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Mad Dog Publicity

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Fraser A. Gorman - Walking To Oman’s     Folk, Alternative Country, Blues 29/05/2018
Fraser A. Gorman is a Melbourne based singer songwriter with a love for country, blues, and folk.
Inspired by the great overarching trees that towered above Fraser on a walk through the Otway forest, 'Walking To Oman’s' is a song about getting lost in addiction and looking for a way out.

Hilltop Hoods - Clark Griswold Feat. Adrian Eagle     Hip Hop 20/07/2018
Australian Hip Hop Act
Hilltop Hoods first new material since the critically acclaimed 2016 album ‘Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung’, ‘Clark Griswold’ features the soulful voice of emerging star Adrian Eagle.

Its about becoming a father and taking account of our weaknesses as a result. On a basic level it's about being a flawed person that's trying to do better.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Urban Album

Tigermoth - The Phantom     Hip Hop, Instrumental, Experimental 01/08/2018
Equally influenced by US and Japanese Hip-hop, Tigermoth weaves an abstract, instrumental canvas/soundscape, backed by orchestrated beats.
‘The Phantom’ is a sampled collage of East meets West, that takes it cues from Tarantino ‘pulp’ as much as it does Hip Hop. Utilising some upbeat 70s Bollywood funk, and Zen Buddhist inspired narration, ‘The Phantom’ perfectly introduces the themes of ‘Gung Fu’ - evil and good, life and death and yin and yang.

Indigenoise - The New Code     Hip Hop, Indigenous 18/08/2018
INDIGENOISE are a 5 piece Indigenous Australian Hip Hop act
'The New Code' is the band’s ode to change. ‘The new code is about the matrix encompassing the globe. So many people are caught up in the black mirrors of this world.’

Indigenoise hope to insert a ‘new code’ into this realm, utilising the digital world to create a positive virus to change the nature of the people.

Tigermoth - Sun Wu Kong     Hip Hop, Experimental, Instrumental 20/09/2018
Equally influenced by US and Japanese Hip-hop, Tigermoth weaves an abstract, instrumental canvas/soundscape, backed by orchestrated beats.
‘Sun Wu Kong’ is the second single from Tigermoth’s ‘Gung Fu’ album. The song and companion video pay homage to Tigermoth’s childhood hero ‘Sun Wu Kong’ aka ‘The Monkey King’. It takes its artistic inspiration from low budget 70s and 80s martial arts film, both of which are passions of this multi-talented producer.

Resin Dogs - Activate the Soul feat. Mantra     Hip Hop 06/10/2018
Resin Dogs are one of Australia's iconic Hip Hop acts.
The seeds of ‘Activate the Soul’ were sown when DJ Katch and Plutonic Lab were digging through some records looking for sounds, and Plutonic had his sampler ready so it started from there. The tune was worked on over the next few months adding drums and basslines, before Mantra stepped up to the studio mic to lay down his vocals.

minibikes - Magic Happens     Pop 24/10/2018
Who are they? minibikes are a one-man band with 8 arms and 8 legs. Marcel Borrack calls the shots and his band pull out the stops
At this time of year, it’s not unusual to read about songs that "ooze summer vibes” but 'Magic Happens' comes with a serious warning…Slip Slop Slap! And watch out for falling coconuts.

Indigenoise - One Mob     Indigenous, Hip Hop 26/10/2018
Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of Indigenous poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners. The five-piece featuring Coedie McCarthy, Minjarrah Jarrett, Roslyn Barnett, Jannali Doncaster and Benjamin Robinson.
‘One Mob’ is the fourth single lifted from the Indigenoise debut album ' Old Ways New Age' and is the celebration of all people of earth. ‘We may be separated by race, religion and sexuality but we are united as human beings. One Mob is our anthem to sing up EVERY human’s experience.’

Other tracks by Indigenoise:  Welcome  -  Rectified
Purpose - Time Stamped     Hip Hop 30/10/2018
Purpose is a celebrated Adelaide battle rapper, songwriter and producer.
‘Time Stamped’ marks the triumphant return of Purpose after 2 years of crafting his debut GOLDEN ERA RECORDS release. The single is produced by TRIALS (A.B. Original, The Funkoars) and features ELSY, part of Adelaide collective PLAYBACK 808.

Shadow - Cream     Hip Hop 17/11/2018
SHADOW is a Rapper/Grime Artist
Cream is the first single on Golden Era Records for Rapper/Grime Artist SHADOW.

Benjamin Walsh - Celestial Mechanics     World, Experimental 29/11/2018
Benjamin Walsh is a world-renowned percussionist and is legendary for his ability to adapt and fuse styles, creating and reinventing approaches to traditional formulas of rhythm and sound.
Celestial Mechanics is a quirky electronic adventure

Hilltop Hoods - Leave Me Lonely     Hip Hop 29/11/2018
Iconic Australian Hip Hop Act
Suffa jokes that ‘Leave me Lonely is a song about the eternal struggle of being cornered by a close-talker - and its relatable to anyone that’s ever been outside. Or in a room with more than four people.’

Some people might recognise elements of Richard Berry’s song ‘Have Love Will Travel’ (covered by The Sonics and The Black Keys)

Immigrant Union - New Win     Rock, Alternative Country 07/12/2018
Immigrant Union are an Australian alt/country/psych collective
‘New Win’ is the first taste from the forthcoming Immigrant Union ‘Judas’ album due for release in early 2019, and ‘is a song about the best times in life being squandered by not realising at the time how great they were and regrettably letting them slip away.

Rinehearts - Can’t Do Nothing     Pop 12/12/2018
Rinehearts are a Perth Power pop trio
With an overall sound best described as a cross between The Replacements and Reigning Sound, Rinehearts have been delivering catchy tunes since forming in 2016. This undeniably captivating latest single ‘Can’t Do Nothing’ is the band’s first new material since the EP release and is the title track from their forthcoming debut album, set to be released early 2019.

Hilltop Hoods - Exit Sign Feat. Illy & Ecca Vandal     Hip Hop 20/03/2019
Iconic Australian Hip Hop Act
‘Exit Sign’ was one of the more collaborative moments on the album. One Above (who we’ve worked with on tracks such as ‘1955’, ‘I Love It’ & ‘Higher’) produced the song, Sarah Aarons wrote the hook and Illy & Ecca Vandal jumped on vocals with us.

Resin Dogs - Pack Your Bags     Hip Hop 05/04/2019
Iconic Australian Hip Hop Act
‘Pack Your Bags’ is the latest single to be lifted from the Resin Dogs ‘NOTORIOUS D.O.G’ album and is a song telling tales of touring stories throughout the years with the Dogs.

Rinehearts - You Don't Have To Lie     Pop, Garage 10/04/2019
Rinehearts are a garage, reverb soaked, power pop machine from Perth
About the song, Rinehearts bass played Mitch says ‘I can’t really take the shadows and the shame’ reflects on ‘Hiding someone you are or being something, you aren’t. You Don’t Have To Lie is reminiscent of the heartbreak that comes from juvenile love.’

Briggs - Life Is Incredible     Hip Hop, Indigenous 17/04/2019
Briggs is a Power house rapper and Australian Hip Hop Pioneer.
The song takes into context the disparity in the mortality rate between Indigenous and White Australians. Aboriginal people are faced with a life expectancy that barely matches up to what white people consider ‘Middle Aged’ - we pose the question, Is it OK to be white? It’s Incredible to be white! One could argue it’s advantageous to be white.’

Ezekiel Ox - Megalomania     Rock 25/04/2019
Ezekiel Ox, is an Australian singer-songwriter and has toured with rock acts such as Mammal, Superheist, The Nerve, Full Scale and many more.
'Megalomania' is the first single to be lifted from the new EP from Ezekiel Ox ‘Cheering Bombs From Deckchairs’ . The track itself sets the tone beautifully for the EP and wouldn’t sound out of place in a playlist alongside the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Other tracks by Ezekiel Ox:  Bear Trap
Indigenoise - Spirit Has No Colour     Hip Hop 12/06/2019
Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners. The four-piece carry mixed ancestry, and alchemise a powerful voice of ancient and contemporary culture.
Hip Hop infused - mellow beats. The song fiercely expresses this idea that so many of our cultures, philosophies and religions all share the same message. Love; yourself, others, the animals and the world around. There are so many similarities in the stories of the old world that we think are much more than mere coincidence.