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Little Giant

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Yanni Burton - Never Knew     Pop, Atmospheric 12/03/2015
Yanni Burton returns for a run of Australian tour dates this March. The New York local returns to his home country to celebrate his Same Old Love EP release.
Never Knew will take you on a journey through all the ups and downs we encounter in love, no matter who we are and who we end up falling head over heels for.

Woodlock - Something Broke That Day     Folk, Pop 08/11/2016
Kiwi brothers Zech and Eze Walters on guitar and vocals, and their mate Bowen Purcell on percussion form Woodlock, an alternative folk pop trio based out of Melbourne.
On a recent trip to perform in China, Eze was inspired by a comic book he was reading that involved a love triangle and subsequent murder. Co-written, produced and mixed again by Lindsey Jackson, the single is a massive leap away from their usual uplifting songs.

Without Wolves - Night Life Circus     Rock, Pop 24/08/2011
Without Wolves are Melbourne's young pop rock upstarts, with an indie pop sound and a hard hitting live show.
Night Life Circus is a very danceable melodic pop rock song.

Whitaker - Wichita     Folk, Acoustic, Rock 18/10/2013
Some have likened Whitaker to the illegitimate cross-child of Elbow, The Shins, Warren Zevon and Billy Joel. Whitaker's sound is joyous, patient, thoughtful, raw and intense.
An earnest lyric coupled with a longing feeling of the chorus. ‘Wichita' turned into a song that came to describe a yearning for reconciliation between estranged lovers.

Other tracks by Whitaker:  Hurricane
Whitaker - Horizon     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic 19/10/2015
Whitaker’s music makes for some serious listening. Members Simon Rabl, Ryan Meeking and Brett Scapin produce a dynamic smorgasbord of music filled with driven intent, lush harmonies and airborne melodies.
Ryan Meeking’s charmingly wistful vocals are the hero of this track. His disjointed styling flows effortlessly atop wonderfully bucolic strings. An unassuming melody, ‘Horizon’ is the type of song that will get stuck in your head and wash around for days on end, perfect and confident in its simplicity.

Vincey Presents - Run & Hide     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Roots 09/03/2016
Working under the moniker of Vincey Presents, Everything Was Singing… Everything is the debut solo album from undergroundLOVERS founder and front man Vincent Giarrusso.
'Run and Hide’ offers the first taste of the debut solo album featuring a cracking beat, killer horns, harmonies, guitars and poignant lyrics. ‘Run and Hide’ is an up tempo offering, paying tribute to the inner child in all of us.

UndergroundLOVERS - Haunted     Pop, Rock, Folk, Ambience 11/07/2013
Latest album 'Weekend' from undergroundLOVERS has received rave reviews from all around the country and has wound up in several best of 2013 so far lists. Check it out.
A gorgeous track which showcases what the band do so well: feedback lines across drawn out chords. This track is all about the ghosts of those partners past that still inhabit the dark recesses in your mind.

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undergroundLOVERS - Can For Now     Rock, Pop, Electronic, Psychedelic 27/02/2014
Melbourne's original and innovative undergroundLOVERS are the premier group bridging Australian music from the traditional drums and guitar rock of the past to the technology and electronic-influenced music of now.
The magnificent ‘Can for Now’ is a classic Vince Giarrusso-sung chugger, it's rollicking swirl and swagger mking it one of the record's most instantly memorable moments. 'Can For Now' captures the typically vibrant, thrilling and uniquely undergroundLOVERS feel that imitators could only hope to capture.

undergroundLOVERS - Au Pair     Rock, Downbeat, Pop, Dance 19/02/2013
Multi –genre , pop , rock, wig –out , dance, romance and Hegel all competing to form a coherent whole as only the undergroundLOVERS can.
Au Pair is the first track taken from 7th album from undergroundLOVERS

Tully on Tully - Two Birds     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock, Electronic 04/09/2014
Tully On Tully are Melbourne based five piece delivering raw, honest alt pop. Fronted by Natalie Foster, Tully on Tully are a new distinctive flavour to the pallet of indie-pop.
Tully on Tully have gone back to basics with their new single ‘Two Birds’. With floating synthesisers as a foundation, the simple melodies are complimented by an interesting rhythmic structure calling back to yesteryear.

Tully On Tully - Stay (Featuring Hayden Calnin)     Pop, Acoustic, Rock, Folk 28/02/2013
Melbourne five piece Tully On Tully offer a unique blend of progressive folk pop featuring the infectious vocals of lead singer Natalie Foster.
Featuring infectious vocals by Natalie Foster, the simple and direct lyrics shadow a kind of poignant vulnerability, shifting between feeling like you are moving too deep into a relationship and pushing away to protect yourself before turning back… realising you already have what you want. 'Stay' features Hayden Calnin.

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Tully on Tully - Quiet Company     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Downbeat 20/06/2013
Peppered with thoughtful imagery, poetic descriptions, infectious vocals and a subtle dark side Melbourne five piece Tully on Tully deliver a unique blend of progressive folk pop.
Leadsinger NatalieFoster found herself going a little manic with the emptiness that surrounded her on a recent escape from the city. Buying a ukulele for company she wrote 'Quiet Company' encapsulating everything that had built up in the city and the release that came from getting away from it all.

Tully on Tully - Going On Like This     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic 13/11/2013
This five piece from Melbourne have been receiving outstanding reviews for their live shows, check them out and experience their dream weaving folk pop. Recently supported Tiger Town and Whitley.
'Going On Like This' follows on from previous singles from Tully on Tully 'Naked', 'Stay' and 'Quiet Company'. It showcases the bands songwriting strengths and lead singer, Natalie Foster's, vocal stylings.

Tully On Tully - Miles Away     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric, Chill 29/08/2015
Melbourne's Tully On Tully - five piece fronted by Natalie Foster who delivers up unique vocals over a labyrinth of 80's inspired synth, drums and guitar.
‘Miles Away’ is the new single from Tully on Tully, an 80's-inspired power pop labyrinth of atmospheric synth, thundering drums and powerful guitar. Combined with front woman Natalie Foster's stunning trademark vocals that fuse wrenching intimacy with anthemic boldness, ‘Miles Away’ will leave you breathless.

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Tully On Tully - Cold Hands     Rock, Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 06/05/2016
Tully On Tully are a new distinctive flavour to the pallet of indie-pop. Delivering raw, honest alt pop narratives, heartfelt melodies and powerful, refreshing vocals.
Cold Hands traverses a brooding, and ice cold synth-scape punctuated by the omnipotent vocals of Natalie Foster. Foster’s unflinching vocal delivery connotes feelings of isolation and will send a chill up the most steel-nerved listener's spine.

Cold Hands showcases the band’s penchant for the familiar sounds of the 1980’s.

Other tracks by Tully On Tully:  Honestly
Tully on Tully - All These Words     Pop, Soundscapes, Rock, Atmospheric 25/02/2015
Bringing a new distinctive flavour to the pallet of indie-pop, Melbourne five-piece, Tully on Tully, recorded latest single, 'All These Words' with producer Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Andy Bull).
'All These Words’, is an exploration of nostalgia; of days past that leave a distinct impression on us. It’s about those times when inhibitions fade and sexuality knows no boundaries, and the realisation that feelings of emptiness will come to shape who you are.

Tom Lee-Richards - Madness     Folk, Pop, Roots 10/08/2016
Originally from NZ, now based in Melbourne, Tom Lee-Richards' talent is undeniable. His songs nuanced, nostalgic and uplifting. Tom combines stunning falsetto with sharp beatboxing and an elegant guitar technique.
New single by Tom Lee-Richards is raw and strikingly honest. Themes of beauty and introspection, ‘Madness’ is enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

Featuring fellow New Zealander Monique Shelford’s playful vocal weaving, ‘Madness’ is about the tension of ownership and blame when it comes to relationships.

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Tom Lee-Richards - As Far As India     Folk, Easy Listening, Roots, Pop 13/02/2016
Immersed in an Alt-pop calypso landscape Tom Lee-Richards has collaborated with award-winning producer Countbounce (Jarryd James,TZU, Dan Sultan). Producing a dreamy escape through his uplifting voice and unique storytelling abilities.
Infectious island rhythms, sophisticated synth plays hide-n-seek with a swirling harmony to bring you home; 'As Far As India', the new single from Tom Lee-Richards, is a nostalgic celebration of life. The song, collaborated on with award winning producer Countbounce (Jarryd James, Dan Sultan) reveals a highly textured, rhythmic strut.

Tim Guy - Everyone But Me's Got A Radio Song     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Acoustic 23/05/2013
Melbourne's whisper folk artist Tim Guy releases his second single, 'Many People I Know', the follow on from first single 'Armour Weight'.
A track that came together quickly for Tim Guy "It was done in an afternoon, it feels like it could and may drop off the edge of the world at any moment, but I’m glad it’s on the album."

Other tracks by Tim Guy:  Many People I Know
This Way North - Pressure     Pop, Rock 24/03/2017
This Way North is a two-piece duo from melbourne consisting of drum, guitar and vocals. They’re Punchy and left of centre, but bring out universally appealing groove within their melodies.
‘Pressure’ begins with the Leisha’s angelic voice sung over lush guitar riffs and light synth like drumming that’s almost reminiscent of an 80’s movie anthem. The pop gem exemplifies the use of guitar player, Cat’s trove use of pedals to create the lush layers throughout the track.