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Little Giant

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Clowns - Freezing In The Sun     Rock, Punk, Garage 19/07/2018
A punk band not bound by genre, Clowns have built a career spanning 8 years and 3 critically acclaimed albums that blend punk with all flavours between psychedelia/garage/hardcore and power-pop.
Clowns ‘Freezing In The Sun’ is a taste of what is yet to come from the Melbourne band. The new single sees bright and jangly guitars juxtaposed with politicised lyrics of discontent. The lyrics are demanding and powerful, and coupled with the dreamy and mesmerising chorus sung by bassist Hanny J.

Bloods - Step Back     Pop, Rock, Garage 13/08/2018
Sydney band Bloods continue to deliver highly infectious, undeniably fun punk-pop-meets-riot-grrrl tunes with their new single ‘Step Back’. Bloods sophomore album Feelings will be released worldwide on 17th August.
Bloods new single ‘Step Back’ is simple, catchy and reminiscent of all that was good about the 90s. Vocalist MC says of the track, I didn’t write actual lyrics to this song until the day before we recorded it. Clearly I was really feelin’ myself at the time. This was probably the most fun to put the vocals down to!

Shaun Kirk - Save My Soul     Blues/Roots, Blues 04/09/2018
Melbourne’s very own blues/ soul troubadour Shaun Kirk is back with a brand new single ‘Save My Soul’.
‘Save My Soul’ originated from the line “kicking stones along the highway”. Kirk recalls “It felt to me like a blues song and I instantly knew had to pursue it. The song wrote itself very quickly from there.”

Bec Sandridge - Animal     Pop, Pop, Pop 12/09/2018
With a beat that evokes the pulse of an animal on the loose, Bec Sandridge’s new single ‘Animal’ is futuristic art pop with a punk mentality.
A sound that echoes its title, ‘Animal’ is built around what makes Bec Sandridge a one-off; essential components of melodrama, stabbing guitar swagger and her voice - every phrase and nuance coaxing us along like a steadfast and weighty magnet.

Clowns - I Shaved My Legs For You     Metal/Punk, Rock, Punk, Garage 13/09/2018
Clowns have built a career spanning 8 years and 3 critically acclaimed albums. A punk band not bound by genre, Clowns blend punk with all flavours between psychedelia/garage/hardcore and power-pop.
Clowns new single ‘I Shaved My Legs For You’ sits on the heavier side of Clowns repertoire but according to lead vocalist Stephen Williams its “a love song. It is a song about forbidden love, akin to a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.. (if they were into leather).

Sweet Gold - We Could Feel The Same     Rock, Garage, Soul, Punk 19/10/2018
The quintet's sound draws upon garage, soul and rock n roll, with a palette that ranges from The Ronettes to The Ramones.
The band’s latest offering, ‘We Could Feel The Same’ is direct and to the point, drawing on the template left by Lennon “don’t bore us - get to the chorus” this song has no verses and glorious harmonies. Alternating between weighty stabs and a driving chorus, there’s no let up until the delicate middle eight asks the real questions.

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ST. IVES - The Roaches     Pop, Experimental, Atmospheric, Downbeat 23/10/2018
St Ives: a collaboration between Perth vocalist Anna O’Neil (Anna O) and Melbourne producer Arik Blum. Brought together by a love of deep bass mid 90’s UK sounds.
An apocalyptic premonition, exploring the concept of what we would do when we know that tomorrow, the end will arrive. The lyrics set up the feeling of a type of reflective resignation to the approaching storm, to the imminent fire, anchoring its message on the line “When the end approaches, don’t hold on, we’ll leave it to the Roaches”.

Bloods - No Fun Ft Girls Rock!     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Pop 30/11/2018
Whether it’s through their highly infectious, undeniably fun punk-pop-meets-riot-grrrl tunes or their live shows, Bloods has consistently been celebrated by critics and fans alike.
To celebrate five awesome years of Bloods, and to send Sweetie out on a high – The band teamed up with Girls Rock! Sydney and re-recorded ‘No Fun’, a track from their unforgettable first EP ‘Golden Fang’.
The track features new parts from Mia Betteridge (guitar), Roxy Tilse (guitar + BVs), Charley Barnes (vocals), MC, Natalie Patterson (guitar + BVs).

The Bennies - Waiting For Dave     Rock, Ska 11/01/2019
Australia’s number one party starters, The Bennies, have a new single and head off on tour in January 2019.
‘Waiting For Dave’ the new single from The Bennies, premiered on triple j this week, sounds like Cheech and Chong teamed up with the Blues Brothers and started a Ska band. Out on The Smith Street band's label, Pool House Records.

A rolling bassline, rolling drums and a tasty horn line that makes it impossible not to bop your head.

The Lazy Susans - R U OK?     Rock, Pop, Punk 11/01/2019
Blue Mountain formed, now Melbourne based The Lazy Susans write heart-on-sleeve alt-rock rammed full of infectious melodies.
‘R U OK?’ is a track that tackles the importance of mental health and checking up on your friends; exploring themes of feeling alone, even when surrounded by people. A song of survival and the ways we cope with mental health. Asked of the inspiration behind ‘R U OK?’ Antonia labels the song “An anthem for anyone feeling alone”.

Money For Rope - Actually     Rock, Garage 30/01/2019
Money For Rope are excited to announce the release of their new album Picture Us through Cheersquad Records & Tapes on Friday March 8. And brand new single ‘Actually’.
Making its world premiere on Line Of Best Fit, this blistering new surf rock single ‘Actually’ came together whilst the band were on tour in the dog days of a Berlin heatwave, and is the perfect indicator of what fans can expect on this forthcoming new album.

Clowns - Prick     Rock, Punk 15/02/2019
Clowns are a five piece punk band from Melbourne
latest track ‘Prick’, a 2-minute punk jam in classic Clowns style, with a guest performance from Nikki Brumen of Pagan. If you’ve ever loved a band until you met them and realised they are a bunch of wankers, then this song is for you.

Clowns - I Wanna Feel Again     Rock, Punk 14/03/2019
Melbourne based, five piece punk band about to release their fourth studio album.
A melancholy of softly strummed guitars introduces the new song, before bursting  into a break-neck assault of garage soaked punk, in true Clowns style. Accompanied lyrically by a poignant tale of preserving through mental health struggles.

Money For Rope - Look     Rock, Garage 09/04/2019
Melbourne five-piece, Money For Rope have spent the last four years touring, including Australia’s favourite festivals (Splendour in the Grass, Falls, Boogie!, Golden Plains, Gum Ball, The Hills Are Alive).
"Look" was conceived on the Mediterranean, in a town called Alicante where it is claimed it is home to the world’s best horchata.

Press Club - Get Better     Rock, Punk, Garage 16/04/2019
Melbourne band Press Club are four piece, female fronted garage band.
GET BETTER’ is a helter-skelter, 2:45 song of two halves. A Dr. Jekyll + Mr. Hyde piece about people not practicing what they preach and an urging to ‘GET BETTER’.

Bec Sandridge - Eyes Wide     Pop, Rock 26/04/2019
A nomadic pop/punk logomaniac, Bec Sandridge has a guitar swagger reminiscent of Prince, and the delivery of new wave icons like David Byrne.
Co-produced by Oscar Dawson and Gab Strum (Japanese Wallpaper), EYES WIDE sonically nods to Sandridge’s favourite bands from the late 70’s-80’s and now (Sousiex + The Banshees, Fleetwood Mac + Robyn), with her trademark one-note angular guitar lines, hard-hitting high hats on loop and ethereal new-wave chimes.

Sweet Gold - Heart of Mine     Rock, Garage 26/04/2019
Sweet Gold conceived on Valentine's Day, in the deluxe spa suite of the Olsen Hotel, under a full moon, with a glass of champagne in one-hand and rose inthe other.
With a jangle of six strings and a nod to the Gallagher brothers, ‘Heart of Mine’ sees Sweet Gold hit the ground running, over a wash of chords and a driving rhythm. The vocal melody and the refrain swagger and sway, with a tonne of the chord changes, building tension and release as the story unfolds.

The Lazy Susans - Mutual Memory     Rock, Pop, Garage, Punk 21/06/2019
Blue Mountain formed, now Melbourne based The Lazy Susans write heart-on-sleeve alt-rock rammed full of infectious melodies. They have supported Press Club, AJJ, The hard Aches and Muncie Girls.
‘Mutual Memory’ is about acknowledging that someone's presence in your life is unhealthy. It's about pain, and the hope that one day that pain will fade. It's about choosing yourself first and believing that you are strong enough to overcome anything else that comes your way.

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Press Club - Thinking About You     Rock, Garage, Punk 04/07/2019
Press Club are garage rock band from Melbourne's Brunswick East. Four piece fronted by Natalie Foster.
‘THINKING ABOUT YOU’ is a vivid depiction of being stalked by an unknown.

The Lazy Susans - Care About Yourself     Rock, Pop 12/07/2019
Blue Mountain formed, now Melbourne based The Lazy Susans write heart-on-sleeve alt-rock rammed full of infectious melodies.
‘Care About Yourself’ though lyrically is a call for a dear mate to start prioritising themselves, is a lesson in vocal harmony. The way that the multiple vocal parts resonate with one another is an enriching experience. The song reaches its climax with an anthemic and memorable gang vocal drilling home the song’s message. “Care about yourself”.