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Mafioso Music

Mafioso Music is a small Artist Management team based in Brisbane, Australia.
It's our goal to aid great artist in their musical endevours and to ultimately provide good music for good people.

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Mafioso Music

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Semantics - SDE     Punk, Rock, Alternative 20/03/2020
Semantics spare nothing when producing music intent to connecting to their listeners - reminding fans that it’s alright if you’re not alright. Placing emphasis on creating community through their music.
The tales of a narcissistic lover, aware of their self-destructive behaviors but not wanting to show vulnerability to overcome the obstacles or even acknowledge them. Instead, neglecting all the problems and even embracing how helpless they feel in that situation. The track weaves its way through honest confessions of the lovers until ultimately admitting his faults, finding empowerment through vulnerability.

SOY - Pigments     Alternative, Psych, Rock 30/10/2019
Meet SOY, Forrester Beach’s answer to Psychedelic Rock in the modern world!
Tales of Brotherhood and Betrayal.

VOIID - HELL     Alternative, Garage, Punk 04/10/2019
VOIID promise music guaranteed to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry.
What seems like hot s**t at first mightn’t always be the case... The scene, as this song outlines, can be a toxic place at times, however with the new climate it's important to not take away voices affected by this in a 'swept under the rug’ matter but instead, acknowledge and amplify their voices to affirm the change we need.

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NERVE - Gone Stupid     Hip Hop, Rap 21/08/2019
First Single of Nerve's "Mumma's Boy" EP

The Buoys - GOLD     Rock, Garage 18/07/2019
all female Sydney 4-piece The Buoys have a lot to send to your ear holes by way of unrelenting fuzzy guitar tones.
Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with long-time collaborator Antonia Gauci, ‘GOLD’ is simply as its name implies; shiny, glimmering and immediately striking.

VOIID - DRUNK     Rock, Punk, Pop 14/06/2019
The song “Drunk” tells the story about when we were turning 18 and living in a share house with all our best friends. Particularly the time we got drunk in our friends parked car outside the house. The song is also about feeling the after-effects of drinking so much and hating it, regardless of how much fun was had.

Other tracks by VOIID:  Durry Mouth