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Metal Postcard Records

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Zoe Zac - Heartbreak & Scopolamine     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Grunge 01/09/2016
Singer, songwriter from Hobart. Think PJ Harvey meets Courtney Barnett. Songs always seem to be about love loss and regret -- as all great songs should
Where grunge meets pop - we reckon Daniel Johnson would love this.

Gravy Murphy - Arthur Fuxake     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental 04/05/2016
Gravy Murphy is an electronic musician based in Perth.His debut album combines the best of current electronica ( think pye corner audio and LA's Secret Circuit)
Atmospheric electronic

Other tracks by Gravy Murphy:  Murmuration  -  Keep Her Lit
Gravy Murphy - Keep Her Lit     Electronic, Atmospheric, Instrumental 04/05/2016
Gravy Murphy is an electronic musician based in Perth.His debut album combines the best of current electronica ( think pye corner audio and LA's Secret Circuit)


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Other tracks by Gravy Murphy:  Murmuration  -  Arthur Fuxake
Zoe Zac - Maximum     Rock, Punk 10/01/2016
"My dials on maximum - and you turn it up - for the ones you love - and I'll be here waiting"
M A X I M U M is about the splintered movements of love and geography, played loudly first in the busted speaker of the heart, then poured out on to a map. M A X I M U M is a postcard to the confused traveler.

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Zoe Zac - Honeybee     Rock, Pop 28/08/2015
"Tasmanian she-devil and grunge-inspired girl rocker "- Tasmanian Times
First self-titled track off the ep talks of love, life and loss.

Other tracks by Zoe Zac:  As The Smog Rolls In From China  -  Little Birds
Celery - Upside Down Island     Folk, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Ambience 20/03/2015
Celery is Freemantle based singer songwriter, Sean Gorman, who has previously released under the names StreakyJake & Swoop Swoop. This is his 6th release with metal postcard records
Tropical singer songwriter with a modern edge

Other tracks by Celery:  Self Medication  -  40 in the shade
Louis Inglis - Ghost Pianio     Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Blues 01/07/2014
Louis Inglis is a singer songwriter from Perth and has previously released and album and a ep with metal postcard records
A song about a ghost piano - can't really tell you more than that - you'l have to listen

Other tracks by Louis Inglis:  Maylands  -  Bubblehairs
Soda Eaves - Flowers Of Evil     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 01/07/2014
Soda Eaves is the solo work of Jack Core, a published poet and guitarist with the Melbourne psychedelic-drone band Hot Palms.
Flowers of Evil, which begins with a short recording of a conversation. Around it, we hear the sounds of a natural environment: native birds chirping, and softly strummed acoustic guitar – signs of human colonization set amongst a natural landscape. A picture of life in suburban, or regional Australia.

Louis Inglis - Another Place     Pop, Acoustic, Acoustic, Soundtrack (Film Related) 13/05/2014
Louis Inglis is a singer songwriter based in Perth (WA) and has recorded for metal postcard records a full length album .. "Dark Days Ahead" and a Digital EP "Lemons"
Another Place soundtracks viral video Another Place Written & Directed by Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann.
Produced by Lauren Elliott.
© Perfectly Adequate 2014.

Louis Inglis - Woken Up     Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Atmospheric 28/05/2013
Louis Inglis is a singer songwriter from Perth who writes beautifully fragile songs that bring to mind the beatles last album and Syd Barrett's solo work
Up beat alt indie songwriter tune with australian feel

Other tracks by Louis Inglis:  Corn On The Cob  -  A Good Time
Ollo - Still In Delphi (Duct Tape Mix)     Electronic, Pop, Soundscapes 25/05/2013
Ollo are a sydney based electronic duo who write cleverly crafted pop songs
Electronic pop song.

Other tracks by Ollo:  Burn More Coal (Hot C-ck Remix)  -  Double Exposure (Stupid So and So Mix)
Bad Thoughts - Total Eclipse     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Gay Alligned 25/11/2012
Bad Thoughts is Milo Kossowski of Melbourne Electronic Duo The Emergency. This is his first solo album
Ambient Electronic Music with a DIY edge to it - perfect for late evening radio shows or electronic music shows

Other tracks by Bad Thoughts:  Let Go  -  Wavell
Cambodian Space Project - Not Easy Rock & Roll     Rock, World, Psychedelic 21/11/2012
The Cambodian Space Project were formed in Phnom Penh by Hobart resident Julien Poulsen.The band base themselves in Australia & Cambodia.
A Joyous Celebration of being A SE Asian Band on The Road in Europe -

Other tracks by Cambodian Space Project:  Baby Lady Boy  -  Broken Flower
Swoop Swoop - In The Pines     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Ambience 20/11/2012
Swoop Swoop is a singer songwriter from Perth Western Australia
A Cover of Leadbelly's In The Pines. Also covered by the likes of The Triffids, Kurt Cobain and many others

?ReDo From Start - Wires     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 15/11/2012
? ReDo From Start Is Australian Artist and Songwriter/Producer based in Tokyo
The introduction song to the album illustrates the underlying unease of living in Tokyo on one of the world's greatest fault lines. This son was recorded not long after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami

Other tracks by ?ReDo From Start:  Black Syrup  -  Cabin Fever
Pairs - A Surgeon In A Hospital In Shanghai Severed A Nerve In My Groin     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 14/11/2012
Pairs are a duo sounding like a mix between early Fall, Early White Stripes and Royal Trux. They make lo-fi punk noise that's exciting the underground worldwide
X of Pairs Lies in bed in a shanghai hospital ruminating over what the rest of the world is up to whilst he can't move

The Beards & Julien Poulsen - Jailbreak     Rock, Atmospheric, Alternative Country, Blues 13/11/2012
Julien Poulsen guitarist and bandleader of Cambodian Space Project has teamed up with Venetian Americana duo the Beards to write this album about the last living Aboriginal man in Tasmania
The Beards & Julien Poulsen use the AC/DC classic within the context of the escape from Jail of the last living Aboriginal man in Tasmania and give the song both a new meaning and a new sound

The Emergency - Afterlife     Electronic, Gay Alligned, Dub 13/11/2012
The Emergency are an electronic act based in Melbourne. Their third album "Last Exit" was released October 2012
Afterlife is the first single off the Emergency's third album. Available as a download only

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Ollo - Transistor Resistor     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Gay Alligned 06/07/2012
Ollo are the godfathers of Sydney Electronica and have been creating well crafted song based electronic music for over a decade now.
Recalling Kraftwerk and electronic pop music of the early 80's . Imagine Gotye with Vince Clarke at the helm.


Other tracks by Ollo:  Full Stop Blue  -  Litterbrain