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Matt Ellis - Isolationist Blues     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Soul 12/04/2019
Matt Ellis is a Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter from Sydney, Australia. He's just released his new, 6th album, “Rambler Pacifico”, on March 29th, 2019.
"Isolationist Blues" is the lead track from Matt Ellis' new album, "Rambler Pacifico". It's a soul stomping rock song sweetened by pedal steel and Calexico's horn section, with a lyric that responds to the rhetoric spilling from the White House.

Other tracks by Matt Ellis:  The Lucky Ones  -  The Kids of America
Matt Ellis - If I Had A Hammer     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 20/03/2019
Matt Ellis is an Australian Singer/Songwriter based in Los Angeles. "If I Had A Hammer" is the second single off his sixth album "Rambler Pacifico", coming March 29, 2019
"If I Had A Hammer" is a cover of the Pete Seeger/Lee Hayes protest song from 1949. Featuring Kam Franklin on vocals, the song has been reimagined with a laid back Laurel Canyon feel, but the message is still clear and more compelling than ever. Produced by Ellis, "Hammer" was mixed by Nathan Sabatino in Joshua Tree, Calofornia.

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Matt Ellis - Some People     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 13/02/2019
Matt Ellis is an Australian Singer/Songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. His new single, "Some People", is the first taste of his sixth album, "Rambler Pacifico", coming March 29th, 2019.
"Some People" is the first single off Matt Ellis' 6th album "Rambler Pacifico". It's an acoustic stomp, full of Country and Folk-Rock hooks with lyrics that weaves its way through the layers of modern diversity in today's society.

Written by Ellis, the track was mixed by Nathan Sabatino (Dr Dog/The Flaming Lips) at his "Hi-Dez" Studio in Joshua Tree, California.

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East Row Rabble - Aliens in my Brain     Funk/Soul, Pop 30/09/2016
East Row Rabble delivers a slick mix of funk, ska, blues and soul with heavenly horn lines that will get your booty shakin' and your feet shufflin'
“Aliens in my Brain” which takes you on a fun and funky journey of Sci-Fi pop culture references, from Star Wars to Dr Who, to raise awareness about Mental Health. With punchy horn lines and soaring vocals “Aliens in my Brain” always gets the crowd dancing at live shows.

My Sister's Gramophone - Are You Alright     Rock, Britpop 01/04/2016
Singer/song writer Brad Patison's band My Sister's Gramophone weave a unique blend of musical genres from Indie Pop to Country with pinch of Prog Rock mixed in for good measure.
“The sound of your Breakdown” – the opening line of the song attempts to tackle the physiological thought processes behind a relationship.
Touching on the “Grey” areas associated with the breakdown of purity. A question asked withrespect? Or a more sinister undertone to grant solace to victory?

Other tracks by My Sister's Gramophone:  Doing Well
East Row Rabble - Strawberries & Cream     Funk/Soul, Blues, Pop, Funk 08/03/2016
East Row Rabble delivers a slick mix of funk, ska, blues and soul with heavenly horn lines that will get your booty shakin'
A song about choosing what you love, and loving what you choose.

Want of Peace - Hit Single     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Dance 19/02/2016
Want of Peace's 'Rizzle Bizzle' displays an enigmatic debut from The OG-Rant, a recurring character from previous releases. Zappa fans...give this a shot!
To make it in the music industry it all starts with a 'Hit' song. Repetitive beats, a huge bass line and a catch as hell hook. 'Hit Single' hits the nail on the head with it's Mata play on the state of the industry and it's darker undertones

Other tracks by Want of Peace:  Lovely Lady  -  Chu Know
Coast and Ocean - My Mania     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 03/02/2016
Continually pushing acoustic music to its limits drawing influences critically acclaimed artists such as Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, Michael Buble, Cold Chisel & Anything off a Cheap Jazz Record.
A personal fantasy portrayal of being a celebrity who cheats on his girl. Taken by the mania of living the pop sensation lifestyle, he ends up realising that all he ever really wanted was what he had left behind

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Other tracks by Coast and Ocean:  Highest Height  -  Girl Who Cuts
My Sister's Gramophone - I Shot the Devil     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 02/10/2015
‘Barstool Philosophers' Brad Patison and Sean Henderson, accompanied by musicians Luke Greenhalgh and Barnaby Briggs, weave a unique blend of musical influences and angles that is My Sister's Gramophone.
In our minds there is an angel and a devil fighting over our moral compasses that translate into decisions and actions. These battles inside our heads are not always pretty! the Morricone-esque jauntiness that leads you into I Shot The Devil sets up the tone for one of these battles.

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The Ruckus - Steady Hands     Rock, Pop 02/10/2015
Known across the touring circuit as one of the hardest working bands, The Ruckus are a rock/funk/hip hop 4 piece from Sydney, Australia.
Based on the band members' personal experience, this song was written to elevate and motivate young people that suffer from depression. As part of the Head Space initiative, this song aligns with the topic of mental health and hopes to inspire people to overcome the lack of self worth.

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Denis Cochran - Muttaburra Waters     Country, Folk 07/08/2015
Denis Cochran - busker - was raised in cattle country in western Queensland. With his appreciation of our reliance on rainfall, he cheerfully sings his song “Muttaburra Waters”.
“Muttaburra Waters” describes the arrival of much needed rain after harsh drought in the outback. Western creeks overflow before converging into flooding rivers that carry Queensland water thousands of miles south to a very different part of the country - the commonly dry salt pan, Lake Eyre in South Australia.

Nizar - San Francisco     Funk/Soul, Dance, RnB, Pop 26/06/2015
Nizar is a Singer Songwriter with a love and passion for the roots of Soul music and Rhythm and Blues. His first single 'San Francisco' is out July 10th.
Its amazing how a series of chance experiences in totally random places could all come together so perfectly in a moment of inspiration. This is how San Francisco became more than just a postcard memory for me as I travelled through a 'hometown' I had never been to before.

Shorty and Chow - Suspension     Jazz, Funk, Experimental, World 12/06/2015
Shorty and Chow’s music is a unique blend of Jazz, Progressive Rock, Groove and Funk with a hint of Eastern influence.
Whilst listening to ABC’s DIG late one night, Luke was inspired by a piece performed by Perth based pianist Tal Cohen. Getting straight to work he amalgamated Jewish harmonics with Rock grooves, Suspension was written by sunrise. Featuring captivating solos, this piece highlights what Shorty and Chow are all about.

The Ruckus - Lemonade     Rock, Blues 12/06/2015
The Ruckus is a 5 piece Rock band from Sydney delivering music that mixes influences from early Red Hot Chilli Peppers-style funk and Rage Against The Machine-style ferocity.
Cheeky assault on mainstream media’s strangle hold on our 24 hour news cycle platforms…their dealership of headlines that has a commercial focus rather than a factual focus. Sex…Drugs…Mobile Phones…..We are all victims whether we like it or not!!!

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Other tracks by The Ruckus:  Devil (Lets Get Weird)
The Ruckus - Go Hide     Rock, Blues 29/05/2015
The Ruckus, formerly known as Bonez, is a 5 piece Rock band delivering music that mixes influences from early Red Hot Chilli Peppers-style funk and Rage Against The Machine-style ferocity.
A song about spending time in your own company in self reflection.
No body is perfect. We'll be the first to admit there are parts about us that we wish were better. This song means a lot to us and shows who and where we are as a band.

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International Blue feat. Liam McKahey - Blown Away, feat. Liam McKahey     Pop, Britpop, Easy Listening 01/05/2015
International Blue is a recording that pays tribute to the rare art and elegance of Pop crooning along the epic chamber music pop of Burt Bacharach, Scott Walker and Bowie.
‘Blown away’ is the first out of 3 Liam McKahey songs on the ‘International Blue’ album. Liam was the first one being approached and invited by Stephen Emmer to participate in his IB project.

“The minute I heard Stephen's music, I thought, oooh, this is special!" (Liam McKahey)

Other tracks by International Blue feat. Liam McKahey:  Blown Away - Instrumental
Kevin Windross Band - I'll Be There     Rock, Metal 20/03/2015
The Kevin Windross Band (aka KWB) are a melodic/heavy rock band based in Canberra, Australia.
A song about one's sense of mortality. Written by Kevin at a time when he felt his world was about to end and this is a farewell message to his loved ones.

Other tracks by Kevin Windross Band:  Take Myself  -  Broken Bridges
Matt Ellis - On The Horizon     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 14/11/2014
Australian singer songwriter Matt Ellis has been exploring his love for contemporary Folk, Rock and Country music, along the lines of Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, for the past few years.
“On The Horizon” is a swinging, heavy rocker reminiscent of Tom Petty. “A dollar rise for the tired population, They whisper war on the news again, Spin the wheel for the next destination, Are we ever gonna pay the bill we have” pleads Ellis in the album's lead track.

Other tracks by Matt Ellis:  Different Man  -  The Greatest Escape
Liam McKahey & The Bodies - Dirty Mind     Rock, Alternative Country, Country 17/10/2014
Singer/songwriter Liam McKahey is the former lead singer of highly acclaimed UK band Cousteau. Liam has relocated to Australia and now fronts his new outfit The Bodies.
A song about the male libido, and the pitfalls of this sometimes agonising bedfellow, something Kingsley Amis described as. ' being handcuffed to the maniac ' a biological craving through the centuries , a genetic need to procreate that becomes a mental prison

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Other tracks by Liam McKahey & The Bodies:  Long Black Train  -  A Girl
Beth n Ben - Your Gods     Blues/Roots, Folk 15/10/2014
Beth n Ben’s fusion of genre, and tongue in cheek lyrical style always turns heads and gets the crowd moving wherever they go.
Most of us have had our ‘loyalties’ challenged by family, friends and associates from various interest groups and religious factions in recent time, Beth n Ben take the central position of love for humanity and pose the question; “Wouldn’t you tell me where I am supposed to go?”.

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