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Little Giant

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Eddie Skiba - Rattle the Cage     Rock, Easy Listening 21/05/2015
Eddie Skiba is a singer/songwriter creating his own fresh brand of alternative rock.
Rattle the Cage has an addictive groove and rhythm, and features hypnotic keys melody lines as well as harmonising hook vocals through out.

Lyrically it is an expression of us seemingly sleepwalking off a cliff in the face of more wisdom, knowledge, and information than ever before.

Animaux - Come On Over     Pop, Funk 17/06/2015
Animaux continue their rise as one of Melbourne’s most talked about live acts.
'Come On Over' showcases the bands evolving versatility, with the infectious instrumental hooks and the vocal range journey it takes you on. Songwriter and saxophone player Ollie explains "it's about the fine line between giving too much, losing sight of what you love about yourself, recognising your weaknesses and compromising."

The Smith Street Band - Something I Can Hold In My Hands     Rock, Punk, Pop, Grunge 25/06/2015
Since their 2010 inception, the band has done things their own way and at their own pace: full steam ahead, with Throw Me In The River no exception.
"It's about the first time you hold something you've made which is a really special feeling, especially with a record." - Wil Wagner, singer/songwriter

Other tracks by The Smith Street Band:  I Don't Wanna Die Anymore
Kid Radio - The Tower     Electronic, Soul, Dance, Pop 25/06/2015
Melbourne's Kid Radio are musical brothers Dylan Smith and Marcus Ross, who have been writing together for over a decade, drummer Chad Blaster and synth/double bass player Thom Butt.
"I grew up in a religious family, and the Tower of Babel was always that story that stuck with me about man trying to reach God. As it crumbles, we lose the ability to be able to relate to each other, speak the same language." -singer/songwriter Dylan Smith

Other tracks by Kid Radio:  Far East
James Teague - Heaven     Folk, Psychedelic, Jazz, Blues 25/06/2015
James Teague is a Perth-born poet and singer-songwriter who is undeniably unique from other artists in the Australian music scene, existing in a world of his own.
‘Heaven’ is a delicate, acoustic dirge woven with ethereal pedal steel guitar and an enchanting vocal performance. The track’s dynamic range, coupled with Teague’s lyrical prowess distinguishes him from his folky counterparts and presents him as one of Australia’s most intriguing songwriters.

Lydia Goldthorpe - Flood (love)     Folk, Pop, Rock, Grunge 26/06/2015
Having been based in London for 2 years Lydia Goldthorpe launched in to recording her debut EP Simple Local with singer/songwriter and producer Hayden Calnin upon her return to Melbourne.
'Flood (love)' is experiencing a rush of love and surrendering to its power. Sensual and vulnerable, Lydia's cosmopolitan sound is captured through her emotionally charged voice. Intense strings and acidic beats wrap around minimalist melodic piano, reinforcing comparisons to Porteshead & Tori Amos for which she is fast becoming known.

Other tracks by Lydia Goldthorpe:  Secret Sculptures Go
Tully On Tully - Miles Away     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric, Chill 29/08/2015
Melbourne's Tully On Tully - five piece fronted by Natalie Foster who delivers up unique vocals over a labyrinth of 80's inspired synth, drums and guitar.
‘Miles Away’ is the new single from Tully on Tully, an 80's-inspired power pop labyrinth of atmospheric synth, thundering drums and powerful guitar. Combined with front woman Natalie Foster's stunning trademark vocals that fuse wrenching intimacy with anthemic boldness, ‘Miles Away’ will leave you breathless.

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The Smith Street Band - I Scare Myself Sometimes (featuring Lucy Wilson)     Rock, Punk, Pop 31/08/2015
It’s been a huge year for The Smith Street Band following the release of their album Throw Me In The River and epic touring across Europe, UK and the USA.
‘I Scare Myself Sometimes (featuring Lucy Wilson)' oozes with TSSB’s trademark appeal of refreshingly frank and relatable storytelling. A slow burner, the track is sweetly bucolic in its restraint, building masterfully to their signature full-fledged sound. Wagner and Wilson’s voices are striking in their contrast, but interweave with delightful ease.

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: Live Act of the Year, Live Act of the Year (VIC)

Dan Lethbridge - It All Will Start To Splinter     Blues/Roots, Easy Listening, Alternative Country, Blues 02/09/2015
Queensland born, Melbourne based Dan Lethbridge is garnering a a reputation as one of Australia's most versatile and idiosyncratic singer songwriters, melding alt. country and indie pop with ease.
The song is built around a sinister chord progression and pulsating drum groove from drummer Ralf Rehak (Machine Translations). Lethbridge describes the track as 'A celebration in anxiety'. Half fact, half fiction the lyrics tell the tale of a out on the town for an introvert in an extrovert's world.

Josh Cashman - All About You     Folk, Electronic, Roots, Easy Listening 19/09/2015
Josh has cemented his reputation as one of Melbourne's most exciting up and coming artists. Get ready to watch Josh's humble creative journey grow.
We've all been in that relationship where selfishness is portrayed and it becomes “all about YOU, all the time." Josh Cashman swells you through the experience with a captivating vocal movement in his uplifting folk/electronic textural release, 'All About You'.

Dan Parsons - It's Not Like I Need Somebody's Help     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rockabilly, Acoustic 26/09/2015
Parsons' ability to connect as a solo performer has never been more apparent. Writing songs of the mind and the heart, stories reaching into the truth of human conditions.
Soaring vocals work seamlessly with Parson’s full and playful arrangements, carrying the listener through from start to finish with ease. A masterful storyteller, Parson’s songwriting speaks levels to his ability to convey real human conditions with a refreshingly frank outlook.

Jakarta Criers - All Been Done     Rock, Britpop, Easy Listening 17/10/2015
Jakarta Criers bring captivating melodies, combined with front man James Walker’s vocals, mould together to deliver hard-hitting, time-honoured rock, rife with contemporary hooks and charismatic arrangements.
‘All Been Done’ is a clear anthem and oozes that quintessential summer feel. The lyrics are frank, honest and relatable with an energy that is undoubtedly catchy. With an air of new beginnings it's an evident step forward, the sound is streamlined and a potent mix of each member’s contribution.

Whitaker - Horizon     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic 19/10/2015
Whitaker’s music makes for some serious listening. Members Simon Rabl, Ryan Meeking and Brett Scapin produce a dynamic smorgasbord of music filled with driven intent, lush harmonies and airborne melodies.
Ryan Meeking’s charmingly wistful vocals are the hero of this track. His disjointed styling flows effortlessly atop wonderfully bucolic strings. An unassuming melody, ‘Horizon’ is the type of song that will get stuck in your head and wash around for days on end, perfect and confident in its simplicity.

The Bean Project - Fat Cats     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Blues, Easy Listening 29/10/2015
Emerging from the forests of Belgrave come vibrant brass-clad The Bean Project, featuring guitar and French horn, they encompass the territory of folk, jazz and singer-songwriter genres.
The sultry sound of brass intertwines with a playful acoustic melody. The track maintains an air of sophistication throughout and the vastly different sounds create a wonderful contrast. Accompanied by the smooth vocal timbre of Ben Langdon, the track rises and falls with ease and fluidity.

Screamfeeder - Alone In A Crowd     Rock, Garage, Pop, Psychedelic 02/11/2015
Brisbane rockers, Screamfeed are a band of eternally-youthful fuzz-pop darlings. They have continued to play together for 20 years and have undoubtedly garnered a reputation for one of Australia's best.
A thrilling slice of summer, pop music teamed with the classically dreamy vocals of Kellie. It contains trademark elements of the band’s best songs – the punchy opening riff, powerful and intricate drumming, cascading guitar and a disarmingly solid bass riff, holding the whole thing together.

Tom Lee-Richards - As Far As India     Folk, Easy Listening, Roots, Pop 13/02/2016
Immersed in an Alt-pop calypso landscape Tom Lee-Richards has collaborated with award-winning producer Countbounce (Jarryd James,TZU, Dan Sultan). Producing a dreamy escape through his uplifting voice and unique storytelling abilities.
Infectious island rhythms, sophisticated synth plays hide-n-seek with a swirling harmony to bring you home; 'As Far As India', the new single from Tom Lee-Richards, is a nostalgic celebration of life. The song, collaborated on with award winning producer Countbounce (Jarryd James, Dan Sultan) reveals a highly textured, rhythmic strut.

Fluir - I've Gotta Have You     Pop, Dance, Electronic, Easy Listening 18/02/2016
Fluir was born out of a personal musical revelation. Falling in love with synths and drum loops, she developed a new found energy and yearning to create fun, feel-good music.
‘I’ve Gotta Have You’ is infectious and feel-good! In collaboration with award winning producer Jesse Marantz, the track, which was recently featured in a commercial for Australis Cosmetic explores Fluir’s new love for synths, drum loops and positive vibes.

Vincey Presents - Run & Hide     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Roots 09/03/2016
Working under the moniker of Vincey Presents, Everything Was Singing… Everything is the debut solo album from undergroundLOVERS founder and front man Vincent Giarrusso.
'Run and Hide’ offers the first taste of the debut solo album featuring a cracking beat, killer horns, harmonies, guitars and poignant lyrics. ‘Run and Hide’ is an up tempo offering, paying tribute to the inner child in all of us.

Deep Street Soul - Soul's Come Alive     Funk/Soul 12/04/2016
Deep Street Soul release third studio album Come Alive! A collection of modern funk and soul the album is set for release on Freestyle Records.
Soul's Come Alive is moody soul and funk at its best.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

Josh Cashman - Patience     Electronic, Folk, Rock, Pop 13/04/2016
From Country to City, Josh Cashman is making his mark as an artist. Sharing his indie, pop, rock tunes Cashman has played the likes of Queenscliff and Nannup Music Festivals.
‘Patience’ is the first single for 2016 from Josh Cashman, a tale of a change in a relationship, hard honest reflection and a decision to move forward alone.