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Pink Matter - Cleo     Pop, Soul, Jazz 07/07/2018
If there was a door at the back of your head, Pink Matter are the soundtrack to you walking through it; seeing yourself look at the world.
The single Cleo is a lustful exploration of one’s ideal partner. The impressionist structure follows the glimpse of a perfect strangers' eye, and the confusion and curiosity that follows.

ELSZ - Dark Room     Pop, RnB 28/06/2018
ELSZ is a producer, harpist, vocalist & dancer who spends her time between Sydney, Brooklyn and Sri Lanka.
Dark Room explores the link between abandonment and care, and how sharply they conflict and feed each other within toxic relationships.

Keeskea - You Did     Folk, Pop 30/05/2018
Keeskea is the recording project of Brisbane based artist Vanessa Marousopoulos.
You Did is a somber reflection on the growing pains of empowerment and the difficulty of letting go of people that have caused you harm. It represents the shift between assuredness and doubt when faced with evidence of cruelty from those who were once trusted.

Habits - Raw Shame     Pop, RnB, Electronic 11/04/2018
Described as “going to a yoga class on MDMA”, Habits are undisputably the most intimate, empowering and sweat-inducing live act in Australia.
A haunting piano rework of dark-club single ‘Shame/Desire’, this is an apology for ‘being a piece of human garbage that will never change’ soaked in melancholy. HABITS evoke vulnerability, ‘Raw Shame’ commits it to memory.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

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Marville - Speak Easy     Rock, Grunge, Garage 04/04/2018
Brisbane-based guitar/drums duo Marville, led by Ash Kerley (Girls Rock! Australia) are known for their "barely contained fury put down on tape". Their LP 'Terra Alpha' is out 30 March.
New single Speak Easy, highlighted with Terra Alpha's release, is in Kerley's words a "big, boofy stoner song about waiting for someone to text you back".

Other tracks by Marville:  Another  -  Fickle
G Elenil - GoodTime     Pop, Dance, RnB 07/03/2018
G Elenil contains multitudes: musician, producer, visual artist, streetwear label-runner, more. Already a firm community radio favourite, G spans sweaty, heavy-hitting club tracks to sultry RnB to uplifting pop moments.
Creeping in slowly, warmly, then all at once, 'GoodTime' is an anthem to chasing a feeling to the Earth's end, even if it ends up being fleeting. Weighing washed-out piano chords against undeniable vocal hooks, the track is co-produced by G & tomtom (Miss Blanks, May Lyn).

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Marville - Thinking Sense     Rock, Grunge, Garage 15/02/2018
Recipients of the 2017 Billy Thorpe Scholarship, guitar-drums duo Marville are Ash Kerley (of Girls Rock!) and Doug Palmer. Marville are set to release their second LP in 2018.
Written "in a sh**ty share house", Kerley's yawning, powerful vocals parse caustic jabs on Thinking Sense that are just as often aimed at herself. Propelled by relentlessly dirty, crunchy guitar and Palmer's furious drumming, Thinking Sense explores how humans relate to each other when dignity is removed from the equation.

Phoebe Dubar - Pushing On (prod. Amin Payne)     Electronic, Dance, Funk, House 06/12/2017
Melbourne multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/PASSERINE frontperson Phoebe Dubar branches out solo into unabashedly retro territory.
80s-tinged anthem to positivity & resilience, 'Pushing On' (prod. Amin Payne) showcases Dubar's evocative vocals over a blend of layered retro analog synths. Operatives member/Condensed Milk co-founder Amin Payne's production pays meticulous tribute to bygone decades, interpolating warm chord stabs with thumping live bass and bubbling arpeggios.

Telete - Basketball Boy     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 30/11/2017
If chamber pop and synthgaze had a sad baby, it might resemble the sounds of Telete, a Perth band reared by Mai Barnes and Hayley Ayres.
Iridescent and melancholic, 'Basketball Boy' responds to a universally-shared lifetime of accumulated sexist microaggressions, languishing prettily under the weight of global, seemingly impenetrable gaslighting ("And he says, 'Most of what you're feeling is your own fault anyway'/He says 'If you choose to be offended then that's the choice you've made'").

King IV - Bump     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/11/2017
King IV crafts dark electronica with a progressive fusion of modern sounds, merging influences from underground EDM and Alt-RnB & harnessing an attacking/submerging sound of deep bottom-ends and heavy-hitting beats.
Harnessing menacing samples & meaty bass synths to spine-tingling effect, Bump appeals to our basest human desire: to experience something explosive. Craving more, and wanting it all to yourself. Losing your sense of self in a plea to live a high-intensity life that feels visceral and intoxicating.

G Elenil - SOMETHING     Hip Hop, Pop 03/11/2017
Rising fast in the middle of Brisbane’s hip-hop golden age is G Elenil: Cypriate-Australian musician, producer, visual artist, streetwear label owner, and more.
SOMETHING introduces us to G's world, buoyed by warm bubbling synths. G spits about her neighbourhood, cultural touchstones, and flexes her independence with eye-popping flippancy (If you wanted me in a nappy/Imma son you like a midwife).

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LALKA - Cool Youth     Electronic, Experimental, Dance 19/10/2017
LALKA is the subversive new audiovisual project from a Brisbane-based classically trained musician who, bored of performing the music of "dead white men", embraces dark electronica and a DIY ethos.
Stark, dramatic and syncopated, Cool Youth is about resisting expectations to fit specific social paradigms - breaking the cycle of pressure to succumb to those reductive notions and exhausting oneself to seek happiness through social approval.

Shoeb Ahmad - "romance"     Pop, Experimental 18/10/2017
Shoeb Ahmad explores personal pasts and themes of identity (gender, race, religion) in an intimate noir-pop setting.
Mixed by Jonathon Boulet, "romance" is a giddy, jangly love letter to Shoeb's wife. Through a warm, joyful exhalt of devotion, there's reassurance that although Shoeb's external presentation has changed, the person inside remains the same and is deeply, irrevocably in love.


Jacob Diamond - Blue Begets Blue     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 27/09/2017
Alt-folk oddity Jacob Diamond sings bold songs about love and death.
Diamond's trademark neo-literary, zealous songwriting drives this searing theatrical journey through denial to the honesty that "I love you, but I can't love you while I'm in this mess". The track languishes towards its pained chorus: "hate calling you with nothing to say, but I'm gonna call you anyway".

Demon Days - Killer Bees     Funk/Soul 02/09/2017
Demon Days are a Jazz Funk/Neo Soul collective from WA. Led by singer/lyricist Bella Nicholl, the four-piece take hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz; squash them together and see what happens...
Slow-burning and syncopated, 'Killer Bees' swerves between movements as readily as its namesake buzzes between flowers. Bella Nicholl's vibrant, honeyed vocals deliver wisdoms such as "There's no rules in life, just don't be a d*ckhead" to soothe the existential growing pains and anxieties we all feel.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (WA Awards)

Lalka - Dare You To Love Me     Electronic 16/08/2017
LALKA is a subversive audio-visual electro project from a Brisbane-based classically trained musician turned fiercely DIY creative advocate.
Seething with erratic allure, Dare You To Love Me's chest-pounding hook draws inspiration from trap and the more visceral, gritty corners of electronica. Whilst admitting she is no geopolitical expert, LALKA reveals it was written the day Donald Trump announced the travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries to the US.

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Habits - Shame/Desire     Electronic, Dance, Techno, RnB 09/08/2017
Habits are the future of club music, a steamy, smoky vision of quicksilver dancefloors fueled by the dark, fierce and alluring.
Shame/Desire evokes industrial elements and techno beats to describe “ugly feelings underneath clammy skin”; gut-wrenching emotions that constantly blossom and rot within us. This is a apology for "being a piece of human garbage who will never change", this is jittery club music unapologetically stuck in fifth gear.

Idylls - No Virility     Metal/Punk, Jazz, Hardcore, Experimental 02/08/2017
IDYLLS is a waterfall of dissonance, the powerful sonic oscillations between open wound and healing processes.
No Virility is a petulant and flat refusal to read and understand a life through the lens of sexuality or romance. A rhythmic acclamation of failure and grey ace anthem.

Other tracks by Idylls:  Maslows Dogs
King IV - We Can Get It (ft. Rromarin)     Electronic, Pop 26/07/2017
King IV (King Ivy) crafts dark electronica, writing music with a progressive fusion of modern sounds, merging influences from underground EDM and Alt-RnB scenes.
We Can Get It howls with attitude, underpinned by a trap-influenced sub bass and evoking a rave in the backseat of a 2am rideshare home. Viciously propulsive and couched in penetrating, reverb-heavy vocals, this is not so much a sonic step forward for King IV as it is a stratospheric strut in thigh-high latex boots.

Shoeb Ahmad - "mask-ed"     Pop, Experimental 05/07/2017
Shoeb Ahmad explores themes of identity (gender, race, religion) in an intimate noir-pop setting, inspired by the widescreen arrangements of The Go-Betweens, PJ Harvey, Tindersticks and The Temptations.
"mask-ed" weighs aching vulnerability against a loping groove, minimalist yet widescreen all at once.

"This song revolves around the secrecy I maintained around my exploration of gender, counterpointed by the idea of acceptance." - Shoeb Ahmad