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Leopard Lake - Heart of Yours     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic 22/02/2019
Producer Sam Ford and vocalist Storm Wyness join forces to create Leopard Lake. A fusion of electronic studio wizardry, raw melodic vocals and reverbed out fuzz guitar.
Perth's electro-pop duo Leopard Lake are entering the new year with their latest single release Heart Of Yours; wrapped in warped vocals, rich tones and dancing synths.

Pirra - Once ft. James From Taree     Rock, Pop, Electronic 22/02/2019
Sydney's quartet Pirra are set for 2019, experimenting with their sound, blending their classic indie-rock vibe with electro-pop dance inducing rhythms.
Sydney's Pirra have made their new years resolution, new year, new... sound with their latest single Once; an infectious, upbeat tune experimenting with electronic dance elements in collaboration with emerging artist James from Taree.

Reside - Replace Me     Rock, Punk 22/02/2019
Melbourne's alternative emo-rock 4-piece Reside have been played a number of acts since 2017. Consisting of vocalist Liam Guinane, guitarist Ariel Johnson, bassist Sale Brown and drummer Dylan Houston.
Melbourne's residential sad boys Reside are back this year, with a new heart-rending single 'Replace Me'; the distressing journey of loss and the challenges of trying to reach acceptance. To mark the single release, Reside will be hitting the road on tour in anticipation for their upcoming sophomore EP "The Light That You Saw" set for release later this year.

PRISCILLA - Feeling Higher     Electronic, Pop, Dance 15/02/2019
Perth pop duo PRISCILLA, brainchild of Luke and Priscilla brands an eclectic fusion of feel-good riffs, party drums and limitless vocals.
After a massive debut year, electro-pop duo Priscilla are launching into a full-paced marched with their new single Feeling Higher; a dancing beat that says, 'stop wasting time and just bloody go for it!'.

Machine Age - Dust     Electronic, Rock 14/02/2019
Machine age has crafted his unique songwriting and production style to precision in his latest single 'Dust', the first teasing taste from his upcoming debut album "Point of Departure".
Machine Age has warped styles and sounds in a direction that has surprised and excited audiences for years, but 2019 see's that signature sound honed to a precision in new single 'Dust'; a reflection on the shallow moments in life that are overshadowed next to real, life changing experiences.

Autosuggest - Graphic     Rock, Electronic, Industrial 01/02/2019
Autosuggest is the relentless alternative electronic music project from Sydney’s Alec Mallia combining blistering electronic rhythms with post-punk instrumentation and his crooning vocals.
Experimental electro-pop artist Autosuggest has entered the year flexing with his sophomore single Graphic; an aggressive charge foreshadowing the confidence to come in his debut album 'Tame Harm' release later in 2019.

Port Royal - Don't You Forget About Me     Rock, Pop 01/02/2019
Brisbane’s Port Royal are heading into 2019, with their latest summer rock-pop jam 'Don’t You Forget About Me' and are set to embark on their biggest national tour to date.
Stepping out of their comfort zone Port Royal are splashing onto the scene with their latest summery rock-pop fusion tune 'Don't You Forget About Me' and are embarking on their biggest national tour to date!

Resin Moon - Nothing To See     Electronic, Pop 23/11/2018
Known by his stage name of Resin Moon, electronic producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dave Crowe hails from the desert town of Alice Springs located in Central Australia.
Nothing To See is the first taste of Resin Moon's full-length album 'Oscillations', set for release in early 2019. Building beautifully into layers of tape-loop synths, vocal samples and ornately produced drums, Resin Moon's falsetto slides on top of a Quincy Jones-esque synth bass.

Girl York - Lost At Sea     Rock, Pop, Punk 17/11/2018
Girl York combine elements of dreamy shoegaze with harsh punk rock grit taking you back to the 90s. With their upcoming EP they're ready to release a new sound.
To celebrate the upcoming release of 'Dreaming In 505' and give one last tease of the full project, Girl York are releasing the lead single Lost At Sea; a cry for help in the vast sea of life that provides a comforting sense of direction and hopeful relief.

He Danced Ivy - New Stain     Metal/Punk, Punk, Grunge, Rock 17/11/2018
He Danced Ivy are handsomely loud; delivering zeitgeist slamming anthems, defying expectations. Hailing from Brisbane via Coffs Harbour, these four mates are living life to the fullest.
He Danced Ivy will release their new EP 'Optimistic Cynic', Friday, November 23, and as one final taste of what is to come they've released lead single New Stain; a roaring anthem to holding on through the chaos and hoping for the best.

New Stain is the definitive song of 'Optimistic Cynic', embodying the frustrations and intentions of the EP.

Hurt People - Man & Art     Pop, Electronic, Chill 17/11/2018
As a pair of busted-up chubby guys, these two have given up on cool and instead are trying to create work with a social conscience.
Man & Art reflects on the relationships between fathers and sons, specifically targeting the toxic behaviour and attitudes that corrode these relationships and perpetuate a culture of toxic men.

James From Taree - You've Got To     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Comedy, Dance 17/11/2018
JFT - James from Taree & Maxi Smalls
Share in the amusing experiences of electronic-indie artist, JFT (aka James from Taree) as he shares a moment from his life in his jazzy, groove single You've Got To.

Mel Blue - South     Funk/Soul, Britpop, Atmospheric 17/11/2018
Get yourself acquainted with Sydney's cruisey new super-group Mel Blue before they're whisked away by the momentum of their bopping tunes because their debut single South is a dang slapper.
South is about long distance relationships and how they seem to bring up the same conversations and arguments. Rather than allowing these conversations to consume the relationship, sometimes it’s best to just make the most of each other's company while it lasts.

Reside - In This Moment     Rock, Punk, Grunge 17/11/2018
The contrast between light and darkness often seems sporadic and bi-polar but Melbourne based Reside manage to interweave the two so naturally; traversing spacey atmospheres and aggressive environments with ease.
Resident sad boys Reside have returned on a wave of crushing emotion with their new single In This Moment; a raw reflection on the feeling of being left behind and finding your own way to happiness.

Lucy Neville - Wasting Our Time     Pop, Electronic 09/11/2018
Lucy Neville is carving her electro-pop path into the Australia music with yet another track for our summer playlist, Wasting Our Time.
Wasting Our Time takes us through a moment we know we've all been through, meeting and finding a potential lover yet when it doesn't work out, how do you feel? As if you've wasted all your time on relationship that never even was.

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Tall Teeth - Wolves     Blues/Roots 09/11/2018
Wolves is the first step in what will be a long path to Tall Teeth's debut EP, exploring a unique and troubling time in his life, for release in 2019.
Settle in by the campfire and let Melbourne singer-songwriter Tall Teeth whisk you away with his debut offering Wolves; a hauntingly beautiful warning against empty-longing urging listeners find happiness where they can in their present moment.

Tasman Keith - Mission Famous     Hip Hop, RnB 09/11/2018
Tasman isn’t concerned about complying with trends. Pushing industry perimeters, the young artist continues his stance with creative risks that most artist wouldn't dare to try.
A loud voice in the fight for recognition, compassion and acceptance for individuals struggling through mental illness; Tasman takes the stories of those in his circle, combines them with his personal stories and challenges his audience to find the line.

Stevie Jean - Estranged     Pop, Blues, Roots, RnB 19/10/2018
Stevie performs with strength and maturity, boasting "a voice that you have to hear" (Dom Alessio) and a talent that "shines with strength" (Richard Kingsmill),
A growling, dominant love letter to all the outcasts and outsiders of the world, the song is a more personal offering than Hell In Every Religion. If Hell was an introduction, Estranged is the bold, uncompromising first date, laying Stevie's identity bare. She's an outsider. And she’s cool with that.

Blue Velvet - Make You Stay     Rock, Punk, Garage, Pop 25/09/2018
The last six months have been massive for lovable punks Blue Velvet their latest killer singles Stay Inside All Day and Wasted Youth signifying a dramatic evolution in the band.
A subversion of the classic love song; Make You Stay isn't written for a romantic partner, its a commitment from each member of Blue Velvet to each other and to the people that have followed them on their journey.

He Danced Ivy - Spitting On Infinity     Metal/Punk, Punk, Garage, Metal 22/09/2018
He Danced Ivy are handsomely loud; delivering zeitgeist slamming anthems that blend, defy and flip expectations, genres and planes of existence.
Everybody has a wild side, something sinister just under the surface.

Leave it to He Danced Ivy to draw out that madness in their wild new single Spitting On Infinity; a thrashing ruckus full of distorted guitars and inexplicable yelps that will have you feeling wilder than the house party it was recorded during.