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Little Giant

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Emma Donovan & The PutBacks - Dawn     Funk/Soul, Pop, Australian Indigenous, Soul 22/11/2014
Emma Donovan is a passionate singer, songwriter and collaborative vocal artist whose musical expression is a fusion of roots, reggae and soul.
2015 MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nichol ‘Making Tracks’, Koori Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Smooth and jazzy with the light funk style of Roy Ayers, ‘Dawn’ is a brilliant grab bag of the best parts of ‘70s groove.

Forbes - Swim Better     Hip Hop 22/11/2014
Young Gold Coast rapper, Forbes teams up with Mind Over Matter emcee Smiles Again on 'Swim Better'. Forbes has toured with Pez and 360.
‘Swim Better’ is the first single to be released from Forbes’ forthcoming debut album. The track features a stellar verse from renowned Sydney emcee Smiles Again (Mind Over Matter).

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Sweet Jean - I See Stars     Folk, Rock 04/02/2015
Sweet Jean is Sime Nugent & Alice Keath. Their music ranges from stark and gothic, to hazy and melodic.
A-side single ‘I See Stars’ sets Sime & Alice’s trademark harmonies against loose guitar, languid drums, bent whirling synths and a hazy, 60s-inspired backing choir. It’s a catchy and wistful song about the end of the summer, or maybe just the end of a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Deena - Black Cat     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 07/02/2015
Brisbane based artist, Deena, releases her sophomore album of indie blues rock in February 2015 after her return from touring Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and USA.
Black Cat is the second single from the album. The song isa cheeky venture into the actions of a Casanova character, 'Black Cat'. He prowls through the city finding his next lady to lure, we learn that through his heartbreak, his mischievous behaviour was only a manifestation of his past.

Five Mile Sniper - Amazing     Rock, Pop, Garage, Pop 07/02/2015
Five Mile Sniper are a five piece from Melbourne, members of the band from previous outfits such as Motor Ace, Ice Cream hands and Prettymess.
The standout new single ‘Amazing’ is about the moving personal experience of fatherhood and the miraculous birth of twins where struggle to find meaning in life is transcended through childbirth. The video shot entirely on location in London is uplifting and inspiring capturing the true essence of the songs theme.

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The Vanns - Keep My Cool     Rock, Pop, Grunge 11/02/2015
Hailing from the New South Wales town of Kiama, The VANNS have toured Australia with the likes of Sticky Fingers, Kingswood, The Griswolds, Jinja Safari, Dappled Cities, Steve Smyth.
Latest single from The Vanns, 'Keep My Cool' screams Summer, sand, ocean breezes and beach parties.

The Controllers - Nina Fell In Love     Rock, Punk 20/02/2015
Melbourne based four-piece, The Controllers, are inspired by artist like Violent Soho, Against Me! and The Audition.
A punchy punk rock track, the tale of a couple that were scrutinised for their age difference and the lessons in life, learning not to care about what others think.

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Tully on Tully - All These Words     Pop, Soundscapes, Rock, Atmospheric 25/02/2015
Bringing a new distinctive flavour to the pallet of indie-pop, Melbourne five-piece, Tully on Tully, recorded latest single, 'All These Words' with producer Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Andy Bull).
'All These Words’, is an exploration of nostalgia; of days past that leave a distinct impression on us. It’s about those times when inhibitions fade and sexuality knows no boundaries, and the realisation that feelings of emptiness will come to shape who you are.

Bonjah - Burn     Rock, Roots, Blues, Pop 26/02/2015
Explosive live band, Bonjah are a four piece bluesy rock outfit fronted by the undeniable vocals of Glenn Mossop.
‘Burn’ sees Bonjah move in a new direction musically, using new sounds they haven’t yet explored. ‘Burn’ is about the reality of time always ticking and coming to a point of no return, which is unfortunate.

Yanni Burton - Never Knew     Pop, Atmospheric 12/03/2015
Yanni Burton returns for a run of Australian tour dates this March. The New York local returns to his home country to celebrate his Same Old Love EP release.
Never Knew will take you on a journey through all the ups and downs we encounter in love, no matter who we are and who we end up falling head over heels for.

The Casanovas - Hotel Sunrise     Rock, Pop, Grunge 17/03/2015
Before beards besmirched rock, Melbourne trio The Casanovas dispatched it with such vigour that Britain’s NME crowned them “Like Jet on Viagra… only better”.
A riff driven sound, with an exploration of rock fused with pop elements. Lyrically, the song recalls the Casanova’s very first tour in the summer of 2003 with two bands they idolized; The Dictators and The Celibate Rifles.

Elana Stone - Steely Dan     Electronic, Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 31/03/2015
Elana Stone's unique and enchanting live performances have served to make her one of Australia's most sought after vocalists.
Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)
Melissa Fletcher-Young, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

The single ‘Steely Dan’ takes on that big 60’s Phil Spector feel with a touch of the psychedelic. 'Steely Dan' is a break up song but it's defiant. It's not heartbroken.

Dan Parsons - I'll Live and I'll Die     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock, Country 09/04/2015
Melbourne via Brisbane singer-songwriter, Dan Parsons, releases new single ‘I’ll Live and I’ll Die’ and heads off around the country on tour with friend and fellow troubadour, Steve Grady.
The first taste of Parsons’ third studio album, recorded, mixed and co-produced by Robin Waters (Eves the Behaviour, Ella Hooper, Machine Translations), ‘I’ll Live and I’ll Die’ sees Parsons play drums, bass and guitar on the track and Jackie Marshall (aka The Peppercorn Queen) offers up stunning guest vocals.

Big Winter - Small Things     Rock, Pop, Chill 16/04/2015
Each member of Big Winter bring their own musical flavour to the fold, from introspective piano to roaring, wall-of-sound prog.
Lead singer Jam Nawaz says the first single and title track, “came at a time when there was a lot of unease in my life, lots of small things that didn't add up until it all came to a head and fell apart in a really short space of time.”

Fluir - Destination     Pop 28/04/2015
Making the shift from folk singer to indie-pop artist and armed with free production software and a keyboard Fluir returns to music with a newfound energy.
Inspired by the indie pop sounds of strong female vocalists like Alison Wonderland, Broods and CHVRCHES, ‘Destination’ explores Fluir’s new love for synths, drum loops and effect racks. Recently chosen as the sound behind the Metalicus Summer Range, ‘Destination’ is just the track to ease you into the Summer holidays.

Forbes - Done For     Hip Hop, Rap 30/04/2015
Forbes’ not only has versatility as a rapper, but also a dynamic vocal ability as he seamlessly transitions from smooth flows to soulful sung notes.
Inspired by a time when Forbes was on the brink of giving up, when his relationships were suffering from the pressure, he penned ‘Done For’ – a warning to those around him to save themselves before he self destructs.

Infinity Broke - Famine of Words     Rock 07/05/2015
The group formed in 2012, morphing from frontman (and ex Bluebottle Kiss leader) Jamie Hutchings’ intimate solo work into a noisier and altogether more experimental beast.
Despite it’s ragged, punch drunk entry; it’s about being struck dumb and finding oneself miles from where you intended.

The track is given a welcome shower of honey midway point via the vocal contributions of a six piece troupe of young Bathurst based female singers. Then it erupts again.

Other tracks by Infinity Broke:  Only the Desert Grows
Lenka - Blue Skies     Pop, Electronic 12/05/2015
Lenka stands out for willfully being herself—occupying a spot between the upbeat-ness of Top 40 singles and the thoughtfulness of indie albums.
It's about hope for the future and a feeling of certainty that everything will go our way. It's about seeing though the dark and stormy times with the ones you love.

The track recalls the cool, dreamy sounds of 80's New Wave, mixed with Lenka's melodic vocals and acoustic layers.

Palace Of The King - Another Thing Coming     Rock, Soul, Funk 16/05/2015
Many doomsayers are writing rock’s obituary. But if you think rock is dead, ready yourself for the debut album from Melbourne’s Palace Of The King - White Bird/Burn The Sky.
'Another Thing Coming' fuses the funk, fuzz and rock n’ roll elements that the band have always toyed with into a vital new animal. The track touches on Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin & The Black Crowes for reference along the way.

The Casanovas - He's Alive     Rock, Pop, Grunge 16/05/2015
Before beards besmirched rock, Melbourne trio The Casanovas dispatched it with such vigour that Britain’s NME crowned them “Like Jet on Viagra… only better”.
‘He’s Alive’, with its Judas Priest lash, announces The Casanovas return.