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Baskervillain - Bitter Pink     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental, Pop 13/04/2018
Baskervillain are a captivating rock’n’roll quartet based in Brisbane, Australia, the sonic amalgam of eclectic influences ranging from blues, soul & jazz to modern psychedelia, indie rock & beyond.
Dynamic psych-rockers Baskervillain have returned from their extended hiatus to release their introspective new single Bitter Pink; a guitar lead cruise through personal frustrations, self-doubt and eventual change.

Blue Velvet - Stay Inside All Day     Rock, Punk, Pop, Garage 13/04/2018
Sydney Indie-Punks Blue Velvet have quickly made a name for themselves amongst the rowdy. Channeling their inner rascal to shape a unique, cacophonous sound.
Blue Velvet have released their single Stay Inside All Day; a rumpus banger about lazy days that Ferris Bueller would surely belt from the top of a parade float.

Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and listen to Blue Velvet once in a while, you could miss it.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Pirra - Get On Board     Rock, Pop, Indigenous, Chill 10/04/2018
Pirra are a four-piece band from Sydney, made up of Jess Beck, James McKendry and brothers Curtis and Jeffrey Argent. Their latest release is the 5 track EP ͚Rabbit Hole.
Sydney's Pirra have captured scenic landscape of rural Australia in their dreaming new single Get On Board; a guitar driven pop track which opens with a low guitar riff, dropping in energy for an intimate verse and barreling into a song-along chorus.

Leopard Lake - Further     Pop, Electronic, Experimental 29/03/2018
Atmospheric electro-pop group Leopard Lake is a collaboration between Perth producer Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May) and vocalist Storm Wyness.
Further brings the warm vocals of Storm Wyness to the center, shedding the synthetic touches of last single Thinking Of You to create a more organic sound.

Dripping with nostalgia Further leans into influence from contemporary classics like Stranger Things creating a soft concept-track.

The Velvet Addiction - Diamond In The Sky     Rock, Pop, Chill 16/03/2018
Good things never come of a substance-fueled night but The Velvet Addiction prove light can be found in the darkest of places, even in the flicker of a cigarette lighter.
The Velvet Addiction are hitting the new year running with the release of their new single Diamond In The Sky; a chill-out track filled with clean guitars that will have you winding down windows on those classic Aussie road trips.

ARIG - Mama Said     Funk/Soul, Blues, RnB 14/03/2018
Arig is an Eritrean woman creating beautiful, blues-pop music with sweet honeyed vocals, melodic synth beats and isn’t afraid to sing about her own personal struggles and motivations.
Mama Said is a truly inspiring piece reflecting on the short-comings of home life and trying to fight your way through the emotional pain; blooming with Arig's honeyed vocals, melodic synths and riveting beats.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Carvel - Colour Me In     Rock, Funk, Pop 14/03/2018
Carvel are a fusion of rock, alt, pop and funk genres creating rhythmic, soulful tracks. Compromised of multi-instrumentally talented mates, Timothy Tanzer, Cameron Jang, James Jeliffe and Tom Jewell.
Colour Me In is Carvel's most funk-pop venture to date; infused with muted bass guitars and vibrant riffs inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Vile!

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Asha Jefferies - Chaos     Folk, Pop, Chill 07/03/2018
Asha Jefferies creates revealing music. It’s the revealing nature of these stories that finds her at odds with her dual identities; an intimate songwriter and a maturing woman.
Earnest singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies has shared her latest single Chaos; a crooning tune about devotion, fear and falling for the uncontrollable.

Chaos is a reflection on the people around Asha; recognizing, accepting and embracing their failures, their faults and their successes then ultimately moving forward together.

Carus Thompson - Starved Myself Pretty     Blues/Roots, Chill, Roots 15/02/2018
Carus Thompson has the rare skill of being able to engage an audience emotionally as well as entertain; always ensuring the crowd get out of their seats.
Starved Myself Pretty is a sharp, succinct and emotive comment on toxic televised talent shows; the anti-thesis of the commercial, mainstream, corporate and exploitative approach that reality music shows abuse.

Rackett - Alive     Rock, Pop, Punk 15/02/2018
RACKETT make loud and experimental punk-pop. In one year, the band have moved from virtual anonymity to playing in major theatres and festivals throughout Australia.
Alive is a truly existential track tackling themes of material mortality and the infinitely evolving attention of popular culture!

"Alive celebrates the life and death cycle of an adopted trend and empowers you to re-decide your identity and to let go of the past," said vocalist and guitarist Rebecca Callander.

Connor - All Bad ft J.O.N     Electronic, RnB, Pop 30/11/2017
Connor is the new monkier from Darcy Thornycroft whose textured song writing and atmospheric production draws influences from the likes of SG Lewis, Atu and Ta-ku.
Young, Melbourne producer Connor has followed up his light, ethereal tune Around You ft Krue with a deep-drive into darkness with new single All Bad ft J.O.N; a brooding jam about frustration and lost love.

Jarface - Absolution     Metal/Punk, Grunge, Rock 30/11/2017
Formed in Melbourne, Australia, way-back-when, the now 4 piece powerhouse began with just a single guitarist and bassist.
New single Absolution is a notably positive track tracing the beginning and first meeting of a future couple.

"Absolution was written after meeting my partner on a late night out at a Smith Street bar," said vocalist, Matty James.

Leopard Lake - Thinking Of You     Electronic, Experimental, Blues, Downbeat 24/11/2017
Atmospheric electro-pop group Leopard Lake is a collaboration between Perth producer Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May) and vocalist Storm Wyness.
Brand new Perth outfit Leopard Lake have released their debut single Thinking Of You; a subtle, defiant tune dripping with electronic attitude that spirals into pounding resilience.

Atmospheric electro-pop group Leopard Lake is a collaboration between Perth producer Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May) and vocalist Storm Wyness.

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Abbe May - Love Decline     Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul 09/11/2017
Abbe is known as a phenomenal singer, songwriter and guitarist, a poetic, insightful, hard-hitting lyricist, performer and visual artist who harnesses and openly expresses her sexuality without shame.
Abbe May has released new single Love Decline; a sultry jam about shallow, decadent seduction.

Love Decline is a self-reflective moment for Abbe May using the piece to pit her cynicism against her belief in the power of love when faced with a growing awareness of limitations of romantic love.

The Stanleys - Amy     Pop, Rock 12/10/2017
The Stanleys is an Aussie-flavouredHilux full of non-stop upbeat melody, shout-along harmonies, and bouncybeats. Outback sunshine captured on 2” tape, The Stanleys is guaranteed to superchargeyour spirits.
Amy is an upbeat pop punktastic plea of love. Its about a guy with a very big crush on his best female friend and wants her to be the one. Its full of bright sparked energetic guitars and bouncy beats in the hope of a Yes!

Xander Holmes - Something Real     Pop, Folk, Electronic, Easy Listening 07/10/2017
17-year-old high school student Xander Holmes has been quietly shocking industry professionals and reviewers who have encountered his sophisticated and complex songwriting, warm vocals and mesmerizing performances.
Something Real is a dreaming tune about the anticipation felt in the lead up to a new experience, and the reflection that follows. Its a strong step forward for Holmes; the track taking a mature outlook on his relative nativity and palpable excitement for the experiences he's sure to encounter.

Reside - Home     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 06/10/2017
We are Melbourne's response to the trends of pop-music. We are combating processed, over commercialized modern music by forming a 4-piece boy band that plays rock music.
As the closing track on 'Closing Doors', Home is a stepping off point for Reside, a moment of closure on the EP and a signal of the future for this fresh band.

"Home is 'Closing Doors' at its core, leaving the old and welcoming the new," said vocalist, Sale Brown.

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The Velvet Addiction - Stuck On You     Rock 29/09/2017
Good things never usually come of a substance-fueled night out, but this four-piece, rock'n'roll band wouldn't be the same without its shady past.
Stuck On You is the definitive song for The Velvet Addiction crafting a punching track that would leave an impression.

"Its about the insanity that lies in being attached to the idea of someone rather than loving that person for who they are," said vocalist, Stefan West.

Asha Jefferies - Coburg     Folk, Pop, Soul 22/08/2017
Stalwart singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies has been turning her passion into a reality with a little help from a trusty guitar and way too much black coffee.
Coburg is an intensely personal song for Jefferies writing about something she describes as a harsh learning experience, a moment to grow.

"The song is about the art of disconnecting from your values, and dealing with the after math," said Jefferies.

Patrick James - Lay It Down     Pop, Easy Listening, Blues 09/08/2017
Patrick James is an honest and true songsmith with an innate flair for soft acoustics, stirring harmonies and a heavy-hearted lyric.
Sydney song-smith Patrick James has taken an adventurous turn with the release of new single Lay It Down; an electrifying pop song with elevated synths, infectious guitars and a heated dose of Phil Collin's inspired percussion.