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Lost and Lonesome

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Lucy Roleff - A Woman's Worth     Folk 11/04/2019
Recalling the sublime fingerpicked purity of folk singers-past such as Bridget St John, Nick Drake and Linda Perhacs, Melbourne's Lucy Roleff moves between radiant chamber folk and haunting minimalism.
Drawing on the stories of women in her life, Roleff ponders the weight of caring for and prioritising others, whilst trying to maintain a sense of joy and good humour. Lively finger-picked guitar belies these darker themes at times, but Roleff’s rich voice and blunt tongue paired with swirling, woodwind arrangements remind of the strength needed to weather such storms.

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Milk Teddy - Sweet Bells Jangled     Pop 14/02/2018
Milk Teddy is a Melbourne five-piece band whose songs push beyond the slippage of irony and sincerity to find a space where camp, ruminative, astute and sincere fly together.
A glorious clamour-fest of wafting guitar leads and stately synths provide rich undergrowth for Thomas Mendelovits’ unmistakably joyous yowl – a picturesque vision of a post-apocalyptic sonic free-for-all.

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Other tracks by Milk Teddy:  Rock 'N' Roll Cretin  -  Gothic Skyline
Pregnancy - First Kiss     Pop 25/08/2017
Conceived by Zac Denton (The Ocean Party), Pregnancy are a new Melbourne-based post-punk band featuring members from Totally Mild, Ciggie Witch, Cool Sounds and Arthur Penn and the Funky Ten.
Inspired by disco-infused, post-punk of the late 70s to early 80s, 'First Kiss' combines lush synths with angular guitar and a four-to-the-floor groove that brings to mind the rock solid rhythm section of Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz.

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Other tracks by Pregnancy:  Hard as Nails
Hideous Towns - Value     Pop, Rock 18/10/2016
With their winning combination of chiming gazed-out guitars, dynamic female vocals and buoyant, no-frills drum propulsion, Hideous Towns have nonchalantly secured a stronghold on the world’s tuned-in dream-pop fans.
Alana West's urgent, powerful vocal bursts forth beyond the entangled post-punk rhythm section, her direct delivery contrasted by some of her most abstract lyrics to date, examining the innate equality of those she encounters in all walks of life.

Other tracks by Hideous Towns:  Lion
Parading - Big Heart     Pop, Rock, Cover Version 14/10/2016
Parading are a Melbourne shoegaze/noise-pop quartet comprising members of Witch Hats, White Woods, Pageants and Melbourne Cans. Their second album Jungle Songs was recorded by Richard Andrew of Underground Lovers.
A cover version of the song 'Big Heart' from the Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls 1987 album Under the Sun. Parading embrace the song wholeheartedly, drawing out the tempo and stripping back the layers to reveal the song’s barest essentials — the winsome melody and sorrowful sentiment.

Other tracks by Parading:  Butterfly
Tim Richmond Group - Good Word     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 21/09/2016
Third album from Melbourne skewed pop/folk enchanter Tim Richmond with members of Terrible Truths and The Lucksmiths exploring a more varied sound with dark electronica, funk and pastoral 60s flavours.
A drum sample taken from a lo-fi jam with the legendary Pete Luscombe became the back bone for 'Good Word’. Steeped in some heavily pulsating synth bass, the results are a mix of hip hop and dark electronica, over which guitar and vocal work to weave an engaging musical drama.

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Other tracks by Tim Richmond Group:  The Book  -  Come to Papa
Lucy Roleff - Aspen     Folk 20/07/2016
Lucy Roleff is a classically trained, folk-songstress from Melbourne. Born to a German Opera singer father, she spent a childhood steeped in ornate European classical music, storytelling and folk styles.
Recalling the sublime fingerpicked purity of folk singers-past such as Bridget St John and Linda Perhacs, estimable Melbourne artist Lucy Roleff presents beautifully fragile single 'Aspen'. Inspired by a visit to the Victorian alpine regions, the track was recorded with Tony Dupé in a church hall in Gippsland.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

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Other tracks by Lucy Roleff:  Every Time  -  Hotel Interstate
Hideous Towns - Don't Forget     Pop, Rock, Punk 20/05/2016
Aspects of Post-Punk, New-Wave and Shoegaze and integrate them into songs with a real pop sensibility. They are sure to get your head bopping while it melts on the inside.
'Don't Forget' blends their common elements of Post-Punk and Dream Pop, while a backdrop of soaring dynamics shines through and can’t help but demand the listener’s attention. Sparkly guitars, driving bass lines, upbeat drum rhythms and compelling vocals are delivered with conviction on another catchy track.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Lowtide - Spring     Pop, Atmospheric 06/08/2015
Based in Melbourne, Lowtide are a four-piece Shoegaze and Dream Pop band that have been together since 2009. Debut album 'Lowtide' came out in 2014 via Lost & Lonesome.
Spring is taken from the 'Julia/Spring' 7" to be released 28 August 2015. Lowtide are touring the 7" along the East Coast in August/September. A Lowtide original, this was written during the album sessions in 2014.


Other tracks by Lowtide:  Julia