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Little Giant

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Buchanan - Mr Keeperman     Rock, Pop 12/08/2011
Melbourne band Buchanan release their debut EP 'No Photo'. With first single 'Teachers' added to Triple J Buchanan landed a spot on the Laneway festival earlier this year.
‘Mr Keeperman’ a sunny upbeat number with contrasting darker lyrics that refers to Stockholm syndrome, or rather, falling in love with your kidnapper.

Other tracks by Buchanan:  Teachers
Grand Atlantic - Fresh Ideas In Home Security     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Pop 17/08/2011
Brisbane's Grand Atlantic recorded their latest album 'Constellations' over the space of twelve days in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Dunedin, New Zealand.
'Fresh Ideas In Home Security' is the first single taken from album 'Constellations'. Grunge rock track laden with heavy guitars the single lends to the band's UK melodic rock influences.

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Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel - Do Right     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Blues 17/08/2011
Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel is the collaboration of award winning, talented songwriter and vocalist Sal Kimber and her band The Rollin Wheel.
'Do Right' is an upbeat track about looking for the ultimate love. About not settling and waiting on that ultimate love to knock down your door and give you no choice but to say yes- keep me on my feet- keep me guessing, wanting more.

Other tracks by Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel:  Beat Gets Louder
The Little Stevies - Accidentally     Pop 17/08/2011
Melbourne pop darlings The Little Stevies release their latest single 'Accidentally' taken from the album 'Attention Shoppers'.
Another super cute track from The Little Stevies, 'Accidentally' like singles before it 'Feel It' and 'The Day We Went Away' comes with a very clever and creative video.

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Sounds Of Sirus - Day By Name     Rock, Pop 19/08/2011
Hailing from the suburbs outside of Melbourne Sounds Of Sirus have earnt quite a reputation for a killer live set. 2011 will see the release of their debut EP 'Singularity'.
Day By Name is a punch, guitar laden rock track. The video for the track has been Channel V's no 1 most requested.

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Without Wolves - Night Life Circus     Rock, Pop 24/08/2011
Without Wolves are Melbourne's young pop rock upstarts, with an indie pop sound and a hard hitting live show.
Night Life Circus is a very danceable melodic pop rock song.

Drawn From Bees - Of Walls & Teeth     Pop, Rock 25/08/2011
Drawn From Bees have been hard at work over the last few years and 2011 will be no exception with the release of single 'Of Walls And Teeth'.
Of Walls and Teeth, a song about the fear of conflict, of fighting with a wolf that is drooling and ready to tear you apart. This track is about the fight with the wolf and the nasty things anger and ego can fuel.

Polar Nation - Hoochie     Hip Hop, Pop 20/09/2011
Fusion of dark and light. Of ancient and futuristic. Polar Nation are taking polar opposites and melding them together in a unique blend of Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronika, Rhythm and Blues.
All that glitters is not gold. Music is for the making, not for the taking. That’s the mantra behind this track ‘Hoochie’ by Polar Nation about the frustration of major record labels controlling the quality of music by manipulating artists.

Kingswood - Yeah Go Die     Rock 11/10/2011
With their debut single ‘Yeah Go Die’ set for release on Friday 14th October, 2011, Kingswood is rock’n’roll revival at its finest, or wildest, both onstage and off.
‘Yeah Go Die’ combines howling harmonies, suspenseful breaks and a heart-pounding drumbeat that drives the song right through. The untamed, Page influenced riff is accompanied by melodic vocal harmonies that reflect the name Kingswood- a mythical forest utopia where free thought and pure music flows amongst the trees.

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The Swamp Dandies - Olivia     Folk, Pop 27/10/2011
Sounding like a Mark Twain character walking down Carnaby Street in 1966, The Swamp Dandies blend fiddles, mandolin, gospel piano and stompy drums with sweeping pop melody and harmonies.
First single “Olivia” tells the tale of a Nashville waiter who’s days are spent pining for a visit from Livvie.

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Oka - Gorilla Villa     Blues/Roots, Australian Indigenous, Dub 27/10/2011
With a signature sound & unforgettable live reputation, Oka is a celebration of Australian cultures with a very present, powerful & uniting indigenous cultural overtone running throughout the music.
Gorilla Villa is an upbeat dub track with a relaxed groove and reflects the bands home on the Sunshine Coast

Messrs - Everyone Knows     Rock, Dance, Pop 11/11/2011
Combining indie rock & dance punk with intricate guitars and multi layered synth, Adelaide five piece Messrs (formerly The Touch) have spent the past couple of years refining their sound.
'Everyone Knows' is an upbeat track with a driving beat that will be sure to get you hooked.

N'fa - Wayooy     Hip Hop, Pop 01/12/2011
N’fa Jones frontman of genre bending Australian Hip Hop collaboration 1200 Techniques is back on Australian shores with a new EP in hand, ‘Babylondon’.
N'fa's latest single 'Wayooy' fittingly named after a Jamaican Rasta term ‘Wayoy’, generally used as a call out for people to gather together in joyous celebration. The track was written and recorded in Roots Manuva’s living room in London and features M-Phazes signature production, providing the perfect summer beats.

The Collective Sound - Save The World (feat. 9 Lives)     Pop, Dance 07/02/2012
The Collective Sound is the collaboration of Jason Coleman, Peter Harrington and Matt Sofo, three producers, who are joined on first single 'Save The World' by 9 Lives.
f you’re going to rally to save the world then at least wave the fashionista flag, wear designer clothes and also chant about saving Gucci and Louis Vuitton!

That’s the cheeky theme of ‘Save the World’, the irresistible debut single by The Collective Sound, a new musical explosion from Melbourne.

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The Barebones - Strangely Alone     Rock, Folk 17/02/2012
The Barebones are an alternative rock band with a taut backbone of guitar, augmented by waves of piano and organ. Taking inspiration from Wilco, Neil Finn and You Am I.
The track Strangely Alone explores gender roles and how an over-sexed culture renders individuals disconnected and lonely,

N'FA - March On     Hip Hop, Pop 16/03/2012
N'fa Jones is the front man of genre bending Australian Hip Hop collaboration 1200 Techniques. N’fa has spent the last six years brining his solo vision to the nation.
The message behind the song is; no matter your industry or the hurdles you face, you gotta keep Marching On & believing in yourself free of ego & bitterness

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T-Rek - New Strange     Electronic, Dance 16/03/2012
T-Rek has produced and released over 60 titles in the past five years through his own label (Freakshow Disco Productions), as well as completing three previous artist albums.
As a taster for things to come, ‘New Strange’ accurately sums up the main elements of T-Rek's latest full length offering, with club heavy disco rhythms providing a musical bed, over which searing desert rock guitars are layered alongside a hook laden chorus.

Philosophy Of Sound - Freedom, What For?     Electronic 19/03/2012
Philosophy Of Sound is the nu-disco/electro/funk production duo Martin K and John Salmon. Melbourne philosopher turned music producer Martin K has produced music videos, film soundtracks, worked with international artists.
Freedom, What For? is already getting rave reviews and much love from many DJs both here and in Australia. Also many remixes are available by Tronik Youth and A.N.D.Y. (the new project from Andy Faisca, ex-Mustang)

The Salvadors - Merrily     Pop, Rock, Folk 10/05/2012
Adelaide's The Salvadors are gaining a reputation for their American flavoured summer indie pop.
As the first offering from their forthcoming album is set for release later this year, The Salvadors new single ‘Merrily’ is a welcome introduction to what has become an eagerly awaited debut long-player.

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Dotcoms - Janie Got Super Cute     Rock, Pop 15/05/2012
Coming together in 2009 Jason Leigh (lead vocals & guitar), Aaron Malmborg (drums) and Jim Young (bass) make music that’s personal and uniquely Melbourne.
The tale of a boy and a girl. They dated for a while but were more in love with the idea of each other. It was never going to work, the boy ended it. Heartbroken the girl set about winning him back.