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The Hunting Birds - Naive Eyes     Folk, Rock, Pop, Country 11/04/2019
Darkness meets light in The Hunting Birds' enchanting fusion of folk, rock and pop. A young band with an impressive resume including Falls Festival, Bluesfest, Newtin Faulkner and The Lumineers.
The Hunting Birds have returned to deliver some horror-cinema influenced visuals for their pop-tinged, folk-rock single Naive Eyes; a song about paralyzing anxiety, the process of fighting those demons and escaping.

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WARCRIES - This Is Paradise     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Industrial 11/04/2019
WARCRIES is the multi-instrumental electronic project of Ry & Will, writing, recording and performing music. These self confess energy-addicts are deliberately putting the performance back in live music.
Brisbane's electro-grunge duo WARCRIES are crashing onto the scene with their debut single This Is Paradise; a call to action layered in a pulsating gritty beat motivating punters to stand up for themselves!

This Is Paradise isn't just their debut single but comes as the first from their upcoming EP, get set for a wild year with WARCRIES.

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Waxflower - Cut Your Teeth     Rock, Punk, Pop 10/05/2019
Coming together through personal struggles with mental health and self-acceptance, Waxflower wrote songs that resonate with all of us. Genuine lyrics and catchy choruses, these songs are authentically us.
Introducing Waxflower, a Brisbane four-piece finding relief from struggles with mental health in music. They're leading with debut single Cut Your Teeth; a song about issues of self-image and discovering acceptance for the person you are.

Machine Age - Year Of The Monkey     Rock, Pop, Punk, Experimental 12/09/2019
Born out of the Warp Records back catalogue and Oz Rock staples Machine Age crafted his unique songwriting and production styling in Far North Queensland.
Year Of The Monkey is the lead single from Machine Age's debut album 'Point Of Departure'. It's a song born out of frustration, regret, restlessness and coming out of those feelings into something new, letting go at a 'Point Of Departure'.

Other tracks by Machine Age:  If Only  -  Touched By Fire Kissed By Rain
Priscilla - Circles     Pop, Dance, Indie 10/10/2019
Perth electro-pop duo PRISCILLA, blends an eclectic fusion of feel-good riffs, party drums and limitless vocals that land you between Bjork and Kimbra at David Bowie’s house warming party.
Circles sees Priscilla at their peak featuring lush synth production and driving bass lines and Priscilla Gardner taking centre stage as a vocalist and songwriter with haunting vocals painting the story of themselves as the boy, cycling around the neighborhood afraid to go home weighed down by the inevitability of coming out.