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LittleBIGMAN Records

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Human Buoy - Period Of Maximum Excitability     Electronic, Psychedelic, Experimental, Atmospheric 23/03/2016
Ben McDonald got his friend Ben Smith to double his vocals in what McDonald describes as his “evil Freddie Mercury character”, giving the song a sense of manic hysteria.
Period Of Maximum Excitability is a lazy but ball-crunching piece of observational audio art. Written in Amsterdam whilst contemplating the cosmos and counting clues from solar cycles of the sun.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Most Popular New Act

Georgia Fair - Last Chance     Folk, Pop, Rock 05/05/2015
Georgia Fair, a folk rock duo from Sydney, have evolved into more beats driven dynamics since the band's debut album produced by Bill Reynolds from Band Of Horses.
‘Last Chance’ is the band's most intense vocal delivery; a moving lyrical cry, underscored by a cinematic, densely groove driven track. The track follows the singers reoccurring feeling that if he didn’t straighten out his rambling mind, then he would lose everything around him.

Rainy Day Women - Are You Coming Home     Pop, Rock 30/04/2015
Drawing inspiration from the greats of the 60s–70s era, Rainy Day Women perfectly blend their own unique sound to create an unmistakable silky smooth pop track
The 90's style RnB rhythm layered with, lead singer, Carmen's ethereal vocals truly emits the emotional impact the separation of Dylan's parents had on him as a young child.

Rainy Day Women - Matter Of Time     Pop, Rock, Folk 06/03/2015
'Matter of time’ Rainy Day Women’s forthcoming mini album, is written, produced mixed by Dylan Ollivierre.Addition Carmen Pepper was the bass player and co-vocalist of Perth band Warning Birds.
Pop - Rock tinged harmonic sounds tell of a relationship falling apart from both the male and female perspective

44th Sunset - Stories, Not Sorry     Pop, Rock, Britpop 15/07/2014
“Stories, Not Sorry’ is 44th Sunset’s self produced follow up to ‘Caesar’.It's about when your friend promises you they haven’t done something, but it leaves you not trusting them”
Not Sorry is an indie-pop banger that creates a nice transition between their band-ier existing material and the production-heavier future releases. It’s a song about when your friend promises you they haven’t done something, but you kind of feel like they have and it leaves you not trusting them

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Georgia Fair - Are We Not Alive     Rock, Folk, Pop 11/04/2014
The catchy guitar hook in Are We Not Alive will draw you in,with the smooth, familiar voice of Jordan Wilson will keep you tapping along and humming this buoyant melody
It’s the catchy guitar hook in Are We Not Alive that will draw you in, complemented by the smooth, familiar voice of Jordan Wilson that will keep you tapping along and humming this buoyant melody long after song’s end. With luscious bursts of positivity throughout the songwriting

Karl Smith - Slow Short Story     Folk, Country, Pop, Alternative Country 31/03/2014
Karl teams up with Teeth & Tongue's Jess Cornelius for the ode of Slow Short Story Lauded by the likes of Mess & Noise, Xpress and Uncut
Teaming up with Teeth & Tongue's Jess Cornelius, Karl Smith’s Slow Short Story is a country-tinged duet about fleeting love and the ghosts that remain.

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Georgia Fair - Are We Not Alive     Pop, Rock, Folk 18/02/2014
The catchy guitar hook in the song draws you in, complemented by the smooth, voice of Jordan Wilson,keeping you tapping along and humming this buoyant melody long after song’s end.
The track’s catchy guitar hook will draw you in, but it’s the optimistic melody sung by the familiarly smooth vocals of Jordan Wilson that will leave the song lingering in your mind long after it concludes.

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Meg Mac - Every Lie     Pop, Electronic, Soul 15/11/2013
Meg Mac's debut single 'Known Better' unearthed by Triple J, started a groundswell of interest around the globe for this young soulful singer songwriter, Every Lie is her new single
'Every Lie' is deep dark and soulful. 'I got burned at it really hurt. 'Every Lie' is my first taste of feeling really shit, a shock and an exciting discovery - my bitter sweet pop song' explains Meg.

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44th Sunset - Safe     Pop, Punk, Britpop 24/09/2013
44th Sunset play a soundscape of dynamic driven alt-pop, bouncing the bounce that also licks the honey, They've drawn comparisons to Cage the Elephant, Arcade Fire, Group Love, Nick Cave
‘Safe’, the new single for the band doesn’t dilly-dally around, has two chorus-like thingies,boasts a cracking verse. nice textural and dynamic variety, a degree of emotion and is quite catchy.

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Karl Smith - Crotchets     Folk, Pop, Experimental 23/09/2013
Championed by the late John Peel,performed at Belle & Sebastian first UK ‘All tomorrows parties’ in the UK and ‘single of the week’ by Moby in the Melody Maker.
Crotchets a riotous piano piece written in the middle of a raging summer fever. Claustrophobic and manic after being laid up in bed, Karl threw back the bedsheets and raced to record this stream of consciousness lyric about everything from night sweats, water snakes to horror films and MASH reruns.

Karl Smith - I Want You     Folk, Atmospheric, Pop 13/08/2013
Following 12 albums with Sodastream and countless tours in Europe,UK,USA and Japan Karl releases his solo debut album, Kites an ode to Love, Fatherhood and the complexities of life
An ode to romantic love amid the complications of modern life, I Want You is the first single from Kites – Karl Smith’s forthcoming debut album

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Georgia Fair - Love Free Me     Rock, Folk, Pop 06/08/2013
"Georgia Fair begin a set that is, for want of a better word, memorising. Intense and at times heartbreaking, their set was an exercise in sparse perfection and restraint" - Tone Deaf
Singer Jordan Wilson says the track is the perfect introduction to Georgia Fair's new sound. “From an acoustic guitar driven song to a drum driven song. It feels like the drums are carrying the whole thing. It's like everything else, apart from the vocals, are just along for the ride.” 

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44th Sunset - Blue Ribbons     Pop, Britpop, Rock 19/04/2013
44th Sunset aren’t that original. They play dynamics that sometimes move you in a literal or metaphorical way but you’re going to get a 44th song stuck in your head
Young, feisty & with their genre blasting style the five piece’s song Blue Ribbon makes perfect sense when you note their broad and worthy range of comparisons to The Pixies, Cage the Elephant, Arcade Fire and Group Love

Other tracks by 44th Sunset:  Caesar
Georgia Fair - Where You Been     Rock, Folk, Pop 22/09/2011
Recorded with Band of Horses' Bill Reynolds and it's a rollicking first single ‘with it's rolling drums, piano and mandolin. On Tour with The Panics through September and October.
Organic, low-key harmonies and sophisticated,folk-pop, (Georgia Fair) have delivered an evocative, winsome debut album “All Through Winter”
Recorded with Band of Horses' Bill Reynolds in the snow-covered mountains of North Carolina
Rollicking first single “ Where You Been with it's rolling drums, piano and mandolin, is ready for the airwaves!

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