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Marthouse Records

Small independent record label and studio based in Melbourne. As well as releasing limited vinyl
pressings we also run events, artist management and a blog featuring local musicians and artists.
Established in June 2017.

Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

Marthouse Records

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Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Super Speedy Zippy Whipper     Punk, Alternative, Rock, Experimental 13/03/2020
Post-futurist post-punk / robo-punk - asking and answering the big questions, ecological to existential. Melbourne 4 piece helmed by Dr Sure.
A frenetic wonky post-punk jam - driving drums and bass with clangy guitars and woozy synths with occasional bleeps and bloops. Punchy but strangely melodic vocals speculate about your choices being dictated by an other force or the fast-paced society we live in AKA the 'Super Speedy Zippy Whipper'.

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Paradise     Rock, Punk 14/06/2019
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice make peculiar post-punk spouting potent political themes with tongue firmly in cheek. Their first 3 singles have drawn comparison to B-52’s, Shame & Tropical F**k Storm.
Wonky, motorik post-punk. An ode to greed and overdevelopment, Paradise was written when Dr Sure returned to his once idyllic hometown in Central Queensland to find a monstrous gated community, golf course, country club, shopping mall and pokie lounge on the outskirts of town - 10 years old and completely abandoned and overgrown - PARADISE.

Other tracks by Dr Sure's Unusual Practice:  Who Knew  -  No Moon
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Catch Up     Rock, Punk 13/05/2019
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice (DSUP) make peculiar post-punk of & for the times, spouting potent political themes but always with tongue firmly in cheek.
Another driving post-punk track from the Melbourne artist. Catch Up is a parody of the divisive rhetoric used around election time, 'African gangs in Melbourne' becomes 'Cauca-sick gangs in the Parlaiment House'. It seemed fitting to add it to the canon as a discussion point in the lead up to the federal election.

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Busy Bigness     Metal/Punk, Punk, Pop, Rock 01/11/2018
Peculiar post-punk by Dr Sure. Curing our world of capitalists and other cancerous institutions one crooked rhythm / angular guitar incision at a time.
Peculiar post-punk. A slightly jolty but driving rhythm section combine with a very slinky lead line. Synth dabs, vocal jabs and guitar stabs. Tongue-in-cheek lyricism on subjects of masculinity, capitalism, ego.

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Sunnyside - Disco Bananas     Funk/Soul, Dance, Jazz, House 06/10/2018
As the name may suggest, six piece jazz funk instrumentalists Sunnyside are known destroyers of bad vibes and dedicated designers of the groove.
If you like your beats extra fruity, look no further. Disco Bananas is exactly what the name suggests; a juicy serving of dancefloor funk. Raw, instrumentally driven dance music, designed to make you move and make you smile. Ft. guest vocal cameos from Nkeche Anele (Saskwatch), Sophie Corbett & Dougal Shaw (Hot Sludge Fundae).

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Other tracks by Sunnyside:  Boostin'  -  Something Like Purple