
Perth-natives Cursed Earth are one of the bleakest, most rage-filled metal outfits to come out of Australia of late. Their upcoming mixtape highlights the potency of their sound beyond doubt.
'Fear' is a track that incites exactly that. From its scathing lyrics to raging metal instrumentation, this is Cursed Earth at their angriest, most violent yet.

The Brave - Burn     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 16/04/2019
Brisbane metallers The Brave just released their sophomore full-length 'Aura' and sold-out headliners in Sydney and Brisbane in its wake.
'Burn' has proven one of the most adored tracks on 'Aura' since its release in early April. The track is emotional and commanding lyrically and tight and soaring musically.

Other tracks by The Brave:  Technicolor  -  Desolation
Thornhill - Coven     Metal/Punk 16/04/2019
Thornhill are an utterly impressive Melbourne metal five-piece. They hold impressive supports under their belt including Northlane and Architects and have the world watching atop new single 'Coven'.
As told by lead singer Jacob Charlton, 'Coven' is about identifying anxiety and realising how much control it can have over your life. He says it will be a reminder every time the band play it live that it’s all in his head.

NTH RD - Almost Psycho     Metal/Punk, Grunge, Metal, Rock 12/04/2019
A precociously talented 4 piece Metal band based in Melbourne Australia.
Almost Psycho aims to gain an insight into the mind of a school shooter, with lyrics inspired by the horrific mass shootings that have occurred in the past, especially the last few years. It does not promote these happenings, but rather serves to raise awareness to the psychological instablility behind those who commit such atrocities.

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Other tracks by NTH RD:  In Vain  -  Same
NTH RD - Ulterior     Metal/Punk, Grunge, Hardcore, Metal 12/04/2019
A precociously talented 4 piece Metal band based in Melbourne Australia
Ulterior's lyrics refer to the inner monologue that we often have with ourselves. It draws comparisons to real life relationships, creating a juxtaposition between the relationship that we have with others, and the relationship we have with ourselves.

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Other tracks by NTH RD:  Misos
Velvet Elevator - Fire On Žion II     Metal/Punk 12/04/2019
Metal band from Wollongong
4 mins of pure fire

Carrington - 44 Days     Metal/Punk, Rock 11/04/2019
Carrington are an alternative/punk rock band from Perth.
"44 Days" is an expression of anger towards particular friends of front man Emmett Carroll. Carroll says "...Some people are selfish, and the sooner you come to grips with it the better. When I finished tracking this song and heard it all back it actually felt really good, I think I had gotten out what I wanted to say."

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Chaos Divine - Unspoken     Metal/Punk, Rock 11/04/2019
Chaos Divine is an enigmatic prog metal five-piece from Perth.
The band delivers "Unspoken", the epic first single from the band’s new album that teases but a taste of what is in store, and showcases just why Chaos Divine are one of the most formidable acts in the country.

MrKill - Embrace the darkness     Metal/Punk, Rock 11/04/2019
MrKill is a melodic death metal band from Melbourne, Australia. We are a 4 piece consisting on an Albanian, a Latvian, a New Zealander and currently also a Greek-Australian
As can be seen from tracks official lyrics, the song dives into embracing the darker side of one's personality

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The Med Heads - My Head is a Gaol     Metal/Punk, Rock, Punk 10/04/2019
The Med Heads have 3 releases available digitally, Adam Gilligans how to make DMT DVD on VHS in C, ECCO (Direct Broadcast), Blah Bwah Speedfast.
My Head is a Gaol, a song about finding someone but knowing youre a mess that will clutter someones life.

Other tracks by The Med Heads:  Mumma Said  -  Cthulhu
Humblet [hum-blay] - Mitch     Metal/Punk, Punk, Punk, Punk 09/04/2019
[Hum-blay] You can expect passionate originality, an unorthodox stage persona with attitude. Created for packed dirty pubs, noisy skate bowls & epic surf roadies.
This explosion of sound, catchy riff and tongue and cheek lyrics sparks the inner child to reach above society anxiety, causing you to fend wildly through the constant barraging of the inescapable complexities that wish to submit, conform and obtain you...

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Rumours - Paralysed     Metal/Punk 09/04/2019
Rumours are a metalcore group from Wagga Wagga, NSW.
The new single touches on the topic of toxic relationships and feeling bound to a situation that isn't healthy but being unable to break away from it to protect those involved. Vocalist Jackson Bentley made a decision to overcome this and "Paralysed" puts those thoughts in to words.

DickLord - Knuckle Girls     Metal/Punk 05/04/2019
Better than MAFS
My Fist ,Your Face

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Liberties - Are You OK     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 05/04/2019
Liberties is a four-piece hardcore outfit from Newcastle.
"Are You OK" features classic heavy tones that the Newcastle four-peice is known to provide with solid raw vocals alongside a set of rough cleans. The short, catchy guitar riff is present all through the track and pairs perfectly with the hard hitting drum beat that drives the song.

We Burn Bridges - Self Drought     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 05/04/2019
We Burn Bridges is a Post-Hardcore five-piece from Darwin.
"Self Drought" is plucked straight from the brain space of vocalist Jack Ryan and touches on themes of unhealthy habits. "Self Drought for the most part is about my struggle with addiction" says Jack, "...not necessarily addiction to drugs or alcohol but the nature of addiction and how I can become fixated on things that aren’t healthy for me."

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Charlie Rebel - You Know     Metal/Punk, Punk 01/04/2019
Punk Rockers Charlie Rebel are back with a brand new album 'The People's Republic of Earth' and their new single 'You Know' is 3mins of punk ska fun.
You Know is the 1st single from the upcoming album 'The People's Republic of Earth'. 3 minutes of Aussie punk ska energy. The new single embraces the bands punk attitude of calling out corruption, abuse of power, government absurdity and tackling life head on.

Sliknita - Brundlefly     Metal/Punk, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 25/03/2019
An instrumental post-metal band, with dream pop, prog rock and experimental/noise influences.
A swirling, heavy track at a meditative tempo.
This track could be described as atmospheric doom-metal, heavy shoegaze.
For fans of: Russian Circles, Agalloch, Sleepmakeswaves, We Lost the Sea, My Bloody Valentine, Alcest, Mogwai.

Other tracks by Sliknita:  Marry Me, Debbie